The Family Jackson


He felt her hand on the back of his head, running through his hair like he'd just described. She slid down next to him to wrap her arm around him and pull him closer. Letting out a ragged breath, he snuck a peek at her and saw she was crying opening.

"That what you expected?" He smiled at her while she tried to blink back her tears.

"No." She shook her head at him. "I didn't see any of that coming."

"What do you need from me, Jane?" Dillon's voice was low and full of concern. He brushed a tear from her cheek with the back of his index finger and stared into her eyes. "I know it could destroy everything we both have. I don't want to lose any of you. It could tear apart this family and cost me everything I love, but I won't say no to you. I don't have the right."

Jane rested her head on his shoulder and found his hand with hers. "I don't really know what I want. My husband hasn't touched me in three years. You were the first man to call me beautiful in five. Here's a confession for you. I masturbated in the shower this morning thinking of you. I'm surprised you didn't hear my scream. It curled my toes it was so good. My hand last night wasn't an accident. I wanted to seduce you and chickened out. I'm as bad as you are. I love the way you look at me. It makes me feel young and beautiful. I don't know how life got away from me. It just slowly faded as I raised my daughters. Somewhere along the way I just forget I should matter. I don't want to divorce my husband, but I want a husband. A man to hold me. Love me. Let me lean on him and tell him my problems. I don't want to feel guilty for needing those things."

"For not knowing what you need, you were pretty specific. He blinked and silently cursed himself for the question he was going to ask. "Do you need me to be that man?"

She raised her head and looked at him. Their faces were inches apart. They both just stared. Neither blinking, neither moving forward. His thumb began caressing the back of her hand. After trying to speak, but only being able to part her lips, she closed her eyes and nodded. Her head fell to avoid his dark probing eyes.

Dillon stood in one easy motion. Jane's eyes peered up at him, her breath clutched tightly in her chest, too afraid to breathe. Their hands were still connected. He offered his other to her and found no hesitation. She simply lifted her free hand and let herself be pulled to her feet and pushed gently against the wall behind her. She just stared as Dillon stripped his shirt off and then dropped his pants to kick out of them without hurry. He let her stare at his naked body. Taking in his long lean limbs and flat stomach. Her lips parted when her eyes stopped on his cock as it pointed straight in the air for her.

Her hands started for the buttons of her top when a shake of Dillon's head stopped her. In one deliberate step, he was inches away. He reached up and unbuttoned the top button. His tongue slid across his lips to wet them before he leaned in and kissed her. His eyes watched hers open wide and then flutter shut. He smiled at the small nervous shiver that ran from her to him. Button by button, he undid her top. Her chest rising and falling more and more rapidly. Their lips moved with more familiarity with one another, but stayed to a slow sensual pace. Their tongues slid across each other's. Dillon sighed as if he had tasted something delicious for the first time.

He felt her suck in her breath when his fingertips danced across her stomach. Finding skin so long neglected. It caused her eyes to flare open and lock on his. Dillon let a warm chuckle enter her mouth before his hand moved upwards to begin caressing her breasts. He broke their kiss and leaned back to gaze down. "I've waited eight years to do this." For a moment he just stared. He had a surprised child's voice when he spoke. "You've got puffy nipples."

Dillon watched as her cheeks darkened and a half smile curled up the left side of her mouth. Her eyes stayed on him as he rolled and explored her breasts. The sensations he was causing began to take their toll as her heart rate increased. A bead of sweat appeared on her upper lip and another began to follow the track down her spine. For the first time her arms raised and slid across his shoulders. Her fingers were tentative at first. Feeling the smoothness of his skin. Just as she was going to pull him against her, he knelt before her and tugged down her pants. Before she knew it, she was completely naked before him. His lips were warm and wet, as he tasted her skin. Warm steady breath stirred the tiny hairs on her abdomen. Dillon teased the curves of her hip, her tiny roll she couldn't keep off, and then began to kiss lightly around the tuft of dark blonde hair in the shape of a triangle. His fingertips glided over and between her legs. Hooking his thumbs between her legs, he coaxed them apart. She nearly screamed when his mouth closed over her throbbing clitoris.

For the next four minutes her hips lost all control. His fingers, tongue, and lips took turns trying to buckle her knees. Her hands were gripping his hair as tightly as she could, pulling him tight to her. Dillon looked up when he felt her grip on his head disappear. Her teeth were locked on a knuckle trying not to scream as her entire body stiffened. She couldn't stop the deep-throated moan from escaping everytime she exhaled. He felt the muscles tighten around the two fingers he'd been rapidly brushing against the wall of her vagina. They clamped down and then began to undulate. He had to slide them out to catch her as she slid down the wall in front of him. She sat there for a moment, her entire body shaking.

"How the hell did you learn to do that?" She said between gasps of air. Her breasts jiggled slightly.

"I've got an oral fixation for girly parts. It's one of my favorite kinks. What do you think?"

"It works for you." She leaned her head back and smiled as she let a satisfied sigh past her lips. A long drawn out yawn followed. She just sat there with a content look on her face.

Dillon watched her for a moment, as all her tension seemed to drain away. She stayed in the pose long enough for him to stand and slip his pants back on. He was reaching for his shirt when her eyes opened and stared up at him

"You're leaving?"

"This isn't the best place for this. And I don't think there's a free bed. We should be careful how we do this. I kind of built our first time up in my head and I'd like to take my time with it. If that's okay?"

She gave him a guilty smile of apology and nodded. He helped her up and handed her clothes as she dressed. Once they were both dressed, he pulled her against him and kissed her. He felt her hand clutch at him and then circle around and hug him tight. Her head fell to his shoulder and stayed there. His hand found the back of her neck and began tiny caresses. Her silky hair brushing against the back of his hand. They were like that for five minutes before her first tears started. Soon she was sobbing. His lips were at her ear whispering, soothing and warm. When the sobs stopped, she looked up and saw him just staring. Waiting for her to speak or start crying again. Jane kissed him and without another word, turned and left the bathroom.

"Sleep tight, Lady Jane." He whispered into the dark.

He stood for a moment, running over the last few days. He now realized the entire family had serious issues. Him most of all, but that was to be expected. You can't masturbate as much as he had and not lose a sizeable amount of brain cells. How did he become the emotional vent for the family? He was just a smartass with a hardon. Sure it looked good in a frilly dress and a hairpiece, but it was still just a pecker. There was no magic to it. Rub it and it spit. It was no where near as impressive as the toys women got to play with. He shook his head and then wandered to the kitchen for a beer. After taking two swigs he proceeded to headbutt the freezer door. It was beginning to be a nightly ritual. Dillon glanced at the microwave and then at his erection. They shared an intense stare down that Dillon eventually lost. He finished his beer in the Hot Tub. Watching the steam rise up into the night sky. Without finding a solution to juggling a cousin, a sister, and now an aunt, he got out and found his bed. Maybe he'd die in his sleep of stupidity.

Samantha was curled up on her side with Kyle tugging at her fingers thinking it was the best toy ever. Dillon slid into bed behind her and placed a kiss on her neck as he reached over and gripped one of Kyle's kicking feet.

She sniffed him. "You smell like chlorine."

"Sorry. I dropped my dick in the hot tub."

"Did you find it?"

"Yea. I can't believe how long a pecker can hold its breath. I thought they'd float. You learn something new everyday."

"It looks like Kyle's gonna cock block you again. Sorry." Her butt wiggled against his cock.

"No worries. There's a house full of women in there. I was thinking of hooking up with Grandma next. Work the generational thing. I just need to slip a roofie in her Gin and then it's on."

"If Grandpa gives you the green light, go for it. I'd like to see a video of that."

Eventually Kyle drifted to sleep. Dillon beat him by a half-hour. He was stirred from sleep when something warm, wonderful, and silky smooth surrounded his cock. Samantha had pushed him to his back and simply sat down on him. Her hips found an easy deep grinding rhythm. She shrugged with a little girl's innocent look on her face when their eyes met.

"You were poking me in the butt with this damn thing. I had to do something about it."

"Hmm. I'm not sure positive reinforcement is the way to teach him a lesson."

Dillon reached up to start unbuttoning the flannel shirt she'd stolen from him. Her hand swatted him away. "Not in front of Kyle." She lowered herself down on her hands as he leaned up on his elbows for a kiss.

"He's seen them already. I'm pretty sure he's felt you up more than I have."

"Yea, but don't you think he's a bit young for his first three-way?"

"Can you ever be too young? Do you want him to have as many issues as I have? You don't want him to be a panty sniffer, do you?"

She glared at him for a second before rolling her eyes and nodding. Dillon unbuttoned her shirt as she continued grinding herself into him. She let him slide in and out with tiny quick strokes. Letting the sides of the shirt fall around them, he ran his hands along her sides. Tentatively, she bent over and let her nipples run across his chest. Her hips were already loosing the rhythm she wanted. His fingers teased the sides and undersides of her breasts. It brought out tiny coos of her own. She opened her eyes to see a concerned look on his face as he stared at the door. Her hips stopped.


"I heard something." Dillon raised and peered more intently at the door.


"Not sure. I think it was a squirrel trying to..."

Dillon took another hard slap to the head. She tried to look mad, but failed. "Damn you, Panty-boy. Just once I'd like to get through this without you screwing around. Now I have to start over."

"Want me to take over?"

"No. I'm done. You're just gonna have to go rub up against Grandma."

"Oh. Grandma Irene." He moaned and rolled her over while raising up to his knees. He kept an arm wrapped around the small of her back to keep her elevated off the bed. His other hand moved up and down her front with his nails torturing her gently. Her ankles locked around his back. Grabbing a pillow she covered her face as her grunting squeaks grew louder and louder. She kicked him in the ass when his chuckle shook the bed.

Dillon let her back down on the bed and yanked the pillow away to find her lips with his own. She was red faced, eyes unfocused, but smiling happily. His thrusts were sharp and demanding. He felt her arms wrap around him and pulled him against her as fiercely as she could. The sharp pain of her teeth burying into the meat of his shoulder came a fraction of a second before she did. A throaty growl rolled out of her as she spasmed and quaked. His lips found her temple as the rush of juices cascaded over his cock. With his hands in her hair, he pulled her head back down and his tongue slid into a gasping mouth.

"Shit, Dillon." She breathed into his mouth. "You'd do that to Grandma?"

"All night long, Baby. All night long."

"How close are you?"

"Close enough. Slide your legs together." He lifted one leg at a time until she was now between his legs. She stuck out her tongue at him when his eyes widened with shock as she tightened the muscles around his cock.

"Oh Grandma, what a talented pussy you have."

In two minutes he lost the fight and slid out to finish on her belly. He breathed out a heavy breath of air when the last shudder ran down his spine. Samantha reached down and found a towel and handed it to him. He shot her a playful glare and cleaned her off like the night before. Buttoning up, she curled up with her head on his chest.

"Give me another six months and then you'll find out how talented my pussy is."

"Really? I get you for six months?"

"Or forever." She kissed his nipple to taste the sweat. "Dillon?"


"What happens if we get caught?"

He tightened his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "We watch the Jackson family implode into itself. Body parts and sugar cookies will go everywhere...I don't know. I guess a lot of screaming and yelling. I think I can outrun your dad. Not sure what Aunt Jane will do. I guess we cross that bridge when we get there. You have a pretty big weapon asleep behind you. He's tough. I figured we were good enough to warrant at least a golf clap out of him for our performance. I'm not sure you'll get disowned with him attached to you. I doubt if I'll be so lucky."

She rested her chin on his chest and looked at him with worried sad eyes. "Where you go, we go."

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Excellent story

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Keep up the great work. Looking forward to readingmore...

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