tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Fantasy Fuck

The Fantasy Fuck


Night, it was night.

I was on a beach; the waves were lapping gently on the sand. There was a thin line of purple-pinkish sky on the horizon, following the sun that had long ago disappeared in its decent through the above world. I was lying down on the soft gold surface, my arms supporting my upper body. I looked down at myself, I was wearing a lacy thong and a purple blouse, not much, but the beach was warm. I also noticed how shapely my body looked now. My Breasts had grown in size; I could have sworn that they were considerably smaller last time I checked.

In the distance I could see the silhouettes of two men, walking towards me. As they got closer I could make 5 out things:

1. One was black and the other Latino

2. They were both extremely attractive

3. They were both extremely muscular

4. They were naked

5. They had massive members

The sensation that I got from just seeing the two men turned me on. Now they were just a few meters away, their giant cock swinging between their thick, manly, hairy legs as they slowly walked towards me. I stood up to face them. They were a whole lot taller than I originally though, huge in fact. I approached the two men slowly, their hunger showing in their eyes.

When I finally reached them, the black guy walk behind and put his hand on my waist and started to kiss my neck, while the Latino began to caress my thighs and kiss my collar bone in front. I wrapped my arms around the black guys neck and moved my legs closer to the Latino, they were massive.

I could feel their enormous poles start to harden and press against me from both ways. I now moved my arms so I could feel the chest of the Latino, the powerful abs and 8 pack made me so wet. I slid my hand down on to his weapon of mass destruction and started to move my hand up and down the shaft, as it grew I could feel the sexual energy radiating around the Adonis I was jerking off. Behind be the ebony wonder was already hard, I bent over, giving him room to squeeze his dick into my pussy. The Latinos cock was in my face, the head less than an inch from my head. I opened my mouth and dove onto the cock just as my pussy was penetrated. I felt an explosion of pleasure run through me as the smell of musk was caught in the deep intake of air though my nose. The feeling of the two massive cocks at either end of me was too amazing, I was seconds off cumming when...

"Yeah, ugh, you like that big dick in you pussy, don't ya?" The voice was my boyfriends, what just happened? And at that moment my boyfriend whipped his dick out of my pussy and blew his load all over my face. "Ugh, you seemed to enjoy that,"

Holy shit, did I just fall asleep in the middle of sex? I don't think so, I don't think I can fall asleep when being fucked by my horse hung, ebony boyfriend Callum. It was the summer break and my parents were out so I decided to invite him over for a little pleasure, or a lot. At some point before we got to love making, he decided that we should go somewhere else to do it, and as I'm a damn kinky bitch, naturally I agreed. We were in the basement of an old house, long abandoned by its medieval owners. Callum was an attractive, muscular 19 year-old guy with a massive 12" cock, not as big as fantasy guys' though. My pussy was aching from the dream, had that really just been my imagination? Had Callum done it? I looked at him, FUCK! He had grown from his sexy 6ft. 2" to a boiling hot 6ft. 10". His dick was fantasy sized and he had gained way more muscle, what happened? His skin seemed flawless and his pubic hair had to have doubled, as well as his chest, arm and leg hair.

"What happened?" I asked, my voiced was slurred.

"Well, after pounding you brains out once, you fell asleep, so I thought I'd try something,"

"What did you do?" I was getting worried, seriously worried, my boyfriend was experimenting on me while I slept?

"I found this stuff in the mail addressed to me," he was holding a pot of blue transparent gel. "It's called "hormonal increase testosterone gel" apparently, it will send a hormone and testosterone surge through a guy's body when he's having sex, works too,"

"Holy shit, you look like a god!" I burst out.

"Well how about we go again?" his voice went deep and husky, his eye's went darker, I gave in, closed my eyes and laid back on the cold stone floor.

I awoke on a cliff overlooking the sea, down below was a beach, two men were engaged in an embrace, the two men I was being fucked by earlier were now handling pleasure themselves, I thought about going down there, but then I saw Callum walking towards me. He was wearing a belt, that's it. A leather belt, it's wide with metal studs forming patterns, I'm thoroughly naked. He walks over to me, his massive member, now at 21" is swaying between his thighs, he isn't quite as beefy as the two Adonis' taking each other at the bottom of the cliff, but he's almost there. When he reached me he immediately lifted me up and put me on his shoulders, burying his face in my crotch, he slowly started to lick it, and then he gained speed and was thrusting his tongue in and out of my pussy. I cummed all over his face and he did his best to lap it up. Now he slid me down his body, brushing my pussy over all his muscles, until I was resting on giant, now erect, cock. I jumped down, I mean jumped, and bent over lightly to suck on his weapon. It barley fit in my mouth. As I sucked the man monster it throbbed and pulsed, as if it had a mind of its own. I looked up at the rock hard body of my lover boy. His hips started to convulse and he grabbed the back of my head and forced his love lance even further down my throat. After what seemed like an eternity, he cummed in my mouth. I tried to swallow all of it, but some leaked down onto my tits and pussy.

Once again I awoke to find the bulking man next to me. Shit! He was even bigger, and...oh...oooooh, he's still pounding my sex. His dick was getting too big.

At that moment he cummed up my vagina, sending me into pulses of orgasms. Fuck! My mind kept on flashing in and out of the fantasy world and then...

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