tagErotic PoetryThe Flames of desire

The Flames of desire


The fire that burns deep,
an inferno that glows red.
Flames that burst forth
scorching wherever they tread.
Sending out the heat
that incites passion's need
With each embrace, every kiss,
the rage of fire must feed.
Words of love set the scene.
A single touch excites the pair.
To sear deeply within the soul,
igniting the blaze of sexual affair.

A smile that glows in the light of day
to kindle with a hint of a heart that cares.
To glare out from a sweltering body
with glints of passions, that into an inferno flares.

To melt within the embrace of love.
Roasted by a glance so bold.
Reaching out to grasp every moment
of the illicit feelings you must behold.

Baking within the throes of sexual desires
A body racked with trembling needs.
To set forth -- thwart the rules of life -
with the spilling of love's boiling seeds


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