tagNovels and NovellasThe Freshman Ch. 05

The Freshman Ch. 05


Chapter 5 - Two Streakers

Jason spent the following Sunday with his friends, once again going on a hike along the shore of Lake Michigan north of Chicago. It was a very pleasant outing, made even more so by Jason's extremely upbeat mood over his successful date with the RA the night before.

The group got back from their hike relatively late. After getting cleaned up and changed they decided to go into Ken's room and order a pizza, after having missed dinner. Jason thought about going over the Burnside class materials for the next day. However, before he had a chance to say anything, Lisa and Mike decided to play cards. The four friends played a couple of rounds, but it was just for fun, there was no betting.

Ken then suggested making the game more interesting by playing a round of strip Poker. Jason agreed, as did Lisa. Mike was a bit reluctant, for a very good reason. He knew that Lisa, whose father worked at a casino in Reno, was an excellent card player. He already knew what the game's outcome would be; Lisa would win. The only question would be in what order she would strip her three companions. However, under pressure from the others, he finally went along.

Lisa cut the cards and crisply shuffled them. She quickly and expertly dealt the first round, the cards landing precisely in groups in front of each player. Jason and Ken glanced at each other, suddenly realizing they were facing a very tough opponent. Just how tough became evident within 15 minutes, when Ken, the first loser of the game, pulled down his underwear and handed it to Lisa. She made him stand with his hands behind his head for about 30 seconds, but then ordered him to sit back down and dealt him another hand of cards.

"OK, Ken, now you're playing for penalties instead of clothes. The way this'll work is that we'll play until there's only one winner. The first and second loser will stay in, playing for penalties, until we have our third loser. Once we're done, the winner will figure out what the penalties will be."

Jason lost his shirt the following round and Mike lost his socks on the next round. Ken then lost again. Lisa ordered Ken to stand and took a black magic marker to draw a "P" on his chest, indicating he had a penalty against him. Jason's shorts came off in the next round, and, since he wasn't wearing underwear, that made him the game's second loser. Ken lost the following round, earning a second "P" on his chest, then Jason lost the next two rounds, earning two penalties and two "P's" on his chest. Mike, the final holdout, battled Lisa and got as far as getting her shoes and socks off, but then she got his shirt and his shorts and reduced him to his underwear. Ken lost yet another round and earned himself a third penalty. Then Mike lost again. He stepped out of his final piece of clothing and quietly handed it to his girlfriend. He wouldn't have any penalties against him, but would not be allowed to get dressed until Ken and Jason were done with their punishments.

Lisa ordered Jason and Ken to stand next to each other, hands at their sides, while she took several pictures, from the front, from the sides, and from the back. She handed the camera to Mike, and then posed with her two victims. She stood between them and placed her hands over their penises, in a pose mocking their modesty. She ordered them to go into the hallway for another round of photos. The final shot was when she ordered them to get on their hands and knees next to each other. Still fully dressed, Lisa climbed up on their backs for a pyramid pose.

By the time she finished, Lisa and Mike had shot an entire roll of film of 36 pictures. Ken and Jason were stupefied at Lisa's imagination when it came to making them do embarrassing things. Unfortunately for both losers, there was much more coming from their friend's sadistic desires.

Lisa ordered Jason and Ken to stand in front of her, as she took her magic marker and crossed out a "P" on each of their chests. One penalty down. There were two more to go for Ken, one to go for Jason.

Lisa decided to do Ken's extra penalty next, then have Ken and Jason do their final penalty together. She ordered Mike to switch the roll of film in the camera and prepare to take yet more pictures. She then sat on Mike's bed and ordered Ken to lie across her lap. For a couple of minutes she gently massaged Ken's bottom and pressed between his legs to get him to spread for her. Jason looked at Ken's face, which showed an odd expression of anticipation. Ken was not nervous or embarrassed at all, he was excited!

"You know, you really are a bad boy, and we all know what bad boys deserve."

With that Lisa began spanking. She spanked softly at first, but quickly she picked up both her pace and the force of her swats. Jason could hear his friend breathing. Sweat formed on his forehead and his face reflected a mix of discomfort and intense pleasure. Mike took a couple of pictures, but Jason could tell that he too, had noticed Ken was enjoying being spanked by Lisa. He clearly was irritated with both of them.

As Jason sat in Mike's armchair watching Ken's punishment, the slaps continued, five minutes...ten minutes. The scene moved him, the submission of Ken to Lisa and the intense pleasure it was bringing to him. Ken's reddening bottom-cheeks were nicely spread and bounced each time Lisa's hand made contact. Ken was making no effort to clench his bottom or in any way avoid the full impact of Lisa's swats.

Jason thought about Cecilia and her dominating personality. He wondered...was it possible that Cecilia might someday put him over her lap? Jason's heart pounded at the thought...that perhaps, not too far off in the future, he might be laying naked across Cecilia's thighs and submitting to her discipline. As he watched Lisa's hand continue its cruel and yet intimate contact with Ken's red bottom, Jason fervently wished it could have been him and Cecilia...his beloved Cecilia's hand against his bare bottom...

Finally Ken's spanking ended. Jason could tell that Mike's mood had changed for the worse, something that fortunately Lisa noticed as well. She tried to repair the damage by passionately kissing her naked boyfriend, and in doing so managed to settle his temper a bit.

Ken meanwhile, stood up, rubbing his bottom and turning away as he tried to hide an erection. He had thoroughly enjoyed the spanking. He looked longingly at Lisa as she kissed Mike. He wanted more, and was wondering how to get more.

Once Lisa calmed Mike's jealousy and Ken calmed his state of arousal, it was time to complete the final penalty. This was one that Jason and Ken would share. They would have to sneak out the dorm wearing nothing but their shoes, streak to the university student center, actually enter the student center, take a picture to prove they were there, and then streak back to the dorm. Mike added a condition. There was a display of campus political fliers near the student center's main staircase. Jason and Ken would have to pick up fliers before fleeing the building to prove they had made it that far in. It was unlikely there would be anyone in the student center so late on a Sunday night, but still, Mike's added condition made the streaking expedition much more risky.

The student center was more than half a mile from Huntington Hall, but going out and coming back didn't present much risk of being caught. There was a back route to the student center that was mostly hidden by hedges and trees. The back way had only one danger spot, a quick dash across the courtyard in front of the University Library. The main risk of being caught was in the student center itself, but that was what made Lisa's penalty so daring and exciting.

The two streakers put on their shoes while Mike put on his shorts. The four students slipped down the hallway to the back stairwell. The agreement was that Mike would stand outside waiting outside the dorm's back entrance for the two runners to come back. Upon checking to make sure they had the required political fliers in their possession, he would signal Lisa to let all three of them in through the back stairwell.

Jason was scared out of his wits, wondering how on earth he had let himself be dragged into this weird adventure. At the same time he was excited, and determined to have a successful run. The real danger only would last about 60 seconds: the quick dash to the student center's main staircase, grabbing a couple of fliers, and then getting the out of the building before Campus Security spotted them.

Jason and Ken said nothing as they jogged along the dark sidewalks and made their way to the student center. They both were used to running three to four miles a day, so a half-mile jog was no big deal. Actually Jason always had fantasized about being able to jog in the nude, and now here he was, doing it for real. The cool night air actually felt very nice on his bare body.

They came up between the final two buildings before having to sprint across the library courtyard. There were several students walking about, but it couldn't be helped. The two streakers nerved themselves and dashed across the lit area, trying to run as fast as they could as they heard the whistles and applause of their late-night spectators. They quickly disappeared into the darkness and completed the final leg to the student center.

Now came the hard part. They came up behind a kiosk, the final item that offered any concealment from the student center. There was a couple sitting near the main fountain, but that was it as far as potential spectators. Ken tapped Jason's shoulder.

"Let's just do it. We'll go straight to the stairs. You grab the fliers, and I'll get your picture while you're doing it. Then we run like hell."

The next two chaotic minutes would be the two longest minutes of their lives. They ran straight across the courtyard, ignoring the squeal of the female sitting at the fountain. They had to try several doors before finding one that was not locked. Once inside they frantically ran to the stairwell, and as planned Jason grabbed a fistful of fliers as Ken's flash went off.


It was a female officer from Campus Security, standing at the top of the stairs!

Jason glanced at Ken, and they decided to make a run for it. They bolted for the door.


They frantically ran for the unlocked door with the security officer in hot pursuit. Then something extremely fortunate happened, as the officer pulled out her police radio to call back-up, she dropped it. The radio clattered on the floor and she had to stop in her tracks to pick it up. She frantically keyed the device and shouted for her partner, but it was too late. Jason and Ken had made it out the door. They scrambled across the courtyard and fled into the darkness.

They made their way to the dark sidewalk of the back route, running as fast as they could. To their horror they heard the crackle of a police radio behind them, which indicated they still were being pursued. Jason realized they would be caught for sure if they stayed on the sidewalk; their only hope was to try to sneak back through the bushes. Jason saw a break in the shrubbery and grabbed Ken's arm. They pushed through and got on their hands and knees, and then crawled through the mud, parallel to the walkway. Sure enough, Jason had been right. Two security officers came down the sidewalk on bicycles, their headlights illuminating what was in front of them.

As the two streakers knelt in terror, the officers stopped only a few feet away from them. Jason and Ken could hear their conversation.

"Jamie, are you sure they came this way?"

"No, I'm not completely sure, but what other way could they have gone? Polk is out watching the Baker Street exit and he's not seen them. The only other way is out through the academic buildings, and that area's completely lit."

"Alright, let's keep looking. This time I want to get 'em. It's the third time this weekend and I'm sick of this."

The officers split up, riding their bicycles in opposite directions. Jason and Ken frantically crawled towards the library, now a huge forbidding open space they had to cross to make it back to the dubious safety of the dark walkway on the other side. To their relief there were very few people milling about in the courtyard. They crashed through the bushes and dashed into the lit area. There was a whistle and some clapping as they frantically ran to the dark exit on the other side. They had to pass a single female student who was weighted down with textbooks. That wouldn't have been a problem except for one awful detail. The woman turned around and the two naked, sweaty, mud-covered students found themselves staring right into the face of their RA. They were so shocked they stopped dead in their tracks.

Cecilia was not pleased. She shifted her heavy armload of books as she called them over.

"OK you two, get over here. Now!"

Reluctantly the two streakers approached their RA. There was no point in running anymore. They were busted. The police radio crackled in the distance as Cecilia glanced over at the dark path. She could see a light approaching and illuminating the bushes. She rushed to set her books down, almost dropping them.

"On your knees, quick!"

Jason and Ken hesitated. Cecilia slapped their shoulders.

"Get on your knees!"

Just as Jason and Ken got on their knees, the two security officers rode into the library courtyard. Jason could hear one of them announce into his radio.

"OK, Polk, we got 'em."

"10-4. Good job."

What Cecilia did next totally shocked her two companions. She was as calm as could be, putting on an acting job that should have won her an Oscar.

"Officer, is there a problem?"

"Yeah, young lady, there's a problem! These two are under arrest!"

"Uh, sir. This is Tri-Alpha pledge week. It's their initiation. We do this every year, and we've never had a problem. Didn't your supervisor tell you?"

The male officer turned to the female.

"Jamie, did you hear anything about this?"

"No, I missed the nightly briefing. But I think she's right. If it's the Tri-Alpha thing we gotta leave 'em alone. I remember that from last year."

The female turned to Cecilia with a totally disgusted expression.

"Alright young lady, just get these two out of here. I don't care if you're a Tri-Alpha or not, you need to keep this initiation crap away from places like the library. Show us some decency for once." The officer then pulled out her radio. "It's a no-go, Polk, they're Tri-Alphas. Sorry about that."

Jason and Ken breathed a huge sigh of relief as the officers rode off. Well, that was one problem resolved, but now they had another. They stood up and looked at Cecilia. Her expression was not pleasant.

"Here, you two take my books. Now let's get back to Huntington Hall before anything else happens."

Cecilia took the muddy camera and fliers from Ken and Jason, as each stooped down to pick up a stack of books. Jason was dumbfounded she had been trying to carry so much back to her room with no assistance. With her next words he realized carrying that heavy load unassisted had not been her intention.

"By the way, Jason, I tried callin' you over the last couple of hours because I needed you to help me with these books. So now I know why you weren't pickin' up. This is really great. I'm really proud of you."

Jason said nothing. He struggled to hold the books out away from his muddy chest, figuring it would be the last thing he ever would do for Cecilia. He was as miserable as a person could be, convinced whatever relationship he might have had with her now was gone. He couldn't see how she would want to stay with him after this.

Ken was quiet as well. None of this would have happened if it hadn't been for his stupid suggestion to play strip Poker in the first place. He felt bad for Jason, knowing that he really liked the RA and was just starting to go out with her. Thanks to him, Jason was going to be without a girlfriend and what was much worse, he wouldn't have her helping him with the economics class stuff.

As Cecilia led her naked companions back to the dorm, two things were going on in her thoughts. She was genuinely angry at the two freshmen, more for their stupidity than anything else. However, she also was pondering how to turn the incident to her advantage in her relationship with Jason. She could tell by his expression and demeanor he was convinced that she was about to leave him. In Cecilia's mind that was not the case at all; she had no intention of leaving him. Quite to the contrary, the streaking incident ultimately would help her establish the type of relationship that she wanted with him. She would play on his guilt and embarrassment, punish him, and use the nude run as part of her plan to bring him under completely under her control.

They made it back to the back entrance of Huntington Hall, where Mike, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, was waiting outside the door. Cecilia brusquely handed him the fliers and camera and ordered her three dorm residents upstairs to Ken's room. As they went up the back stairs Lisa joined them, sadly trailing behind the others.

Once in Ken's room Cecilia ordered the four students to stand next to each other, without giving Ken and Jason permission to get dressed. They made a sorry sight, with miserable expressions and their bodies streaked with mud and covered with scratches.

The RA took up her position in front of her residents, trying to act as angry as possible. In reality she found the whole affair extremely funny, but was not about to let the four freshmen know that.

"So let's hear it. What were you doing?"

Reluctantly Mike and Lisa told Cecilia the story about the strip Poker game and how things "sort of got out of hand". They were extremely apologetic, dreading the thought of being written up. Obviously this was not going to look good on their student records. Cecilia sighed, pretending to struggle with how she, as the floor RA, should handle a difficult situation. She sadly shook her head.

"Look, I gotta think this over. I'm not sure how I'm gonna deal with it." She glanced over at Lisa. "Where's the roll of film?"

Lisa sadly pointed at a roll sitting on top of Mike's clothes. Cecilia took the film and put it in her pocket. She then told Lisa to hand her the video card out of her digital camera and pocketed that as well.

"I'm confiscating these. I really hope there's nothing illegal in here, 'cause you're in enough trouble already." Again Cecilia feigned a sad sigh. "OK. I think we've had enough excitement for the evening. Lisa, you're gonna help me with my books. Jason, I want you to get cleaned up and wait for me in your room. I'll be over in five minutes. I gotta talk to you alone."

Jason gathered up his clothes as Cecilia loaded Lisa's arms with a stack of books. As the two women disappeared into the commons area Jason grabbed a towel out of his room and went to the shower. He cleaned off the mud and soaped his scratches as quickly as he could, rinsed off, and returned to his room. Cecilia already was standing outside, waiting for him.

Once in the room, Cecilia ordered Jason to hang up his towel and stand in front of her. There was no mention of him getting dressed, and he knew better than to ask.

"Jason, you got anything more to add, about what happened tonight?"

"No, uh...you know...it's kinda what Lisa said...that it just got out of hand..."

"You understand that I'm really pissed at you?"

Jason nodded. Cecilia put her finger under his chin and forced him to look up.

"Jason, let's get something straight. I don't want you nodding, or going 'uh' or saying 'yeah' when I ask you a question. You're gonna answer me with courtesy and respect. Now, let's try this again. You understand that I'm really pissed at you?"

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