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The Friendship Flight


Leslie is a flight attendant for a small regional carrier. After two years of college, she felt the pull of the airline industry and decided to put some travel under her belt while getting paid. It's been said that once the airline industry gets in your blood you never want to leave – Leslie fell hard for the travel bug and wouldn't take back a minute of what she's experienced since leaving college.

Now 24 years old and still loving her career, she has found a comfortable niche in her workplace and a great bunch of friends. The best thing a flight attendant can ask for during her trips is a great flight deck crew. If the pilots are assholes, you can kiss your fun goodbye for the remainder of the trip. As it turns out, the pilots for this bid line are her two best friends, Chris and Chase. The three were in the same hiring class and have held the same bid lines and trips since they started. They often flew together for work and for pleasure. Usually they were gone four nights at a time and then off for seven days. It is always a sure bet that you will find Leslie, Chris and Chase hanging out at each other's homes on their days off, planning their next trips to see the world.

Leslie has long, wavy dark brown hair with long bangs that stopped just short of covering her bright green eyes. She is 5'7" with ample breasts and a curvy body. She isn't overweight at all – but she never wants to be skin and bones like the modeling industry seems to portray. She gets more than her share of long looks from the male passengers during her flights. Sometimes on the longer flights, Chris or Chase will step into the cabin to "stretch their legs." They are really just watching Leslie work her way down the narrow aisle of the plane, her hips swaying gracefully from side to side as she serves beverages. When she bends over to reach those seated by the window, her skirt rises up to reveal shapely toned thighs that taper down to delicate ankles. The glint of an ankle bracelet catches the eye.

While there has never been anything more than friendship between the three, there was always lots of flirting. The flirting came easy when everyone felt secure around each other. No chance of getting hit on by a creep at the bar – it was all good fun between friends when they flirted amongst themselves.

Chris is 25 years old, while Chase is 24. They are complete opposites of each other, which supports the theory that opposites attract. Chris is tall and muscular, standing 6'3". His dirty blond hair is buzzed short on the sides and back, with messy bedhead spikes on top. When he isn't in his pilot uniform, he likes to show off his heavily tattooed arms. Chris likes to party hard, and does it well. He is usually working the crowd and making friends wherever he goes – the center of attention. He is not one to hold back his thoughts and usually forgets to filter them for his audience.

Chase is often left to smooth things over with those who get offended by Chris' cruder remarks. He is a great diplomat and speaks with a soft yet firm voice. He looks a lot like a modern Brit rocker, wearing his shaggy dark brown hair as long as job regulations allow. He is proud to have successfully concealed his ear piercings from the company since he was hired, but you won't hear him bragging about that unless someone notices them. While not as muscular as Chris, Chase holds his own in the Great Body department. He is fit and toned, but doesn't put effort into working out. He keeps in shape by playing volleyball or swimming – nothing too rigorous. He's a smooth talker, and charms the girls with wit rather than shocking them with crazy antics like Chris does.

Leslie often sat back at parties smiling to herself, thinking how lucky she was to have these two guys as her closest friends. She knew they would always have her back. Their friendship left out all the cattiness she had often found with close girl friends. No competition, no seesawing hormones, no gossiping. Their friendship was just real, no bullshit.

The three often wound up at Leslie's flat on their days off, watching a movie or two late into the night. Leslie has a small one-bedroom apartment with a nice sunroom off the back. Her king bed takes up pretty much all of the space in her bedroom, leaving room for only a small dresser on which she keeps a large flatscreen TV. Here is where the three watch their movies, snuggled in amongst many fluffy pillows. They sometimes all fell asleep here too, and woke up the next morning as if it were the most normal thing in the world to share a bed with adults they weren't dating. They often joked that they should just all pony up and buy a house together, rather than wasting rent money in places they never lived.

-- -- --

Two days into their seven days off, the three friends were attending a huge party at a mutual friend's house. Brian lives in a nice suburb where the houses are spacious and the neighbors aren't close - the perfect venue for such occasions! Leslie loved going to Brian's house parties; there were plenty of people, lots of liquor, and always someone who made a fool of themself at some point or another. She opted to go more casual tonight, wearing a close-fitting purple button down shirt, tight white boyshorts, and silver Chuck Taylor sneakers. She loved the way the boyshorts hugged her hips and made her waist look more petite than it already was. They were her favorite "pick-up" shorts, and the fact that she couldn't really wear underwear with them made her feel secretly super-horny. Sometimes she would get aroused just knowing that she had a sexy secret that would only be revealed to the person she hand picked.

Chase and Chris showed up to pick her up, both wearing their usual party attire – V-neck tshirts of varying color and khaki or army green cargo shorts. The only fashion difference between the two was that Chris preferred leather flip-flops, while Chase preferred canvas skater shoes, like Vans, etc. They never had to worry much about what they wore, because the girls were never sparse around these two.

They arrived at Brian's to find the party already in full swing. Loud thumping bass could be heard from outside, and people were milling about the lawn in various states of inebriation. As they snaked their way through the crowd, downing shots that were handed to them at almost every turn, they found their host on the floor animatedly explaining something to a circle of people. By the time they got close enough to hear what was going on, the three had already consumed 4 or 5 shots each. Leslie was starting to feel the alcohol in her body, swaying her hips to the beat of the music. She softly squeezed Chris and Chase's hands, smiling and slowly nodding at them. This was the hint to them that she was feeling good and ready to party. This also meant they needed to stay somewhat close, to make sure no one tried to take advantage of her. Leslie is the type of person who gets more and more touchy-feely the more she drinks. She's always leaned on the casual sex side of one-night stands, but made a pact with Chris and Chase to be careful with whom she chose to share her body. The same went for them, but you know, guys have to play the protective role so she just went along with it. They were never intrusive unless given the "sign."

When they were finally within earshot, Leslie made her way into the circle of people on the floor, pulling the guys down with her. Brian blew her a kiss and gave her a wink as he went on with his explanation. Leslie and Brian had hooked up at one of his parties a few years ago, but since they both enjoy casual sex with no strings attached, nothing became of it and they still tease each other about it to this day. Her two best friends, however, weren't too pleased to find out about it. She thought they were almost jealous of Brian!

"You see, this is a bottle – its empty, so no precious liquor is being wasted here! Haha! We're gonna play Spin the Bottle, the adult version. When the bottle stops and points to you, you go in that bathroom with the person who spun it. You stay in there for one minute and do the sexiest things you can think of to each other, got it!? And don't worry, I'm video taping every minute!! Just kidding, just kidding!!"

The crowd groaned at his bad jokes. One girl grabbed the bottle from Brian's hand and proceeded to spin it. It stopped on Brian, much to the girl's happiness. Brian and the girl went into the bathroom and closed the door. About 15 seconds later Brian could be heard making cat calls and being generally obnoxious.

"Oh god," sighed Chase, "He's in rare form tonight. Looks like this one's gonna be a good one."

Chris nodded and went back to chatting up the sweet young thing to his left.

"You better be careful, Leslie. If I spin the bottle and it lands on you, I'll just take you in there and give you a cold shower!" Chase joked.

Leslie wrapped her arms around his, laughing. "Chase, you wouldn't dare! Why, if I weren't horny anymore, then you wouldn't get any sugar, Honey!"

Chase leaned over and growled in her ear, nipping at its lobe. She loved when he was playful. It fueled her sexual fantasies, in which Chase was a major player.

Chase and Leslie both chuckled, but were startled when Brian burst out of the bathroom with his partner in tow.

"You see, that's how its done!! Quickest orgasm in all the town! Alright, my turn to spin – wait! More shots all around!" Brian seemed to have one volume - loud. He ducked around a corner and quickly reappeared with a bottle of whipped cream flavored vodka and took a long swig. The bottle passed twice around the circle before it was empty.

Leslie for sure was buzzed now – no way around it. She loved the floaty happy feeling of being just a little drunk, but not drunk enough to lose herself. This was the time when inhibitions were few and her libido was in full force. Suddenly, Brian was in her vision, handing her the game bottle.

"Here Les, you take over for me. I have some unfinished business with that one over there," said Brian, winking at her and pointing at his Spin the Bottle partner.

"Anything for you, Sweets! Good luck over there!" Leslie gave him a sweet peck on the cheek and then looked at the eager circle of partiers.

"Okay, here goes!" The circle cheered as she set the bottle on the floor and gave it a spin. It stopped on Chris!

She elbowed him and pointed at the bottle. Chris seemed almost irritated with the fact he was the one. She gave him a worried look to ask what's wrong.

Chris leaned close and pleaded with her. "I don't want to lose my progress over here. I mean, can we switch? You're just like one of the guys in my head, Leslie. No offense, but I don't think going in that bathroom with you is gonna do anything for either of us!"

Leslie was a little taken aback. He hadn't ever come out and said it like that before – one of the guys. She stood up and grabbed his hand with suprising strength. She would show him who was "just one of the guys!"

"Come on Chris, you can't ruin my rep by refusing to go in there with me. It is only one minute. Who knows, maybe you'll find out I'm not a guy," she said with a sly smirk. She heard Chase softly chuckle at her sass.

"Okay okay... just be gentle with me!" he said, making a show for the crowd. Leslie smiled her most evil sweet smile and pulled him into the bathroom, slamming the door.

Leslie was just a little pissed that Chris had been so forthright. Although she never wanted him to think of her as dating material, she did want to maintain that she was more than one of the guys! She had an idea to make him eat his words.

"Alright Le-" Chris stopped mid sentence.

She firmly placed her hands on Chris' chest and backed him against the counter. As she slowly wound her hands up and around his neck, she stepped in close enough so her entire body was against his. Her lips softly grazed his as her fingers wove through his hair. She felt him draw in a breath and knew she had surprised him. She closed her eyes and smiled with satisfaction. Chris was so easy to arouse, and she knew how to get him worked up after hearing countless conversations of his past dates. She leaned in and kissed him forcefully, pulling on his hair. He made a small moan of surprise and tried to back away, but there was nowhere to go. Her soft lips smashed against his as they kissed. It took only a second or two before his lips began to part and the tongues of two friends danced for the first time.

Chris couldn't believe what was happening. He had totally forgotten about any other woman by now. Leslie was kissing him and pulling on his hair the way he described to her so many times. He was melting fast and didn't know what to think of it. He had masturbated so many sleepless nights, fantasizing about what he would do with Leslie if he ever had the chance to do it without screwing up their friendship. He felt her hot body pressed up against every part of his. The soft swell of her breasts against his hard chest was enough to make his cock twitch.

Then he felt her grinding her hips against his cock. She slowly lifted her right leg along his, higher and higher. His hand reached down to caress her thigh. He could feel her warmth against his cock. Leslie drew back and slowly traced his bottom lip with her tongue. He groaned and felt his cock immediately rise. His hands moved down to clutch her firm bottom and pulled her in tight, pressing his bulge right into her hot pussy. He could feel her heat through their clothes... it was amazing.

When Leslie felt Chris's cock pressing against her most private area, she knew she had him now! She felt proud of herself as she pushed back from him and smiled.

"Still think I'm just one of the guys, Chris?" She smirked and then moved to open the door.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her back around, almost hissing, "What the hell was that all about, Leslie!? I can't go out there showing my wood to everyone!"

She slowly turned her face up to him, her eyes gleeful, but voice soft. "Well, did you like it?"

Chris sighed in frustration. What the hell? "I think you know the answer. I get it. I'm sorry, Leslie. You are not a guy, okay? But hot damn, now I'm gonna be on the other side of the spectrum waiting to jump your unsuspecting ass and Chase will probably have to peel me off of you all night!"

She winked at him, turned and opened the bathroom door. "Consider that your payback and warning," she said sweetly, and stepped out to face the eager faces in the drunken crowd.

Chris stayed almost directly behind her until they made their way back to their places amongst the circle. Her eyes met Chase's and she immediately looked away.

"What happened in there? Chris is, like, 50 Shades of Red, girl."

"He got exactly what he deserved, and let's just say he learned his lesson."

"What does that mean?" Chase was curious. He had never seen tension between Leslie and Chris before, and couldn't (or wouldn't dare) imagine what transpired behind that damn door. Still, he felt just a smidge jealous that something obviously important had happened without him.

Leslie just shrugged and pretended not to feel his eyes boring into her soul. Chase was special. She admired his quiet strength, and felt that no one in the world could see so deeply into her mind as this man. Sometimes it scared her how accurate his interpretations of her feelings were. It was as though he plucked the words right out of her mind, without her saying them. She was deep in thought for a bit, and was jostled back to reality by someone tugging on her pinky finger. It was Chase.

"Hey – looks like it's our turn in that wretched den of iniquity." His smile was genuine, with just a hint of folly. "The last pair gave up and said it was my turn," he explained, "so I picked you. The rest of the lot looks kind of shady, so..."

She looked around at the circle of people. All of their eyes were on her, and no one disputed the fact that Chase hadn't actually spun any bottle at all and was not playing the game correctly. She opened her mouth to explain her way out of the situation, but realized that pretty much all the other players were drunk anyway. Chase pulled at her hand again. She smiled and rose to follow him into the bathroom. She knew she didn't have to play, but Chase was such a gentle fire to poke. She idly wondered if she could play him like she did Chris – just how easily does he get aroused? She strode more purposefully behind him, smiling to herself. We shall see, she thought, we shall see.

As soon as the door was closed, she turned to see Chase casually leaning back against the sink, legs and arms crossed, staring hard at her.

"If you're not going to tell me what happened between you and Chris in here, maybe you can just show me?"

"Are you sure that's what you want? It bothers you a little that you don't know, huh?" Leslie smiled and stepped forward, planning to use the same moves she used on Chris.

She moved in close, placing one foot on either side of his still-crossed legs. Slowly she placed her hands on his firm chest, and slid them up and around his neck, her eyes never leaving his. Her fingers gently played with his hair, twisting and tugging. She smiled and leaned in to kiss him. When their lips touched, she felt a vague sensation in her stomach. Were those butterflies? Oh good gawd, she thought, it must be the alcohol.

She softly brushed her lips against his, back and forth, back and forth. He sighed almost inaudibly, but she could feel the rise in his chest as he drew a deep breath. They slowly kissed for a few seconds before she tried to press her whole body against his, just like she did with Chris. Immediately she felt Chase's firm hands on her hips pushing her back. She pulled back and looked up at him, confused. Wasn't she the one in control?

"Not like that Leslie, not here. But I still think I have a few lessons to learn..." Chase pulled her closer again, but not close enough so that her lower body could rub against his. He bent to kiss her again, this time with more purpose. His tongue flicked against her lips, causing her to smile as he kissed her. They both chuckled softly and continued their exploration of each other's mouths.

Their kisses were getting more passionate, braver, if you will. Leslie felt like she was kissing someone on her first date – so excited on the inside, almost like floating on a cloud. Their tongues played together, lips sucking on them occasionally. Suddenly she was aware that Chase's hand was on her breast. It was such a soft touch that she didn't notice at first. Now his full hand was cupping and squeezing her breast, his fingers hardening her nipple. She knew it was time to stop, but something in the back of her mind just didn't want to.

There was a loud bang on the bathroom door, causing Leslie and Chase to slam back to reality. They leapt apart. When her eyes met his, there was so much said without a word being spoken.

"Time's up," breathed Chase.

"Mhm. Seems that way." Leslie mustered up some strength and tried to shake off the lusty demons in her mind. "Well, hope you're happy, sweetie! Now you know a little bit about what went on between Chris and I."

Chase's eyes widened, but he kept his nonchalant cool. "I suspected. And yes.. I'm happy. You're a fine, fine kisser, Leslie. Damn fine. Don't mind if I try that again sometime."

Now it was Leslie's turn to be surprised. She didn't know what to say to that, even though she tried really hard to come up with some smart comeback. The door opened and Chris was poking his head around the frame.

"Hey. They all told me you two were in here, and ... " Chris looked from one face to the other and it dawned on him what he just interrupted. "Oh God. She got you too, huh man? Leslie, I swear! What are we going to do with you? We always watch out for other guys trying to get in your pants. Never did I think we'd have to watch out for you trying to take us down!"

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