tagGay MaleThe Further Adventures Of Ted & Sandy

The Further Adventures Of Ted & Sandy


After my surprising encounter with Arthur and Sandy, I went home to my wife, completely satisfied. She was sleeping as I slipped into bed. The next morning was a little hairy.

"Morning hon," Carol said. "You worked late last night."

"Mornin'," I grumbled. I was tired for lack of sleep. She came over and kissed me. I had brushed my teeth well, but I couldn't help wondering if there was any smell of cock or cum on my breath. It was a light kiss, so I didn't have to worry.

"I'm going to my sister Teresa's tonight remember. I don't want to drive home late at night so I'll sleep over. I'm taking the kids with me. I'll leave you something for supper in the fridge. You have appointments tonight," she asked?

Glancing over my schedule, I noticed only one early appointment, but it was Sandy's client and I'll be working with him again.

"Yes," I said. "You go to Teresa's and don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

After breakfast I gathered my briefcase and gave her a hug while making my way to the door.

"Say hello to Teresa for me," I said as I kissed her.

"OK honey. See you tomorrow," she said.

Driving to the office my mind was working overtime. After all these years being straight, I had sex with two men. The guilt I felt however was overshadowed by the hot memories of last night. Sucking Sandy's cock and having my cock sucked by Arthur was a feeling I couldn't get out of my mind. It made me want more, but I could not continue this charade, talking to Carol like everything was as usual. There will be no more I said to myself. After all, Sandy is married too. He must be feeling guilty. We'll just pretend it never happened. Man! It was so good though!

As I pulled into my office parking space I noticed Sandy's car. He was here early. I walked in and threw my jacket on the chair and sat down at my desk.

"Morning Ted," Sandy said, cheerful as ever.

"Hi Sandy," I said. "We still have that appointment for tonight?"

"Yeah, but it shouldn't take long. Want to go have a beer after?"

"Maybe just one," I said. "I'm kind of tired today."

"You ought to be after all the sucking last night," Sandy grinned.

I had hoped to avoid the subject, but I could see that was going to be impossible. It's a good thing no one else was in the office yet. I walked over to Sandy's desk.

"Look," I said. "I'm a little bummed out about this. Oh, it was good and I enjoyed it alright, but I feel guilty about cheating on Carol."

"Cheating?" he said. "You weren't fucking another broad. I don't consider what we did was cheating. Matter of fact, my wife Sally knows I swing both ways. She's Ok with it as long as I'm careful and I give her all the sex she needs. She'd be pissed if I screwed another broad, but she doesn't consider this to be threat to our marriage."

"I swear, every day I get an education," I said. "Well, I'm not going that route anymore. I'm staying straight."

"Suit yourself, but soon you'll be aching to suck a cock."

I went back to my desk and got to work. Sandy and I were to meet at 6:00 p.m. for our appointment.

At six on the dot Sandy and I met back at the office and we took my car to the client's house. The presentation went well and we sold a good size policy. Afterward Sandy and I went to a local bar and ordered a beer.

"Want to hit that bar we were in last night," Sandy asked?

"I don't want to go to a gay bar. I told you I'm staying straight," I said.

"Well, take me back to my car. I'm going there."

"OK, finish your beer. I guess I'll call it a night."

While driving back to the office I was surprised to feel Sandy's hand on my leg. I pushed it away. He shrugged and unzipped his fly, took out his cock, which was hard, and began stroking it.

"I'm horny as hell Ted. I'd like to suck you."

"Save it for your friends at the gay bar."

He reached over and laid he hand on my cock and felt it through my trousers. I looked over at him and saw that his cock was very hard and seemed to be even bigger than I remembered. It looked about ten inches long. I pushed his hand away again, but my cock was starting to rise. Thankfully, we arrived at the office before he could grope me again. Sandy quickly put himself back together and zipped his fly.

He leaned over to me and said, "Tell you what, let me suck you off and I'll leave."

I was about to say no when I thought about the fact that Carol was not going to be home tonight and I'd end up jerking off anyway. My silence gave Sandy the OK. He reached over and unzipped me. He reached in and took out my cock, which was growing rapidly. By the time he stroked it a couple of times, I was hard as stone.

I pushed the car seat back to allow Sandy plenty of room to maneuver. Holding by balls in his hand, he licked the head of my prick, slurping at it to sip the pre-cum. I rested my head on the seat back and let him go at it. Sandy is a great cocksucker. He very slowly began licking the underside of my cock, which always drives me crazy. His right hand gently caressed my balls while he guided my cock into his mouth with his right hand. Soon all of my cock was in his throat. I could feel his tongue licking at my balls. The feeling was absolutely marvelous. Sandy took his time and sucked me slowly, making me enjoy it all the more. Then, he began to suck in earnest. Taking my hard prick all the way into his throat, he began putting more pressure on it with his talented tongue. He kept the pressure on as he slowly withdrew his mouth until just the head of it was in his mouth. Then, he began sliding his mouth way down the shaft again, continuing the pressure. I wasn't going to last long. Sandy knew that I was about to cum as my cock began to expand. Then, he quickly took his mouth off my prick and backed off to the other seat. Feeling the cold air assaulting my throbbing cock, I began to complain.

"Hey, why did you stop? I was about to cum."

"I know you were Ted. That's why I quit."


"You won't come with me to get laid, so I guess you'll have to finish yourself off," Sandy said as he got out of my car and headed for his own.

"Wait," I yelled. "That was a dirty trick. I'm coming with you."

As we pulled into the parking lot of the bar I noticed that they had a good size crowd tonight. My prick had gone down some, but it was still semi-hard. Sandy put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Right decision pal." I figured, what the hell, nobody knew me here. I could be anonymous and gay for tonight. We found two seats at the bar as two lesbians were leaving.

We were on our second beer when Arthur showed up.

"Back for more, huh? Sorry I can't join you guys tonight. Hope you have fun," Arthur said as he waltzed away.

"The place is jumpin' tonight," yelled Sandy over the din.

"Yeah," I replied, "lots of action."

People were reaching over our heads for their drinks.

I said, "There's a booth open Sandy, lets get out of the line of fire."

We got refills on our beers and went to the booth.

"Not so hectic over here," I said. "I like to watch the dancers anyway."

After a while a nice looking couple came over and asked to sit with us, noting that all the seats were taken. Sandy and I scooted over so they could sit down. He was an average looking guy, masculine and fit, maybe about 35. She was a very good looking red head with ample boobs. I noticed she was not wearing a bra. I liked the way they swung from side to side as she slid in beside me. Introductions were made. He was Richard and she was Jeanne. I ordered a round for the four of us and the waitress came back with four beers.

After taking a good swig of his beer, Richard said, "We don't want to beat around the bush. My wife and I have been fantasizing about having two other guys join us in bed."

I looked, first at Jeanne. She had a very sexy grin on her face. She laid her hand on my leg. Then, looking at Sandy, I could tell he was all for it by the way he was snuggling up with Richard.

After a lot of feeling each other and getting ourselves very horny, Sandy suggested we get a room in the back. He went to talk to the bartender. I saw her grinning at Sandy as she threw him a key.

Once in the room we wasted no time getting our clothes off and climbing on the bed. I wanted to get my hard cock into Jeanne's cunt right away so I moved up on her. She was beautiful, nice creamy tits with no sag and they were real. She was a real redhead too. Her pubic area had been neatly trimmed and her red cunt hair was soft and luscious. She welcomed me with open arms and spread her legs wide. As I began to sink my throbbing cock into Jeanne's pussy, I watched Sandy and Richard. They each had each other's dick in their mouths and I could hear the slurping noise coming from their lips. My cock sank deep into Jeanne's warm, wet vagina, until I felt my balls up against her ass. She was tight. I was trying very hard to make it last. At one point I moved my body up higher on hers so that my prick was rubbing on her clitoris. I felt her nails digging into my arms as she locked her legs around my back.

"Oh, yes, there! Right there," she screamed. "I'm going to cum already. Oh, baby fuck me hard, I'm cumming, ahhhh."

Just as she was in the throws of her orgasm, I felt my hot cream begin to surge from my tight balls and run the length of my cock. It was a terrific cum as my sperm shot into her. Spurt after spurt shot from my hard dick and into the sweet, wet cunt of this beautiful woman. Just as our climax began to subside, I felt someone behind me. As I turned to look, Jeanne held me even tighter. I felt my asshole get covered with some kind of lubricant. "Oh, no," I thought. "No, no." My dick shriveled up immediately.

Jeanne held my face in her hands and kissed me. "Please," she said. It's my husband. He's been dreaming about fucking a guy for so long. I told him I'd help him with it tonight. He'll be gentle, I promise.'

"Hey," I yelled. "I've never done that before. Do it to Sandy."

"He wants you dear," she whispered in my ear.

I felt two fingers slide through the lubricant, into the tiny opening in my asshole. Jeanne was now holding my ass cheeks apart for her husband. He worked his fingers around in there for a while and then I felt the head of his cock poking at the entrance to my puckered asshole. "I might like it," I thought. Richard began to push his big cock further into me. It hurt like hell and I screamed. He stopped and held still and my ass muscles began to relax. After a while he began short, easy strokes with his prick. To my surprise the pain began to fade and it began to feel good. My cock began to harden again. Jeanne felt it and she said, "Come on baby fill me with that hard cock again."

We kind of assumed a rhythm and my cock felt good plunging in and out and feeling our combined juices from our recent orgasm. Richard was now easing his big cock in and out of my ass as my cock was doing the same to his wife's pussy. To make it complete, Sandy worked his way over to us and presented his very large and very hard prick to Jeanne's lips. She eagerly opened her pretty mouth and let him slide his throbbing cock all the way to the back of her throat. His cock was inches from my face as she sucked him. I licked his shaft as it came out of her lips and then sunk back in. This was the greatest sensation I had ever experienced. Richard's long cock sliding into my ass and filling me up, my hot cock sliding in and out of a most wonderful pussy and licking Sandy's cock and balls, all at the same time. The moans and groans, mixing with the sucking and slurping noises were enough to make you cum just listening.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum again," Jeanne breathed, removing Sandy's cock. "I've never cum so much before."

As Sandy's hard prick slipped from Jeanne's mouth, I eagerly sucked it into my mouth, taking it all the way to my throat.

I felt her pussy become even juicier as she had another big orgasm.

Sandy knew it was my mouth on his cock now. He groaned and held my head. Then I felt his cum splashing onto my tongue. Another squirt shot and I felt it hit the roof of my mouth. Still another shot slid down my throat. I savored the taste of Sandy's warm seed.

To make things perfect, I began shooting my load into Jeanne's hot cunt and Richard screamed as he began to cum up into my ass. Cum was flowing from three hard cocks and Richard's wife's juice was flowing around my cock and running over my balls.

The moans, sighs and groans mingled with the sounds of cocks flopping out of juicy holes were electrifying. I'll remember this night forever.

Driving home, my feelings of guilt made themselves known. I had really cheated on Carol this time. I'll have to be much more careful in the future.

After Carol came home, she and Ted's sex life became more heated and adventurous, much to Carol's surprise and delight. But that will have to wait for the next story.

Any and all comments are welcome concerning my stories. I answer all e-mails.

Mr Lucky

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