tagNonHumanThe Future We Make

The Future We Make


There once was an old mansion at the end of a long driveway in the woods. It was home to the most powerful sorcerer of all time. There was nothing this man didn't know, and there was nothing outside his power. When anyone visited he always seemed busy, much too busy to entertain let alone tell them what he was doing. When he died, he died alone, but for a reason. Unknown to all those around him, he had laid down the right enchantments to save the future.

30 years later, everyone had forgotten there was even a mansion back in the woods, until one day during the summer solstice the driveway re-appeared, like it hadn't been neglected for 30 years. A fence appeared around the whole property overnight. No one could penetrate the property for any reason. A mailbox even appeared, and that day 18 letters went out across the world. Each read....


You have been invited to a grand summit of the people, where the fate of the world and its future hangs in the balance. In a grand mansion that is truly in a space of its' own. You will have a chance to learn things you never knew, and become part of something much greater than yourself. I feel I must warn you, not everything, or everyone is as it seems. I kindly request that you come quickly to the address below, time is of the essence. We all eagerly await your arrival.

Yours truly

Dr. Cosmos

Naturally, the 18 that received the letters were either extremely curious, or believed this was truly a dire situation, and they all proceeded to the address as fast as possible. The neighborhood that had witnessed the gates reappearance at the end of the drive was shocked to see it letting people in. Though when they tried to enter, they had no such luck.

Those that arrived at the home were of the following races: elf, werewolf, werecat, vampire, avian, mermaid, siren, dwarf, fairy, centaur, troll, gnome, witch, wizard, angel, demon, wildling, and last but not least human. Needless to say, it was going to be a very interesting time in this mansion.

I sat on the train, on my way to this overly bizarre place. I mean, I checked all over the internet for it and found nothing. That was weird to begin with. Another issue I was having is wondering what I could possibly do to save the future. In reality I thought that this was some big joke. The sad part is I had nothing better to do with my time.

My mind wandered as I looked out the window, remembering the happy childhood I had had, and how much my life had changed since then. I went from being the youngest of my family, to the only one of my family still living, on one day the previous year. I remembered why I was still alive-my fear had kept me alive. I was terrified of flying, so I didn't go on vacation with the rest of my family when they took a plane. It crashed and I lost them all. All of my families' money was left to me, so it wasn't as if I had to work anymore. It even took me longer to get to this place because of my fear. I wondered what awaited me there. I had a very active imagination for a 19 year old. I normally poured it into stories. I thought of the different ways I could spin this story.

By the time we came to my stop it was pouring outside. I grabbed my bags and rushed to the cover of the platform. It was a quaint little train station in the middle of nowhere. I dragged my bags to the payphone and called for a car to take me to the address. The car company said it would be half an hour before one could get to me.

I sat on one of the benches and watched the rain pour down. It looked like someone had turned a shower on full blast. The wood frame of the train station was getting soaked, and the tin roof made it sound like someone was playing the drums above my head. The ground around the train station was turning into a muddy mess. I looked at the plants and thought they must be happy for the water. They had small flower arrangements around the place. I saw my reflection in a puddle growing bigger near me. My brown hair blended in with the paint of the station in the reflection. My pale skin and blue eyes shone bright though. I was never a fan of the sun, I burned easily.

Soon enough the dingy little car pulled up, and the driver helped me get my things in quickly before he and I got soaked. I gave him the address and we headed off silently. It was a very scenic ride to the place.

We arrived at the front gate, and were both startled when it opened on its' own.I didn't see any mechanics, or sensors, or anything. I shook it off as we drove through a very lush and vibrant forest; it seemed very welcoming and peaceful.

The car pulled up to the front of the huge mansion and I got my bags out and paid the driver. I knocked on the door, getting my letter out, as he sped away. I didn't even see him drive down the road. What was he, a speed demon? A man answered the door. He had golden blonde hair, bright green eyes, the most angelic features, a perfect toned body, and a perfect set of teeth to boot.

"How can I help you my dear?" His voice sounded angelic as well, like the holy choir was singing through this man. I had to stop staring first to answer his question. I shook my head and got my letter straight.

"I received a letter to come to this address as fast as I could. This took some time, because I live rather far away, and I hate planes." I explained, as he looked over the offered letter. He smiled at me and I thought my heart would stop. I was not exactly a stunning woman, but this man made me feel like I was.

"Please come in, and I will call the others down for lunch. We were all invited here, by this Dr. Cosmos, but we can't find him anywhere." He said, as he helped me with my bags into the mansion.

The Gothic architecture of this place had me looking all over. It was from my favorite period, both being seen as religious and dark at the same time. Once my bags were through the door they disappeared, and I stepped back in shock. He saw my wide eyed reaction and sighed.

"Sorry about that, this house tends to take care of us itself; your things are most likely in your room, which has your name on it, madam." He said as i stared on in shock.

"That is not possible, there is no way my stuff just disappeared." I started to hyperventilate. He walked over to me quickly.

"Breathe, breathe...if you don't you will pass out." He said as I attempted to calm myself. My head started to feel light and dizzy.

"You are human aren't you?" He asked and I looked at him confused.

"You aren't?" I said making it sound like he was nuts.

"No. You need to sit. I will get the others, there is much to be explained." he admitted, and proceeded to walk me to a sitting room. I sat down, because if I didn't sit I was going to fall. I did not believe a word he was saying. My mind was spinning and my first thought was that I needed to get the hell out of here. These people are nut cases. Soon enough people started filtering in. They looked like normal people at first, but then someone with wings walked in, followed by another who was so short he would've just reached my knee, and a man that was half horse. My mind just couldn't take this all in, plus my health was not at its best due to the depression over the loss of my family. I promptly fainted.

I awoke in a gorgeous room, on a canopy bed. The room was decorated as if for a princess, with a vanity and a window seat, in shades of red and gold. There was even a sitting area. My head was pounding, and my first thought was...no way in hell. I got out of the bed, thankful to still be in my clothes. I walked out of my room, and turned to discover that the door had my name on it. 'Eve'was engraved in gold lettering on a dark red door. I walked down the hall and soon found stairs. I descended, wondering where the heck my shoes had gone. I saw them by a door and went for them. As I bent to pick them up,I heard talking.

"The poor darling, she had no idea what she was walking into." A very melodic voice said.

"How dare the doctor expose us to a human." Another voice replied harshly. I did the only thing I could think to do. I ran out the front door as fast as I could and straight down the drive. All of a sudden the beautiful forest looked very dangerous. I made my feet go as fast as I could which was not as fast as I wanted to be going. I got to the gate and it wouldn't budge, not in the slightest. It was freezing against my hands, and I hadn't even realized it was still raining on my head. I went to the side of the gate and tried to climb the fence. For some strange reason I couldn't even grab onto the bars to begin to climb. My body slammed into thin air, like there was some kind of invisible barrier My eyes went wide as I heard footsteps behind me

"Now that you've see you can't leave, are you ready to come back in and talk with us, little human?" A gravelly male voice called from behind me.

"Are you the one stopping me from leaving?" I asked in an unpleasant tone while turning toward him.

"No I am not. None of us can get out once we are in." He replied as I looked him in the face. His skin was tan, and his hair was long and black. His eyes were bright red and they made me shiver. He was devastatingly male and had the muscle to prove it. His muscle was hidden under a button up shirt and dress pants. I took a long breath and let it out slowly.

"Let's go back." I grumbled, admitting defeat. We walked back down the driveway toward the house, and I was trying to mull this all over in my head.

"So what are you, and what was Blondie?" I asked. He chuckled.

"I am a demon, and blondie as you put it is an angel." I rolled my eyes. That fit alright.

"What else is here, before I go in there to meet them?" I asked, fear laced in my tone. He looked at me with a smirk, seeming to enjoy my squirming.

"Let's see, there is an elf, werewolf, werecat, vampire, avian, mermaid, siren, dwarf, fairy, centaur, troll, gnome, witch, wizard, and a wildling." He answered, and I looked at him confused.

"Ok what is an avian, and a wildling?" I asked,and he looked to be thinking.

"wildling is just another name for a shape shifter, and an avian is like a werewolf, or werecat, except it's a bird." He explained, putting his hands in his pockets. By the time we got inside we were drenched. I took my shoes off again, not wanting to track mud everywhere. The figures the demon had described began to exit what I thought was the sitting room I had been in earlier. All of a sudden the room went dark and the figure of an old man appeared in the middle of the room. A bright eerie light, was a plethora of colors was emanating from him.

"Hello, I am Dr.Cosmos. I have been dead for 30 years, and have been waiting for the time to be right. That time has arrived and I have asked you all here. Since we are all together in the same room now, I shall explain a few things. No,you may not ask questions. Secondly, yes there is a human amongst you.Without her this will not work. Yes you are stuck here,and now that you are all here nothing can get in or out of my lands. Yes you are here for a reason, and yes there is a reason for the equal number of ladies and gentlemen. Everything about the situation and what you must do to save the future is in this home. I invite you to explore every inch of the house and grounds. Many questions can be answered if you simply look. Now I must go. Play nice. Hurting each other will not help you get out of here." He concluded, as his eyes took all of us in, and then he was gone. The lights came back on.

"I am never going to get used to this." I muttered to myself, and tried to wring my shirt out.

"Oh, let me help you with that." A woman with fuchsia eyes offered, and she quickly approached. She snapped her fingers, and the demon and I were both dry.

"Witch?" I inquired hesitantly, and she nodded with a grin. I looked around trying to guess who was what.

"Why don't we try the introductions again in the sitting room?" The very small man suggested. We all headed that way. I sat down sideways in a lone chair. The half man half horse stepped up.

"As many of you know I am a centaur. My name is Selwyn." He announced, and I looked him over. The horse hair was a rich bay color, his skin was very tan, and the hair from his head flowed far down his back. His eyes were black and he had the look of someone who lived in the woods, he was very rough and rugged.

"Quick question, sorry if it sounds rude Selwyn, but how on earth did you get here without any humans seeing you?" I questioned, not being able to contain myself from the curiousity.

"Oh a valid question from a non-magical being. It's called glamor, a magic that we can all control to change how we appear to your kind." He said with a smile, like he was explaining it to a child. I would take that, considering I was exceedingly outnumbered here. The next to step up was angel boy.

"My name is Angelo and I am an angel." He announced proudly and stepped back. He even walked gracefully, his perfection was starting to annoy me. Demon man stepped up next.

"My name is Donovan and I am a demon." He proclaimed proudly and stepped back. The very short man walked up next. He reminded me of those people from the show 'Little People, Big World.' Except for his ears; they were pointed. He looked very thin.

"My name is Cadoc and I am a gnome." He grunted out, and gave me a look that said 'I dare you to mock me'. His voice was commanding for someone so small.

"Ok I have to ask, how do you get around without us stupid humans thinking you are a lawn gnome?" I asked, and he groaned.

"I use an invisibility spell." He explained and it made sense.

"Sorry, we don't know you all exist, so you can't take it personally when we do things you all consider stupid." I said looking at them all, which earned me a collective sigh. They really couldn't argue with that. The next one who stepped up was deathly pale, with near white eyes and short brown hair, and I got a very quick sense I was in danger. He set off all my warning bells. The word vampire screamed in my head.

"My name is Villard and I am a vampire." He purred out and looked me right in the eyes.

"Do I have a reason to worry?" I asked, dead serious, and he chuckled, with a dark tone that made me gulp.

"No, this place keeps me well supplied with something to eat." He said and stepped back. I had no questions for him and no desire to be near him at all. The next one stepped forward and I looked him over curiously. He was bigger than the Gnome, but not by much, and he was nothing but muscle. It was kind of perplexing.

"My name is Hallam, and I am a dwarf." He informed me and then it made sense. I immediately started thinking about 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'. They were all very good looking in this room. I felt out of place for more than just the fact that I was the only human. The next guy walked forward with a slight limp. He was taller than the dwarf, but still short, and he had a rather large nose.

"My name is Roland and I am a troll." He said smiling at me. I smiled back, considering he was the first non-threatening creature here. He stepped back and a very thin, clinical looking man stepped forward. He wore glasses and had white hair. I wondered how old he was.

"My name is yarrow, and I am a wizard." He announced in a official manner and bowed. I couldn't help but think of the guys from Vegas. Well, that probably wasn't an accurate thought, so I changed it to Harry Potter. The last guy stepped forward and he was athletic, and hyper as heck. He had green hair and bright orange eyes.

"Hi my name is Oz, and I am a wildling." He stammered out and walked over sticking out his hand. I shook it and smiled. He was very friendly.

Then all the girls stepped up at the same time. They were all beautiful. The first one was tall with pointed ears and long braided blonde hair. The next was athletic and muscular, and had her black hair in a ponytail. She was very sporty.The girl next to her had cat eyes, and was overtly sexy. The next girl was tall and thin. She also looked very fragile, and her long hair was bright red. The one after her had blue hair and green eyes. She was in a mini skirt and bikini top. The next was breathtaking; she had long golden hair and deep green eyes. Her body was to die for. The one after her was short with yellow hair and butterfly wings coming out of her back. Last in the line was the witch from earlier.

"Hi, I am Sapphire I am an elf." The first one said.

"Hey! I am Tanith a werewolf." The second one said.

"Yo, I am Flora a werecat." The next in line announced.

"Hi there. I am Bonnie, an avian." The fragile one wisphered.

"Hello My name is Aurla, I am a mermaid." The blue haired one said with a sweet smile.

"Well hello, my name is Blair and I am a siren." The breath taking one said in a sing song voice.

"I am a fairy, my name is Amelia." The one with wings exclaimed happily.

"My name is Elaine.You already know what I am." The witch said. I stood up.

"My name is Eve, and as you all know I am human, and had no clue any of you existed until today." I announced awkwardly, and rubbed the back of my neck. Some laughed and others rolled their eyes. I sat down and relaxed some.

"Hey am I allowed to ask questions?" I asked and they all looked at each other.

"Of course my dear." Angelo spoke for them all.

"So most of you look normal. Are you all using that Glamor stuff?" I asked, looking around at them.

"No. Some of us have two forms." Yarrow answered, and I thought about that.

"Hey, is there anything I should avoid doing?" I inquired, thinking that would be an important one.

"Well let's see. Try not to get hurt around Villard. Don't make fun of anyone's size. Don't go outside on a full moon. Oh, and never call Selwyn a horsey." Hallam said.

"Sounds good to me." I nodded, and turned my attention from Hallam to the roof.

"Dinner should be on the table. Why don't we all go eat?" Cadoc suggested. We all got up and followed him to the dining room. I got a good look at the place. It was huge, and everything in it looked very expensive. Our seats had our names on them. On my left was Villard, and on my right was Donovan. Across from me were Oz, Tanith, and Flora. Food appeared in front of us from out of nowhere. I didn't question it. I just began to eat, happy to have something in my stomach today.

Today had been so weird that I just zoned into my own world as the others started to talk. They were all happy around each other. I couldn't help the pang of pain in my chest. My depression was kicking back in, as memories of my families' last dinner together flashed through my head. My hands started to shake. I put down the fork I was holding. I stood up, barely trusting my voice.

"Sorry to seem rude, but I must excuse myself. It has been a very long day for me. I am going to head to bed. Goodnight all." I shakily said, and got the heck out of the room. I made it to the room I'd awoken in earlier, and shut and locked the door behind me before I started to cry. I sank down against the door and let the tears fall down my face. I went into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet hoping the magic here had put my meds there. It had and I took two. There was a soft knock at my door and I straightened myself up and went to it.

"Who is it?" I asked, walking up to the door.

"It's Oz, may I come in?" He asked. I opened the door.

"What can I do for you Oz?" I asked, and he looked at me with worry.

"We all saw you shaking. Are you ok? I am a partial empath and all I am getting is a deep sadness from you. It was like a switch was flipped." He explained. I let him in and sat down.

"What I'm going to tell you, you can tell the others so I don't have to repeat myself." I informed him, and he nodded in response. He looked really young all of a sudden.

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