tagGroup SexThe Game Ch. 06

The Game Ch. 06

bySara and Ron©

To all of you who have written me to offer words of encouragement, I really appreciate it. It is very challenging to write about Sara's world and as the story and characters get more involved and complex it only gets more so. I appreciate all of you who have written words to encourage or critique my writing. As I have said, this is my first attempt at writing and sometimes those of you who request (and sometimes beg) for the next installment are the reason I sit down to pound through some of the more difficult plot elements. So PLEASE don't stop (oh god, oh god, don't stop) sending me your feedback and posting your public comments.

Anyway, this chapter is getting ridiculously long and I have decided to post what I have so far to keep you readers reading. This seems to be a pivotal chapter in the story. I knew after the last chapter that something fundamental would have to change and for a while it was difficult to find what direction the story would go.

I think I have finally found my way although I still have no idea how this story will end. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please continue to give me feedback. I really do enjoy reading it.

Chapter 6: Pool Party Part 2

I needed to get fucked. Not loved. Not have sex. Fucked. And fucked hard.

I drug Ron into the bathroom and dropped to my knees. I needed his cock. I tugged aggressively at his shorts.

"What got into you?" he asked while helping me free his prick.

"Shut up and fuck me," I grunted.

I took his flaccid cock in my mouth sucking it deep into my warm, wet throat. His dick began to harden in my mouth. Mmmm I had to have him inside me. He groaned as I took encouraged his erection by swirling my tongue across the base of his cock and balls. His prick stiffened and pushed down my throat as I frantically spanked my own clit.

As he grew to his maximum length I stood up and sat between the double sinks of his vanity and drew my knees up to my chest placing my heels on the marble counter top. I spread myself obscenely with my fingers and said, "I need your dick in me now."

He leaned forward placing the tip of his now throbbing cock at the entrance of my dripping pussy and plunged forward into me. I grabbed his ass and slammed him into me deeper. It was all I needed to cum.

Waves of pleasure hit me as I held him tightly and deeply inside me. My cunt spasmed in orgasm. I came in hard, bucking waves, of pleasure. I cried out my pleasure and pulled him deeper into the core of my wet fuck hole.

He was pinned inside me by my hands on his ass, and I could feel his muscles clenching as he tried to pump himself in and out of me. Instead of the normal frenzied bucking of sex, I held him firmly inside of me. I fucked him with only my cunt muscles which were going crazy in orgasm; but I did not let him thrust inside me as he seemed desperate to do. I held him firmly and with my hands and fucked him with only the internal muscles of my body. I squeezed his cock with peristaltic waves sending pleasure to both of us as we joined in urgently in our sex.

I came in another wave as flashes of Rachel's orgasm which I had recently witnessed flashed across the movie screen of my mind. I could hear Ron's animalistic grunts as he enjoyed his own pleasure of the fuck we shared.

I squeezed his cock with my pussy tighter (as tight as I could) and felt him explode inside me, filling me with his hot milky cum. It drove me to another mind bending orgasm and then I felt myself falling into darkness and then I let go completely to the moment and fell into a black abyss of pleasure...

... I groaned as I opened my eyes shivering with delicious pleasure. My pussy was still pulsing in ebbing waves of pleasure as I came down from the cum of a lifetime. Ron held me gently and I smiled at him. "Jesus are you okay?" he asked. "You passed out when you came that last time."

"I'm perfect now." I said and meaning it.

I hugged him tightly feeling his warmth and basked in the glow that only a couple in love can share after such mind bending sex. I kissed him deeply and enjoyed the feeling of our tongues intertwined.

Involuntarily my pussy came alive again and I reached between my own legs to feel the oozing mess of my pussy.

Ron's cock hung glistening and limp between his legs and he smiled as he watched me play with myself. "Again so soon?" he asked. "God you are a slut." he said jokingly.

I smiled and said, "Shut up and make me cum again."

This time he dropped to his knees and pushed my knees apart. Without hesitation he buried his tongue in my slimy cunt and all thoughts left my mind as I leaned back against his mirror and allowed myself to get lost in the softness of his tongue on my most sensitive flesh.

I watched him lick me deeply and enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells of messy oral sex as he licked me. His face was wet with both of our juices as his tongue probed deeply inside me. I was stretched open from his cock and his tongue reached deeply inside like a soft mini-cock. He expertly licked my wet hole and used the tip of his nose and tongue to expertly massage my throbbing clit. He licked me for almost two minutes before the first rumblings of climax rippled through my abdomen.

I rocked gently as I moved closer and closer, riding the waves of pleasure to the crest of orgasm. This time I came in long slow rythematic waves rather than the violent pounding of the previous climax. I rode those pleasurable waves until the climaxed and once again my pussy contracted but this time the result was a oozing ejaculation of feminine secretion so copious that it rivaled Ron's own orgasm. His mouth was flooded with my essence as well as the remnants of his own. So much so that he hand to back away from my cunt sputtering, our juices running down his chin.

I sighed contentedly as my orgasm subsided and helped Ron to his feet.

"Wow that was new." He said wiping his chin.

"Not new just never in your mouth before," I replied smiling. "I guess you better learn to swallow." I said giggling.

"Very funny. Now do you mind telling me what brought all this on, my horny little vixen?"

"Sure, but while you wash my back." I said and turned on the shower. I recounted to him the events of the past hour while he gently soaped and cleaned every inch of my well fucked body.

After I told him all about watching Rachel finger fuck herself his cock was rock hard again.

"So I see my story has had an effect on you. You aren't lusting after my little niece are you?" I asked teasingly as I stroked his firm soapy cock.

He smiled and said, "I think I will get you a wig and call you Rachel some night while I fuck your ass."

I squeezed his balls tightly and said, "Oh really."

"Kidding!" he yelped in mock agony.

"Too bad maybe I would like that." I said teasingly and continued my expert hand job.

I dropped to my knees for the second time in 30 minutes to suck Ron's cock. This time I wanted his cum on my face and decided to let him live out a fantasy. I took his hand and moved it to his cock and told him to jack off for me.

I turned my face upwards just under the tip and licked it as he stroked. "Pretend I'm Rachel. She has never sucked a cock before. Did you know that?"

I knew my words would turn him on. What guy wouldn't want an oral virgin to have her mouth on his cock for the first time.

I licked tentatively at his tip, feigning lack of experience and asked in a sultry voice, "Do you like it like this?"

He groaned in reply as I licked his tip as he stroked his hard 8 inch cock.

"Am I doing it right, Uncle Ron." I asked in my best Rachel impersonation feeling both silly and turned on at the same time.

At those words he erupted in a geyser of ejaculate painting my face with white stripe after white stripe of hot sticky cum while grunting between clenched teeth, "God yeah you little slut, take it."

I opened my mouth to catch as much of his seed as possible enjoying the flavor and texture on my tongue. When he had emptied himself upon me, he stood on uncertain legs holding his cock and staring at me with wide eyes.

"Wow that really did it for you huh?" I said smiling through the goo.

"Jesus. That was intense." Was all he could say.

I stood up and washed the cum from my face under the stream of hot water and turned to him. "Well that was an interesting incestual fantasy."

"Well it's not that incestual. I am not related to Rachel," he said.

I laughed at the ridiculousness of his statement and said, "Not for you, for me."

"Oh." Was all he could say, and we left it at that, but I made a mental note to talk to Ron about it later. I felt I was on the verge of a potentially (yet another) life altering epiphany, but now was not the time for epiphanies. All I wanted to do was clean up, have a nice dinner, and drink with friends by the pool.

Ron stepped out of the shower before me and toweled off. On a whim I decided to give him a treat for later. I grabbed my razor and proceeded to completely shave my pussy. I love that feeling and the sex with Ron after is always awesome.


Ron and I returned to the basement 15 minutes later. I was feeling squeaky clean and fully satisfied for the moment, but I was hungry. Michelle, Molinda, and Tim were apparently all in the shower together (typical), and Rachel was thumbing through Ron's music and movie collection.

I had moment of terror realizing that one of those tapes probably was THE tape of me being gang banged and shivered at the thought of Rachel innocently popping it in the VCR and pushing play.

Fortunately that had not happened and I was quick to invite Rachel back to the bar for a drink. Ron went outside to be manly with the grill and a big plate of meat as I mixed martinis for myself and Rachel.

Rachel was grinning ear to ear at me as I mixed her cocktail.

"What are you smiling at?" I asked her.

"Well I was just thinking how nice it must be to get laid in Ron's bathroom." She replied with that award winning grin of hers.

I blushed pink but returned her smile. "How did you know?" I asked.

"Christ I think people in Africa know. I didn't realize you were such a screamer." She said laughing at me. "I'm glad you got yours."

"Hey you got to cum in the sun remember?" I asked needling her back.

Now she blushed. "Okay fair is fair. We both got some today, only mine was a do it yourself job."

I laughed and said, "Drink your martini and quit complaining."

Just then we heard giggles from the bathroom and Rachel said, "Guess I am the only one fucking myself today. Oh and Tim by the pool, but I think he is working on Michelle with round two." And then she laughed again.

I just smiled and wondered if it was Tim or Molinda that was making Michelle giggle and decided not to voice the query.


Dinner was amazing and amusing. Rachel and I joined Ron by the pool as he finished cooking 6 of the most tender steaks I have ever eaten. He opened a bottle of wine and Rachel and I who were already feeling a little mellow enjoyed a glass of cabernet while we awaited the rest of our sextet.

Michelle was the first to meander through the French doors of the basement looking absolutely stunning. She was freshly showered and wore a casual black cover up that covered very little. Her blond hair was dry, but untamed in a very sexy way. She was followed by her two friends, whom I still knew very little about.

Tim was dressed casually in shorts and a golf shirt that showed his muscles well. Molinda, or Molee as Michelle had taken to calling her, was dressed tight black stretch pants and a white pullover shirt. She looked sexy as hell showing off her feminine curves. She and Michelle were like mirror images of each other; one skinny and blond, the other brunette and curvy.

I noticed Rachel was staring at Tim and wondered if she was wishing for another view of his cock. I smiled to myself thinking of it.

We all sat around the large patio table drinking wine and talking. Molinda and Tim were fairly reserved being the new comers to the group, but Michelle made them feel at home with her bubbly personality and stories about Ron, myself, and Rachel. Fortunately she kept most of the m pseudo-clean as I was still somewhat uncomfortable sharing all of my proclivities with Rachel.

As we finished our meal, Ron offered us all after dinner drinks which we all accepted. We moved down by the pool in the summer warmth and continued to enjoy our conversation. Michelle was becoming a little more drunk and raucous as the night wore on.

She was telling in great detail the time she gave her boyfriend a blowjob on a public bus trip to Ohio. I noticed she commanded Rachel's complete attention, and I once again found myself smiling inwardly.

Michelle noticed Rachel's interest in her stories and smiled at her saying, "Nothing like sucking cock eh Rach."

Rachel went pale and then crimson. Michelle laughed heartily at her discomfort. I noticed Tim and Molee laughing, but Tim was smiling lecherously as well. I wondered what nasty thoughts were consuming him. If he was a friend of Michelle's he clearly was not as virginal as Rachel.

Rachel replied, "Honestly I wouldn't know" as she blushed again.

The proverbial hush fell over the crowd at that. Even Michelle was silent as the impact of Rachel's admission washed over the five of us. Only I was not caught off guard. I think everyone had somehow forgotten that Rachel was only an 18 year old girl from the country. It was an easy thing to overlook given her stunning beauty and self confidence.

Michelle patted her arm gently. "I'm sorry hun. I didn't mean to offend you."

Rachel shook her head smiling. "No offense taken; I just have never done that." She replied. Rachel's stock went up a couple of more points with me as we sat there and she honestly revealed such an intimate detail of her sexual life.

Michelle smiled knowing she had done no harm, and said, "Well why the hell not? I mean I am sure guys must be standing in line for you." She asked genuinely curious.

Rachel laughed and said, "Well I am not going to say that there haven't been a few interested, but I just you know didn't really know how to do it. Besides it's not like I am a virgin and I figure if we are going to do it, then I might as well get something out of it too."

Michelle burst out laughing at that. "Oh honey if you don't get anything out of it, you are doing it wrong. Besides its only fair if he is going to go down south on you."

Rachel giggled, "Well I never did that either."

"Oh my God an oral virgin" Michelle exclaimed. "I didn't think there were any left! I hope you took notes earlier." She said winking at Tim.

"Well that was pretty amazing." Rachel said grinning at Tim herself.

Tim just smiled but I noticed a bulge in his pants that came to life as we casually discussed the blowjob he got earlier.

"Well I am a good teacher." Michelle responded. "Just let me know if you have any questions." She said jokingly.

"Well actually..." Rachel began.

At this Michelle was on the edge of her seat. I think it is the most excited I had ever seen her. She absolutely loved talking about this with Rachel. "Spill it girl. What do you want to know?" she asked.

"Well what does it, you know, taste like?"

At that everyone laughed including Ron and I.

"Well it's kind of hard to describe. Besides, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise when you finally try it." Michelle said. "Let me know if you want to try it, and I will get you a sample." Michelle said laughingly and lecherously looking at Tim.

I had to pee from all the wine so I excused myself and offered to bring a fresh round of drinks on my way back out. No one declined and one thing was certain: Rachel and I were spending the night.

When I returned ten minutes later Michelle had Rachel separated from the group whispering in her ear conspiratorially. I handed out drinks to Tim, Molinda, and Ron and asked, "So what are those two up to?"

Ron shook his head clearly as baffled as I was, and Tim and Molinda were equally silent, but I thought I detected a slight smile on Molinda's face as if she might not know more than she offered. I decided to let it go. Who was this chick anyway? And what kind of fantasy was Michelle fulfilling for her.

Another minute passed and Michelle and Rachel returned to our group grinning like they had just won Powerball.

I decided to just wait and see. Getting a secret out of Michelle could be like pulling teeth when she was not ready to spill it.

After she had sat down and created an appropriate amount of suspense she turned to Ron and said, "Ron, I have to say you throw the best parties ever. I always love coming over here and have never left without a fond memory."

Ron looked confused and said, "Well thanks. I am glad you have fun."

Michelle continued, "Well I hope you don't mind, but since you did say the more the merrier I invited another guest."

Ron looked confused and shrugged and said, "Great who is it?" Michelle just smiled and said cryptically, "Molinda and I will go find her."

I was watching Molinda intently and I thought I noticed a shiver go through her as Michelle took her hand and led her toward the French doors and into the house.

Rachel was grinning from ear to ear as was Tim.

"What's up you two?" I asked.

Rachel just giggled and said, "Michelle made me promise not to say until she gets back."

I was a little irritated, but decided to play it cool. "I see." I was not sure I liked this sudden conspiracy between Michelle and Rachel. I hoped Rachel was careful about what she got herself into.

We all waited in silence as there seemed nothing more to say.

Five minutes turned to ten as my curiosity and anticipation built. Who the hell else was coming to this party and what were we in store for? I hoped it was not someone from my past. Flashes of strippers and anonymous men filled me with dread and (I had to admit) lustful anticipation.

When at last Michelle emerged from Ron's basement she was followed by Molinda, but a different Molinda.

This Molinda wore a black mini-skirt that was too short for public and a ultra tight white tank top that pinned her now braless tits against the thin material. Her hair was free and teased to look slutty. She wore dark mascara that appeared somewhat gothic along with ruby red lipstick that made her lips appear fuller. If I saw her out at a bar, I would think hooker or whore.

Her ensemble was completed with a leather dog collar with silver metal studs. Michelle led her by a leash as if she were her pet.

Michelle was grinning ear to ear as she led Molinda to our group. All four of us watched with mouths open as they approached. Rachel giggled nervously; Ron said nothing; Tim smiled; and I was stunned. What the hell was she thinking and who the hell was Molinda? What was going on here?

Michelle closed the distance between us and brought Molinda to her side. Molinda appeared nervous and she had goose bumps on her arms.

Michelle opened her mouth and said, "May I present to you our party guest. This is "Sweet Molee". You may address her as "Molee" for the duration of her visit. I think you will find her very different than her alter ego Molinda."

No one else could speak a word including Molinda.

Michelle continued, "I see you are all adequately stunned by Molee so I will tell you all a little story that will help clarify some of your confusion."

Michelle truly loved this. She knew she had shocked even me and was pleased with herself. Her grin was devilish, and I knew at that moment that this night was going to be intense for all of us. I glanced at Rachel who mirrored Michelle's grin. She did not seem nervous which made my own nervousness intensified. Jesus did she know where Michelle may lead us? Did she know the possibilities that were in front of us? Why did she seem so damned amused? Hell I was nervous.

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