tagErotic CouplingsThe Georgia Goddess & The Geek

The Georgia Goddess & The Geek


Bethany Sullivan was a customer service representative at a bank in Atlanta. She would constantly deal with customers and all. One day on a Friday afternoon, she was going to lunch at a cafe when a tall guy saw her eating and wanted to join her. He noticed her.

He asked, " Excuse me. Is this seat taken?"

Bethany said, "Why no. You can sit with me."

The guy who was sitting with Bethany was tall at 5'10. He had black hair with blue eyes. He also wore glasses which had silver metal frames with oval-shaped lens. He wore a navy blue button down shirt with khaki pants and black shoes. He introduced himself to Bethany as Ian St. Michael. Without Bethany knowing, Ian was admiring her inner beauty.

Ian sat with Bethany at the table. She was having a grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and a Coca-Cola while Ian was having steak frites and water. They began having a wonderful conversation. Ian was telling Bethany about his double-duty job, working as an accountant and computer programmer at Earthlink. He was admiring Bethany as they were eating lunch together. After lunch, Ian offered to pay and leave a tip.

"Bethany, I was wondering. If you would like to go to dinner with me tonight if you not busy?" Ian asked.

"I'd love to, Ian" Bethany replied.

That night, Bethany was getting herself ready for her dinner date with Ian. She was once self-concsious about her body when she was in high school. But now she accepts her curvy size 18, 225 lb frame. For her date, she decided to wear a sexy jade colored satin dress with stilettos to match. Her dress was strapless with a slit up to her left thigh. She even wore her medium hair up down with her ends in big, bouncy curls. Her light brown highlights glowed in contrast with her chocolate brown hair.

Ian arrived at her apartment with peach and pink, thorn-free, long-stemmed roses in hand. She loved the flowers and they went out on their date. He was still wearing his glasses, but his clothes were different from the ones he wore to lunch that afternoon. For their date, Ian wore a black leather jacket, a brown turtleneck sweater, and brown Hush Puppies shoes.

"Bethany, you look very stunning tonight." He said to her.

"Why thank you, Ian. You look very handsome tonight." Bethany replied.

Once Bethany put the roses in water, she and Ian were off on their date. They first went out to dinner. Ian was then turned on when Bethany ate a large surf and turf dinner. He was loving the fact that she has an appetite and that she eats. He even had the same thing she had. Ian even fed her a buttery piece of lobster with his fingers.

After dinner, Ian and Bethany then went to an ice cream parlor for some dessert. He got himself a strawberry banana smoothie while she had a bowl of custom-made ice cream which was vanilla and sweet cream ice cream with fudge, caramel, pecans, fudge brownie and Snickers pieces.

Bethany even offered Ian a taste of her ice cream. He just loved it.

Ian looked into her eyes and said, "When I saw you eating dinner tonight, I was very smitten with you. I loved that you have an appetite and love food. Aside from that, I loved that you were sweet, nice, talkable, and of course beautiful. You're not like other women, especially the women at my job."

Bethany smiled and said, "You mean those picky, salad-eating, stick figures who look like they need to have a burger, fries, and milkshake being fed to them?"

Ian laughed and said, "Yeah. There's more of you to love, Bethany. And I want to love you."

It was right then and there that he kissed Bethany's soft lips. She had a sweet taste from the ice cream and all. After Bethany picked up a quart of her custom-made ice cream, she and Ian went back to her place. Once there, she put her ice cream in the freezer and they were making out on the love seat. Ian ran his hands through her hair. He then slid his hands down to her hips.

He distanced himself from herself. He got up and said to her, "I'm about to show you another side to me, Bethany."

He took off his glasses and rested them on the coffee table. Then, he slowly took off his sweater, revealing a lean, toned body. Once the socks and shoes were off, he then removed his jeans until he was in his boxers. He put his glasses back on.

"Bethany, when we were at lunch today, I showed you my smart, geeky side. But right now at night, I'm showing to you my sexy side. You're the one I want to show this side of me to you. You're also the girl I would want to pleasure." He said to her before lifting and carrying her to the bedroom. Not only was he smart, he was also strong.

Once there, he pulled her to him and deeply kissed her lips. As they kissed, Ian carefully took off Bethany's dress and placed it on her chair. He even took off her shoes. Her luscious curves were wrapped in a black stretch lace bustier and matching thong.

"My hands and lips want to explore every inch of you right now." Ian said in a desirable urgent tone.

Ian kissed her again, only deeper and more passionate. He took off his glasses and put them down on the nightstand.His hands were feeling every inch of her. They moved on over to Bethany's bed. Ian slowly unhooked her corset and caressed her body. His mouth began devouring her soft, massive, natural 44D breasts. She let out a long, light moan. While his mouth was exploring her tits, his hands moving down to her soft tummy, massaging it. He then returned to her mouth only to move down to kiss all over her neck. She moaned over and over. He got on top of her and his fingers were gently caressing her warm, fat, bare pussy lips under her thong. The tip of his finger softly rubbed her clit before plunging into her pussy, making her wet. Her moans were long and deep. Bethany lifted her hips as Ian smoothly removed her thong.

He replaced his fingers with his mouth and his head settled between her thick thighs. He started licking and sucking her naked pussy, making Bethany wetter with desire. Her body-quivering orgasms increased when Ian was fingering and licking her at the same time. She was ready for Ian get inside her.

Ian got up and took off his boxers, revealing a 8 1/2 cock. He was well-endowed for a geek. Bethany reached out to get a feel of him. He let out a sigh from her touch. She softly licked him then sucked them. After slipping on a condom, Ian was ready for her. In one sweeping motion, he entered her slowly, pulling in and out of her. His hands held on to her hips and as he was reaching orgasm began calling her name.They climaxed together in an intense orgasm. Overwhelmed by lust, Ian gave Bethany a long, deep kiss on her lips.

"Bethany, you amaze me. As I like to quote John Mayer, 'your body is a wonderland'." Ian said to her, wrapping his arms around her lush body.

She smiled at him and said, "For a geek, you're hot! I'm starting to like you already."

The next morning, Ian managed to cook breakfast and they had it in bed. When he's not helping people program computers and such, he likes to cook. Not only was the sex between Bethany and Ian really good, so was the food. The geek had finally met his big girl beauty.

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