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Ginny is a tiny woman with a very small waist. Although her tits are barely a handful, they look surprisingly large on her delicate frame. I was attracted to her by her cute little ass, though. It was a perfect little bubble butt.

I've always been a player and I thought she would be just another fuck when I met her. She was 17 and determined to be a virgin when she married. I was five years older and just wanted some pussy. We spent the first year just playing as she firmly resisted anything more than dry humping. I knew she came several times but she still kept my hands out of her pants.

Her resolve ended, though, on her eighteenth birthday when I finally discovered the sure way into her cunt. We had sipped a little wine and were dancing to one of the all time fanny grabbers when backed her into a darkened corner and slipped my hand down her ass. She objected and stepped back. Angry and horny as hell, I pushed her hand aside and palmed her pussy, slipping my fingers between her legs,

She grabbed my wrist with both hands and gasped. I could feel her getting wet through her dress. I pressed my fingers tightly against her clit and, in a few moments, she was moaning very quietly and I could feel her start to hump my fingertips. She buried her face in my shoulder to muffle the moans escaping from her wide open mouth -- we were at a party with several of her friends -- and allowed me to slip my fingers into her cunt. She came hard and before she could come back down, I had freed my cock and slipped it into her.

Shocked at what she had allowed to happen in an almost public place, she looked up at me with wide eyes. I had not yet relieved her of her virginity. I held my cock still, savoring the long denied pleasure, then slammed upwards, tearing through her cherry. She must have cum at least three times. It was a fantastic, wine-soaked, overdue fuck.

We got married three months later but the wedding did nothing to stop me from shopping around. I still ran with a Fred, photographer friend who always seemed to have access to great looking women who liked to drink and fuck. I accessed them often.

Fred often asked why I chased babes when I had one of the hottest at home. I've got to get something on the side, I said, because that's the way men are. Women, especially Ginny, like to stay at home and be faithful. He laughed and told me the only reason she was faithful was lack of opportunity.

“Women are just as sleazy as men when they have the right opportunity,” he said. "I've seen her check out other dudes at the gym. Any babe that looks that hot needs more dick than you can give her."

"Take a shot," I said. "If you think you can do her, you'll be striking out

all night long."

"I don’t think I can get into her cute little panties," he said, "but I think I can arrange for it to happen with someone else. All I need is a little studio time to loosen her up. Care to make a bet?"

I dropped a hundred dollar bill on the table and he covered it.

"Give me a month and I'll give you the pictures," he said.

He called her the next day and asked if she was interested in doing some modeling for one of the local department stores -- just a few summer dresses, he said. She agreed and came back very excited about the experience. The shots he sent to the ad agency were sexy but tasteful. He showed me a few others where back lighting showed through the dresses and revealed a little too much of her figure.

A week later he called again and asked her if she would do some swim suits. She agreed and returned a little flushed. He had started her out in a basic, modest one piece, then graduated to some racy bikinis. He had talked her into a thong at the end of the session and she posed for a few shots "Just for your husband."

With her back to the camera, she had dropped her top for one shot, then turned toward the camera with her hands covering her breasts. Both shots were incredibly hot and I could tell from her expression that she was more than a little turned on by the whole thing.

When she showed me the photos, she seemed a little excited and blushed deeply when I looked at them and leered at her. For the first time ever, we fucked on the living room couch in the middle of the day. She was so caught up in the urgency of the act that she never realized the drapes were open and anyone walking by could easily see her flat on her back with legs flailing in the air.

I met Fred for a beer that night and he made a bold statement. "Next time she poses for me, Ginny gets her sweet little ass fucked and I'll capture every stroke on tape."

I was sure he was wrong but the thought of watching her do another man got me really turned on. I doubled my bet that it would never happen, then went home and fucked her brains out. Damn, I was horny!

A few days later, she asked me if it was OK for her to do some lingerie shots. I knew this was the ball game, the time when he would test her. I was almost shaking when I told her to go for it.

He arrived at 5:00 with a smile on his face and a tape in his hands. I knew immediately that he had won the bet. He told me to sit down as he slipped the tape into the machine and switched it on.

The camera was about 10 feet from the diorama. I could hear voices off camera. Fred was assuring her that posing with a man was OK, this was photography for the department store.

She appeared on camera, looking a little frightened at first. She was wearing a very modest bra and panties. She posed on a stool then her posing partner joined her. I recognized him immediately. It was Ted, was a huge black man who spent every spare minute at the gym and often leered at Ginny when she worked out. He was about 6 foot 6 and 280 pounds. No fat anywhere. He was well-oiled, the lights bounced off his muscular body.

He stood behind her at first. He, too, was dressed modestly in a pair of tan boxers. After a few shots, the photographer asked her to change into another bra and panty set. She came out wearing one of those wonder bras that really enhanced her breasts. The full cotton panties she was wearing had been reduced to some very sexy bikinis. She mentioned something about good wine in the dressing room.

Ted came out a minute later in "tighty whities" that really showed off his muscular build and did nothing to hide the size of his cock. The camera caught Ginny sneaking a peak at his equipment. The photographer directed them closer together, she wrapped her hands around his bicep, then he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Both the Fred and her posing partner were working together on this seduction routine.

"Time to change again," Fred said and they both disappeared to their dressing rooms. He placed a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese on the stool as props, turned to the camera and lewdly ran his index finger through his circled thumb and finger, signifying that the fucking of Ginny was about to begin.

She came back first, a little embarrassed, it seemed, at how much she was exposed. She had on a mesh bra and the tiniest bikini panties possible. They just barely covered her well-trimmed pussy hair and I could see the cleft of her cunt easily. For the first time, I realized I was actually stroking my cock as I prepared myself for a scene I knew was inevitable.

Her partner came back, wearing nothing more than a pouch which strained to keep his half hard cock covered. She noticed right away and had that deer in the headlights look. He came up behind her again and, as the flash went off, placed his arm under her tits, lifting upwards. Nervously, she began playing to his lead, turning one way, then another, trying to pose for the camera.

I was seeing a lot of her ass exposed and as she moved, more and more of it came into view. I was nervous, too, I barely noted that they stopped from time to time to sip some of the wine until I saw that the bottle was almost empty and she was just drunk enough to giggle. Fred knew how I had popped her cherry and he was using that knowledge to win the bet.

Ted stepped behind her again, this time lifting her off the ground. She wrapped both arms around his left bicep and his right hand steadied her thighs. It took only three shots before he cradled her ass his huge paw as he hoisted her to his shoulder.

"Look at her face" said Fred. “Right there I knew her ass was his.”

She looked hot. Obviously turned on and, with the wine, out of control, she was minutes away from fucking only the second man in her life and doing it in front of a third man. I couldn't believe it was going to happen.

As she slid down off his shoulder, her steadied her again with his right hand. It seemed to be happening in slow motion as she dropped down. His hand was on her knee when she started her descent. He held it firm and let her slide down until he was caressing her upper thigh. She stopped for a second when his hand was just below the crotch of her panties, maybe expecting him to take it away. He leaned forward and she dropped down that last 3 inches.

When his huge hand now covered her mound, she gasped. I watched as his fingers pressed inward right over her cleft. Her head rolled to the side and she grasped his arm harder, her nails digging into his bicep and his fingers began moving the thin material that protected her pussy aside.

"You're faithful little bitch just came." Fred didn’t need to say it. Her first orgasm of the night was obvious. She was a panting, gasping slut. Her back was pressed against his stomach and he held her up in the perfect position for the camera to capture every intimate detail of her public fucking.

I watched as he penetrated her with one, then two fingers. The camera caught everything as he slipped into her up to his first knuckle, then the second. I could her her gasps and moans as she fucked herself on his hand, spreading her legs wide for him leaving her completely exposed to the camera and Fred. With one leg on the stool they had just been posing on and the other held high by her own hand.

"Oh, my god Oh, my god!" She moaned over and over. His pitch black fingers probed deeper and deeper into her pure white cunt. He added a third finger pushing upwards until they were deep inside her soaking wet pussy. I was amazed at how much of his hand he had managed to slide into her tiny little pussy. She shrieked out in the hardest orgasm I've ever seen. I looked down and knew she was going to take even more. His cock was at full staff and at least half of it was out of the pouch that he as wearing.

He let her slide down to the floor. Unable to stand, she fell forward, face down.

He dropped down spreading her legs and ripping away the pouch. For the first time he spoke. That last five minutes had been filled with gasps and moans and the wet sponge sounds of a wide open pussy being masterfully finger-fucked.

His voice jolted me back to reality "Get rid of them panties, I'm going to fuck you right now" he barked. The deed was about to be done. Even then, I didn’t know how far it would go. I was about to be shocked senseless.

She lifted her ass up a few inches and pushed her panties down. He was on her as soon as they were just below her cheeks. Aiming his cock at the target she was offering, he lunged forward, burying his cock into her dripping pussy in one fierce stroke. Her torso came up from the force of his entry and he reached around, ripping the bra from her tits. His hands grabbed her breasts and he squeezed hard, forcing another orgasm out of her.

They were fucking each other now as hard and fast as they could. He was power fucking her doggie style and she was lifting her ass up as he came crashing down into her and pulling it down as he lifted up. They were deep into the perfect fucking rhythm. She came at least two more times before he emptied his balls deep inside her, growling like a wounded bear.

I've been wanting some of that pussy for a long time and damn! That's the hottest fuck I've ever had," he said.

Fred came into view and sat the camera down next to her. She still hadn't caught her breath when he rolled her over onto her back, just far enough away to capture the length of her well-fucked torso. For the first time sice Ted had palmed her pussy she seemed to remember there was another man in the room and realized a camera was running. She looked at the lens, seeing the red light and struggled to understand what it meant.

Fred was standing over her. I could only see his legs in the frame as his pants dropped to the floor. Reaching behind her knees, he pressed her legs up toward her chest and penetrated her. She was so wet and wide open that his cock found its way into her pussy unaided. Almost before she realized it, she was being fucked by only the third man she had ever had in her life and the second within the last two minutes.

A long, low moan escaped her lips as he began pumping her. At first, I thought it was in protest, then I noticed she was rocking her hips in rythm to his thrusts. She replaced his hands with hers and spread herself even wider so he could penetrate deeper. She found his mouth and sucked his tongue into her mouth and came again. His body shook as he left his come deep in her womb. The tape went dark.

"I left them at the studio to fuck some more” said Fred. “She'll probably be home when he's finished with her. I gotta tell you, she was riding him cowgirl style, her ass was just humping up and down on that big old black cock and she didn’t seem to mind that I was watching. I think she was getting off on it. When I left he had his middle finger all the way up her butt. I know he'll ass fuck her before the night's over."

I handed him the second hundred. “The tape’s yours, buddy, and I hope you didn’t mind that I tapped that little pussy, too. Damn, that was sweet!”

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