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The Gloryhole


It had been a really tough evening. I was invited to my old girlfriends wedding and for whatever reason, I decided to attend. I made it through the ceremony and was about 5 minutes into the party, when I started getting emotional. I couldn't handle seeing her with her new "husband." I quickly moved myself to the back and slipped out the door. I ran down the block to a gas station and went around the side to enter the bathroom. Entering a stall, the tears started pouring out. I needed to be by myself for a second and calm down. I lowered the toilet bowl seat lid and sat down to give myself a minute or two. I unrolled a few pieces of toilet paper and started wiping the tears from my face and eyes.

As I began to take deep breaths and regain my composure, I heard another man enter into the bathroom... going into the stall to the right of me. As he did, I noticed that there were round holes on each stall wall. Not realizing they existed when I first stormed into the bathroom, I began to wonder what they were for. I leaned forward to peak through one of them and caught a glimpse of the man undoing his pants as he faced in my direction. I was pretty sure he didn't notice the holes, and definitely wouldn't think I was peaking through one. After all, we were in a mens room. He unzipped his fly and pulled his jeans apart. Then, he reached into his underwear and pulled up his enormous cock. I had never seen one as big as this before, but it had to be at least 10 or 11 inches long and thick as a baby's arm. I began to feel the fabric around my own dick get tighter as I sat there staring at it. I had never thought about men before, but seeing a big dick this close was making me dizzy. Out of sheer curiosity, I continued to watch as the man kept standing there began slowly rubbing and stroking himself. I've gone into a bathroom stall before to masturbate after seeing a hot piece of ass... And I assumed he was doing the same thing. I still was pretty certain that he had no idea I was sitting there staring, so I continued to look on. I reached down between my own legs and realized I now had a full hard-on. I gently rubbed myself outside my pants as I watched this man's huge cock grow in the stall next to me. As upset over the idea of my ex-gf getting married as I was, perhaps a quick jerk off session was the way to go. I unzipped just my fly, leaving my belt buckle closed, and pulled my hard cock out of the fly. I calmly began moving my fingers around the head of my cock and pre-cum slowly started dripping out onto my fingers. I leaned forward again to now see the man next to me with a total hard-on, stroking up and down. As his hand moved up and down the shaft, his huge cock got harder and thicker.

I sat back and reached deeper into my fly and pulled my dick totally out. I grabbed ahold of my own shaft and began lightly squeezing the shaft, before I proceeded to slowly stroke. I closed my eyes and licked my lips a few times, thinking about the man masturbating in the stall next to me. When I opened them up a moment later in order to lean in to take another look through the hole, I noticed the man had began to stick the tip of his cock through the hole. His thick head barely fit through the hole... But made its way in as it entered into my stall. Slowly, more and more of it came through the hole, until all 9-10 inches were now hanging beside me. I licked my lips again as I kept stroking my cock and starring at it. If I was ever going to play with a man's cock, this would be the time. I was locked in a bathroom stall, with no one around. No one could ever possibly find out if I grabbed ahold of this massive prick.

I reached out with my right hand, switching my left hand onto my own cock. I grabbed ahold of his shaft and could hear a moan from the other side of the stall wall. As I stroked up and down, I could now realize how big and thick this cock really was. It felt hard and muscular in my hand... Significantly bigger than my own cock. As I went up and down, I began getting hornier and harder, and began picturing some of the cute girls at the wedding trying to fit this big cock in their mouths. I let out a bit of a giggle to myself as I pictured it and began to really wonder what it would be like. I licked my lips again and opened my mouth as I leaned in closer. I told myself that I would only just take it in my mouth for a second to see what it felt like. I wasn't going to do anything gay and suck on this huge cock, but I was curious and thought it would be funny to see if I could fit it in a mouth.

As my lips engulfed the hard dick, another moan came from the man on the other side of the stall. Hearing that moan really set something off in my body. This man was moaning because of what I was doing to him and his huge cock. He had licked my hand grab ahold of his shaft and loved how my mouth felt around his cock head. I tightened my lips and made a sucking motion as I bobbed my head back and forth slowly. The man began moaning louder.

"Fuck.... Uhhh... Yeaaaahhh!!"

I was getting a kick out of what was going on. It was kind of fun getting this guy off, even if it meant doing something gay guys do. I bobbed my head faster now, back and forth on his cock, rotating my hand around the base. I had seen a ton of hot women giving blowjobs in pornos, so knew exactly what to do to drive this man crazy. I took my left hand off my cock and reached out to wrap it around the shaft next to my right hand. I slipped my mouth back to just suck tightly on the head of his prick... As if I was working to get the last bit of soda out of a cup. His head was thick, red and throbbing now as I sucked and lifted the tip of his cock. I took my mouth away from his cock and stuck my tongue out to lick the underside of his long, thick shaft. I went all the way down to the base, and slowly licked up to the tip, again putting my mouth around the head when I got to the top. I again started sucking just the tip as I stroked his huge cock with both of my hands. I worked his dick over for another minute or two, when I started to feel it twitch a bit. Cum started shooting out of the tip into my mouth... I pulled my mouth off the cock in shock, and moved my face back a few inches. Huge loads of cum continued to shoot out and splattered all over my face, lips and chin. While I was no longer sucking it, my hands kept stroking the shaft out of sheer habit of having done it for the last 5-10 minutes. Cum continued to spray out for what seemed like an eternity. When his cock emptied out, I took my hands off of it and put them to my sides. He pulled his cock back through the hole and began zipping back up. Then he opened his door and left the bathroom.

I stayed there on my knees for a few minutes as I let the cum drip down my face and onto my own cock. I took my cock in my hand and began masturbating as his cum served as a sticky and warm lube. I started spurting cum onto the floor between the stalls and kept stroking until I was totally relieved. I was totally amazed at what had just happened and confused at the same time. I had totally forgotten why I had been upset and felt ready to go back to the wedding. I unrolled some toilet paper and wiped all of the leftover cum off my face. I stood up, fixed my tux, and left the bathroom to head back to the wedding.

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My First time at a "Peep Show" I Sucked Cock and Loved Gobbling "The Cack"

This was just like the very first time oneself had gone to an "Adult Peep show" in the City I lived by. Oneself paid the entrance fee to enter and proceeded on downstairs to a row of booths in this dimlymore...

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