The Goblin and The Paladin Ch. 01


"There's no way I'm going anywhere near that smelly little penis of yours again!" the paladin snapped angrily at him. Cockweasel had managed to sample the beautiful paladin's mouth once in the past but she'd been very clear that it was a one-off occasion.


"No way! You'll have to go deal with it yourself!" she snapped.

Cockweasel sighed and pulled his cock out over the top of his grubby white trousers.

"Not here!" cried Gwendalyn in horror. "I don't want to see it!"

Cockweasel grumbled in frustration and stuffed himself back inside his pants, then wandered off towards the nearby woodlands muttering under his breath.

He didn't go too far into the trees, worried that he might come across something unpleasant like a bandit, or worse yet, an orc. "Damn blue balls," he muttered as he once again fished out his cock.

He leant back against a tree and started stroking himself, closing his eyes as he masturbated. In his minds eye, Gwendalyn had followed him into the forest. She was now wearing a dress of red silk, low cut in the front exposing an ample portion of her full, creamy breasts. She moved straight over to him and pressed her bosom into his face, he leant down and buried his head in cleavage, the soft pillows of the paladin's huge tits against his mouth and cheeks.

Cockweasel imagined that it was her hand around his cock, rapidly stroking him, her hand pumping up and down the hard length of his now rock hard erection. The lovely blonde paladin dropped down to her knees in front of him, his stiff organ pointing at her pretty face. Gwendalyn smiled wicked up at him and then leant forward, her soft lips parting to allow his cock to slip into her...suddenly Cockweasel felt a touch on his hand.

"Wha!" he blurted loudly in surprise, his eyes snapping open and his horny fantasy immediately disappearing from his mind.

To his shock the hand that touched his own belonged to a blonde haired woman. She was beautiful, with dark olive skin and a muddy, short brown smock that clung to a delightfully curvy body. She was short, barely taller than Cockweasel and had slightly pointed ears and deep brown eyes that seemed to twinkle.

Cockweasel swallowed and glanced down, realising for the first time that the hand she was touching was the one he had wrapped around his cock. Which, incidentally, was still rock hard despite the shocking interruption.

"I, um..." he stammered, dropping his hand away from his erection. He jumped in surprise as instead of dropping her hand away, the women's soft fingers encircled his hard cock, squeezing his erection and causing him to let out a soft moan of pleasure.

"Who..." he started to speak but the blonde silenced him with a kiss, leaning forward and planting her soft lips against his. Cockweasel moaned in surprise as her soft, deliciously curved body pressed against his and her hot tongue slid eagerly into his mouth. She still held his cock in her warm hand between their bodies as they passionately kissed, not exactly stroking him, but rhythmically squeezing his hard length, almost as if she were milking him.

Cockweasel was breathless as they broke off their kiss and she stepped back. He noticed for the first time her tanned, trim legs, left bare by the very short smock she wore. Her knee's were grass-stained.

The blonde gave an impish grin and then sunk wordlessly to her knees, much the way Gwendalyn had in his fantasy. She moved her hands behind her back and leant in towards Cockweasel's crotch. The goblin's eyes went wide as her mouth slipped over the head of his cock and he felt an amazingly warm wetness. Without pausing she sunk her mouth down onto his penis, taking him deep into her mouth, her lips pressing tightly around the hard shaft of his cock.

"Oh fuck!" groaned Cockweasel in immense pleasure as he felt the head of his cock slip right into the stranger's throat and her lips press around the very base of his cock. She hadn't paused once in her descent down the length of his penis and taken him all the way into her mouth without using her hands for leverage, she was amazing.

The goblin groaned again as she held him in her mouth, her nose buried in his pubic hair and his balls resting right on her chin.

"So good," he whispered softly in bliss.

Then she drew back, sucking heavily as she moved back up his shaft, it almost felt like she was going to pull him over using just the suction of her mouth. The woman's tongue twirled teasingly around the head of Cockweasel's cock, emitting another groan from his lips. "Oh shit!"

The woman winked and then kissed the tip of his penis. She then stood up again, standing directly in front of him where he was still slumped back against a tree trunk. The blonde tugged her dress up and lifted it right off over her head, dropping it to the dirt beside her.

Cockweasel gasped at the sight of her voluptuous naked body. She was slim and well toned, not an ounce of fat on her. Her stomach was flat and her legs trim. Her breasts were large, almost out of place on her small frame and her hips curved nicely into a tiny waist. Her skin was deeply tanned, olive in colour and she had a few grass and mud stains on her otherwise flawless body.

The now naked blonde smiled at Cockweasel again. She then turned around and bent over at the waist, her lovely round as poking out towards the goblin. She parted her legs slightly and then started to lean back, lining the dripping entrance of her eager pussy up with Cockweasel's jutting erection.

Just as she was about to impale herself on him there was a blur from Cockweasel's left. Out of nowhere came Gwendalyn, flying at the naked woman who up until then been doing such a magnificent job of pleasuring Cockweasel.

Gwendalyn tackled the woman, sending her sprawling in the dirt.

"Away from her foul creature!" yelled Gwendalyn, drawing her longsword.

The naked blonde stumbled up to a crouch and scooped up a clump of mud from the ground beside her. She let out a suddenly horrible, inhuman screech and hurled the mud at Gwendalyn.

Cockweasel winced at the horrible noise, the first sound the woman had made since she had first appeared in front of him. The clump of mud slammed into Gwendalyn's right shoulder with a surprising force, causing her longsword to be flung from her hand. The paladin gave a cry of pain as she felt the mud burning at the flesh of her shoulder, her tunic immediately smouldering where the mud had landed.

Taking advantage of the moment, the naked woman turned and sprinted off between the tree's, fleeing hurriedly from the paladin and her goblin companion.

Gwendalyn moaned in pain, reaching up with her left hand and ripping at the burning shoulder of her mud-splattered tunic. She tore the substance away, taking her sleeve and the upper right section of her tunic with it. Her skin beneath was red and inflamed, but fortunately not burnt.

"What the hell what that?" gasped Cockweasel, his heart racing.

"That was wood nymph," explained Gwendalyn, wincing in pain as she cautiously poked at her sore shoulder. "If I hadn't come along she would have had you and drawn you into her lair. Nymph's entrap the unwary and hold them prisoner and slave in their lair, forever forced into carnal slavery."

Cockweasel frowned trying to work out if that was a good or bad thing. He once again found himself with his cock out in front of Gwendalyn, so close to getting off and once again unfulfilled.

"Let's get back to camp," said Gwendalyn, still looking in concern at her shoulder, "I've got to get some water on this wound."

Cockweasel nodded and stuffed himself back into his pants. Perhaps it would be better if he didn't wander off again alone.

When the got back to where Gwendalyn had set up a campsite, she immediately crouched down by the stream and started to bath her burnt shoulder in the cool water.

Cockweasel couldn't help but admire the way her freshly torn tunic showed a lot more flesh than before. The top and side of her ample right breast was now visible, as well as a decent bit of cleavage. He licked his lips as she splashed water onto her red shoulder and it dripped down, tricking over the swell of her lovely big tit and disappearing into her cleavage.

Her first aid causing the right side of her tunic to get quite wet and it clung to her buxom figure, sticking to her full breast and causing the white tunic to become almost see-through, the dark outline of a nipple clearly visible as she stood up and walked back to the small fire of their camp.

Cockweasel swallowed and scratched his crotch, it seemed his balls were in for some punishment on this adventure.


The next day Gwendalyn had them up and moving at dawn once again. They were still a couple of days from the frontlines and the paladin wanted to make good time. The longer they took to reach the destination the more likely it was that they would be too late to save Foulfang the orc deserter. If the orcs found out that his intention was to help the human's he wouldn't live long.

Lady Gwendalyn's shoulder was still tender from the strange mud the nymph had hurled at her the previous night so she did not wear her mail shirt today. Cockweasel made sure he rode on the right side of her as they travelled so he could constantly admire the delightful jiggle of her big tits, partically exposed through the ripped right hand side of her tunic.

"Any idea how we'll get into this orc camp?" he asked her as they rode.

"Nothing yet," admitted Gwendalyn. She was getting a little anxious about that herself, she definitely didn't favour a full assault on an orc prision in the midst of war.

"I might have an idea," said Cockweasel.

"Oh really?" said Gwendalyn in surprise, she always thought that sex was the only thing the horny little goblin had on his mind.

"Yes well goblins and orcs have been known to work together in the past," he explained to her. "I'm pretty sure there'll be some goblins about when we get to this orc camp. The orcs like to use us to do a lot of their dirty work."

"That's true," agreed Gwendalyn.

"So I should be able to come and go without too much suspicion," he continued.

"Maybe," Gwendaly agreed hesitantly. "But what about me? You can't do this by yourself. The orcs might let a goblin in, but there's no way they'd let a human in."

"Maybe not," replied Cockweasel. "Occasionally the orcs raid human villages and capture the occasional human, mostly women and take them as prisoners or slaves. We can pretend that you're a slave bound for the cells."

Gwendalyn nodded. "It's risky, but it could work. It might even get us right into wherever they keep the prisoners inside the encampment and get us close to wherever they're holding Foulfang."


Gwendalyn smiled at her squire. "Well done Cockweasel, I'm surprised. And I'm very glad I brought you along with me."

Cockweasel smiled back at her, watching as her right breast jiggled beneath her tunic, almost threatening to pop right out.


That evening they made camp in the ruins of an ancient old tavern. There wasn't much left of it other than a couple of ruined stone walls and assorted rubble, no roof or shelter really, but it was better than sleeping in the open.

Cockweasel was again in agony after a day spent in the saddle. His inner thighs were now rather badly chafed and he found himself walking bandy legged around the camp to avoid his thighs rubbing together. His testicles were almost bursting as well, two days with no relief, not to mention the built up excitement from his encounters with Johanna and then the nymph had left him with a yearning ache in his balls.

"You've gotta give me some relief today!" begged Cockweasel as Gwendalyn unpacked their camp equipment from her warhorse's saddle bags.

"Yuck, absolutely not!" she refused firmly.

"Oh come on!" begged Cockweasel, hopping from foot to foot in exaggerated pain. "Just let me put it in your mouth for a minute and I'll be shooting in no time."

"That's disgusting," complained Gwendalyn.

"Please. I did come up with that great plan remember?" he dropped to his knees praying for her assistance.

"No way, no chance, never. No, just no!"

"I'll do anything," he said imploringly. "You can just do me with those big hooters of yours if you want. I'll be real quick."

"Cockweasel, shut up! It's not going to happen."

The goblin's shoulders slumped. "I wish you'd left me with that nymph!" he muttered under his breath, sitting down dejectedly by where Gwendalyn had started to build a fire.


The next day they made good progress towards their destination. As they got closer to the frontlines the signs of the war became more and more evident. They past a number of burnt out farmhouses and ravaged crop plantations and from time to time they travelled past corpses left unburied from the conflict.

By evening they were less than half a days travel from where they were due to meet with the human soldiers.

Cockweasel's legs and crotch were in even worse shape, the days of riding having taken a big toll on his tender flesh.

"I thought you told me this riding business would get easier?" he complained as he walked bandy-legged across their campsite for the day.

"It will eventually," Gwendalyn assured him.

"What about my blue balls?" he asked, but the blonde paladin ignored his crude comment. "Come on! I'm in agony here, do me a favour!"

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes. "If you're referring to wanting some relief at my expense then it's not going to happen."

Cockweasel groaned in frustration. "Look, you drag me out here towards the fucking orc frontlines, my legs are rubbed raw from that damn saddle, the least you can do is provide me a little relief from my problem, a little pleasure!"

"I'm not going to suck your dick Cockweasel," Gwendalyn said firmly.

"You ruined my last two chances to get my nut off, I deserve some compensation!"

"I ruined? I saved you from that nymph!" protested Gwendalyn getting a little angry now.

"I've had enough of this!" snapped Cockweasel, finally losing his cool. "If you want me to go through with the slave plan to get at that bloody orc then you're going to have to do something nice for me!"

Gwendalyn was taken aback by her squires anger. "You're blackmailing me?"

"I'm negotiating. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

Gwendalyn's eyes narrowed, "What do you want then exactly?"

Cockweasel licked his lips, suddenly feeling a little excited, his stomach fluttering in anticipation already. "Well you interrupted me when I was fucking that priestess and that nymph."

"No way, I'm not letting you fuck me!" Gwendalyn said immediately. "I'll give you a handjob or something."

"Your mouth," said Cockweasel, counter-offering. "I want head."

Gwendalyn pausing, considering. It wouldn't be the first time her squire had put his grubby cock in her mouth so perhaps she could go through with it. From the way he was complaining about blue balls so much over the past few days, he likely wouldn't last very long. "Okay," she agreed at last.

"Sweet!" exclaimed Cockweasel, excitedly rubbing his hands together.

Gwendalyn glanced around their campsite, "So where shall we do this?"

"You can kneel down right here," said Cockweasel, already pulling down his pants, his green cock was already partially stiffened at the prospect of getting sucked by a beautiful busty paladin.

Gwendalyn hesitated at the thought of being on her knee's in front of the horny little goblin, imagining him fucking her mouth vigorously. "Wait," she said as he stepped up to her. "Why don't you sit on that log over there."

Cockweasel complied immediately, he wasn't about to argue over little details when there was a blowjob on offer. He sat down on the log, his bare legs spread wide as Lady Gwendalyn knelt down reluctantly in front of him. She rested her hands on his bony knees and stared down in disgust at his semi-hard green cock, nestled in a grubby looking patch of dark pubic hair.

The beautiful paladin murmured a silent prayer for courage, then took a deep breath and finally ran her hands up the goblin's legs, reaching for his penis.

Cockweasel gave a sigh as Gwendalyn's cool hands encircled his penis, lifting it up and starting to gently stroke his length.

"Any chance of letting me off the hook with a handjob?" asked the paladin hopefully as she cupped his balls in the fingers of one hand and stroked him with her other hand.

"Just shut up and put it in your mouth," replied Cockweasel, moaning slightly as she gently toyed with his testicles.

Reluctantly, Gwendalyn leant forward into the goblin's lap, guiding his hardening cock to her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue came out, tentatively lapping at the head of his penis, taking an initial taste of him. She almost gagged at that first taste, several days in the saddle without washing had left his cock sweaty and caked with all sorts of filth. Up close with her face between his legs she also saw the harsh redness of his chaffed, saddle-sore inner thighs.

"Nice!" breathed Cockweasel as Gwendalyn leant in again, this time actually taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked the throbbing head of his penis between her lips, her cheeks hollowing as she slurped on the end of his now fully erect cock. Cockweasel moaned as he felt her tongue swirling around inside her mouth, licking against the bottom side of his dick. It felt wonderful.

Cockweasel groaned as Gwendalyn slid her lips further down his cock, now taking about half his length into her sucking mouth. He loved the look of the gorgeous human with his green cock stuffed between her lips. As a noble paladin having to do something disgusting like servicing a goblin was probably driving her crazy, but the sight of her sucking on him drove Cockweasel absolutely crazy.

The goblin reached down and grabbed the top of Gwendalyn's head, pushing her down further on his cock, mashing her face down into his lap.

"Oh fuck yes!" he groaned as he felt the warmth and wetness enveloping his whole length. Cockweasel shifted his grip to the sides of Gwendalyn's head, holding her by the ears as he started to pull her up and down on his cock, using her mouth to almost fuck. There was an awesome squelching sound each time he pulled her down and drove his cock deep into her sucking mouth, the surprised paladin doing her best not to gag with each invasive thrust of his cock.

"That's it bitch, suck that cock!" groaned Cockweasel, pulling her face faster and faster down into his lap. There was a familiar churning in his balls as he used her mouth for his pleasure, and this time he had no intention of stopping no matter what interruption might come.

Cockweasel gave a sudden shout, his back arching as his cock exploded into climax. He yanked Gwendalyn's head down into his lap, his hips hunching up off the log as he tried to stuff his cock as deep into her mouth as it could go. Gwendalyn's eyes went wide as she felt the goblin's cock force it's way right into her throat just as it started spurting cum.

Cockweasel moaned in pleasure as the waves of his orgasm rushed through his small green body. Ropes of thick sticky cum spurted straight down Gwendalyn's throat as she had no choice but to struggle to swallow his heavy load.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped, holding her head as he came, her nose buried in his pubic hair.

Cockweasel finally released her head and his body gave a shudder as he leant back on the log where he was seated. Gwendalyn hurried drew up off his cock, coughing and choking at the mouthful of cum he'd given her.

"You're an asshole Cockweasel," she said when she'd finally caught her breath, spitting on the dirt what little of his sperm hadn't gone straight into her belly.

"That felt so good," moaned Cockweasel, grinning happily like an idiot. "Such a relief."

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