The Good Old Boy


Grinning, I glanced up and met his eyes; he was watching me with almost casual interest, like he was waiting to see what I’d do. But his cock wasn’t playing it so cool. It sprung up into my face as I freed it and licked it from top to bottom like an ice cream cone on a hot day. Drippy, delicious, cherry vanilla, my favorite flavor. Grabbing his hip with my good hand, I pulled him forward so he was deep in my mouth, sliding over my tongue. I wanted him over the edge, losing his detachment. I wanted him to shake all over, the way I was, smelling him and tasting him. It had been so long since I’d been with somebody other than Marcus and he had many weird hangups about sex that preventing him from enjoying a good old American blowjob. I needed proof I was still able to make a hot man want me-- and a straight one was even better. I put on a show for him; made it deep, made it noisy, made him watch me as I licked his balls and rolled them with my tongue. Swaet broke out all over him. I could smell it. His hands gradually tightened on my shoulders and his breath speeded up, and then all the sudden he was making this sound in his throat, a low, breathless grunt like, Oh, oh. I pulled back, letting his cock flop wetly against his belly.

“Do you want to come?” I whispered.

“Oh yes, oh god.”

“Then say my name.”

“Jimmy, oh yes Jimmy, oh…” He bit back that last breath as I closed my eyes and concentrated on his thrusts, sliding him deeper and deeper. His body bucked against me and felt a shudder go through him as he caught the back of my head in his hands and came in a hot, intensely salty burst. I pulled back before the spurts stopped, letting some of it drip on to his stomach.

He collapsed against the back of the couch, but I stood up and reached down, lifting his chin with my hand, making him watch while I unzipped my cords and pulled my own cock out of my boxers. With my good hand I scooped the come off his stomach and reached down and spread it over my hard-on, using it to lubricate my palm. His eyes were bright, intense, while he watched me masturbate standing in front of him; his hand reached up and touched my hip, holding it, as I rested one knee next to his on the edge of the couch.

Tingling waves washed over me and I quickly hit the point of no return where it’s like an explosion in your gut and you think you’re going to fall flat on your face, you fly on the wings of angels for just a second, fireworks blind you behind your eyelids and then, boom, it’s over. Sheepishly I opened my eyes; I grabbed his t-shirt from the couch and wiped up all the spunk and pulled my pants back up before I sank down on the couch next to Nick while my breathing returned to normal.

The next thing he did surprised me. One minute he was sitting there watching me with his green eyes like searchlights, and then all the sudden he slid his arm around my neck and he was kissing me with his incredible lips, slipping his tongue inside my mouth. I froze in shock for a split second. He was actually kissing me. But then I kissed back, teasing him with my tongue.

“Hey Nick…” I whispered in his ear, nibbling at it.

“Hm?” he breathed, and there was a little pause while he waited for me to say something really profound or tender.

“I can fix that car door for you.”

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