The Good Samaritan


"I might have been turned out a better man if I had stayed with Elowen," Dave wrote. "She brought out some goodness in me. She was so giving, I wanted to match that. I wanted to make sure that if I came, she came, that she was as satisfied as I was. Maybe I was just less sarcastic then, less jaded, I don't know." It was true, though. When they fucked, always doggy-style, he waited for her. Lubing up his finger, he would caress her clit to its full size. "You're budding," he would say, "like a pussy willow bursting out of its husk." That's how it had been the last time he left for college. They had gone back to their favorite spot, the place where they were first together. Clothes strewn about on the grass, he had caressed her clit as he rocked back and forth, his cock touching places inside that made her whole body quiver. "Come for me, Elowen. Come for me so I can come," he whispered in her ear. And she had come for him, the feel of her cock around him as familiar to him now as the feel of his own hand had been before the two had met. He was slick now, covered with her juices, which he could feel dripping down onto his balls, a little bit of her wetness sliding onto his leg. It wouldn't be long, he knew. It never was like this, the cheeks of her ass pressed like twin moons up against him, sometimes the feel of a breast in her hand as he pinched and rolled her nipple between his fingers. His breathing came faster, his thrusts came faster into her sweet, hot, waiting cunt. Unlike her, he lacked the control to back off and wait. He thrust and thrust until he knew the next thrust would bring release, pulling out just in time to spill his cum on the grass below them.

She surprised him then. "I want to show you something. Everything that comes from us goes back to the Earth. Everything. Will you watch and promise you won't laugh or hate me or think I'm crazy?" Dave couldn't imagine what she was going to show him. Elowen stood up and walked a few feet away from where Dave was still kneeling on the grass, squatting down, she breathed out then let a stream of piss flow from her body onto the grass. It was clear from the delicacy with which she performed the operation that she had had plenty of practice. Dave was transfixed and oddly turned on as he watched the scene. Although he had just come, he felt his dick twitching back to life. "So you think I'm totally weird now, right?" Elowen asked as she put on her panties and dress, her back to him. He didn't, of course, and watching each other piss became part of their sex play, with Elowen often holding him and directing his stream the same way she did when she jacked him off.

The first letter had ended there, leaving Felicity more confused than she had been before she started reading. Her lawyer assured her it would help her in the courtroom, but in the meantime, it left her with so many questions. What had happened to Elowen? And why had Dave married someone like her, someone so unlike this woman he had clearly loved?

The second letter arrived just over a week later. Felicity was torn between wanting to know more and being afraid of what she would find out. She knew the end of this story; her husband in a hotel room, having sex with other women. She wasn't sure she could stand to find out how that happened, or to hear about what happened, but on the other hand, maybe not knowing was worse than knowing. She ripped the envelope open, her hands trembling.

Dave wrote that he probably would have stayed with Elowen but for a twist of fate. Every weekend his first semester and into his second, he had driven two hours home to spend the weekend with her. They were two happy, horny teenagers who knew how to make each other feel good in all the ways that counted. But it had been all the weekends away from school, too distracted to focus on all his courses, that had paved the path to their breakup. He was able to keep his grades up in the classes that interested him: science, math, business, accounting, but the required liberal arts courses were another thing. His first exam in a class called "The Art of the Play" came back with a red D and a note that said "See me," from the instructor.

He had halfway noticed that Professor Riggin was attractive, but as he waited his turn outside her office, he had a chance to watch her more closely. She dressed the opposite of his girlfriend, to hide her body rather than to flaunt it, but her sharply tailored dress and tightly pulled-back hair couldn't hide that she was a lovely, although not beautiful, woman. When it was Dave's turn to meet with him, she had closed the door, her manner all business. Matter-of-factly she explained that he had a problem. His D on her exam was worth almost half his grade. It was clear he wasn't interested in the subject and she didn't expect him to do any better on the next two exams. She knew from his transcript that he had gotten straight As in his first semester, but a D in her class would still put him on academic probation and jeopardize his scholarship. She was also matter of fact when she explained that a college dropout without any specialized training had about the same earning potential as an associate professor who wasn't on a tenure track. This, she explained, was where they could solve each other's problems. She knew he was smart--his lack of interest in drama notwithstanding--he was a healthy, good-looking young man. She was a 38-year-old woman with no serious boyfriend who wanted a child but didn't have the kind of salary that would fund a sperm donor and in vitro fertilization. There were three months until the end of the semester. Each month, she explained, he would meet her every other night for three nights and try to get her pregnant. His grade wouldn't depend on success, merely on effort. She wouldn't name him on the birth certificate and didn't want or need a father for the baby, just for him to get her pregnant. The fact that she was fucking a student guaranteed she would never reveal his involvement, since it would mean the end of any chance she had of ever teaching or getting tenure.

Of course he thought of Elowen, but why did she have to know. After all, this was another way of fertilizing the Earth, wasn't it, he rationalized. As Professor Riggin waited for his answer, he imagined what she would look like, hair down, legs up. It didn't take too much time for him to make up his mind.

When he knocked on the door of the hotel room his professor had told him to meet him at the first time they were together, Dave thought he was in the letters section of a porn magazine. "You'll never believe this happened to me, but..." His staid, conservative professor opened the door wearing a push-up bustier that barely contained her full breasts, a lacy garter belt, and nothing else. His dick sprang to attention. Just as he imagined, her long brown hair was out of its typical ponytail and hung loose around her shoulders. With just a few words, he found himself just as he had imagined, on his knees at the edge of the bed, tongue-deep in his professor's cunt. Her moans told him she liked what he was doing as he sucked hard on her clit, flicking it with it his tongue as his mouth surrounded it. Her mouth was open and panting as she pushed the bustier cups down and began to twist and pull on her nipples, her juices spreading hot and sweet as he did. Strangely, he thought of Elowen, then, wondering if she would become so wet from him teasing her nipples the same way. In his mind, he wasn't cheating on her, just completing an assignment.

His instructor was good and wet as he slid his cock into her, the walls of her cunt tight and warm around him as he slowly started to move his body against hers. She didn't talk much, just lifted her hips to meet each of his thrusts, her legs wrapped around his back as she drew him in. With a start, he realized that there would be no pulling out this time; his knees rested on a soft sheet rather than green grass. The thought drove him to thrust faster, the idea of coming deep inside the woman beneath him, of his seed truly fertilizing something awakened something deeply biological in him. He grabbed his professor's ass cheeks with both hands as he began to fuck her in earnest now, his thrusts deep and hard. The room was strangely silent. They weren't really lovers, so there was no lovers' talk, just the soft slap of flesh on flesh and deep grunts and moans. Something flashed in him as he came deep inside her, filling her with his cum, a strange sense of satisfaction that went beyond the satisfaction of his orgasm. It was, he wrote, as if had discovered what he was born to do.

Felicity put the paper down and thought. Pieces were beginning to come together for her. Lovemaking with Dave had always been different when they were trying for a baby. He was present in a way she couldn't explain, focused. She realized those were the moments when she had felt most connected to him in their marriage, when he was deep inside her, with an egg just waiting for one of his sperm to find its way to her. Always a workaholic who was also addicted to his workouts and golf games, Dave would drop anything and everything the moment he found out she was ovulating.

When he met Professor Riggin--she never allowed him to call her by her first name—the second time two nights later, she had dispensed with the underwear. She came to the door naked. Without speaking, they mated like animals, her down on the ground on her knees, him gripping her tightly as he pumped his seed deep inside her, sweat dripping from them both onto the carpet. The first month of copulating yielded no results. Dave did research on how to improve his sperm counts and quality: gave up drinking and hot showers, switched from boxers to briefs, and loaded his plate in the dining hall with vegetables. After the second month, he added vitamin C and zinc tablets to mix on the advice of an article from a fertility expert.

He never thought about Elowen when he was with his professor, he wrote. It didn't have anything to do with her or how he felt about her. He still drove home every weekend; he still loved everything about her. He made her piss before they fucked now, the sight of her squatting like that got his cock hard in an instant, the sound of the stream coming out of her and hitting the dirt or the grass. Once he even followed her into the women's bathroom when they were out to dinner, squeezing his way into the stall so he could watch her piss there too. And they talked endlessly in the car, about their future, about their present. No, knocking up Professor Riggin was just an assignment. Not that it wasn't a hot assignment, but it didn't have anything to do with his relationship.

And then came Earth Day. Elowen said she had something special planned for him. From a girl who had once fucked him in the middle of a lit-up high-school football stadium, the word special held untold promise. Unfortunately, Earth Day was also the last day Professor Riggin was fertile. He lied to Elowen for the first time: he had a big exam and couldn't come home for Earth Day. He could hear the disappointment in her voice when she called twice to see if he couldn't take a make-up exam. What she had planned was really special, she promised. He'd felt regret then, felt it right up until the moment that he felt his balls, heavy with cum, slapping up against his professor's warm ass as he lay atop her in the overstuff hotel bed. The end of the semester was just weeks away, and with it the end of their arrangement. For the first time, his partner spoke as they coupled, encouraging on, begging him to dump his seed in her, to put a baby in her. He sucked one tit and then the other as he slid in and out of her channel, nipping her lightly with his teeth as he did and was rewarded with moans of encouragement. He sucked harder, pushing her full breasts together so he could move quickly from one nipple to the other, pinching one as he sucked and bit the other. He barely had to move his hips as his usually buttoned-down professor grabbed his ass cheeks and slammed her warm, wet cut up against him again and again until he felt her shudder and her walls clench against him again and again, triggering his own orgasm, filling her, as she had demanded, with his seed.

He had expected Elowen to be mad, of course. He had gone home that weekend with a really nice plant he bought at a garden shop and a hang-dog look on his face. What he hadn't expected was for her to find a replacement for her special plan, a ménage à trois with one of her fellow Druid chicks. His buddy Trevor hadn't minded pinch hitting for him. They'd tried to patch things up. Dave reminded himself he didn't have too much right to be angry given the reason he'd blown her off on Earth Day, but things just weren't the same. Maybe if it hadn't been Trevor, he reasoned, he could have let it go, but he and Trevor went back to grade school.

At least it hadn't all been for nothing. His final exam in "The Art of the Play" was marked with an A and the word "Success!" That fall he'd sometimes see Professor Riggin making her way across campus, her growing belly making it increasingly harder for her to walk briskly to class. True to her word, she never asked anything of him, never even told him the baby's name, but she did ensure him two more easy As, one in his sophomore year and one in his final year at college, colleagues of Professor Riggin with similar goals, similar ages, and similar finances. It caught him like a drug, he explained in that second letter to Felicity, to lay a woman on her back, to spread her legs and delve deep into where she was pink and soft and wet, to feel your cum spurting into her waiting body and then to watch that body swell and grow with a baby.

Felicity had finished the second letter, not sure if there would be a third or if he expected that to be enough explanation. They both had agreed that three kids were enough. Maybe, she thought, after Aubree was born, he had to look somewhere else to get that fix. Then the third letter came.

"You were the perfect wife, and we had the perfect life," Dave had begun. "I went to work each morning and made more money than I ever thought possible. We had everything we could want, and a few months after the wedding Todd was on the way. I thought it would be enough for me. I watched your belly grow and I realized it wasn't." Those three notches he had already put in his belt, three all-but-anonymous fucks that made three separate people walking around on the planet with his DNA somehow filled a need all the money and the house and the wife and beating his buddies at golf never would. He decided he would make it all but impossible for himself, but if he could find a situation that met his requirements, he would give himself permission not to cheat on his wife, he didn't think of it that way, but to do what his biology demanded of him. He put up an ad on Craig's List, never imagining anyone would respond to his rules. He demanded one meeting only, on Earth Day. Couples only, no single chicks who might decide their baby needed a daddy. The wife had to provide a clean bill of health, prove she was ovulating, and allow him to relinquish all parental rights. He insisted on talking to the husband and the husband being in the room; even on Earth Day itself he had turned down men who wouldn't look him in the eye or give him a firm handshake. He wasn't up for being part of somebody's cuckold fantasy, just doing what he needed to do without jeopardizing his marriage. But he had, he knew now, and he understood why she couldn't forgive him, and he would stop fighting the divorce.

And that was it. Felicity had turned the page over and over in her hands, wondering where the rest of it was. She had expected descriptions of what happened in all those motel rooms. How did the women prove they were pregnant, squat down to pee on an ovulation predictor stick so he could watch like he had watched Elowen all those times? What had the husbands done while Dave was trying to impregnate their wives? Held their hands? Watched football? Stroked their breasts and clits so they could feel like they were part of what was happening in front of them? Glad as she was that the divorce could go forward, she didn't understand Dave's sudden about-face. But that had been it. She had put the letters away in a drawer and built a new life with Arun. Dave made his child support payments without fail, sent birthday presents and called at the holidays to talk to the kids, but never asked to see them. The packages came postmarked from a town in Northern California. Felicity thought of that last letter, then pulled out her phone and sent off an email.

Dave's reply came while she was meeting with her therapist. She laughed and cried as she read his response, how he had reconnected with Elowen, how she understood his need, supported it even, loved him still. He had lost count of how many children he had fathered, not just on Earth Day now, but the summer and winter solstices, the spring and fall equinoxes, other days Elowen chose as sacred. He was happy, he hoped she was too. And she was, she realized, she really, really was.

* * * * * "I forgot to make lunch," Felicity said when Arun came in the door from his meetings. She was almost naked, a short silky robe hung open and off her shoulders. Arun could see her soft round breasts, still small and high even after nursing three children. He loved the soft curve of her, the pale light of her skin, the soft bow of her lips as she smiled at him. He crossed the room quickly, picking her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. The robe hit the floor of the hallway as he carried her to their bedroom. Although it was still midday, Felicity had closed the blinds and lit candles, filling the room with a flickering light and the scent of candles. She lay back on the bed and watched as Arun, his eyes never leaving her face, pulled off his shirt, kicked off his pants and shoes, the soft mahogany of his skin glowing warm in the candlelight.

He knelt between her legs, pushing them up with one hand under each thigh, breathing her scent in deep, the smell sweeter even than jasmine. One of her fingers tickled her clit as Arun's tongue explored her warm opening, pushing into her to find the taste that matched the sweet smell. "Be in me," she begged, knowing that an egg was ripe in her, knowing somehow that this would be the day the next chapter of their life began.

"With pleasure." The head of his uncock cock glistened as Arun knelt above his wife, kissing her deeply before he slid himself inside her. Slowly, slowly, they rocked together, Arun's climax building in him as Felicity's clit bumped against his sweat-slicked abdomen, pushing her toward her own release. Bodies joined together in candlelight and sweat, their moans filled the room until they came together, crashingly, his seed spreading out into her waiting womb.

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