The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 09.2


"Well, that thing's history," Greg said, slinging the shredded top across the room, "might as well finish the job." He bent down and ripped apart the makeshift waistband of paper clips and safety pins, pulling her skirt away and tossing it aside too. Now, she wore only her red and white saddle shoes and the red ribbon in her hair.

Greg pushed the chair that Cori had banged into aside and sat down in front of her on the floor, his own legs spread wide, his cock flaccid in front of her. "Team spirit's a little low," Greg said. "Time for the HEAD cheerleader to do what she does best."

"Yes, it is," Cori grinned. "I can get that team spirit back up. That's a HEAD cheerleaders job." Knowing she wasn't supposed to get out of the splits, Cori leaned forward, keeping her ass and pussy pressed to the carpet, her back and legs straight. She felt her nipples rubbing against the carpet as her lips finally made contact with the soft head of his cock. She lifted it up with her tongue and slurped it into her mouth. Her body rocked gently bath and forth as she nursed his cock slowly back to erection.

"We got 10 more minutes," Greg said, "so take your time. Suck it slow and deep. Enjoy the taste. Remember, this was in your ass just a few minutes ago so if tastes extra sweet today, you know why."

Cori found Greg to be pretty crass. He was like Jason. They were both overly arrogant and had obviously had their pick of girls too often to know how to treat one right. She loved a man with a naughty mind and dirty mouth, but Greg and Jason, though harmless, just seemed to be stuck in the high school locker room days when they were king jocks. No doubt this was one of Greg's fantasies. He probably had a crush on the coach's daughter and or a cheerleader and always dreamed about being rewarded for a great game with a great lay. Well, Cori was here to make dreams come true today and, while she didn't particularly like the guy, she didn't hate him either. He had never harmed her or been mean to her. He was just a jerk she wouldn't date, but she'd fuck the shit out of him for her job and their mutual pleasure.

Cori took his cock in huge, smooth gulps, swallowing every inch every time before slowly sliding back up and sucking on just the head for a few seconds. She looked at his taut round balls and pictured the insides of them looking like two vats of warm, creamy cum slowly being warmed – by her – to a boil, the cum sputtering and bubbling inside those balls, slowly rising, oozing into the shaft of his cock and eventually bubbling over in an eruption that sent showers of white hot jizz spraying everywhere. Even though she knew this wasn't how it really worked, it's how she had always pictured it and she liked the picture. She liked the idea of being the heat that makes it boil, of warming it up and coaxing it out, teasing it until it shot out at her in a white-hot glaze.

She felt his hips slide forward and he put his hands behind her head. It's time, she thought. He started fucking her face now, taking over the task of providing the movement. All Cori had to do was hold still and suck on whatever she was given – head, balls or entire shaft. She turned full ownership of her mouth and lips and tongue and throat over to him and he explored every inch with his cock before finally launching an impressive second load down her throat.

When he was done, Cori rose slowly, her legs tired and sore from doing the splits for a full half an hour. Not to mention that she had been fucking for an hour straight now and had coaxed four orgasms from her partners while experiencing three of her own. And still four more horny guys waited for their turn.

They came out of the office together, Greg shouting touchdown and spiking her tattered clothes on the floor. Cori did a cartwheel, then walked slightly bowlegged down the hall, happy but a little tired. From the grin on Barry's face, she could tell he was next.

"One minute for a pee and water break?" she asked him. She realized she had broken out of her doll character, but really, they were now onto other role playing games and she was playing a different character every 30 minutes.

"Sure," Barry said. "Take two if you need."

Cori went to the bathroom and washed her face and fixed her hair, which still was in a ponytail with the red ribbon in it. She washed a couple areas where she felt sticky from cum. She stopped in the break room and grabbed a bottle of water, gulping half of it down before returning to her horny co-workers.

Barry was dressed as a werewolf with a very realistic and scary looking rubber mask. He had fake fangs in his mouth and furry gloves with long rubber claws. He wore a torn plaid shirt and ripped jeans to make it look like he had ripped his clothes while turning from a normal man into the werewolf. The outfit he had for Cori was a schoolgirl look and Cori had visions of a Little Red Riding Hood re-enactment coming up. Only this was far from a sweet little girl outfit. This was a very naughty, adult, slutty schoolgirl outfit. The only reason the brave lumberjack would save me, Cori mused to herself, is to have me for himself. There was nothing sweet or innocent about this schoolgirl.

The outfit was pure slut from top to bottom. The red ribbon was pulled from her hair and tied around her neck in a pretty bow. Her white schoolgirl blouse was so tiny, she couldn't put it on until they cut the sleeves out and then she was able to wear it like a little vest. It wouldn't reach to button and the ends hung down only a few inches below her breasts. She tried to tie them together, but they wouldn't reach. Instead, they attached small gold chains to the end of each side of the blouse and clipped them to her belly button ring. It was just enough to hold the thin silk blouse in place over her bulging breasts. The traditional plaid schoolgirl skirt had been replaced by a red g-string and pair of thigh-high black-and-white checkerboard stockings. Her clear stilettos completed the picture of the naughtiest schoolgirl ever.

"You better run, bitch!" Barry growled, and the chase was on. Cori let out a squeal and ran toward the office, Barry hot on her heels. The door slammed and Cori ran around the conference table, ready to play the helpless victim if that's what he wanted. But when she looked back at Barry, he had pulled the mask and gloves off and looked at her with a very serious face.

"You thought you were so cute, didn't you?" he smirked.

"What?" Cori said. Suddenly, she felt a sense of dread. Play time seemed to be over. Barry looked pissed about something. She had no idea what.

"You know what, you little bitch," he sneered. "Years ago, you were a little girl – Little Red Riding Hood. What kind of fucked up name is that anyway? You taunted that poor wolf with your sweet treats and got him chopped up by a lumberjack. And everyone raved about the brave little girl and how cute you were and what a hero a lumberjack was. No one cared about the poor wolf, did they? He was just hungry. Would it have hurt you to share a few sweet snacks?"

Cori didn't answer. This was weird. She didn't know whether to laugh or scream or get out of the room. She did nothing and Barry continued.

"And now look at you. Not such a cute little girl any more, are you? You have those big tits and that bare pussy you flash all over town. Not exactly an innocent little girl on the way to grandma's house, are you? Dress like that for your grandma, do you? I don't think so. You dress like that to be what you are – a cock-teasing little slut."

"I, uh, I don't understand," Cori said, not wanting to break out of character if this was really part of his fucked up fantasy, but wanting to let him know that he was freaking her out in case it was really just a joke.

"You would understand if you knew that I was the lumberjack's son. The lumberjack who saved your life and was bitten by that wolf before he chopped him up. You'd understand if you knew the curse I live with now. I was born a year later, with the curse of the werewolf. Full moon comes and I turn into a beast." He started pulling on his furry gloves and claws.

"I'm sorry," Cori said, starting to realize that this was part of Barry's freaky fantasy. The guy was weird. She had known it from day one and now it was very clear. She remembered that he had talked about doing some acting before and realized that he was playing out a script that he had written – if not on paper, then in his head. She didn't know the lines, but it was becoming more and more predictable. Well, she supposed she'd give him credit for originality, anyway.

"Sorry? Too late for sorry, my dear. But there is one good thing about being a werewolf, you know," he said, pulling on the mask. "We get very horny and, well, we're very hard to say no to."

Cori was still listening, stunned by this bizarre performance, when he lunged across the table and grabbed her, tackling her to the floor. He was acting and she was acting on instinct, scrambling to get up, only to have him grab her leg and pull her back. He had surprisingly good grip with the gloves and the claws were rigid enough that the scratched her thigh.

He dragged her to the floor and pounced on top of her, pinning her arms to her sides. Cori knew she could get away again if she wanted, but she sensed it was time to stop struggling and lay under him, whimpering, "Please, don't hurt me."

"I imagine the wolf thought the same thing," Barry grunted. He pulled the sides of her blouse apart, revealing her heaving breasts. "My, what huge titties you have, slut."

"All the better to tease you with," Cori panted. Barry growled and swatted at her tits with a big furry paw. One of the claws scraped across her nipple and Cori yelped at the momentary bolt of pain.

Barry pulled out his cock and sat on her chest. He brushed his claws over her mouth. "What full lips you have, slut."

"All the better to suck you with," Cori said. At least it wasn't hard to figure out what her lines were. As weird as this was, it was kinda fun, she had to admit. Not that she minded the usual "Suck it, bitch" directives, but a change of pace was nice once in a while.

Barry straddled her face and fed her his cock one meaty inch at a time. When it was all the way in, he looked toward the ceiling and howled, a clear signal to his co-workers that the werewolf had successfully captured his prey. He held his cock there for a few minutes, letting it pulse in her mouth while she sucked on it and lathered it with her silky tongue. Finally, he pulled out and plopped his balls in her mouth. She sucked them both in at once and felt him tighten almost instantly. She looked up at him just in time to see him grab his cock and aim it right between her eyes. In seconds, they were both covered by large pools of cum that weighed her eyelids down and coated her lashes. With her still pinning her down long after his orgasm was over, the only way for her to clear her eyes so she could see was to wipe them with her fingers – and the only way to clean her fingers was to suck the cum right off of them. Only when she had cleared enough away to fully open her eyes did Barry roll off her. He pulled her top the rest of the way off, unclipping it from her belly button, and used it to wipe her face clean.

She sat up and in a flash he grabbed her head and wrapped the stained silk blouse around her head, covering her eyes. She couldn't see him, but she heard him flip the switch and noticed the light in the room fade. Then she felt him untie the ribbon around her neck and moments later her hands were tied behind her back.

"The werewolf likes to hunt at night when his prey is most vulnerable, its sight diminished, help no where around," Barry said in a deep, dramatic voice. "The werewolf will hunt now. Try to escape if you desire. But beware. The werewolf can strike silently and suddenly and with a power unlike any you can imagine."

Cori had to stifle a laugh. Barry was really getting into this. Weirdo! But she got the game. She was to stagger around, trying to make her way to the door while he stalked her. Eventually, he would grab her and take her one more time before his time was up.

Cori got to her feet and felt awkwardly in front of her, trying to remember what was between her and the door, where she was in relation to the desk and the table and the other objects in the room. She bumped into a chair and almost tripped. She realized that despite the fact that she knew this was just a game, she was a little nervous. Just not knowing where she was, what was in front of her, where Barry was, it was more than a little unnerving. In his own very odd way, Barry had found a way to make it exciting.

She veered left to avoid the chair and bumped the table. As she turned again, she felt a tug on her g-string and she was spun around in a circle. When she stopped, the g-string was gone and she couldn't tell if she was heading toward the door or away from it now. She moved forward slowly, realized the light was getting brighter and knew she was heading toward the window and away from the door. She turned back around and kicked a trash can that she knew hadn't been there before. He was setting obstacles in front of her, toying with her. It was all fine, she thought, as long as she didn't trip and break her leg on one of his silly obstacles. The safest thing to do would be to crawl, but with her hands behind her back, that wasn't an option. Still, she was afraid she was going to hurt herself, so she dropped to her knees and started inching forward, her breasts bobbing as she twisted her hips and slid one knee and then the other forward.

Even though she knew it was coming, the initial pounce still surprised her. She never heard him, but felt him beside her as he grabbed her around the waist. "Werewolves like it doggy style," he growled, pushing her flat on her belly on the carpet. "Keep your head down and lift your ass." Cori got up on her knees so her ass and pussy were high in the air while her face and tits were mashed into the carpet. She felt his cock press against her pussy lips and split them with the ease of a knife through hot butter. Her pussy didn't put up much resistance when it was as wet as it was right now. Barry tore into her cunt with the sort of fury and energy you would expect from a real werewolf, his thrusts herky jerky but deep and powerful, fueled by lust and mock rage. He was growling and pawing her tits as he shook her up, down and side to side with his engorged cock. Without warning, he pulled out of her pussy and rammed his cock all the way into her ass. He cupped her breasts with his furry paws, the fake fur soft and sensual against her sensitive nipples.

Then those furry hands were on her ass, slapping at her round cheeks, the rubbery claws digging into her flesh. Finally, he pulled out, pressing her head into the carpet with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. "Cup your hands," he ordered. Cori did and felt him spurt his load into her hands, which were still tied behind her back. Cum splattered across her wrists and oozed between her fingers and under her nails. Two large deposits pooled in each palm. When he untied her wrists and removed her blindfold, she raised her hands to her face and licked them clean, slurping up the large globs in her hands and darting her tongue between her fingers to gather up remnants of jism.

Three down, three to go, she thought as she followed him down the hallway, wearing only her thigh-highs and stripper heels. Douglas was next. Next to Wes, Douglas was the one she most looked forward to. He was handsome and friendly and was usually the least frantic about fucking her. Where the others were like horny school boys or just plain weird, Douglas had a calm, quiet confidence that gave him an air of control. Why he was just an assistant instead of running the place, she didn't know.

He made quite a handsome Count Dracula, she had to admit and wondered how soon she'd be asked to say, "I vont to suck your cock" in a mock vampire accent. Nothing could be as weird as the werewolf encounter, that's for sure. Or could it?

Douglas had dark hair and features anyway, so when he added the black slacks, white button-down shirt with ruffled sleeves and black cape, he looked very much like a movie version of the famous vampire. He had fake fangs that looked surprisingly real and wore and expression that was equal parts naughty and mock scary, but his eyes were pure lust. She saw the clothes he had picked out for her and wondered exactly what he had in mind.

He knelt and stripped off her stockings and stripper heels and helped her into a pair of pure white thigh high nylons To this he added a black corset that squeezed her tiny waist. Her pussy and tits were left exposed. He instructed her to put her clear stripper heels back on and tied a thick, black silk scarf around her neck. She noticed he had a leather duffel bag in one hand and wondered what was inside it. He took her by the hand and led her down the hallway, his cape rustling as they walked.

"Lay down on the couch, please," Douglas said, guiding her to dark leather couch that sat in the corner of Mrs. Benson's office. Cori lay on flat on her back, expecting him to climb on top of her. But instead he pulled a blanket out of his bag and covered her with it. "Go to sleep, my dear," Douglas said, exaggerating an accent to let her know he was playing the Dracula character. He wanted her to pretend to be asleep. OK. What was it all of the sudden. First Barry's weird werewolf fantasy, now this.

She closed her eyes and rolled onto her side, snuggling up under the warm blanket. Once again, the lights were turned out and the Douglas pulled the shades, making the room very dark. If he wasn't careful, he really would put her to sleep.

After a few moments of complete silence, Cori felt the blanket being pulled back to her waist. She kept her eyes closed, still pretending to be asleep. Douglas touched her cheek and her hair gently, then whispered, "Oh, she's sound asleep. One too many sleeping pills no doubt. Nothing waking her up for a while. Oh, that tender flesh. So juicy. I must have it. I must feed."

Cori again bit her tongue to keep from giggling, but also hoped that the last part about feeding meant he might eat her pussy. With the train of guys fucking her this morning, she would understand if he didn't, but it sure would feel good. Maybe this vampire wanted to suck her clit. That would be just fine with her, though how she'd ever pretend to stay asleep through something like that she didn't know.

She felt his hands on her breasts and could tell he was kneeling next to the couch now. He brushed gently across the nipples and pinched them lightly between his fingers. She felt his lips brush against hers, then begin nibbling on her neck. It felt good – like a man actually making love to her and not just fucking her. She arched her back, encouraging more nipple play and neck kissing, all the while keeping her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. He stopped for a minute – to put his fangs in – and resumed kissing her neck, letting his hard plastic fangs scrape along the side of her slender neck.

She was surprised he wasn't banging her, trying to knock out one load quickly and get two in his 30 minutes like the others had done. But she wasn't complaining. He was taking his time and he was good at what he was doing. He was the most handsome of all the guys and probably the best lover, too, she thought, though something about Wes got her off every time. Douglas was well on his way to making her pop, too, as his fangs now bit gently into her breasts, just enough to dent the skin and leave little red marks around her nipples.

He tossed the blanket on the floor and pulled her legs apart. Here comes the fucking, she assumed, but to her surprise, it was a soft tongue instead of a hard cock that she felt on her pussy lips. This really was a vampire who liked to suck pussy. Hallelujah! Using mostly his tongue and lips, he gently sucked and licked on her lips and clit, but every so often he'd nip her with the sharp fangs. It was just the right mix of pain and pleasure and she thrust her hips upward, urging him to feed on her and he didn't disappoint. He made a full meal out of her tender pussy. Her lips were the appetizer, her clit was the main course and for dessert she gave him a warm mouthful of her sweet juice as she came, whimpering softly, trying to act like she was still asleep and failing miserably. She didn't care. It felt too good.

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