The Haunted House Club Ch. 02


When the whipping stopped he marched her over to a chair and put her over one of the arms, her face in the seat cushion. Megan heard a zipper and shortly thereafter a familiar warm thickness probed her asshole before sinking in her rear depths and a languorous stroking commenced. After the buttplug it seemed like a mere pleasurable tickle and the rogue threw his back into the final ride of Halloween night.

Megan thrust her hips back against him as he gripped the flesh of her cheeks, spreading them far apart as his stroking became more energetic. She gripped the fabric of the chair in her fists when she came.

"Oh, oh," she moaned.

The rogue joined her with an oh or two his own. Such an athlete as he didn't need too much recovery time, his labored breathing slowed and Megan felt him withdraw. As usual she farted, felt semen ooze from her gaping and pronounced but thoroughly relaxed sphincter muscle and leak down onto the meaty flaps of her pussy lips.

As far as Megan Jones was concerned the jury was still out on spanking. But anal sex would forever be on her list of things to do.

"That was fabulous," she sighed, her breathing still erratic.

The gentleman rogue's switchblade flickered in the dark and cut the pantyhouse wrapped around her wrists. She heard his footsteps on the floor.

"Wait," she called after him, "what's your name?"

She had a vague recollection of the door closing behind him.

Ten minutes elapsed before she had dressed and shaken Lisa awake.

"What, what?" Lisa mumbled.

"Hold still while I cut you loose," her friend said, "You totally missed part two of Halloween."

Lisa came out of the fog and they each picked up one of the fifties lying on the coffee table the robbers had left them.

"Let's get our cellphones from lost and found. I have to call the police and report my dad's stolen SUV."

"Let's make sure it's really gone first, then call a cab to take us home," suggested Lisa. "Do you really feel like standing in a parking lot all night waiting for the cops?"

"You got that fucking right, good idea. Let's haul ass."

They left the VIP room and headed down the stairs. Police were standing at the front doors, scattered around talking to groups of Haunted House Club employees. The girls overheard people saying there'd been some kind of robbery.

Lisa craned her neck at the last of the late night customers filing out. "You didn't happen to see Roger tonight, did you? He said he was going to be up here."

"I've never met him I don't think, only heard you talk about how kinky he is with his spanking and handcuffs and buttplugs."

"You'd do a double take if you saw him, ghurl, a tall good looking guy with long wavy brown hair, probably in a ponytail."

Megan thought, ohmigod!

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