tagLoving WivesThe High School Class Reunion

The High School Class Reunion


The Class Reunion

This is a true story about a naughty wife and loving husband who loves to see the love of his life enjoy passion and pleasure. This story is not about cuckoldry or humiliation.

This is a story of love and support for a loving spouse. If you are offended by stories where a loving wife has the freedom to play while her husband is present, please pass on this story.

Last year my petite, hot wife agreed to accompany me to my high school class reunion, which was out of state. These functions are usually boring and the most exciting event of the evening is observing how well or how poorly people have aged over the years. However, my wife, Maggie, agreed to attend the function with me so we packed up on Saturday morning and drove three hours to the home of my high school in Tennessee.

We checked in to the Sheraton Suites Hotel, which had been designated as the host hotel and also offered reduced rates, a full service bar and restaurant and a fitness and health spa. I suspect the spa was one of the reasons my wife decided to accompany me to the event but she never mentioned it to me.

Soon after we got settled in Maggie called the spa and arranged for a manicure, pedicure and massage. She loves treating herself and frankly she deserves it as she works pretty hard most of the year. I headed straight to the fitness center and got a good workout and steam bath while Maggie was treating herself to the spa treatments. She is always so relaxed after a massage and this occasion was no different. Maggie returned to the room feeling very relaxed and ready to face a boring evening. She asked me to pour her a glass of Pinot Grigio, which I did while I had a glass of single malt scotch. We always carry our bar with us for just such an occasion.

Maggie dressed for the evening by putting on a very slinky, sexy black silk skirt that barely reached her knees. She put on high heels that accentuated her shapely, slender legs and enhanced her calf muscles when she walked. She topped off her evening wear with a lovely cream colored, long sleeved blouse leaving the top two buttons open so that her tan skin was visible above her breasts. She never wears a bra so the blouse accented her large and lovely 39D breasts. At 5 feet, 4 inches tall and petite frame her breasts looked huge.

Maggie has dark hair, deep brown eyes and lovely, bright teeth with a million watt smile. She is confident, friendly, whip smart and naturally sexy. She is sexy without even trying to be and she has a most alluring way about her that I find extremely sexy. I was already thinking about getting her back to the room so I could jump her bones.

We arrived in the ballroom where the cocktails were flowing during the silent auction. Music played softly in the background and it was a surprisingly well done event. Of course I immediately recognized some of my old buddies. It is a fascinating dynamic at a function like this. Seems you are always attracted to the friends you ran with in high school even though I had not seen some of them in over 20 years.

Even though Maggie went to a different high school she had dated a guy from my school so she actually knew some of the guys and a couple of the women in attendance.

Liquor and laughter flowed easily and everyone was having a surprisingly good time. Previous reunions were not that much fun but for some reason, the mood at this hotel with the band and the decorations in school colors made for an easy, festive party atmosphere.

Soon it was time for dinner and the partiers moved slowly towards the decorated tables festooned with artifacts from the old high school. Each table of eight had a flower arrangement again in school colors and the band took a break as the formal program and dinner got underway.

I seated Maggie as others moved to the chairs and tables. Old friends sought each other and couples paired up as they were seated. There was an empty seat next to Maggie and as I started to sit I noticed that Jimmy Johnson took the seat next to her.

Jimmy was the captain of the basketball team in high school and went on to play college basketball. He had kept himself in decent shape and in fact, he was kind of skinny in high school. He looked like he could still get on the court and dunk a basketball. At 6 feet, 3 inches tall and about 190 pounds, old Jimmy still had his old charm and wit. I liked Jimmy but he was always so cocky and sure of himself, especially with women. He was quote the ladies man in high school and he looked like he had only honed his skills as an adult.

As Jimmy approached the table he asked if the seat next to Maggie was taken. She smiled and told him to please take the seat. Jimmy was unaccompanied and we quickly learned that Jimmy had been married twice and was currently divorced.

Jimmy and I had always gotten along although he was not one of my close pals in high school. Because he was on the basketball team and I was on the track team and played football the school jocks kind of "hung out" together but some guys were not the kind you could warm up to. Jimmy was one of those guys.

There was another fact about Jimmy that I could not help but think about as he took his seat next to Maggie. Jimmy's nickname in high school was "the horse." Yes, Jimmy "Horse" Johnson was hung like a horse and he never missed an opportunity to walk around the boys locker room with his very impressive penis exposed and hanging half way down his thighs. It was thick too and most of the guys in our school acknowledged that Horse Johnson had the most impressive man meat in our school although back then guys really didn't talk about it much. We just knew the reality and hoped we never dated any of the girls that Jimmy had dated so the comparisons were not too embarrassing.

The girls in the school, however, were very aware of Jimmy's prodigious gift. Jimmy was not content to stay with one girl too long so it did not take long for the girls to whisper to each other that Horse Johnson was a unique specimen that needed to be explored and many of the girls had done so. I suppose that was one of the reasons he was always so cocky (no pun intended).

As the evening wore on we learned that Jimmy had gone on to Medical School and was now a respected surgeon in the Boston area. He was handsome, charming, and very attentive to Maggie and an engaging conversationalist. I had to admit that while he was cocky and slightly arrogant, I could easily see why women reacted to him the way they did. He certainly seemed to be having an impact on Maggie as I watched him touch her shoulder or hand occasionally. She seemed very receptive to his advances and they held an animated conversation throughout most of the dinner.

Door prizes had been awarded and finally it was time for dancing. The host committee had engaged an excellent band that played all the songs we danced to in high school and college and with the festive mood of the evening, everyone was ready to dance........including Horse Johnson and my Maggie.

I watched with interest as Maggie became more animated and I could tell she liked the attention she was getting from Jimmy. He was suave, smart, funny and fit and he was obviously most interested in Maggie's charms. It was no surprise when he asked if he could dance with Maggie and, of course, I had no objection. It was clear what was happening here and I told Jimmy that whatever pleases Maggie pleases me. He smiled as they moved to the dance floor.

Most good bands start out with some oldies but goodies and knowing this was a high school class reunion the band played wonderful old rock and roll songs we all knew every word of every song. The band started out with fast tunes and the dance floor was soon filled. I was sitting at the table talking to an old classmate and his lovely wife and they had no interest in dancing so we sat there talking and sipping wine while Maggie and Jimmy danced for at least 20 minutes before returning to the table. They were both flushed and breathing heavily from their energetic dancing.

Maggie is a great dancer and from the moves she and Jimmy were making together, he was too. He seemed to know just what to do and they danced like they were old dance partners. They were smiling and laughing and when they returned to the table they both wanted water.............not wine to quench their thirst after the rigors of dancing to the rock and roll beat.

Jimmy excused himself and headed to the men's room and Maggie turned to me with a huge smile on her face. I said, "Seems like you and Jimmy are having a good time."

She told me he was an incredible dancer and she wanted to dance with him some more. I told her to have a good time. I was glad she was enjoying herself at my reunion. It could have been very boring for her so I was glad she was having fun...............even though I knew what Horse Johnson was thinking about my wife. He was definitely "hitting on her" and as the wine flowed and they continued to dance, it was clear that they were both enjoying the moment.

They returned to the table after a couple of slow dances and Maggie was clearly flushed. Her cheeks were red and she was grinning from ear to ear. Jimmy went to the bar to get

drinks and she leaned over to me and whispered, "We need to talk." I saw that one coming and said okay. We moved out into the quiet area outside the ballroom and sat on a love seat.

She had a sheepish grin on her face and I knew what that meant. You see, Maggie and I are very open and have learned to express our true feelings to each other without fear of judgment or recrimination.

Maggie leaned towards me and told me in a whisper that Jimmy had touched her intimately on the dance floor. I smiled and asked what that meant. She explained that even when they were fast dancing he was so smooth that he found a way to "accidently" brush against her braless breasts and that caused her nipples to stand out so that Jimmy knew he was getting to her.

Later when they were slow dancing his hand found its way to her breast and once again he confirmed that she was braless. This time it was no accident as his hand lingered on her left breast. Apparently no one on the dance floor noticed or cared and for all they knew, the handsome man was dancing with his own wife in a most intimate way.

She asked me if he had a big cock and I learned that he was obviously aroused while slow dancing and she felt his enormous cock pushing into her stomach. I told her that he had a reputation as a lady's man and that he was alleged to have a very large cock. (I'm not sure why but I couldn't bear to tell her that I had seen that monster in the locker room.)

She also told me that on one twirl in a fast dance move he spun her around causing her skirt to rise up and he found a way to caress her bare leg almost up to her thong panties. She told me this made her very wet and she thought he could tell she was aroused. While he never tried to kiss her, he did nuzzle up against her cheek with his lips and he let his hand slip down to the top of her very fine ass.

I asked Maggie what she wanted to do. She told me she did not want to embarrass me since these were my classmates; however, she was having a good time and wanted to continue the action with Jimmy.

I asked her what she meant by "action" and she told me that she thought he was attracted to her and she was to him. I probed further and asked what she wanted to do.

She said she wanted to take some more time before making up her mind but he had mentioned to her that he had a suite on the top floor of the hotel. Typical Jimmy! He was a successful surgeon so he had to have the biggest suite in the hotel.

Apparently he had only mentioned that he had a room and he asked if she might want to continue dancing up there later. She smiled demurely and told him she would think about it.

A bit later Maggie went into the rest room for some relief and ran into an old buddy of mine, Mary McGuire. Mary smiled at Maggie and introduced herself. Once she confirmed that Maggie was my wife she smiled and mentioned that she had seen her dancing with Jimmy Johnson.

Maggie indicated that indeed she was dancing with him and that he was absolutely charming. She wanted to know if Mary knew him and she indicated that she knew him very well.

However, she was curious about me. She asked Maggie, "What does Jack think about you dancing with Jimmy?"

Maggie quickly told her that I was not at all the jealous type and that I wanted her to have fun.

Mary smiled and told Maggie, "Do yourself a favor and if Jack has no objection you should sample Jimmy's generous genital package."

Maggie acted somewhat offended but she was curious. Mary told her that Jimmy's nickname since high school was "The Horse" and that he earned that name with plenty of credibility. It was clear Mary had carnal knowledge of Jimmy's package and she insisted that Maggie should experience it. Maggie returned to the table more curious than ever.

Jimmy returned to the table all smiles with plenty of arrogance and his usual cockiness. Maggie did not seem to notice or care and she accepted the glass of wine with grace and her own million megawatt smile.

Jimmy sat down next to her and they resumed their discussion while I went to the men's room. When I returned they were on the dance floor dancing to a slow Otis Redding song. They remained on the floor for at least another 10 minutes before returning to the table.

I asked Maggie to dance and she accepted. I love slow dancing with her and she melted right into my waiting arms. She whispered in my ear. "Honey, I think I might like to go up to Jimmy's room and dance some more."

I acted shocked and asked how she had come to that decision.

She told me that while I was in the rest room he had taken her hand and discretely placed it on his crotch kind of under the table so no one else could see. She told me his cock was enormous and hard as a rock and she told me she squeezed it and stroked it slightly a couple of times before they returned to the dance floor where he proceeded to grind his crotch into her stomach pushing that giant cock into her. She told me she could feel it pulsing through his trousers and her blouse. It was at that point that she decided she needed more and she wanted my approval. We always discuss these opportunities and we always do these things together.

If I told her no, she would decline his offer but she knows I always want her to make the decisions and I will never deny her carnal pleasures.

She also told me about her conversation with Mary McGuire and it then became apparent that people were starting to notice what was happening.

I asked he if she wanted to be alone with Jimmy and she told me no. She always wanted me to be there to share the experience and be her protector, especially with a stranger. She did tell me that she wouldn't mind being alone with him for 10 to 15 minutes before I came up so that she could "get acquainted" with him a bit before I joined them. I knew exactly what that meant and told her I wanted to have a chat with Jimmy first.

We returned to the table and Jimmy the Horse was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. I asked him if we could move to a quieter place to talk.

We moved to the same sofa where I had chatted with Maggie. I looked Jimmy square in the eyes and said, "Apparently you find my wife quite charming."

Jimmy smiled. "Indeed I do."

I asked what his intentions were and he smiled. "Well, I was hoping to have your lovely wife help me make that decision."

I replied, "Fair enough. I believe she has already made that decision. Did you invite her to your room?"

"I did. Are you cool with that?"

I responded, "On a couple of conditions, Jimmy. First, I want your complete discretion on this. Second, you and Maggie should slip out of the party separately and go separately to your room. Third, I will give you and Maggie 15 minutes alone. You should leave the door ajar and I will join you shortly. Finally, Maggie always gets the last word on any activities. I have no objection to you and Maggie doing whatever feels right to both of you and you can pretend I am not even in the room. However, no means no and I expect you to respect her desires."

He nodded and told me he was in complete agreement with everything I said. Of course, he would agree. He was trying to get into my wife's pants. I would agree to most anything as well if I was in his shoes.

"One final thing, Jimmy...............I will be bringing my camera and will take some discrete photos for our private use. Is that okay with you?"

"No problem, Jack. I would only ask that you be discrete with the photos."

"Fair enough" I replied. "Enjoy your time with Maggie. I'll be up shortly." Jimmy the Horse literally sprinted from our discussion to the ballroom. I walked in casually to see him whispering to Maggie before leaving the room. Maggie looked around and saw me approaching the table.

"Are you sure you are okay with this?" she asked, always concerned about my feelings.

"Yes, honey. I told Jimmy I would give you guys 15 minutes before coming to the room with the camera. Is that cool with you?

She smiled and kissed me gently on the lips. Jimmy was already long gone and Maggie slipped out the side door near the restrooms. No one seemed to notice. I went to the bar for one last glass of sambucca.

When I arrived at the suite the safety lock had been pushed across the door so that it could not close. There were no sounds coming from the room so I quietly pushed the door open. There was my beautiful Maggie sitting on the edge of the bed with her blouse off and her large, lovely breasts on display for Jimmy the Horse. What I was not prepared for was the enormity of his cock. It was jutting straight out in front of him and Maggie was stroking it reverently. Up and down. Up and down while smiling up at Jimmy. It was way bigger than I had remembered and looked massive in Maggie's hand.

As I closed the door behind me Maggie took Jimmy's enormous pole into her waiting, wet lips. She caressed it with her tongue before taking it as deeply into her throat as she could.

Jimmy was naked from the waist up and his trousers were on the ground around his ankles. His head was rolled back and he was obviously in ecstasy. Maggie is a great cocksucker and she has an amazing ability to deep throat even the largest cocks. Jimmy had to be at least ten inches and as thick as a soda can. Yet Maggie had her hand wrapped around the base while taking his cock deep into her throat and on the down stroke her lips touched her hand. How was she able to get that much cock in her mouth?

I quickly grabbed my camera and took a shot from the side. It was an incredible sight. Neither of them even acknowledged my presence as the flash went off. My cock was rock hard and pushing obscenely on the zipper of my trousers.

Maggie continued a long, slow and very wet blow job and Jimmy the Horse never opened his eyes. As Maggie quickened her pace he whispered barely audibly that he was about to cum. Maggie stopped sucking while continuing to stroke that monster.

"If you cum now will you be able to cum again soon?" Just like her.........she didn't mind giving him the pleasure but he had to return the favor.

Jimmy opened his eyes and looked down at her. "Darlin', you have no idea how many times I can cum and I promise you, if you finish what you are doing, I will pay you back in spades all night long. I have unbelievable endurance." Maggie smiled and took his man meat back into her mouth tickling her tonsils over and over with renewed vigor after Jimmy's confirmation.

Maggie's hand was stroking at a quickened pace and her lips matched her hand. Her fingers were not touching as his cock seemed to grow even thicker. Jimmy closed his eyes and rolled his head back again. He began to emit an animal-like sound and it seemed to emanate from his toes.

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