tagInterracial LoveThe Hijab Hunter Ch. 02

The Hijab Hunter Ch. 02


Oh, man. I can't believe this shit. This bitch didn't wash her pussy today and I'm forced to proceed with the licking because she told me that if I can't lick her, then I can't stick her. In case you're wondering who this is, my name is Stephen. Big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the region of Ontario, Canada. University dropout turned College graduate, contract technician for anything electrical, mechanical or electronic. And now I can add first-rate sexual adventurer to my list of my accomplishments. I'm your one and only sexual conquistador, The Hijab Hunter, ladies and gentlemen. And right now, I'm going down on a fine piece of Lebanese womanhood known as Khadija Wahid.

My latest victim, um, I mean lover, is something else, man. The lovely Khadija Wahid. She's from the town of Baalbek in the Republic of Lebanon and has been in the town of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, for the past fifteen months. Like many ladies around the world, Arab women included, our dear friend Khadija is curious about the sexual powers of Black men. Since I'm one of the best that Team Chocolate has to offer, I did the honors. Khadija Wahid got herself a hairy, wet pussy that tastes really wonderful but doesn't smell too sweet. Look, I'm not one to bad-mouth anyone. Especially when I've got my mouth on your pussy. However, I do prefer a clean pussy to lick. It's just my preference, that's all.

I was walking around the Saint Laurent Mall when I spotted a fine-looking Arab chick with an ass like whoa, as they say in the hood. You should have seen her, man. She was tall and thick, with quite the body on her. I have a thing for curvy women with big butts, which is a genetic attraction thing for Black men. I don't know any Black guys who don't like big butts. If you see a brother who doesn't like a woman with a big ass, he's probably not into women at all or he's a white dude in disguise. Word up. Anyway, I spotted Khadija sitting alone on a bench inside the usually crowded mall. It's one of the busiest shopping centers in the Canadian capital. I had to holler at her, man. First I had to make sure the coast was clear. Muslims might be a little crazier than the rest of us secular-minded people but they got sexual needs like everybody else. And everything about that thick Arab chick was oozing sensuality, though she wore a long flowery dress and a stylish silvery hijab.

Now, from my experiences as The Hijab Hunter, I can honestly tell you that Muslim women are first-rate freaks, they are just more discrete about it than other women. It's a matter of life and death for them. Muslim men are the biggest hypocrites on God's green Earth. They disapprove of homosexuality, lesbianism and gay marriage. Yet it's a rare Muslim men who hasn't fucked another guy or gotten fucked by another guy. Why? Simply because in Muslim societies, men and women spend a lot of time apart because of Arab male insecurity and the fact that the governments of North African and Middle Eastern countries are led by religious freaks without a sense of humor.

That creates a lot of what I call situational bisexuality. What do I mean by that? Men who are totally straight might let another guy suck their dicks if they're going to spend a long time in an all-male environment. Likewise, women who are totally heterosexual might let another woman lick their pussy ( and more) if they're in a place without men for long periods of time. Situational bisexuality occurs all the time. Anyhow, where was I? Sorry, I get distracted sometimes. It's one of my weaknesses and I am working on correcting it. I get lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture. That can be a fatal flaw in a man and it's something I am working on fixing within myself. Onward with the tale, people.

To put it bluntly, I approached the lovely Khadija Wahid because I wanted some. The Lebanese Muslim beauty from Baalbek looked at me with those smoldering golden brown eyes of hers and I knew she wanted me. Oh, yeah. She looked me up and down, and liked what she saw. I smiled, and we began talking. I learned a bit about her. Khadija Wahid was new to Canada. She recently married this Lebanese guy named Mohammed, and he was apparently a wealthy banker born in the region of Mount Liban, Republic of Lebanon, but raised in the town of Toronto, Ontario. Her husband was rich but he neglected her because he's a high-ranking executive with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Rich man too busy to spend time with his darling wife and take care of her womanly needs. This looks like a job for me, The Hijab Hunter. Khadija told me she felt neglected by her guy. His lack of attention made her feel unwanted. She was even questioning her own looks. Oh, man. This was too easy. I told Khadija Wahid that she was beautiful and that any man who didn't notice her must be blind or stupid. Would you believe that was all it took to get her to come home with me?

And that's how we ended up here. I had Khadija Wahid lying on my bed, nearly naked save her for bra and panties. She wanted to take off her hijab but I told her she looked beautiful with it. She smiled at that. It always amazes me how so many Muslim women have no idea that atheist men, Christian men and Jewish guys are turned on by sexy ladies in hijabs. I scour the web looking for pictures and videos of hijab-wearing nude chicks having sex with guys and with other women. Hijab porn is the shit, man. I was licking Khadija's pussy like there was no tomorrow. I fingered her pussy, licked her clit and worked my magic. Haitian men like myself love eating pussy. If eating pussy was a sport, Haitian guys would be the defending champions time after time. Only lesbians could compete with us. Word up.

I made Khadija Wahid squeal and moan as I did my thing. Dude, you won't believe this but she came. Hell yeah. The sexy hijab-wearing Lebanese Muslim chick from Baalbek squirted hot girly cum all over my face. And I loved it. I held her in my arms and watched as she squealed, in sheer orgasmic delight. I smiled at her. Yeah, sexy lady. I got it like that. Next, I put on a condom and slid my cock into my very first piece of Muslim pussy. Khadija wrapped her arms around me as I drilled my dick into her snatch. Man, I took my sweet time as I fucked her. I had been dreaming of this for ages. Fucking a fine piece of Muslim pussy with my Infidel/former Christian cock. It's so deliciously haram, as the Arabs say. Oh, come on. Don't look at me like that. Arab/Muslim guys fuck Christian chicks, Jewish chicks and Atheist chicks all the time. Isn't it about time some of us Infidel men fucked some of their women? Turnabout is fair play, after all. I didn't tell Khadija any of this, of course. We just 'made love' for hours, until we got off who knows how many times and lay exhausted on my king-sized bed, wet and spent.

Khadija Wahid got up, giving me a spectacular view of her big round Arab ass. The only women in the world who might be able to compete with Black women in the posterior department are Arab women and Brazilian women. Word up. Khadija showered, then got dressed and left my apartment. I wished her a good day, and offered to put her in a cab but she declined. The Lebanese beauty told me that most cab drivers in the City of Ottawa and across the Province of Ontario were either Somali guys or Arab men. Muslim guys talked more than the chicks on that show Gossip Girl. Word might spread about her, so she went to the bus stop and waited for OC Transpo. I felt bad about putting this sultry Muslim beauty on the bus but hey, I understood her logic. Damn, I need a car for real. Anyhow, until next time. The Hijab Hunter wishes you a good day, and don't drink and drive. Actually, don't masturbate while driving either. It put one of my buddies in the hospital. Peace.

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