The Hike


Note: Everyone depicted in this story is above the age of consent. I only condone sex between consenting adults. This is a work of fiction.

The Hike

It was the most irritating situation ever and he hadn't been able to think of a way to get out of it. His mother had promised the neighbors he would take their daughter hiking because he was an eagle scout; four years ago! He was home from college and this was the last day of summer break. He was outdoors all the time, climbing, endurance hiking, camping. The last thing he wanted to be doing was chaperoning some inexperienced chick. He trudged behind Julie. Fucking Julie, he grumbled to himself, she was just so immature. She had to be graduated from high school by now but look at her; she was practically bouncing up the hill in those little white shorts and tank top. Who wears white to go hiking? It was just terrible. A forty minute car ride just to get to the head of the trail and they hadn't had a single thing to say to each other the whole way. She just sat in the passenger seat crossed ankles in front of her and knees in the way of the gear shift. The whole car smelled like cherry lipgloss. Every time he had shifted from first to second and then back his hand had brushed against her skin. Hmm, her soft skin. The amount of skin those shorts showed off was so inappropriate for hiking. He looked ahead at her. The muscles in her legs were flexing as she picked her way up the hill.

Hey, why have you stopped? Julie asked, pausing the bouncing. She had turned and was looking curiously into his face. Her soft pink lips were slightly parted, panting. Her skin was glowing from the effort of hiking and his eyes wandered down past her collar bone to her diaphragm moving in and out. He blinked, trying to move his thoughts past the color of her bra, how round her breasts were, if the nipples were slightly pointed up, if they were hard.

Um, just thinking about which branch of the trail to take. We may have time for the longer trail if you're interested he said, grateful to be thinking fast. The longer trail was also often empty. Julie smiled and turned to face the hill. I'm game for whatever she called over her shoulder and started bouncing up the trail again.

Yeah but do you think you can take all of it? The retort died on his lips. He didn't know her well enough to tease her like that. She was just the neighbors daughter after all, and his mother had arranged this hike. He felt his resentment at being conned into this hike growing again. He just needed to stop staring up her thigh. Glaring at where that thigh slid into her shorts and he tried to keep things together. His cock twitched and he quickly chastised himself for staring so blatantly. He had a girlfriend waiting back at school after all. He was here to make sure nothing happened to her not to think about everything but hiking. With those thoughts in mind he pressed his lips together, thrust aside the thoughts of her shorts, her bra, the bouncing, and started after her.

They were past the fork in the trail now and coming up on a creek. The sun was high overhead and the air was warmer but breezy. Really it wasn't such a bad day to be out hiking he thought. This was one of his favorite areas, the trees were old growth and spread apart. Their thick bark and heavy limbs stood over a swollen creek. She was still ahead of him. He could have caught up with her, but what would they have talked about? How many people she had been with? It really couldn't have been that many. Maybe none at all. He swallowed, quickly readjusting his prick. It seemed easier to stay behind and just, just, watch. Her hair caught in a light breeze and he smiled. She had a sweet, determined look as she brushed the hair out of her face stepping onto a flat rock to cross the creek. Oh shit, his stomach sunk, the creek. It was faster and deeper then usual, how could he have forgotten. She didn't have the experience to cross it without slipping. How would he get her back down the trail if something happened?

Hey don't cross without me he called, gravel crunching under his boots as he sped up. Too late, one more step and she was suddenly sitting in the creek a startled expression on her face. He reached the edge. Her shorts and tank were completely soaked. Her bra was pink and thin. He sighed trying to keep calm. The water was clear but there seemed to be a deeper shadow than usual between her legs. He swallowed, where was the line of her panties?

Julie looked up at him with embarrassment. Can you help me get out of here? The rocks are slippery, she said ruefully, trying to brush-off her accident. He leaned over from the bank and reached for her arm, lifting her out of the water and back onto dry land. Everything clung to the curves of her body. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Thanks she said and moved to sit down. She moved like her leg hurt. His eyes roamed up her leg, past her smooth calves to where the skin dipped-in behind her knee; up the inside of her smooth thigh, still wet from the creek. With a heel on the ground she twisted her leg outward from her body looking for the source of the discomfort. He saw a small trickle of pink on the inside back portion of her thigh. She must have scraped it so close to the line of her shorts. He realized she wouldn't be able to see it from her position.

He bent on one knee in front of her reaching out for her leg. Here let me do it. I think I see something he said, putting his hand on her leg above the knee and pushing it further away. He ran his hand over her leg moving up toward the seam of the soaked shorts. He felt light-headed. His dick was suddenly throbbing. He wanted to squeeze the ass he had watched bounce up the hill all afternoon. He moved his hand to push aside the short inseam of her shorts, staring at the shadow between her legs. She looked at his face and panic filled her eyes. Hey what are you doing, she exclaimed! His hand, so large compared to her leg pressed more firmly on her thigh. He realized that through the soaked shorts he could see everything about her cunt. The tiny patch of hair above the beginning of her lips, the rest of her hair must be gone.

Her other leg moved against the dirt to leverage herself up. Wait a minute, she exclaimed, my leg is fine! We can go back to the car; you don't need to chaperone me anymore. His eyes darted up to her face and her mouth was slightly open. The pink lips were damp and her face flushed. She was breathing rapidly. Her chest started shaking up and down, wet nipples turned into hard peaks through the thin bra and tank top. It was too late to wait or take anything back. He wanted to stick his fingers in her mouth and thrust his tongue into her cunt. His dick was hard and straining against his shorts. His rough fingers pinched the softest part of her thigh. He was on her.

His free hand reached up and grabbed her breast, pushing her down against the dirt and grass of the trail. The hand pinching her slipped past the hem of her shorts and was rubbing everything it could reach. His fingertips felt electric. He could feel a smooth skin and that bit of hair as he ran the tips of his thick fingers along the outer lips of her cunt. He moved up and found her clit, still slick with creek water. He pressed down on it, moved around it in heavy circles, pinched it firmly between his thumb and forefinger.

Ahhh, she couldn't form words. Her hands were moving around his broad shoulders pushing against his muscles. His senses seemed hyper-sharp but he wasn't paying attention to her hands. His shoulder were naturally muscular and her hands were so small in comparison. He was now kneeling between her legs, keeping her legs spread with his knees. He had to see her breasts. Fuck! how could he get that stupid shirt off with her laying on the ground? He saw a small tear in the seam and grabbed. In a swift motion her tank top was ripped open.

She glanced around in panic, what the fuck was happening to her! His face was staring at her with such intensity that her body began throbbing with adrenaline. He moved over her to pull down her bra and she something pressing against his shorts. Oh god, his dick looked huge! Her nipples tightened as she wondered what he would look like when his pants were off. He lowered his head sucking in her nipple. He licked around the outside of her breast, his teeth crazy where his tongue had been. He was barely aware of what he was doing. He took as much of her breast into his mouth as possible, then he ran his tongue and teeth around the taut nipple. She used to see him casually when they were growing up. He would be at neighborhood barbecues, or diving into a mutual friends pool. Being older he had mostly ignored her. Now he was home from college, shoving his hands under her shorts and running his mouth along her breasts. Julie couldn't believe the boy she knew was capable of being so, so brutely sexual. Is this what he had been doing with all of those girlfriends she wondered. Her pussy spasmed and started to throb at the thought.

Oh my god how could this be happening? She knew she had to say no, she had to push him off, she had to keep him from fucking her. The muscles in his arms were bulging. She looked from the shadow of his collar bone over to his broad shoulders, how had she never noticed his shape? He was breathing heavy his face twisted with desire; practically glaring at her breasts with a rough finger circling her clit. Oh god, what the fuck am I gonna do, Julie wondered. Everyone had told her to say no if a guy touched her without permission. He bent his head, mouth open to lick her nipple again, his finger moved down parting her pussy lips, circling around about to go in. She licked her lips. She didn't care about anything else. She had to know what would happen next.

He hadn't noticed that the pressure form her hands on his shoulders had let up. He was focused on moving his finger around the opening to her pussy. It felt so small, tight, could it even fit him he wondered. He slowly added pressure to her nipple as he slid his thick finger into her cunt. One finger moving in and out, another added spreading those lips wider. He moved his head to lick her neck, a third finger trying to find space in her. She was practically burning down there and so very wet. His dick twitched uncomfortably in his shorts. He needed to get it out. He sat back on his knees and stood up in a fluid motion; pulling his shorts and underwear down at the same time. Julie was on the ground, her torn shirt still around her arms with her bra pulled down. Her breasts were flush and her nipples nipples distended from his ministrations. She was thrown open and sexed up. His dick twitched, she was beautiful. He watched her stare at his crotch, her eyes bobbing with it as it jerked. She sat up. He stepped closer. His dick was inches from her mouth, precum was leaking from the head. She reached behind her back and undid her bra letting it slide off. Then she undid the button on her shorts, her hands trembling. All he could think about was pressing the head of his dick into those lips.

Take them off, come here. His voice was low, crunching against gravel. Her roughed up breasts were reddening, she was naked expect for hiking books and the tattered shirt, kneeling in the forest. Nothing he had seen or experienced had ever excited him so much. He stepped forward rubbing his dick against her face. It must have been uncomfortable, she grimaced and he felt a thrill. Take it Julie, he said and grinned. He rubbed his dick against her lips feeling how moist her mouth was. God, he could barely take the adrenaline and desire. His dick twitched and hit her in the face. He took her head and pushed her mouth onto his cock, enjoying the view. Her tongue was fluttering around the head of his cock, his balls were so tight. His member was average but thick, most girls couldn't spread their mouths wide enough to fit it all in. He was going to make sure Julie took it. He was fucking her face and she would do whatever he wanted. He slowly moved his cock in and out of her mouth, enjoying the build-up of saliva, the stretch of her lips around his width, her hair twisted in his fist. He pulled at her hair, was she gasping or moaning? He was impatient; he wanted to do more.

Stepping back his cock bobbed in the air. She gasped for breath and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. His pre-cum was salty and warm. She thought it was disgusting and felt her pussy clench. He pushed her back onto the grass. She felt the sting of rocks and dirt poking into her back and butt. You're going to take it all, he muttered. She was gasping for air, feeling like her whole body was on fire with desire. He was over her on one hand, his arm rock hard, dick a bruised purple, slick from her mouth. He looked at her face. Julie, you're going to take my cock in your cunt. He had never felt so powerful or so turned-on. I'm going to fuck you and you're not going to say a goddamn thing about it. She moaned.

The head of his cock was pushing against her cunt spreading the lips wider and wider. He had one hand on her shoulder holding her down and the other was holding himself up. He loved the look on her face, intense with pleasure and trepidation. He pressed into her, she was so slick, hot, tight. Oh god, he was fucking the girl he had been sent to chaperone. He shoved in moaning, feeling her shift to give him more room. She wrapper her legs around his waist. He moved in and out, going deeper each time, her lube slowly wetting his dick. He felt like he was made of steel, like their heat combined would set the forest on fire. He looked at her face, her eyes were shut and she was moaning softly. He kept thinking about his dick invading her body. She had only said yes because it felt so damn good. He was stretching her to accommodate him, legs spread, cunt spread, taking him all in.

They were fucking now. He was simultaneously holding her down and moving her with his dick. Her pussy was so tight, it had never felt this good. He raised up on his arms and went faster, harder. Her breasts were shaking with the impact. His balls were slapping against her asshole. Ugh, she was coming. He felt her pussy clench and throb around him. She was moaning at the top of her lungs. Their noises echoed through the forest. He was almost there. He grunted with the exertion. His balls pulled in tight and his dick started twitching. He was coming. Nothing else mattered. She was clenched around his dick as he spasmed and shot deeply into her cunt. Oh god it was so wet, it was so hot, huh. He couldn't stop coming. He stared down at her as he filled her up with cock and cum. She was moaning, throbbing with aftershocks, her breasts heaving. He spasmed one last time, arched over her, shooting a last bit of come into her pussy. He left his cock softening in her and lay against her. Her nipples pushed up against his naked chest. He lifted his head to see her face, she was smiling. He leaned in and they kissed for the first time.

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