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The Hitchhiker


It was the perfect day to drive across the state. My company was sending me to a conference about four hundred miles away and to collect the money of the plane ticket I decided to drive there. By noon I had finished packing, so I kissed my wife goodbye and got in the car on my way to the conference which was starting the next day. I don't have any problems driving long distances but it does get lonely after a while, and my music collection does get sort of repetitive.

I drove the limit and after a few hours saw a hitchhiker on the side of the road. She didn't look like your normal hitchhiker, I could tell from the distance she had a very attractive figure and was wearing a very short skirt. Having heard all these crazy urban legends about hitchhikers, I wondered for a minute if I should stop for her or not. Afterall, I was going to be in the car on my own for a while, and there didn't seem to be much traffic in the area, so maybe it'd be a while before another car would pass by and pick her up.

I wondered if I'd open the door to trouble if I'd let her in, but as I approached I knew that if I didn't pick up this young lady it would haunt me the rest of the way. Plus, the closer I got, the cuter she looked. What harm could come from picking up a young lady?

So I stopped. She seemed very happy, and quickly ran to the passenger door.

"Hi!" she said as she climbed in. "Thanks for stopping, there isn't many cars this side of town."

"No problem", I said. "I'm Simon" as I offered my hand.

"And I'm Lisa" she replied with a very kind and nice smile, shaking my hand. I was caught off guard by her beauty. She had long blond hair, very long legs and perfect boobs slightly peeking through her blouse.

For the first few miles we talked the typical stuff, I found out she was a student going to college in the next State, and her parents weren't very rich. She, like me, had traded her bus ticket to collect the money and spend it on what it is student spend their money on.

As the road went by and the sun began to set, the conversation ended as we were absorbed in to the road. I couldn't help to notice the side of her bra through her blouse, and I was immediately turned-on. My wife and I had a very fulfilling love life and I am not one to complain, but the thought of this twenty-something years old woman in my car, wearing the shortest skirt I'd ever seen on a woman and a white almost see-through blouse was more than enough to arouse a man who'd only been with the same woman for the past decade.

She was keeping a hand on her leg, near the edge of her skirt and I was fascinated by the movement of that hand. With each bump in the road I wondered if her finger nails brushed against her pussy lips and she never seemed to even flinch.

Lost in the thought of her white silky bra and her fingers brushing against her tender spot, I started to wonder about her sexual life in college. A long time had gone by since I had been there and kids nowadays were much more sexually active than we were. Lisa must've been with many men; she was very attractive and seemed very confident and comfortable when you spoke to her. Many men here age must've found this very attractive.

I started to wonder if I was finding this attractive too when I felt a hand on my pants. It was Lisa's. I was surprised to realize that my erection had caused an obvious bulge in my pants.

"I'm so sorry, eummm..." was all I was able to say.

"It's ok, I saw the way you were looking at my breasts and my legs, it made me really hot to see a real man was attracted to me..." she replied with a kinky smile, now caressing my growing pole through my pants.

I was completely caught off-guard by Lisa's forwardness.

"But, but, I'm married..." I said, slowly between two breaths.

"It's ok" she replied. She unzipped my pants. "I can keep a secret if you can" She said as she pulled out my rock-hard veiny pole.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was very excited by this sudden turn of events. Never would my wife pull out my cock while I was driving and give me a hand job in bright day light. It was obvious Lisa wasn't new at this. She stroke me like an expert with one hand to a point where I lost my focus on the road several times.

It didn't help matters when I felt her replace her hand with her moist lips. She was giving me a blowjob! I immediately gasped and had to control myself not to cum in her hot mouth. She undid the button of my pants with one hand, never losing a beat with her mouth. Once they were undone, she pushed them down slightly to accommodate her right hand under my balls and grabbed them and pulled on them gently. The sensation was surreal. She was swallowing my cock whole with each thrust and the feeling of her lips around the shaft of my dick was incredible.

I placed one hand on her ass under her skirt, and to my great surprise, she wasn't wearing any panties! I slid my hand towards the middle where I reached her hairy bush. I placed my middle finger between her moist lips and moved it gently. She was a horny bitch! She moved her tail left and right like a cat purring and I pushed my finger inside her. Her pussy was so hot and moist, I wanted to get my cock up in there.

I pulled over the side of the road and quickly parked the car. She looked up, saw what I was doing, and immediately smiled. Our lips met for the first time. I rushed to undo one by one the buttons of her blouse and reveal her perfect tits in their sexy bra. I planted my face in between her tits, took one in each hand, and... she opened to door of the car and let herself out. I wondered what she was doing but quickly exited to my turn and met her on her side of the car. She kissed me again and caressed my hard pole, slightly more excited by the gentle breeze of the air outside.

She bent down and took my cock in her mouth for a few more strokes. I played in her hair and accompanied her head in her movement. She stopped after a few seconds to my great deception and sat on the hood of my car.

"I know you've wanted me all this time" she said. "I was so turned-on when I saw you were looking at me... Please, eat me..." she continued in her softening voice. She spread her legs. I didn't need a second invitation. I ran for her love box like a kid runs for his presents on Christmas morning. I simply pushed her skirt back and Lisa laid down onto the hood, placing her hand on my head. I kissed her lips and tickled them with my nose and lips. I kissed all around her slit and finally kissed her clit. She moaned and pushed my lips onto it. I approached two fingers and inserted them into her sweet canal. She moaned again and her pussy walls contracted around my penetrating fingers.

I sealed my lips around her clit and sucked it gently. Her back arched and she pushed me closer to her twat again. I slowly fucked her with my fingers and lapped and sucked her clit. She was squirming like a worm on my hood. I increased the pace of my fucking and licking and she became wild. She let out a loud scream and hit the car with the hand that wasn't over my head.

She lifted her torso up on her elbows and looked at me.

"Fuck me." She said. "Get up, and shove all your hot spunk inside of me. Fuck me like you can't fuck that slutty wife of yours."

I didn't hesitate. I stood up, rubbed the tip of my hard prick on her wet lips and she pushed herself onto it. I slowly inserted myself deeper and deeper in Lisa's fuck hole and I felt like a virgin breaking new grounds. She was so tight I had to place my hands on her hips and push her closer to me to push the full length of my tool inside her womb. She screamed when I finally reached the bottom of her pussy and squeezed her own tits to my great visual enjoyment.

With me fully inside her, she raised her torso for our mouths to meet and kissed me passionately. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I gave her my first thrusts and she whispered and moaned in my ear. I had my hands on her ass and was making sure my dick was buried 'til my balls each time I rammed her. In a scream she collapsed onto the hood of the car again and I kept ramming her with all my strength.

A car passed by and its occupants were mystified by our activities but I didn't care. This young slut was offering herself to me no strings attached and I wasn't going to miss out on this.

I kept increasing the pace of my fucking and was constantly amazed by her hot tight pussy.

"Uhh yeah... that's what I needed... a real man" she said, eyes closed.

I kept fucking her like I hadn't fucked in ages. My cock was harder than it had ever been. I moved her onto her side and lifted one of her legs onto my shoulder for better, deeper access to her pussy. She loved it. She was pushing back onto me and I knew I was nearing orgasm.

I slowed down and pulled out of her. She rolled back onto her back and screamed:

"Don't stop, please don't stop!"

I plunged the whole length of my shaft inside her again. She placed her hands on my ass, as if she was still trying to push me deeper inside her and I was fucking her hardest I could. I had completely lost my tempo and was completely out of breath. I grabbed her ass checks and finally gave her a few last strokes as hard as I possibly could and pulled out to explode and shoot my warm jism all over her stomach and tits. We kissed and she rubbed my cum onto her stomach and pussy lips. She licked her fingers clean and we finally split and after a minute we shared a cigarette before getting back in the car.

Before I dropped her off at school, I gave her my card, and let her know that she was welcome anytime she wanted a ride...

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