tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe House - Edition 01: Natalie

The House - Edition 01: Natalie


Edition One: Natalie

Date: January 14th 2215

Jason stood looking at the white door. A small digital screen displayed the words 'Please Wait'. Calming, elevator music drowned away the silence. A female voice sounded 'Welcome to the House. Please state your name' Jason cleared his throat 'Jason Thomas'. The digital screen changed display. An image of Jason appeared with the text [Confirm I.D.]. Jason selected the 'yes' option. The sultry female voice sounded again 'Welcome Jason. Please enter the mirror room.'

The door slid open and Jason stepped into another room. It was small and white. A large mirror, floor to ceiling length rose from the floor. Jason stared at himself. His soft brown hair was neatly parted, his crisp white shirt tucked neatly into his black pants. A bright white light reflected from the toe of his shoes. The voice sounded again 'Jason, will you require any grooming products today?' Jason looked around the room 'No thank you.' The mirror retracted back into the floor and behind it another door opened. Jason stepped through.

He entered the waiting area. The room was still white, hardly any colour apart from a green plant sitting on a white table. A smoothly rounded white desk sat in the middle of the room with a young black woman typing at a computer. She looked up and smiled. 'Hello Jason, I'm Candy.' Jason smiled 'Hi Candy...so...' Candy looked down at her computer and tapped away. 'You're all set, please take a seat, we're preparing the room for you now.' Jason sat down. There was silence for a few moments until Candy looked up and smiled again 'I see you've gone with Natalie. She's very popular.' Jason took an awkward swallow 'Oh, it's alright.' Stated Candy 'No need to be ashamed, we know why you're here, nothing wrong with it. I see you went with the customization package, big spender, huh?' Jason smiled 'I figured if I'm paying all this money, I may as well get what I want.' 'Quite right' Candy cheerily said.

A few more moments had passed before Candy stood up and handed Jason a small USB drive. 'Here you go, sir. Plug this into panel on the wall when you go in and things will begin. If you want a copy of the session afterwards let me know, its $450.' Jason took the USB stick 'Okay, thank you. Can I go through?' Candy went back to her desk and pressed a few keys. The door at the end of the room opened. 'Thank you'

The Session

Jason stepped into the room. His feet sunk slightly into the soft sand. The air in the room as humid, he sat down on a bench and removed his shoes and socks. He wiggled his toes in the sand. It was warm. He turned to a small panel on the wall and inserted the USB device he had been given by Candy. A small red light turned green and as it did, water begin to enter at the far end of the room. It poured in until half of the sand was submerged in water. It became to ripple and pull backwards, creating a wave effect. The ceiling in the room turned blue and soft clouds began to drift. Tiny cameras attached to the ceiling and walls adjusted their lenses and a soft female voice called out 'Lie on the sand, Jason. Lie down and close your eyes.' Jason stood from the bench and lay out on the sand. He closes his eyes and smiled slightly as the warm water lapped at his feet. The voiced called again 'Now open your eyes' Jason sat up and opened his eyes. There she was, standing four feet away from him in a black two piece bikini. Her hair was a deep brunette and flowed over her shoulders like a waterfall. Her hazel eyes stared deeply at him, her pearly smile was perfect.

Jason could instantly feel the blood rush to his cock. It began to throb. He reached out and took her hands, he pulled Natalie onto his chest and they locked lips in a passionate kiss. Natalie leant back as Jason ran his hands over her perfect breasts and down over her stomach. She rubbed her hands through her hair and bit her bottom lip. Reaching around, she unzipped his pants. Jason tugged them down and felt the relief as his hard, throbbing penis burst out of them. 'Suck me' he said as he unbuttoned his shirt. Natalie slid down to his cock and placed her lips over its tip. Jason closed his eyes in pleasure as he tongue teased him; the pre cum left an insatiable taste inside Natalie's mouth. Her head bobbed slowly up and down as she took his cock into her mouth. Jason took hold of her head and pressed down; he could feel the gush of air slide out of her mouth as her throat tightened on his shaft. He lifted his pelvis from the floor and thrust himself into her mouth. Natalie slid a hand into her bikini; her pussy was warm and wet. She parted her lips with her fingers and allowed her juices to soak them. 'Come here' whispered Jason as he pulled Natalie towards his chest.

He pulled her bikini to one side; her smooth shaven pussy glistened in the light. He pulled her closer and up onto his face. She let out a moan as his tongue teased her lips. Her taste was sweet, he couldn't stop. He pressed his face into the warm, moist area. He let his tongue journey inside her. Using his thumb, he pressed gently on her clit. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her cheeks blushed. She unclipped her bikini top and allowed her breasts to fall free. Jason reach up and cupped them, all the while allowing his tongue to dance up inside; lapping her juices. Natalie began to write with pleasure. 'Hold on, hold on' she said as she stood up. She slid down her bikini bottom, parted her lips and pressed down on his face again. She wiggled her body back and forth, with each movement; her juices would spill into his mouth. He slid back, her pussy rubbed against his chest. 'I'm going fuck you now. I'm gonna make you cum all over my rock hard cock.'

Facing him, Natalie spread her pussy and slid easily onto his cock. She raised herself and his shaft glistened from her juices. Using all her weight, she slid down onto him again. His cock opened her tight pussy walls. 'Harder' she cried as Jason thrust himself deeper inside her. 'Oh God' she screamed 'please fuck me!' Jason thrust again, her breasts bouncing from the force she let out another cry. She began to touch herself 'fuck me fast' Jason began to thrust quickly and deeply, he began to speed up, their skin clapping with each connection. 'Keep going baby, fuck me deep, don't stop, I don't want you to stop.' Jason threw his head back and closed his eyes, he could feel the sweat running down his neck, Natalie leant forward and pressed her breasts against his chest 'make me cum, fuck me until I fucking cum' she yelled as Jason continued to drill the beauty that was taking his rock hard cock. Suddenly the thrusting became easier as her pussy released its juices. His cock slid in and out, in and out, in and out. He reached around and grabbed her ass, pounding away; she leant in for a kiss and let out a deep moan as her pussy exploded. Natalie came all over his cock. Her juices ran down his shaft and coated his balls. 'I'm gonna make you cum again, babe.'

He threw Natalie hard into the sand and leant over her. He slid two fingers into her pussy and began to finger her. He got faster and faster, he moans got louder. With his other hand Jason took hold of his cock and began to rub himself up and down. Her pussy tightened and then loosened as her juices exploded form within, coating his fingers and dripping onto the sand. He licked his fingers clean. 'Ready?' he said, short of breath. She didn't answer, simply nodded 'yes'. He bent her legs towards her chest and inserted himself. He went deep. 'Fuck me until I explode, fuck my fucking cunt.' She screamed. Jason began to pound, every connection was warm and wet, and her juices ran around her groin like a flooded river. She reached down and started to rub her clit. Jason thrust himself deep inside her. Her knees began to quiver. The heat from the bodies infused the smell of sex, Jason started to speed up. 'Oh please, please, God, please just fuck me.' Jason withdrew his cock and started to jack himself off. 'You gonna come for me?' asked Natalie. Her legs limp, her pussy throbbing. She slid back slightly and slid two fingers into her pussy. 'I'm so wet, baby. I want you to fuck me again.' Jason stood up and took Natalie hand. 'Fuck me until you come' she said.

Jason pushed Natalie against the wall. The environment didn't matter anymore. He spread her ass cheeks and entered her pussy. He slammed himself into her. Her juices began to run down the inside of her leg. She reached around and circled her ass hole with her index finger. She slowly slid it inside. Jason bit his lips as he thrust himself harder. He breasts banging into the wall, he took hold of her hair and pulled her away from the wall, he bent her over and in the standing position continued to fuck her pussy. 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't stop, don't stop.' She cried. Jason reached around and cupped her breasts again, Natalie slid her finger out of her ass hole and began to play with herself again. She made a circular rubbing motion against her clit. Jason quickly withdrew and turned Natalie around. 'Squat' he quickly barked. Natalie dropped slightly; Jason hooked his fingers and slid them into her pussy. 'Make me cum' he whispered. Natalie took his cock and slid it into her mouth, it was warm and tasted sweet, she rubbed the shaft with one hand. Jason could feel a rush, it started in his head, down through his chest and stomach 'Ooohhh yeah' he cried as his cock exploded into her mouth. His cum lapping over her tongue and teeth. He pulled himself out of her mouth and slid his fingers from her pussy. Cum began to dribble from the corner of her mouth. 'Swallow it, baby. Take my load'. Natalie closed her eyes and swallowed. Jason fell to his knees in front of her and kissed her cheek. He patted her wet pussy and lay down. She lay beside him and milked his cock for any remaining cum. The two both lay there, breathless. Natalie was still quivering, he pussy was so wet. The sand beneath them had gotten damp from her cum.

Jason opened his eyes and the room began to fade. The ceiling turned white and the warmth became a little cooler. There was a small 'dinging' sound. Candy's voice called out 'Jason, your session is over. Please collect your clothing and head to the shower zone.' Jason turned to Natalie and she was gone. The sand and water began to drain away. He sat up and looked at his cock, it was beginning to return its normal state. He let out a sigh before standing up, he took his clothes and headed through another white sliding door to the showers.

Welcome to the future of sex, welcome to...the House.

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