tagBDSMThe Hunt Ch. 05

The Hunt Ch. 05


"The future is that you belong to me, pretty man," Sasha responded.

Jacobs kissed the back of her neck, my soul does but where do we go from here? I don't intend to spend of my life here, while you battle evil doers"

Sasha giggled," You watch too many movies, let me reassure you. My work is about done. My real name is Marta Vega."

"Vega? That means."

Yes," she looked at the plantation. "This rightfully belongs to me."

"So Marta,"

"I prefer Sasha or Jungle Mistress."

"So Sasha what happened?

"I managed to escape the mass killings when I was only ten.

"How did you survive?" he wondered

"The former Amazon leader knew who I was. She needed an outside agent to rid the area of the intruders. We made a deal, I would be trained and be provided knowledge of the jungle and its herbs. In return I would destroy Frisco and his group."

"Which you did."

"Not before he killed my mentor, the revenge was for both of us."

"And what are your intentions now?"

"To serve my needs," she kissed him. "And yours."

"So a life of hedonism for you?"

"I deserve it, now your turn."

"My turn?"

"What kind of criminal are you? I could not find anything on you?"

"I am a meddler, thievery is just the part that allows my my lavish lifestyle.

If I see a cause or someone that needs to be taken out I get involved"

"So you killed?

He grabbed her shoulders, the men and woman I've eliminated were as bad as Frisco."

"You can be a little terrifying."

Good that I can awe the Jungle beauty, any other questions?"

"Yes, why does a talented sexy man need a sex slave?"

Pulling her on top of him, Well Jungle Mistress, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a worthy woman?"

"As difficult as a worthy man?"

"Exactly, so I figured if I could not find one; at least have a woman who served my needs, was beautiful and could fight. He kissed her. "I did not plan to fall under her spell."

Sasha slid down and mounted him, "Then let's make some magic."

Jacobs started massaging her breasts, gently squeezed her nipples.

"Ah, umm."

"Please!"Damm,"Sasha muttered," I forgot to give her the antidote." She rushed to her slave and handed her the herb.

"What is that, "Jacobs asked her?

The bitch addicted me, "Donna spit out. "She is no better than Frisco or me."

Sasha looked at them both, "Never underestimate a vengeful woman. Get out of the cage you are going to set up a video conference with Frisco's associates."

"You're mad, they won't be happy."

"I don't expect they will, "Steve commented.

Donna activated the set up," May I get dressed Jungle Mistress?"

"No slave," she responded. "I want them to know who they are dealing with."

The screen came on and an Asian man cam eon. He frowned, "You might dress appropriately for business Donna."

Sasha came into view, "She has no choice. May I ask who am I addressing?"

"Ah the infamous Jungle Girl, it seems you were underestimated twice. Donna your life expectancy is not long." He nodded to Sasha, I am Kenzo Osaka."

"My real name is Marta Vega."

He peered closely, "Yes I see the resemblance. So what is the reason for your communication?"

"To let you know that my quarrel was strictly with this organization and I have no issue with you."

Osaka laughed, "So you think you can just a walk away.

Abdul's head hit the table and Steve entered the picture.

"Osaka san"

"Jacobs san? Are you her prisoner?

"No her allie."

"You have not made a wise choice", the Asian crime lord responded.

"Consider this do you want me as an enemy? Sasha asked.

"You over estimate your selves."

Donna surprisingly interrupted. "Consider that I have access to Frisco's records with you and I will give them to my mistress."

"Mistress?" You have made your choice all, three of you. Just stay out of my sphere of influence." The signal ended.

"Explain yourself!" Sasha demanded

"May I speak without the Mistress jargon?" Donna asked.

She sighed, "You may."

Donna sat down facing Sasha and Steven, "You have boxed me into a corner."

"She has a point, "Steve said stroaking Sasha's hair.

"Continue," Sasha told Donna.

"I can be an asset to you two. I have connections and my abilities." Donna knelt ay Sasha's feet." Even if this earns me punishment, Jungle Mistress I did sexually break you first."

Sasha looked at Jacobs, "It's true she did."

Jacobs grabbed Donna and dragged her to the other side of him and squeezed them both, "I think we are going to have a lot of fun."

"And I think it is time for the woman to be in charge, "Sasha announced.

Jacobs allowed himself to be led to an open room. There the two beauties bent him over and secured his wrists.

Sasha stroked his naked back, "Pretty male, you enjoyed punishing us earlier didn't you?

"Yes Jungle Mistress", he admitted.

"I think he needs to understand, we can dish it out," Donna pointed out.

"Agreed," as the brunette hit his right ass cheek.

The blond hit the left, "You could have teamed with me."

"But thane we would be able to share him, "Sasha said

"True," Donna replied hitting him again.

"Thank you Mistress.

"The two Doms alternated making his ass bright red.

"Now worship my slave's breasts," as she picked up a paddle and started a rapid tapping.

"Oh yes," Donna cried

"Switch," Donna picked up a rattan cane


"Less talk, "Sasha instructed as she buried his face in her breasts.

"Don't know about you Sasha, but my pussy needs some attention."

"Mine too."

Jacobs had hit hands tied behind his back and his knees and ankles tied; the woman spread their legs across the floor.

"Now lick," The Jungle Mistress ordered, as she kissed Donna.

His talented tongue satisfied his two captors as they cummed over him.

Finally they released him.

"You two are vicious; remind me again why I did not just enslave you when I had the chance?"

"Because you have managed to eliminate some of that boring machismo and want a partner" Sasha said. "And our sex slave partner here is someone with a brain. To match her looks."

"This sex slave is in need of more sex."

"So is your Mistress," Sasha responded. She pointed to the bed. "On it we are going to enjoy that cock.

"Mistress first", Sasha kneeled as Jacobs mounted her.

Steve started pumping hard putting out some of his pent up energy. He nodded to Donna who began kissing him.

"Yes take it my slut!"

"Give it too me!"

Sasha sagged to her belly. Jacobs grabbed Donna and pushed on her back.

"Yes, she examined as he penetrated her pussy.

Sasha climbed onto of her face, "Lick my slut."

Donna went to work as Sasha and Steve passionately kissed.


The naked trio ate a late breakfast,"What's on the agenda?" Donna asked.

"First eat this," Sasha handed her a different herb.

"What this?"

"The true antidote, I was going to give it to you in a few weeks after I felt you had been punished enough."

Donna ate it.

"You are free to leave if you want." Sasha said.

If you two don't mind having a third wheel, I'll stay."

"Glad to have you, after being so selfless my sexual appetite is huge."

Steven looked at Donna," What did you do to her."

"She made me her fuck toy" Sasha kissed Donna. "And I won't mind another go another round where you are the Mistress."

"Before that, turnabout if fair play; you two belong to me later. But to business. We have two things to do. See up Osaka info into some internet alerts for our own safety and security. You need a new ID."

"We also to have dig up my late father's diamond stash."

"Diamonds?" Donna asked.

"A fair amount," Sasha answered. "Enough so we can explore our hedonistic desires for a long time."

"Best place to sell diamonds is Amsterdam" Donna noted

"I believe there is dungeon we can buy afterwards."

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