tagIncest/TabooThe I-Room

The I-Room


As always, this is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is coincidence. All characters exist only within the realm of my imagination.

I hope you enjoy...this came about as a silly daydream, perhaps after watching old episodes of Fantasy Island and more recent Criminal Minds. I got a kick out of it and I hope you do too. There is a sequel already completed and you can expect to see it soon! Enjoy!



Some would call me mad or criminal or both for my actions. I do not. Instead I see myself as a liberator or an illuminator, allowing people to shed their archaic beliefs and their outdated morals, freeing them to fulfill their destinies...to find their true loves and soul mates...to allow them to live fully realized lives. To this purpose I have committed my great wealth and resources. To this noble end I attempt to save not mankind, but a few souls who might otherwise be denied the happiness and joy that is theirs by right.

Picture if you will a twelve foot by twelve foot room. It contains a queen sized bed, a simple wooden chair and a small refrigerator. It is adjoined by a small alcove containing a shower and a toilet. There is nothing else...no windows, only walls of concrete two feet thick and a steel door. This is my forge...my crucible where I take lost souls and re-forge them into human beings. I call it "The I-Room."

The First: Joanna and Danny

They wake slowly from a long drug induced sleep. Kidnapped in the eyes of the law, their car is in storage elsewhere on the grounds. Joanna G. and her son, Danny...my first challenge.

Joanna is thirty-eight years old, Caucasian, with a mane of reddish, dark brown hair. She is in a word, beautiful. Through my cameras, I watch as she begins to stir. I admire her lush body. There is nothing little about Joanna...a tall woman, maybe five foot, nine inches tall. Medium weight, I know she fights a tendency towards fat by vigorous exercise. Her magnificent breasts are barely retained by her bra...bountiful mounds of flesh...40 DD's capped by quarter size nipples thickened by nursing. When released, I have no doubt her breasts will sag somewhat from gravity and age, but they will give her an even more motherly beauty. Her waist is barely termed slender, her hips shapely leading into long, athletic legs. White cotton panties hide her neatly trimmed V-shaped bush. She is clothed only in bra and panties. I anxiously await the moment she opens those beautiful brown eyes. Joanna is married...one husband for twenty years. He is a hard worker who has sacrificed family for financial success.

Her only son rests beside her. Just turned eighteen and four inches taller than his mother with sandy hair like his father. Slim as a rail, all arms and legs, his muscles wiry from running up and down a basketball court. He wears only white briefs concealing a respectable man sized bulge.

Joanna awakes. She yawns and opens those lovely eyes, dark lashes complimenting her brown eyes. Joanna frowns and sits straight up, her head swinging about. "Where...where am I?" she turns and realizes Danny is next to her. "Danny? Honey, wake up!" She shakes him lightly. Her son wakes up.

"Mom?" He takes the room in and is standing up in an instant. "Where are we, Mom?"

Joanna's voice is edged with hysteria. "I don't know. Hello! Where are we? Anyone there?" She climbs off the bed and moves to the door and bangs on it with a fist. "Hey! Let us out of here!"

She turns with fear in her eyes and then realizes her teenage son is standing clad only in his underwear. Danny stares back at his mother and then turns away, blushing. His morning erection is noticeably harder. Joanna realizes for the first time that she is only in bra and panties. I idly wonder if she regrets wearing the push up bra this morning. I smile as I watch her try to cover up only to realize it is useless. I wonder if it is my imagination or do her eyes linger on her son's bulging crotch.

Joanna turns away from her son. She strikes the door again, tears in her voice as she yells, "Help! Let us out! Help!"


She glances wildly around the room. "Who are you? What do you want?"


"You've kidnapped us? We don't have any money, but we'll pay whatever we can."


She begs me for a while, promising me anything I want, bargaining to allow her son to be set free. I have respect for Danny as he comes over and puts his arm around his mother, insisting that he would never leave her alone. They both cry for a while and cuddle up on the bed. I choose not to speak and they fall asleep. I dim the lights to half strength.

Two hours later, Danny gets up and goes to the toilet. His cock is iron hard even when he is finished urinating. I am thrilled to see him looking over at his partially clothed mother, stroking his dick twice and sighing before lying back down.

They sleep through the night and in the morning discover breakfast has been slipped through a slot in the door. They spend most of the day fretting about what has happened. I ignore their questions for several hours. Joanna cries twice and I again respect Danny for comforting his mother. The second time, she puts her head against his chest and I watch as the effect of being able to see most of his mother's breasts causes Danny's cock to swell. I suspect that by the time it reaches its considerable full length, Joanna is watching his bulge as well.

Abruptly she stands up and walks to the door and hits it with her fist. "Why are we here?" she screams.

"TO LEARN," I reply.

Joanna screams in frustration. "What do you mean, dammit?"


"Learn what?" growls Danny as he adjusts his waistband to accommodate his still erect penis.

"YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT FOR YOURSELVES," and I cut the speaker off.

They spend the rest of the day trying to make sense of my words and trying to pretend neither is affected by the almost naked presence of the other. They sleep, both restlessly.

Morning finds Joanna having discovered that the shower works and that I have provided both soap and shampoo. She keeps glancing around nervously over at Danny, amking sure he doesn't awake and find her naked. She stares at the swollen lump in his shorts and shakes her head. I can't help but be pleased to see her nipples harden.

She stands still afterwards, using her fingers to comb out her hair while her body air dries. As she starts to slip on her bra, I open up my microphone. "WHY BOTHER? YOUR UNDERWEAR IS SOILED. IT WILL ONLY SMELL AND CHAFE."

My voice wakes Danny up and he groggily stares at his naked mother in the entrance to the alcove. "No! Danny, close your eyes till I'm dressed," Joanna exclaims. She spins around, inadvertently mooning her son as she struggles to get dressed.


"Give us some decent clothes, damn you!" she replies.


"Leave Mom alone," says Danny. His eyes widen as his mother steps into her panties, flashing her hairy muff at him.


"I can't go naked in front of my son," Joanna screams back at me.


Her son blushes and turns away, saying nothing.


"Are you some sort of pervert? You want us to go naked around each other?" Joanna snarls up at the ceiling.


"That's just not true!" cries Joanna, her face flushing red.

"YOU'RE LYING TO YOURSELF, JOANNA. DANNY'S COCK ISN'T ALWAYS HARD BECAUSE HE ENJOYS MY VOICE. AND YOU WERE STARING LONG AND HARD AT YOUR SON THIS MORNING WHILE HE SLEPT." Danny spun around and stared stupefied at his mother. I flicked off the mike and let them think about things for awhile.

The next couple of hours are tense within the room. Both act like they're ignoring the other, but both mother and son sneak glimpses when the other isn't looking. Joanna catches her son staring at her and snaps at him. "Damn it, Danny, stop that. I'm your mother!"

Danny slaps the wall in frustration. "Where am I supposed to look, Mom? We're stuck in here!

"But I'm your mother...an old lady. You're not supposed to have a hard-on...um, erection over my old body."

Danny blushes anew, but stands his ground. "That's not true! Whatever else that creep says, you're beautiful, Mom! I can't help getting a stiffy. You have a great body!"

"Ohhh, God, what are we going to do?" moans Joanna, sitting heavily down on the bed and burying her face in her hands.

Danny sits down beside his mother. He puts an arm around her shoulders. Joanna flinches, partly because he brushes a sore spot where her bra is chafing, partly because of his touch...contact with her son taking on a new meaning.

"The creep is right about one thing, Mom," Danny says. "We can't keep wearing this stuff. I'm hurting bad and your bra strap is almost cut you to where you'll be bleeding soon."

Joanna sighs. "I know, I know, but knowing you'll be seeing me. I'm so embarrassed. It's not right."

Danny nudges her. "Yeah, but how do you think I feel? My mom seeing me with a hard-on."

His mom stands up. "Well, maybe if we just get it over with, we'll get used to it and it'll wind up being no big deal."

Danny agrees and they stand facing away from each other. On the count of three, they both shuck their underwear off. Joanna takes off her bra and rubs the bra lines on her breasts. They both turn at the same time and take their measure of each other.

Joanna's nipples are hard in the cool air and she stands awkwardly, her hands nervously idle at her sides. Her eyes widen as she stares at her son's hard cock. His seven inches are pointing at her, but as he is allowed to openly stare at his Mom's naked body, it swells even more and slaps against his stomach and then erupts in a geyser of sperm!

Joanna's mouth gapes open as the mere sight of her naked body standing less than three feet away causes her son to cum. The first burst shoots up and splashes onto Danny's face, the second splatters against his chest...thick wads of semen. His cock, still hard, bobs and aims at his mother's nude form. Danny's balls jerk and then a jet of thickish, white semen shoots across and splashes on his mother's belly. Subsequent bursts fall short of Joanna and land on the floor between them.

Danny is momentarily caught up in orgasm, unable to do anything but maon with pleasure as he gazes at Joanna's naked body. I can't blame him. His mother is gorgeous. Her large, heavy breasts sagging just a little...a thick, rich mat of curly hair covering her vagina and I think I can even see a glint of moisture in her bush, indicating she too is aroused. I watch captivated as her son's sperm slowly oozes down her belly and into her hairy bush.

Joanna just stares as the last spurts of cum flow from her son's dick, finally just a long streamer slowly descending from the tip of his still erect cock. Her hand idly runs across her stomach, trailing across the top of her pussy hair until she touches Danny's still warm jism. She lifts her fingers up and stares at his whitish sperm smeared there. For a moment, I believe she might lick her fingers clean.

But Joanna stares over at her naked son who is realizing he just cummed in front of his mother or more precisely, cum on his mother. As he gasps, "Oh, Mom! I'm sorry, I couldn't help it!" Joanna screams up at the ceiling, "DAMN YOU! Let us out of here!"

Joanna looks down at the jism smeared on her belly and pubic hair and then over at her son...his cock still dribbling semen. "Oh my god!" cries Joanna and she flings herself down into the bed and starts sobbing.

Danny looks aghast and reaches down for his old underwear and uses it to wipe off his cock, jerking a little as he strokes the last drops out, all the while staring at his mother curled up in a fetal position (which nicely exposes her moist slit). As his mother cries, Danny works hard to wipe up his cum from the floor while saying, "I'm sorry, Mom! I didn't mean to...I'm so sorry, Mom!"

My heart aches as he sits down next to his Mom, still apologizing. Danny begins to cry. "I'm sorry, Mom. Don't hate me, please! Please don't be mad at me!" His pain reaches his mother and Joanna rouses herself up and they are both crying and hugging. I smile as I watch Joanna's thick nipples dragging across her son's chest.

"Ohh, baby. I'm not mad at you. Mommy's mad at the...creep. I know you can't help it." Joanna results to almost baby talk to comfort her son. She kisses Danny on the forehead and cheek.

"I couldn't help it, Mom. You're just so pretty! I didn't mean to be bad!"

Joanna cries for a different reason...her love for her child breaking her heart. She wraps him in her arms, inadvertently pressing his face to her heaving breasts. "You're not bad, Danny! Mommy knows that," Joanna exclaims. She kisses her son on the forehead and then placing her hands on his cheeks, raises his head to look him in the eye. "I love you, Danny! Mommy loves you!"

Danny's chest heaves for air and he replies, "I love you too, Mom!"

Joanna smiles through her tears and kisses Danny on both cheeks. Mother and son stare at each other for a second. Joanna leans in and kisses Danny on the lips. It is a chaste kiss that lasts and lasts. I think they are about to touch tongues when Danny's erection rises proudly and pokes his mother in the belly.

Joanna scoots back away from her son, eyes on her son's hard dick. Her nipples are long and stiff and a sexual blush spreads across her chest. We...uh, just have to get used to each other, honey," she says. She lies back and pats the mattress. "Come lie down and try not to think about me...um...it."

Danny does so and they lay side by side, holding hands. "Try and get some sleep, Danny," his mother whispers.

Danny sighs and closes his eyes, "I'll try, Mom. I really am sorry about...well, you know."

Joanna sighs too and replies, "Its okay, son. You couldn't help it...and I guess I should take it as a compliment...an old lady getting a...um, rise out of a young man."

She squeezes his hand as he murmurs, "You ain't old, Mom. I think you're beautiful."

I dim the lights, but not so dark as to make it difficult for Joanna to discretely stare at her son's erect penis, standing up proud and straight...hard as steel. She takes her fill, memorizing every inch of his thick erection. Her nipples swell even more and there is a distinct aroma of wet, aroused pussy in the air. Joanna's hand flutters back and forth across her belly and I know she is aching to soothe the yearning between her legs, even as she stares at the glistening drops of pre-cum oozing from the piss hole of her child's cock.

Finally, mother and son fall asleep. It has been a good day and much progress made. I am pleased. Joanna and Danny are one step closer to their moment of enlightenment.

The next day passes quietly with much tension in the air. Danny is in perpetual horny teenager mode as his eyes follow his mother's every move and he is well aware of her watching his hard cock which always seems to be pointed in her direction. His need is palatable. He can barely keep his hands off his dick, struggling with the desire to stroke himself off.

Joanna is in a struggle herself...aware that everything she does, every movement exposes herself to her son...offering him new views of her lush naked body. Both are in heightened states of arousal. Pheromones are thick in the room as they pace and stretch and pretend not to stare at each other.

That night, they finally fall asleep, both moving restlessly about, trying to avoid direct contact. When Joanna is finally snoring softly, Danny eases from the bed and stares down at his mother. Joanna lies on her back. A hand has dropped between her legs, fingers intertwined in her pubic hair and splicing through her vaginal lips. In the less than dim light, her son can see more than a hint of glistening, pink pussy meat.

Danny begins to stroke his cock. Slowly, then more quickly, Danny masturbates while staring at his mother's nakedness. Joanna moans in her sleep and spreads her legs, sighing, "Dannnnyyy," as she reveals more of her wet pussy. Her index fingers slips into the wetness and that's enough. Danny moans and begins to cum, catching his sperm in his cupped free hand, but he can't quite muffle his moans of excitement and his cum grunts cause his mother to open her eyes.

"Danny! Oh MY GOD! STOP, STOP, STOP!" Joanna leaps from the bed and slaps her son's face. "You have to stop doing this! Control yourself, Danny...I am your mother!"

"I don't care!" Danny yells back. "I love you, Mom! You're so beautiful and I wanna do..." His voice trails off and he turns away.

Joanna is furious now...embarrassed and confused. "Do what, Danny?" she demands, reaching out to spin her son around to face her. She stands just inches away from her son. Her nipples are engorged and will brush her son's chest if she moves any closer. "What do you want to do, Danny?"

"I want you, Mom!" Danny sobs. You're so pretty! I love your tits and your body and I want to fuck you, Mom!"

Joanna makes as if to slap her son again, but stops. She sits down on the bed and her puts her face in her hands, stopping to curiously sniff her fingers that smell like pussy. "This can't be happening. It has to stop." Joanna looks up at her son. "You have to control yourself, Danny. We both do. We can't let the creep mess with our heads...that's what he's doing."

Joanna apologizes for Danny for hitting him. She tells him not to think about her...to keep his thoughts elsewhere. Joanna tells her son to stop masturbating, period. "I love you, son, but you can't think of me like that...I am your mother. There will be girls someday soon, but it can't be me."

The next two days are long, especially for Danny. His cock is perpetually hard. Joanna tries to keep his mind off it by doing other things. She runs him through math problems from his senior math class. She quizzes him about History, Science, and other subjects. It doesn't help much. Danny sees her beautiful body and he is mesmerized and aroused. Every bounce of her meaty tits as she moves captivates him. The pressure builds.

Toward the end of the second day, Joanna is in torment as she watches her son suffer. Danny has taken to standing facing the concrete wall, trying not to look at her. The past twenty minutes he is slowly and lightly banging his head against the wall while he struggles to keep his hands from stroking his aching cock. Tears run down his mother's face and I sense she's about to make a decision.

"Danny, come here," she says softly. Danny turns and looks at her. His face is a study of torment and frustration. Joanna points to the wooden chair. "Sit down, son." Danny does so.

Joanna takes a deep breath, starts to speak, but is speechless as her son faces her, seven inches of thick, erect penis pointing directly at her. She tries to look away, but is drawn back to the stiff log rising out of her son's lap. I smile. She has made a decision.

"I'm so sorry I hit you, Danny. I'm sorry I didn't accept that you are a young man with new needs and desires...especially with all that has happened to us because of the Creep." (I have accepted my new title with some amusement.)

Danny looks confused and miserable. "What are you saying, Mom?"

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