tagRomanceThe Ice Storm

The Ice Storm


It was a cold February that year. However, the events of that one weekend were very hot. It was the weekend of the big ice storm. No one knew it was coming until it was too late. If we had of known, the wonderful events of that weekend wouldn’t have happened, and I wouldn’t have had the best time of my life.

It was a simple plan we had. We would go to a nice cabin in the woods and spend a weekend partying. Far enough away from everyone else that we could do anything we wanted out there. Sleeping in and drinking all night while listening to loud music. The five of us would get back together for the first time since high school. However, we would learn that the best laid plans would not turn out like we planed.

We were three males and two females, a group of friends from a small town high school. We had been apart since I went to college a year ago. Marian and Allan were the oldest. They graduated first but choose to stay in town after high school. John and myself graduated a year after Marian and Allan. John stayed in town but I went off to college. A year later Alex graduated and we decided to get back together.

I arrived back in town that Thursday the 12th. The plan was to meet up with everyone at Allan’s house. From there we took his van to the cabin his uncle lent us for the weekend. Allan was driving with Marian ridding shotgun. They held hands and laughed with each other. Marian brought Allen’s hand to her lips for a flirtatious kiss. He shot her a pleased glance with a sparkle in his eyes that only those in love have. Further back bottles clinked and clanked as John examined our supply of liqueur. Next to me in the back seat Alex sat looking out the window. Her sweet scented, auburn hair was hit by the suns rays just right to make it simmer. Her hair fell over her shoulders and brushed the light skin of her breast. Freckles stood out on her cleavage that was exposed by her low cut shirt. My eyes followed the lines of her body down to the curves that were her belly. The outline from the form-fitting shirt showed the softness of her cute pug. Then following that down and back I saw the cushion of her round ass. Soft enough to squeeze but not too big. My mouth watered at the thought of it on pressed on my lap. My eyes moved to her thighs that were parted just a bit. They called to the perfect path to the treasure in between them. Further down my gaze went until I came to her bare feet. So kind she was to take her shoes off for the trip. Of course, it wasn’t for me that she did it. She wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Still, I enjoyed the display all the same. The soft, pale skin of her feet called out for me lick it. Her long toes danced as she flexed them. I could have died happy if only I had the chance to suck them first. My secret thoughts of lust and desire were then interrupted by the radio.

A weather report came on and said that freezing rain was heading for our area. The north central part of Indiana, which we were in, was under a winter storm advisory. I looked around the van but no one really seemed concerned about the weather. I wasn’t concerned ether. All of our lives we have lived in this part of Indiana and were used to this kind of weather. It seemed to me that the weather forecasters always made a big deal over nothing. More than once I have heard advisories about storms and such with nothing resulting but a few inches of snow. The cabin had a fireplace so if the power did go out there we could use the fireplace to keep warm and cook our food. I was ready to turn my attention back to Alex’s wonderful body but decided not to because Allan was pulling in front of the cabin.

We all hoped out of the van and carried our supplies into the cabin. Once inside, I looked around the main room. This place had a 52-inch TV, DVD player, VCR, surround sound system, CD/cassette/AM/FM stereo, and computer center with Internet access all hooked together. There were two recliners, a couch, and love seat for seating in front of it. Toward the other side of the room I saw a large card table for playing the games of all kinds that were stack on the selves behind it. The room was well lit with over head lighting and many lamps, but there were also oil lamps all around the room in case the power went out. In one corner there was a huge fireplace with lots of wood stored ready for use.

“Well this is it my friends. Our prefect party pad for the weekend. What do you think?” Allan said as he swept his hands in a dramatic gesture.

“It’s so big! Wow I love it about as much as I love you.” Marian replied as she threw her arms around Allen and gave him a big kiss.

“Yea it’s great. I just want to know one thing though. Where do I set up the bar?” John said as he coveted the liqueur.

I said a few words of approval as I noticed Alex jump on the couch and kick off her shoes again. This sight caused a stir in my pants so I decided to sit down in case it proved to turn into something harder that I needed to conceal. While I was away at college I had forgotten how attracted I was to Alex. She was smart, beautiful, funny, caring, sexy, and an all around perfect woman. We had a great friendship so I kept my feelings for her a secret. I never missed a chance to admire her and dream about her though. I was careful so she wouldn’t catch on. Still, there had been times when I was sure she caught me looking at her, but she had never said anything to me about it.

“God Damnit,” John glared hard at Allen with his mouth twisted in an ugly snarl. “Allen you stupid bastard. I told you to take it easy on that dirt road. Now look at this shit. These bottles are busted all to hell.”

“Huh,” Allen ran over to look at the bag John held in his hand. “Shit! My smokes were in that bag. It looks like I am going to have to go to back to that town we passed on the way here.”

“I’ll go too. I saw a liqueur store there and I need to replace this.”

“I am coming also.” Marian said.

“All right, Hale, Alex you two stay here. We should only be gone an hour or so.”

“Not a problem Allen. I am sure me and Hale can find some way to survive that long with out you.”

“Like work on your grammar. It would be ‘Hale and myself’ hon.” I said and gave her a big smile.

“Work on this bastard.” She said as she lobed a pillow at me and laughed.

“Hey, knock that off. What are you guys, two-year-olds. I expect my uncle’s cabin to be in one piece when we get back.”

“Nope, I’m five and a half.” She said and stuck out her tongue.

“Oh, I’m a much more mature seven year old.” I said and rolled my eyes.

Allan just shook his head and sighed as they left. I looked out the window and saw that snow and rain were starting to come down hard. I hoped that they would be ok going to town in this weather. I hadn’t worried about it before but I hadn’t planed on anyone leaving the cabin then ether. I thought it best not to worry about it. I knew that Allan was a good driver and could handle himself in this weather.

“Hale, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Alex. What’s on your mind?”

“Do you think they will be all right driving in this weather?”

I gave a little chuckle to reassure her and said, “I am sure they will be fine. Allan knows how to drive in this stuff. Really it is us that I am worried about.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, were all alone in this house with nothing to do. We may die of boredom before they get back.”

She smiled at that and said, “Come over here next to me we’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

I walked over and sat on the couch next her. We talked for a while and told each other what we had been doing since we last saw each other. All this time the weather was getting worse outside. I could hear trees creak as ice weighed on their limbs. Then I heard one break and all the lights went out. I felt Alex grab my arm and dig her fingers into it. I took her other hand in mine and gently caressed it.

“Are you all right?”

“Yea, I am fine. That just gave me a scare.” She said as I felt her trembling.

“Don’t worry. It was just a branch that fell on the power line. We’ll be all right.”

“It’s just that these storms scare me.”

“It’s all right my dear. You’re here with me and I won’t let anything happen you.”

She smiled at me in the glow of the fire and laid her head on my shoulder.

“You always could make me feel better no matter what was bothering me.”

I smiled and stroked her hair as her warm breath tickled my neck. My phone ringing quickly shattered the serenity of the scene though. Alex jumped and I put my hand on her shoulder to calm her. My first thought was that it must be Allan calling. I looked at my watch and saw that two hours had passed since they left. I answered the phone and heard Allan’s voice on the other end. There was a lot of static on the line so he wasn’t very clear.

“Hey, Hale is that you?”

“Yes it’s me. Where are you guys?”

“We are at a rest stop. Listen, we’re stuck here. The roads are too bad to make it back tonight. Are you guys going to be all right there?”

“We’ll be fine here. Are you going to be all right there?”

“Yea, it’s a nice heated one. There are other people stuck here too. It won’t be comfortable but we’ll make it.”

“All right, thanks for letting us know. We were getting worried. You guys take it easy.”

“You too. We’ll be back as soon as the roads clear.”

“All right see you then.”

“See you then.”

I hung up the phone and looked at Alex. “What’s wrong?” She asked as her eyes started to tear up and her lower lip trembled. I put my arm around her and squeezed her shoulder and said, “That was Allan. They are stuck at a rest stop. They’re ok but the roads are too bad for them to drive back here. They are going to stay there until the roads clear some. So it looks like it is just me and you tonight.”

“I was afraid that would happen. Can you do me a favor tonight?”

“Sure, anything you want.”

“Will you sleep with me? I mean like I said I am really scared in weather like this. I just need someone to sleep next to me. I wouldn’t ask you to do it but I don’t have anyone else. You really don’t have to if you don’t…”

I put my finger to her lips to cut her off and said, “I would be honored to sleep with you. We can camp out here by the fire so to speak.”

She gave a little smile and said, “That sounds great to me.”

We got blankets and such to make a bed by the fire and roasted some hot dogs for diner. We talked about this and that while we ate. After dinner we had a few drinks. I wasn’t drunk but was feeling buzzed. Alex looked to me as if she was feeling the same.

“You know what, Hale. You are very cute, I bet you get a lot of college girls.”

“You would be surprised my dear. I haven’t gotten any since I been to college.”

“No way, I can’t believe that. Why haven’t you.”

“Oh it is true all right. I guess I am just very shy. I have met a few. I just haven’t ever had the courage to talk to them. I wouldn’t really say I was afraid of rejection. It more like I expect to be rejected so I figure why bother.” I said as I absentmindedly twirled my finger in her hair.

“That feels very good. I love to have my hair played with,” she said as she smiled and laid her head on my lap. “You sound like you have no self confidence. That’s a shame too. You are such a wonderful guy that any girl would be lucky to have.”

“You’re very kind to me with your words my dear. Perhaps you are right about me not having self-confidence. Maybe if I found a girl that felt strong enough about then maybe I could get past that problem. However that would cause a whole new set of problems.”

“How so?”

“Well, the only way I would feel that strongly about someone would be if I knew them. I would have to be very close to them. If I were that close then I would fear that telling them how I felt would cause me to lose them forever. That is too great of a risk.”

“I know just how you feel. You keep admiring them from a far but never taking the risk of letting them know. Seeing how wonderful he is and wishing that he would make a move on you.”

“Indeed, knowing that you would do anything for her.”

“Yes, only wanting to say, ‘Hale I love you’ but fearing too.”

I stop playing with her hair then as I looked at her with shock at what she said. Alex looked up dreamy eyed and saw my face. Then her face turned to horror, as she must have just realized what she had just said. She quickly turned away from me and buried her face in her hands. I could hear muffled sobs coming from her. I knew that I had just hurt her there. I didn’t intend to but still it broke my heart. I gently tugged on her shoulders and said, “Don’t cry honey.”

She raised up and looked at me with her teary face and said, “You must think I am a stupid little girl with a crush. I am sorry; I said it without thinking. Please don’t be mad at me. I couldn’t stand to lose you. Please…”

I cut her off with a kiss and said, “I love you too.”

“You… you do.”

“Yes I have for a long time. I have admired you from afar so long. Always stealing glances when I thought you weren’t looking. Afraid to tell you about it because I thought if I did tell you, I would lose you.”

She threw her arms around me and held me tight.

“I am so happy you feel that way. You were what I always wanted, but I never thought that you could ever want me. You could have any girl you wanted so why would you want someone as plain as me.”

“You are all I have ever wanted. You are beautiful. You are my goddess whom I wish to worship.” I said and kissed her again. My tongue darted into her mouth. Our tongues dance with and caressed each other. My hands slid down her back and into her shorts. I could feel her silk panties as my fingers danced across her great ass. I cupped her checks with my hands and lifted her onto my lap. Alex wrapped her legs around me and slid my shirt up over my head and threw it behind her. My rock hard dick was straining against my shorts and poking her. She raised up onto her knees and I removed her shirt and bra. I licked her belly and played with her soft breasts as she ran her fingers trough my hair. She pushed me down so I lay on my back and then remove my shorts leaving me naked. My erect penis was standing strait up and she gently traced its shaft with her finger. Her hand grabbed a hold of it and began to stroke it up and down. Slow at first then gaining speed. Alex held my dick at the base and licked the head. She kissed the head sending electricity throughout my body. Her sweet mouth was on the head sucking it like a bottle. Her tongue wildly danced around my shaft as her mouth went up and down on it sucking. Her hands played with my balls as I could feel them aching for release. I grabbed her hair and bucked my hips as I shot my cum down her throat. She took great care to lick my semi-hard dick clean.

I rolled Alex over onto her back. I kissed, licked, and nibbled on her from her lips all the way down to her feet. Every inch of her tasted of sweat and passion. I have always loved her feet. I started with the soles. Licking every inch of them. Being driven wild by her struggle as my rough tongue tickled her soles. I let my tongue roam to her toes. I sucked on them much like she had just done my cock. I didn’t stop until I had kissed, licked, sucked, and nibbled on every part of her wonderful feet. I moved my mouth up her legs until I reached her thighs. I used my mouth on every part of them moving in circles up around her sweet belly. My circles grew smaller and smaller as I closed in on her juicy lips. As I moved closer I could smell the sweet juices dripping from her pussy. They made my mouth water as I worked on the area between her vagina and asshole. I moved in on her vagina first sticking my nose to it to take deeply of the sent then to blow that air out over her clit. I ran my tongue along the out side of her lips and then the inside. Then I came down, my tongue diving into her, and drank her juices. I did this until she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to her clit. I sucked it and used my tongue on it just as I had her toes. She grabbed my head and forced it down as she bucked her hips and came wildly. Her screams echoed trough the cabin as I drank her orgasm.

My dick had found life anew and was standing at attention. I whispered sweet words of love into her ear as I rolled her on to her hands and knees. My dick slowly slid into her welcoming pussy as I lay soft kisses on her neck. Her breasts more than filled my hands as I cupped them and rolled the nipples in my hands. Her soft moans told me that she was ready. I thrust into her as I lifted her upright. I completely buried myself in her as she cried out in pleasure. I slowly gained a rhythm as I worked in and out of her wet pussy. Her hands played with her clit as she moaned and cried out her pleasure. I kneaded her breasts and spoke softly into her ear of how I loved her and how overjoyed I was to be making love to her.

She told me she was close climaxing and I said I was about to cum as well. I quickened pace as her moaning got louder. Then one final time I sunk into her as far as I could. Her pussy contracted griping my throbbing shaft like a vice. She squealed in delight as orgasm racked her body. This was all too much for me to bear and my seamen exploded forth from me the first waves her orgasm shot trough her body.

My heart was racing and my breathing was heavy. My body was drained of energy and I let myself fall backward pulling her down on top of me. She turned over and laid her head on my chest letting her breath tickle my nipple. I kissed the top of her head and stroked her soft hair.

“I love you Alex. That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced.”

“I love you too. For so long I have wanted for you to make love to me like that. Now you’ve made all my dreams come true.”

“You are all I’ve ever wanted. Stay in my arms and I’ll be complete and have all that I could ever desire.”

“Good, because I never want to leave them.”

I held her in my arms and she embraced me with hers. Our bodies became as one moving in unison as we drifted into our first peaceful slumber together.



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