tagMatureThe Importance Of Good Neighbours

The Importance Of Good Neighbours


I wrote this story originally in Dutch during a very quiet afternoon at work.

As some of 'my' English readers got curious, I decided to translate it. More or less, as some little things are different. I think it's easier to write in English straight away instead of translating. So, if things seem funny... bear with me :)


My god, I'm so incredibly horny today. At work, seated at my desk, I tried to squeeze my legs and pussy as much as possible just to make myself cum and hopefully without anyone else noticing.

I'd been to the toilet several times, just to finger fuck myself. Of course, that was something I couldn't do too often as others would notice me going to the ladies all the time, so I kept shifting on my chair while my pussy leaked its juices into my white cotton panties.

During my lunch break – instead of going to the canteen - I actually went home to lie on bed to fuck myself for lack of anything better with a large carrot. Oh damn, I was sooo horny and I came sooo hard. Afterwards I rushed back to work wearing a clean pair of panties. When I drove away I noticed my neighbour's car parked under the carport, but unfortunately their was no sign of the guy himself.

Things didn't improve this afternoon. Even though – or do you reckon because of?? – I'd carrot fucked myself, my pussy kept demanding my attention. Within the hour my panties were soaked again. I just couldn't wait for the working day to be over. I just wanted to leave. Go home and finger myself.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a nymphomaniac or anything like that. As a matter of fact, I'm 23 years old and am relatively inexperienced when it comes to men. I think that most people would consider me a boring, quiet girl, possibly even an ice queen.

I also work at a university library, need I say more? I'm sure you've got an image of me now. No, I don't have long grey hair tied in a bun, nor do I wear glasses and no, no woollen skirts till my ankles or blouses buttoned up till my chin.

At work I usually wear black trousers and a nice blouse or cute top. At home I generally wear jeans, though I try to wear skirts more often. Not the super short ones, but the ones that stop just above my knees.

I don't have long grey hair, but dark hair that just reaches my shoulders. Seriously, the only thing grey about me are my eyes and well, yeah, my sex life.

I may be a bit reserved when it comes to men, but that doesn't mean my pussy doesn't like attention. Trust me, if you could put a hand between my legs right now, you'd know better right away.

Anyway, I was very glad that I got to go home at 6pm. Just a few months ago I moved to a nice quiet street in the older part of town. You know, the kind of street where people know each other and actually take the time to have a chat with you.

Unfortunately, that happened today as well: Mrs. DeBurgh kept rambling on about her niece while her large dog kept pushing its wet snout in my hot crotch.

I was too polite to cut her short, but I let out a sigh of relieve once the front door closed behind me. I rushed upstairs to my bedroom and took off my blouse, but kept wearing my bra. I yanked my trousers and panties down in one go and I rolled onto my bed.

I could feel my juices trickle down my legs. I grabbed the large carrot with dried up cum from earlier that day. It didn't take long until it was nice and deep inside my cunt again and I felt my orgasm approaching.

I moaned and told my imaginary fuck partner to go on, to keep pumping his thick fat cock inside my pussy, that I was his little slut. I climaxed with a loud groan and I felt my pussy contracting around the carrot, desperate for those hot squirts of sperm that obviously never came.

With a deep sigh I pulled the carrot out of my pussy. I pulled off my bra and put on a clean pair of panties. I decided to put on my nightie as well. I wasn't going anywhere anymore that night and jeans would only get in the way.

I heated up some food in the microwave and tried to watch TV, but I couldn't concentrate. In the end I took my notebook computer and started to read some hot sex stories on the Internet. It didn't take long until I felt my third set of panties of the day become damp. I lay comfortably on the couch and balanced my notebook on my lap while in the meantime I scrolled through the stories with one hand while my other hand rubbed my pussy.

I was about to log on to a chat site, hoping to find a horny guy who'd be willing to talk me to an orgasm, when the doorbell rang. It startled me so, that I slammed my notebook shut, but I didn't get up. When the bell rang again a little later, I got up and went to the door. I opened the door little more than a crack and the next door neighbour was standing in front of it. He had a hand in his jeans pocket and stood with his back towards me. Apparently something in the street had drawn his attention.

"Yeah?" I asked and he turned around.

"Sorry," he laughed shortly, "I hadn't realised you'd opened the door. I just wanted to say–"

He stopped short when I didn't open the door any further. Now, OK, we didn't know each other that well, but I don't usually hide behind doors.

"I'm sorry, am I catching you at a bad time? Are you ill?"

"No no, I'm just, uhm, well, I already got my nightie on."

"Oh?" he glanced at his watch and I automatically glanced at mine. It was barely 8.30pm.

"You're early," he chuckled.

"Mmwyeah, it's been a long day," I bit on my bottom lip. The neighbour is a nice, easy going kind of guy of about 30. He's half a head taller than I am and is physically very fit. He goes for a run most mornings. He's got short dark hair and beautiful brown eyes that were now looking at me. And his mouth....

"OK, so you'll be going to bed nice and early."

"Hmm? Oh yeah, nice and early to bed," I nodded in agreement with a head that was turning red slowly but surely. I was definitely going to go to bed early, but for a different reason than he thought.

"Why I'm here: tomorrow I'll be tearing down the fence. I've got the new one in."

"Oh, OK."

He looked so hot...

"A mate of mine will lend a hand and we'll be starting early."

I nodded while my cheeks burnt.

"So, don't get spooked when you suddenly see two blokes in your back yard tomorrow, alright?" he laughed softly.

"No, I won't, thanks," I put a hand over my face. I felt so hot.

"Are you sure you're OK?" he sounded worried.

"No." Shit! "Yes! I mean yes, I'm feeling fine."

He came a little closer. I saw the neighbour across the street come home. He looked briefly into our direction, before he went inside and I became even more aware of the heat in my face and the heat between my legs.

"You sure?"

My face was red, my pussy soaking wet and my hands held on to the door handle for dear life. Then I heard myself say:


"No? Hey, if there's anything I can do...."

I nodded and after a short hesitation I opened the door wider. There I was standing in front of my neighbour in my short nightie. My erect nipples could be clearly seen through the cotton material.

"Could you please fuck me? I've been so incredibly horny all day and-"

"Excuse me?" he looked at me stupefied. I could feel my heart beat in my throat.

"I would really like you to fuck me..."

He remained quiet and just stared at me.

"I'm so incredibly horny. I've been so wet all day," I hardly dared look at him. He just stared at me with those dark eyes.

"I'm wearing my third pair of panties and even they are no longer dry. Would you like to feel for yourself?" I asked quietly and I pulled up my nightie just a little, just so that he could see my panties. He looked over his shoulder. The street seemed deserted. I could see him swallow, but then he said:

"Sure, I'd like to feel it, but perhaps it's better if I do so inside? Mrs. DeBurgh and her dog will be here soon for their evening walk..."

"Yeah, of course, come on in," I quickly stepped aside and he got in and closed the door behind him. The little hallway suddenly felt even smaller. He was standing so close to me.

"Well, alright then, let me feel it."

He pushed me gently against the door and stood in front of me. I felt his hot breath on my face, while he raised my nightie with a hand. His face was so close to mine, his eyes staring deeply into mine. I wanted to close my eyes to avoid his stare. In a way I felt so embarrassed, but then I felt his hand slide over my panties and he reached that hot, wet spot between my legs.

"Ooh!" I couldn't stop myself. I'd intended to be quiet, but he'd pressed a finger against my pussy and slowly started to rub. My pussy responded immediately by pressing itself against his hand. He smiled.

"Your panties are indeed nicely wet, but, well, is your pussy really as wet as you'd like me to believe?"

"Mmm, yes..."

"I'd like to feel that too."

"Yes," I sighed.

"Let's take this off first, shall we?" and he pulled my nightie up and over my head and dropped it on the floor. My arms hung beside me while he stared hungrily at my body. He started to fondle my breasts. My C cup breasts seemed to fit so nicely in his hands and my nipples were so hard.

"There's nothing wrong with your tits either. Very nice."

He stepped closer and took off his own T-shirt. I felt his hot body pressed against mine. His hands stroked and gently squeezed my breasts before they slid down my body, towards my bum. He grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them. I was leaning against him and moaned against his throat.

He pulled me against his erection and I wanted to undo his belt, but he stopped me and pulled down my panties instead.

Even though it was lovely summer weather and the temperature inside was comfortably warm, it suddenly felt a bit chilly between my legs. I wanted to squeeze them together but his hand was already in between. His fingers slid over my wet pussy lips and reached the warm, wet opening. He pressed his finger inside and I moaned again and wanted to pull up a leg to give him more access.

His dark brown eyes had become even darker with lust.

"You really are very wet, and you know, because you've asked so nicely," he grinned at me, "Yeah, I'll fuck you."

"Mmm, yeah!" I bit in my lower lip while I pressed my back against the door and my cunt firmly on his finger.

"Just tell me where... I could take you here, or in the kitchen, or in your bed," he pushed a second finger inside of me and I just couldn't answer. It felt so good! His fingers inside of me, his hot body against me. I just wanted to get laid.

"Never mind. I already know."

He pulled his fingers out of my pussy, unbuckled his belt and opened the button of his jeans. I felt so horny when I heard the zipper go down. He pushed his jeans and boxers down till his knees.


I opened my eyes, though I didn't remember closing them. He laughed at me.

"I want you to see what's going to enter that horny pussy of yours."

I looked down and saw his thick, hard cock. He was larger than I'd expected and I for a second I had my doubts. He seemed to notice that and slowly shook his head.

"Too late, little girl," he grabbed his cock and took my hand, "I felt yours..."

My breathing was fast, my heart pounded in my chest and my pussy was begging for attention and here I was, holding and stroking his big cock. It was so thick, that my fingers barely fit around it. It felt warm and hard and at the same time soft. My thumb slid over the top of its head where pre-cum was already glistening. I gently stroked his cock. He started to groan and pressed himself against me.

"I'm gonna fuck you," he growled in my ear and I held on tight to his shoulders. He hooked his arms under my legs and pushed me up. I felt his slick head pushing against the entrance of my pussy. He slid it up and down until I thought I was losing my mind. My pussy started to throb and my pussy muscles started to contract and he wasn't even inside of me yet!

I clung to him and moaned in his ear: "Please, fuck me!"

He muttered a reply and pressed his cock's head inside my pussy. Oh, so hot! I'd been so horny all day that I climaxed almost straight away. I felt my juices leak out of my pussy via his prick.

He waited a few seconds, before he slammed his cock all the way till his balls inside my cunt. I screamed and dug my fingers deeper in his shoulders and back.

"NOW I'm going to fuck you," and having said that he started to pump my pussy hard and fast. The world around me was gone. My world existed only of his hot breath in my face, his moaning and growling in my ear, his fingers digging in my ass cheeks and his cock pounding into my pussy. The door was creaking from the pressure and I felt my muscles contract again.

"Ooh, I'm gonna cum! Oh baby, I'm cumming. Go on, fuck me!"

He rammed even harder and I hit the back of my head against the door. My fingers dug in his shoulders and my orgasm was so strong, that I actually started to see black spots.

I heard him growl "Fuck!" and I felt how his cock tensed and then, finally I felt hot sperm being squirted in my pussy. My pussy contracted around his cock and started milking it.

"Oh fuck!" he let go of my legs and I stood trembling between him and the door. I ran my fingers through my hair. He pressed his mouth on mine and pushed his tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues entwined in a short, but extremely hot kiss. His cock meanwhile slid out of me and hung limp between us. I felt both his and my cum trickle out of me.

He ended the kiss and started to laugh softly. I looked at him and he answered my unspoken question: "I just came over to tell you about the fence!"


He tongued me a little more before he said: "Everyone around here thinks you're such a good little girl..."

"I am," I assured him, "I mean, I don't go around seducing my neighbours."

"I think it's hot," his fingers played with my pussy. Stroking gently and off and on a finger would slide inside.

"Listen baby, I was supposed to catch up with a mate of mine tonight."

"OK," I nodded at him. Not a problem.

"I can cancel..." he kissed my neck.

"And then what" I asked teasingly.

"Kitchen, bed..." nibbled my ear.

"Hmmm," I licked my lips and moaned when his fingers started to rub my clit a bit harder. His cell phone rang and while he kept fingering me, he fished it out of his jeans pocket. He looked at the display and said:

"Yep, that's Tom. Probably wondering what's keeping me."

I smiled contently, enjoying the feel of his finger inside of me.

He pushed a button and brought the phone to his ear.

"Hey Tom, listen mate, I'll be right there," he looked at me, amused, "Oh, if you need to know, I just fucked my sexy neighbours brains out."

I could hear Tom reply, but couldn't make out the words. My neighbour started to laugh.

"Yeah, see you in a bit."

He looked at me with a big grin on his face.

"He didn't believe me."

I didn't say anything, but squeezed my legs together when he pulled his finger out. He pulled his boxers and jeans up and put his T-shirt back on. All the while he kept looking at me.

"I've gotta go," he opened the door and had his eyes wander over my body once more. The sun had just disappeared behind the trees and houses, but it was still very light.

"But if you ever need a 'hand' again..."

I blushed and he stroked my face.

"You're so hot," he said softly.

"At what time do you guys start tomorrow morning?"

"Early, so we're not gonna make it too late tonight."

"It's Tom who'll be helping you?"

He laughed shortly. "Ha! Yeah, Tom will be lending a hand."

I looked at him and I just couldn't get rid of that silly smile on my face. I just felt so good.

"I'll take care of morning tea and lunch."

"Sounds good to me."

"And perhaps you could give me a hand at some point..."

The grin didn't seem to want to leave his face either. He moved closer and our tongues met again in a quick kiss.

"Just let me know, baby."

Then he walked quickly back to his house and I heard him get into his car. I was still standing in the doorway when he drove away.

I was about to close the door, when I noticed the neighbour across the street. He stood in his garden and stared at me. I stared back, thinking 'what?", but then I realised that I was naked and he could see it all. Instead of slamming the door shut however, I smiled and waved at him. He hesitated briefly before raising a hand in greeting. I turned around and bent over to pick my panties off the floor. I knew darned well, that this allowed my neighbour a first class view of my cunt.

I closed the door and leaned with my back against it. I'd expected to feel ashamed or something like that. I mean, I'd let myself be fucked by a guy whom I hardly knew and I knew he would be doing it again.

I'd also just shown the neighbour across the street what I've got. He's married, so, normally that would be a definite no go, but well, it's not like I want to marry him. Besides, I saw a bulge in his pants and the idea of having sex with someone in his fifties is a definite turn on.

I took a nice hot shower and now I'm sitting on my bed and I know, it may sound unbelievable, but I'm horny again. The carrot's still on my bed. It isn't the same, but it's nice and thick, so... I'll be playing with myself again for a little while...

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NOT criticizing. Trying to help.

Hi, while I'm fluent in American English, the idea of fewer words still applies.
(Yes, less is SOMETIMES more?...:+))

From your opening:

I'd been to the toilet (ladies room) several times, just to fingermore...

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