tagFetishThe Interview

The Interview


Jon needed a job. Having been laid-off for the second time in a year, his cash and unemployment benefits were running out, so he had to do something. Being turned down by several good prospects, his self esteem and enthusiasm for working was running out, too.

Nevertheless, he had to try. So, he applied at the local Discount-Mart as an overnight stock supervisor. Working the graveyard shift, he would receive a bonus in pay, and also allow him to go back to school and finish his degree during the day.

He arrived at the appointed time for the interview wearing his khaki pants, a button down shirt, and wool sports coat. 'Probably a little overdressed for this place,' he thought to himself. The offices were tucked back in a quiet, far corner, where they were out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the busy store. As he entered the alcove that was the office reception area, he saw an attractive, young woman working the front desk. The nameplate read Rebecca Gordon. He walked up and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Jon Morgan. I have a ten-thirty appointment with Ms. Walker."

"Oh, yes, Mr. Morgan. Please have a seat. I'll let her know that you're here," she answered with a sweet voice and even sweeter smile. "Thank you," Jon said as he took a seat.

He also took note of how cute this girl was. Her wavy, strawberry blonde hair was pulled back with a clip, as her blue eyes studied the work in front of her. The fuzzy sweater she wore seamed to accentuate her young, firm breasts all the more, almost tempting him to reach out and squeeze them. 'Man, she can't be more than 20 years old,' he thought to himself. 'If only... ah, never mind. It'll never happen, bub. Just keep your mind on the interview.'

She picked up the phone, pushed a few buttons, and spoke: "Gloria? Mr. Morgan is here for his interview... Uh, huh... Uh, huh... Oh, yeah. (giggle, giggle) I'm sure. Ok, buy."

Then, turning back to him, "Mr. Morgan? Gloria will be with you in a minute."

"Ok, thanks," Jon replied, once again noticing that great smile and - what was that? - a mischievous look in her eye. 'Hmm, I wonder what that was all about,' he wondered. 'Oh, well. Maybe that means Ms. Walker will be in a good mood.'

He sat there thumbing through a couple of magazines, still thinking of, and stealing discreet glances at, Rebecca's fuzzy sweater when he heard it.


The unmistakable sound of a woman's high heeled shoes walking on tile. The sound always made Jon's head turn about and seek out the source. He loved seeing a woman with nice legs wearing a skirt and heels. He had admitted to himself years ago that he had quite a leg and foot fetish. Especially when those legs were wrapped in sheer nylon and those feet were in sexy high heels.


'Ok,' he thought. 'Just be cool. This woman's probably some old hag with no definition to her legs and wearing flats.'

"Mr. Morgan?" came a smooth voice. He turned his head slowly to the right, and saw just

how wrong he was. Like a slow motion movie clip, he scanned her from toe to head, trying not to be too obvious. First, he noticed her black, patent leather pumps with 4 inch heels. Her slim ankles gave way to rounded calves. The curve of her thighs disappeared under a grey, wool skirt, cut just above the knee. Best of all, her legs were encased in sheer, black nylon!

As he continued his gaze upward, he noticed how her skirt hugged her full hips. Her silk blouse was tucked into a slightly smaller waist, then expanded to cover her voluptuous breasts. Her long, black hair fell upon a grey wool blazer that matched her skirt. She appeared to be only a couple of years older than him; about mid-thirties. "Mr. Morgan?" she said again.

Snapping out it just in time, he answered, "Uh, yes. Ms. Walker, right?" he stood up and extended his hand.

"Yes, I'm Gloria Walker. Nice to meet you." As she shook his hand, he looked into her deep brown eyes, that resembled pools of dark chocolate. Her pouty lips, painted ruby red, smiled at him.

"Uh, yes. Very nice to meet you too," he said, trying to regain a 'professional' composure.

Gloria smiled in spite of herself. She knew she wasn't young and thin, like Rebecca, anymore, but she did try to keep in shape. She still had curves, it's just those curves were a little fuller these days. Rebecca had been right, though. This guy was cute. And he seemed to find her attractive as well. She was glad to see the time spent at the gym wasn't a total waste.

"Follow me, please," she said as she turned to walk down the hallway.

She gave Rebecca a wink as she walked past her desk. As Jon followed, he watched her round bottom sway back and forth under her skirt. He now also saw that her skirt had a tasteful slit in the back. Just enough to catch a glimpse of her nylon covered thighs as she walked. 'Mmm, mmm. Very nice,' he thought. She had just the right amount of sex appeal and class, that he knew he would have a hard time concentrating in the interview.


He followed her into her small office and she shut the door. Her shoes stopped making their sound thanks to the carpeted floor. 'Well at least I won't have that distraction anymore,' he thought.

"Please, have a seat." she directed with a wave of her hand.

He sat in the chair that was next to her desk. The chair was not positioned in front, like other interviews he had been to, but right beside her desk. Gloria sat in her high back chair in front of Jon. She didn't pull the chair in, but crossed her legs and sat facing him.

'Why did she have to do that?' he thought. Her long, smooth calves and cute feet tucked into those sexy heels, were staring him right in the face, no more than three feet away.

They went over the usual interview material. Education, work experience, etc. In the confines of the small office, Jon could smell just a hint of her perfume as it fell softly on the air.

Not a heavy smell, but tantalizing enough to make him want more.

Her black nylons seemed to shine in the light, giving them an even more sleek and sensual look. Jon wondered if they were stockings or pantyhose. He was debating this question with himself, and wondering how they would feel in his hands, and against his cheek, while stumbling with her questions.

"What special qualifications do you have," she asked.

'Expert foot licker and leg massager,' he thought, and very nearly said it.

"Why do you want to work for our company?"

'Too run my hands up and down those great legs and see what's under that skirt,' he almost said again. 'Man, snap out of it, Jon' he told himself.

He new he was blowing the interview, so he shook his head, and tried concentrating on looking her in the eye. That turned out to be just as bad. She looked at him with those sultry eyes, as she 'thoughtfully' tapped her pen against her chin, sending all kinds of erotic suggestions through his mind. His resume and her notepad rested on her knee, as she slowly started to swing her crossed leg. Sweat was forming on his forehead now, as he wondered if he was going to make it out of here without a huge erection showing in his pants.

About that time, as he was desperately trying to control himself, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. Well, below his eye, really. He glanced down, and saw, right in front of him, that she had taken the heel of her crossed leg out of her shoe and was dangling the shoe on her toes!

Now, if her sultry eyes and sweet perfume weren't enough; and her full breasts and tailored suit weren't enough; and her shiny, sheer, black nylons weren't enough, she had to go and do this. He wasn't quite drooling, but he did inhale sharply and then let out a long, slow exhale. "Mmmm," he mumbled, involuntarily, as he shifted in his chair.

Like a fly caught in a web, Gloria had her prey right were she wanted him.


Gloria never liked it when the store did mass hires. Every summer, and at Christmas, the

store would hire a lot of seasonal workers to handle the rush. It always ended up being an endless parade of applicants that could get very tedious. To break up the monotony, she would sometimes ask Rebecca what the next guy looked like. Whether he was cute or not, or might be good in bed. She knew this was highly unprofessional of her, and if anyone found out about it, or worse complained, she would probably get reprimanded. She also knew, though, that all the guys

checked out the female candidates the same way. So, damn the "Political Correctness" and all that crap, she was still entitled to have a little fun at work. She just made sure that no one knew, except her co-conspirator Rebecca, and that it didn't get out of hand.


She remembered how she used to tease some of the boys in school with her cute, little feet. She didn't quite understand it then, but she was aware of how some of them seemed to really like her size 6's. She decided to give it a try. Dangling her pumps from her toes seemed to

accentuate the arch of her small foot all the more. And caused the correct response from her subject.

"Jon?" she asked.

"Jon?" she asked again.

He tore himself from his thoughts, and looked up. "Hmm? Yes? I'm sorry, what?"

"Is there something wrong?" she asked coyly.

"Hmm? Oh, no, nothing wrong. Uh, why?"

"Well, it's just that you've been starting at my feet, and I just wondered if anything was wrong. Do I have a run in my hose?" She stretched her leg out, pretending to look for a run that wasn't there. Turning her ankle first one way, then another, she ran her hands up her legs, to 'check' for runs. Her hands made a 'hssss' sound as she ran them, slowly, along the nylon from ankle to knee.

"Hmm? Uh, no, no. Um, no runs. They look... fine." Jon sat there trying not to let his jaw drop into his lap, as he watched this beautiful woman run her hands up and down her sexy, nylon covered legs. He wasn't quite sure whether this was an innocent act, or if she was playing with him. He was sure, though, that she would soon see his noticeable erection growing in his pants.

"Hmm. I don't see any runs. Are you sure they're Ok?" she asked, extending her leg again.

"Oh, yes. They're quite alright. In fact, they're... well, they're fine," Jon said.

Gloria crossed her legs again, and by this time, her skirt had risen just a bit more above her knee. "Hmm? What was that you were going to say?" she asked him. She 'absent-mindedly'

began to scratch the arch of her foot, once again letting the heel of her shoe dangle from her cute toes.

Jon was beginning to see her game now. Hoping he wasn't wrong, he decided to tell her.

"I was just going to say that I think you have very nice legs, that's all. Very nice, very sexy legs," he said with a small grin, trying to act cool. Now the game was up. Both knew what the other was thinking. But should they take this to the next level?

"Oh, why thank you, Jon. You're so sweet. I do try to keep fit when I can, but it's nice to

hear a compliment once in a while."

"Well, it's all my pleasure," Jon said. "But I'm sure you hear that a lot."

Smiling that seductive smile again, Gloria said, "Well, not as often as I'd like." Still dangling her shoe, she went on. "But anyway, where were we? Ah, yes. Do you have any questions about insurance or anything?"

Just then, her shoe dropped from her toes, landing on the carpeted floor. In the quiet, small office, it may as well have been a thunder clap.

Without hesitation Jon knelt to the floor. "Here, let me get that."

He nearly leapt out of his chair as he knelt at her feet. Instead of picking up her shoe, though, he took her stocking covered foot in his hands. Feeling the silky nylon and soft flesh in his grasp, he began a soft massage. Pressing his thumbs into the balls of her foot, he said with genuine affection, "You have such cute feet, Gloria. Have you ever had a foot massage?"

"Mmm, no. Just one of those wooden roller things you buy at the shoe store. But that feels very nice." Gloria was thinking she would let him go on for another minute or two before stopping this. Just then, Jon put her foot down, in his lap actually, and picked up her other foot. Removing the shoe, he began to massage this foot in the same manner, sending little sparks of pleasure up her legs.

Rubbing the balls of her foot, in between her toes, tickling the arch as he moved on to her heel. Bringing her foot to his face, he inhaled deeply, smelling the aroma that the patent leather pumps had held in. Kissing her arch, then the ball of her foot, and finally her pretty little toes. Jon couldn't help brushing his whole face against her foot, luxuriating in the soft silkiness against his clean shaven cheeks.

As he continued to keel in front of her, he slid one hand up to her ankle, then to her calf.

He placed her foot on his chest to allow him to caress, and kiss, her leg with both hands. Gloria could feel his hard cock under her foot that rested in his lap. She began to rub her foot up and down his bulge. Jon continued to knead and massage her calves. Slowly he moved up to her knee, his fingers lightly tickling the back. Gloria started inching further down into the chair, her legs spreading wider on their own. This provided Jon a perfect view up her skirt, which answered his question - pantyhose, sheer-to-waist, with no panties!

He put her leg down and leaned in to kiss and massage her full thighs. Starting at the knee of her left leg, he slowwly worked his way up to were leg and pelvic bone meet. Hearing no protest, he repeated the action on her right leg, pushing her skirt up around her waist as he went. Kissing the inside of her thigh, then the soft space of tendons between thigh and puss, moving upwards to the top of her mound, then back down the other side to the opposite thigh.

Besides some soft gasps and moans, neither had said much. Before zeroing in on her, and finishing the job, Jon risked the silence and said, " My, Gloria, that's very naughty of you, not wearing panties under your hose."

"Mmm, I..., I was in a rush this morning, and couldn't find a matching pair. I didn't think it would matter, " Gloria answered. "After all, it's not like someone is going to check..."

Both of them enjoyed a nervous chuckle at that. Gloria added, "I hope you're not disappointed".

"Oh, no. In fact, just the opposite. I love it when a woman is dressed like you. It's very sexy. And trust me Gloria, you are a very sexy woman," Jon said passionately.

By now both of Gloria's feet were rubbing Jon's cock and balls through his pants, but he wanted, needed, to feel the direct contact of skin on nylon. To his delight, she suggested it. "Why don't you take you cock out, so I can see it."

Jon quickly opened his pants, and pushed them down to his knees. He placed her stockinged feet on either side of his cock, creating a nylon foot-pussy between the high arches of her feet. Gloria quickly got the idea. Pressing her feet together, she stroked his cock up and down, feeling and seeing it grow harder as she did so. After a few minutes, she took one foot and massaged his balls. With the other, she continued to stroke his erection, pressing it against his abdomen for support. If her feet on his cheeks felt exquisite, then this touch was heaven.

As she alternated between techniques, Jon was feeling very good. He went back down on her to return the pleasure. Licking and kissing circles around her sex through her nylons, slowly drawing her in. The cotton crotch panel of her hose were now completely wet, both from Jon's saliva and her flowing juices. He sucked greedily at them, trying to taste as much of her as he could.

Taking his hand and rubbing her mound, he tried to push a finger through the 'hose. Pushing nylon and finger just past the opening of her pussy, before the material wouldn't allow him to go further. Again he pushed and was stopped. Push and stop. Push and stop. Eventually, the nylon was pulled up tight into her sex. He moved the cotton panel out of the way so he could suck at her clit through the pantyhose.

"Mmm, God, stop teasing me," Gloria gasped. She had opened her blouse and was squeezing and massaging her breasts.

Gloria had always liked the way nylons felt on her skin. Stockings were a nice touch, but pantyhose felt better. The way they hugged and caressed her from her toes all the up her legs and enveloped her round butt. Whether they were sheer-to-waist or control tops, they always gave her a warm, sensual feeling. The sheerer and silkier the material, the better. Like these Wolfords she was wearing today. She never thought to call it a 'fetish', she just knew she like the feeling.

Unfortunately, her ex-husband never felt the same way. He would have wanted her to stay home and wear baggy sweat pants and such, keeping her hidden from the outside world. That, and other things, was the reason for the divorce. Now, this man who she barley knew, was

not only excited by the same nylon she was, but was doing things to her that her ex never did.

"Uhmm, God, please," she groaned again. The nylon barrier creating a delicious tease-and-denial action between Jon's lips and fingers and her pussy. Her hips started to bump against his face.

All thought of professional decorum lost to her now. The only thing she wanted was sexual pleasure and release. To feel this man's hot tongue on her bare pussy. To feel his fingers, his tongue, anything inside of her. She didn't care if anyone walked in on them right there. God, what a site they must be! The usually proper Personnel Director with her skirt up to her waist and a man's face buried between her spread legs and her feet stroking his cock. With that third person image in her head, and the sudden realization that she hadn't locked the door, only seemed to heighten her arousal.

Jon instinctively knew what she needed. He too wondered if the door was locked. Time was now of the essence. Pulling the nylon away from her skin slightly, he tore a small hole right near the soaked crotch. He made a hole just big enough to expose her beautiful pussy and nothing more. He paused for a moment to view the site before him.

Her bush of black hair was trimmed short, and made a nice ring all the way around her pussy. Her outer lips were full and puffy, her smaller inner lips just peeking through. Even now, she was visibly moist and gaping slightly, ready for him. Her distended clit yearned for direct contact. Jon gave her what she needed. Affixing his mouth to her pussy, shoving his tongue inside, and sucking her clit between his lips.

"Ohhh, yess. That's it... Suck my puss-y-y!" she gasped.

Sliding one finger in, he slowly worked it around inside her. When he felt her open up to him, he inserted a second finger, working her over with a steady rhythm. Turning his palm up, his fingers searched for, then found, her spot. Rubbing that spot with alternating rhythms and sucking on her clit and rolling it with his tongue, did the trick.

"Oh, God... Uhnn.. keep doing that... Uhhn... your going... (gasp) to... make me... "

She bucked and spasmed against his face. Her inner walls clenched around his fingers. Her body becoming rigid as her hands clamped down on the armrests of the chair. Trying to remain quiet, she began to babble in ecstasy.

"Umm... yeah...Nggh...Oh! Yessss! Oh... lick... mmngff...right there... right there.. yeasss... Uhn! Uhn! Hmmm..."

As she came down from her orgasm, Jon lifted his face from between her legs. His face was covered with her juice. She looked at him through half closed eyes, watching as he cleaned his face and fingers with his talented tongue, savoring her juices. Suddenly, she had the urge to join him. Leaning in, she sucked his fingers into her mouth, cleaning herself off him. They kissed passionately, sharing her secretions still in his mouth.

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