The Jerk


This is a bit of a departure for me, so please let me know how you like it.


I woke up, rolled to sit on the edge of the bed and lit a cigarette. I ran my fingers through my hair and stared at my feet until I finally stubbed out the cig in the empty ashtray on the nightstand. I stood up and pulled on my jeans, carefully zipping the fly, and turned to look at the babe I had bagged the night before.

She was a honey, short straight blond hair, blue eyes, and nice tits, probably a 36 or 38D cup. She was named Carrie and had been cute and fun at the party, then a wildcat in the sack after. Damn! She was a total babe the morning after! That's a rare occurrence for me, since most babes are pretty plain when the makeup and drinks wear off.

I put on my socks and sneakers then pulled on my t-shirt, and headed out of the bedroom into her living room. Posters of cats and Ikea furniture. Well, what did I expect? I couldn't lock the door behind me when I left, but I hoped it was okay, and I drove to my condo to get ready for work.

That day was pretty good. I made a killing on a property I was brokering, had a great lunch with the guys, and played a game of hoops after work. Not too bad.

I met up with Philly and Tom after the game and we hit Tio's for drinks and a bite. So we're sitting there about to order when this total babe of a waitress comes up and looks at me like she's waiting for my order. Black flats, black tights on incredible legs, a short black skirt that emphasized her tight round ass, and a white blouse holding a great pair of tits. I looked at her nervous expression, the question in her blue eyes… short blond hair… shit.

"Carrie!" I said, "My God, I didn't know you worked here!" I jumped up and gave her a hug. "Man, I was going to call you this morning, and I realized I didn't have your number." The guys started to chuckle quietly, but she just looked up into my eyes with a glowing expression. It looked like I had pulled it off. Carrie gave me her number and I promised to call her as soon as I got a chance.

Our real waiter came over and I told the guys what a fine piece of ass Carrie was while we drank. I had to smile when they watched her serving another table, making pictures in their dirty little minds as I described watching her head bobbing on my cock.

We finished dinner and went to a club. There were some hot little chicks there, and I set my sights on a little redhead sitting at a table in the corner. She had long, luscious legs in fishnets, black leather pumps with a high heel, probably 3 or 4 inches. She had on a short skirt and a black jacket over what had to be a sheer bodysuit. You know, the kind with long sleeves and a high neck that leaves nothing to the imagination and usually has snaps at the crotch? Her hair was red, dark almost purple, bottle red, and she was looking longingly at the dance floor where her friends had apparently abandoned her to hook up.

I creeped up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. When she looked up, I smiled and asked her to dance. She said no at first, but I gave her my best deal-closing smile and asked again, and she took my hand.

Two hours later I was slapping her tits and slamming my cock into her pussy as she bucked and screamed. Her face was all scrunched up as she thrashed her head back and forth, and the way she was humping up into me, I could tell she hadn't been well-fucked in a long time. She was wearing a wedding ring, so that thought made me a little sad. Oh well, right? I pulled out, rolled her over and fucked her pussy from behind as hard and fast as I could until I shot my load.

I got up and went into the bathroom where I took a quick shower. When I came out, she was sitting in bed staring at me. I told her I was going to go watch TV, and she got all pissy with me, said she thought we could be close. I laughed right there, real hard. I shook my head at her and told her if she wanted cuddles and flowers, she should probably go home and fuck her husband as hard as she had just fucked me. She called me a bastard, jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, and I went out and caught some ESPN in the living room. I was made aware she had left when my front door slammed shut.

The next day was good, and after work I went over to the park to run. I feel good running. Just me in my blue running shorts, socks and Nikes, all alone and feeling the world pass me by. I can feel my heart pound, my blood pump, and the breath burn in my lungs when I push myself to run farther and faster than the time before. After about six miles, I hit a wall and knew I had to sit and rest or I'd fall over. I laid out on the grass and panted, looking up at the sky.

I rolled up on one elbow and watched a couple of babes roller-skating by, and almost freaked out when I saw that one of them was Carrie! God she was hot! Red short-shorts, matching red inline skates with white knee socks, and a tight tank top that made me feel a little stiff. Okay, a big stiff.

She hadn't seen me, so I stayed quiet and watched her roll to a bench and sit with her brunette friend with the white shorts. They laughed and talked and appeared to be genuinely happy. I could have watched them for hours. But when they started to get up to leave, I found myself running over to them.

Carrie looked at me for a moment, then I saw recognition come to her face, and she burst out in the biggest, most beautiful smile I've ever seen. She introduced me to Sheryl and I invited them both over to a nearby sidewalk café for coffee. We chatted for a few moments, and I noticed that I didn't know anything about Carrie at all, but she remembered where I worked, and everything else I had said to her at the party.

I caught Sheryl's eyes roaming my legs and shorts as we sat sipping our coffees, and she noticed the bulge growing there and looked up at my face. The little smile she gave me showed some promise.

They decided to walk me back to my car, and I offered them both a ride home, but Carrie said she had to run home and get ready for work, and asked if I could drive Sheryl home. I said sure, and did. I walked her up to the door of her apartment and she invited me in for a drink. The door wasn't even closed and she was on her knees pulling down my shorts. She sucked my cock into her mouth until her lips were pressed to my pubes, and worked her tongue until I had grown to full length – forcing her back a couple of inches. Then she went to work on me and she was good. Her head bobbed, one hand stroked me while the other fondled my balls. Like I said, she was good.

I was about to cum when she stopped and got up, told me to sit down, and ran down the hall. I stripped and sat on the couch, just in time to see her little tits bounce when she ran back, naked, and carrying a little jar of KY. She got onto the couch on her hands and knees and told me to do her ass, so I got a big gob of KY and smeared it on her little pink-brown asshole. I loved the growling moans she made when I put my fingers in her ass, thoroughly lubricating her hole.

I got up on my knees and rammed my cock into her super tight little pussy and fucked her hard for a good five minutes while she begged me to stop and do her ass, and by the time I pulled out she was limp and whimpering.

I put the tip of my cock against her little hole and pressed firmly until the head popped in, then slid in deep. I fucked her ass nice and slow for a minute or two, then noticed a picture on the table. It was Sheryl and Carrie at a party, hugging and smiling at the camera. I fixed my eyes on Carrie's smile and started working faster and faster until she started yelling for me to cum, and then I did. I swear I must have cum enough to fill a Coke bottle, and it felt mighty good. I gave Sheryl a kiss and told her I had to go. I dressed and jogged down to my car.

On Saturday morning I was sitting in my kitchen having coffee and reading the paper. Really that's all. Next thing I know, I've got my cell in hand and I'm listening to Carrie say hello. I couldn't think of anything to say so I made small talk for a few minutes (she thanked me for driving Sheryl home and said she owed me one), and then I found myself asking Carrie out for lunch. She said yes, and I'd swear I could actually hear her jumping up and down. I said I'd pick her up and hung up the cell.

I shaved, threw on some jeans and a dress shirt and headed over to her place. She was a vision in a white sun dress with little white heels. We went to Gem's, a little breakfast place on the beach, and I found myself telling her all about my life (the clean, short version), and then I listened to hers, and I found myself really listening. After lunch we walked on the beach (she carried her shoes) and talked about our jobs and what we wanted to be doing ten years from now.

Before I even thought about it we were kissing, deeply and passionately, with the surf pounding only feet away. I held her, and I liked holding her. I didn't ever want to let her go. She told me that she had never brought a guy back to her place after a party, and that she wanted me to know that she wasn't "easy". I laughed it off and told her it was the same with me, that I prefer to be in a relationship for a while before letting it get physical. We kissed some more, and I drove her home.

I had a party to go to that night, a work party. I didn't expect to have any fun or to get lucky, unless Linda from Accounting had a few too many. But I did my duty and got dressed up nice and headed over at about seven.

The party started out exactly as I knew it would be, until SHE walked in. The whole room stopped to watch her. She was 5'2" (5'6" in the black stilettos she wore), with long, straight black hair. She had long, shapely legs, slender hips, a wondrously tiny waist, and tits that made my mouth water. At least 38DD. Her face was gorgeous, kind of like Lucy Liu, but without the big bones – she was all soft curves. She was wearing a tight black dress with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline, and it hung to about three inches above the knee. Her black stockings had a pattern, almost floral, but soft and subtle.

She walked over to the bar, and I was there seconds later. I introduced myself and she did likewise. Samantha Chiu. The Samantha Chiu. I had been angling to get her account for almost a year, but I figured she was a hag. Damn was I wrong.

As we chatted, I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, but a black satin corset. I had to take a drink to keep from drooling, and I swear my cock was trying to figure out how to work my zipper.

I escorted her over to a table and we were sitting there, chatting nicely when I felt something warm and soft press into my lap. A glance down showed a tiny foot, bare except for a black silk stocking, with a floral pattern. I kept my cool and she stroked me with her foot as we chatted like nothing was going on. She didn't even stop when my boss came over and introduced himself and his wife. Halfway through dinner I asked her if she wanted to go for a drive. "Only if it's back to your place," she said, and we headed for the door.

We made out in the car for close to ten minutes before I started the engine, and she slipped under my arm and blew me while I drove. I'm glad we got there when we did, or I would have blown my load before the evening even started. We got inside and kissed for a couple of minutes, pulling off each other's clothes. As soon as I dropped her dress to the floor she turned around and lean against the wall. Her corset was black satin, and it came to just above her waist. She wore black silk low-rise bikini panties and a garter belt. It took me a second, but I figured she needed some help, and with a bit if struggling, I finally got the corset loose enough that she could pull it off.

She turned and pushed me back onto the floor. Then she started to dance, swaying and turning, and stripping. She slipped her panties down slowly, and I saw that instead of hair, she had a small tattoo on her pussy. There was also a stud piercing on her clit, which I've seen before, but to this day I've never seen another one with a huge diamond on it.

She straddled me, and lowered her pussy onto my face. I reached up and grabbed her hips, but before I could pull her down, she started grinding herself on my mouth and chin, really pressing down and grinding. I was almost suffocated more than once, but man was it worth it.

I love the taste of pussy, I mean, I've never tasted one I didn't like. But her pussy was like candy. I couldn't get enough! I gobbled and licked and sucked, and when the thicker, gooey cum started to flow, it was like I discovered God's own candy stash. She started moaning and pulling at my hair, then stopped and raised herself up off of my face and slid herself down. She reached down and stood my cock up and slid herself down onto me. I reached up to grab those amazing tits, but she slapped my hands away. She slid down, taking all of my into her, then put her hands behind her head with her elbows straight out, closed her eyes, and danced. She didn't move a muscle anywhere on her body, except for her hips. Her hips moved back and forth and swayed here and there, then in tight little circles, but the rest of her was completely still. Her hips moved faster and faster, and her breathing came in shorter and shorter gasps. My head was reeling, and I was starting to see stars. I have never felt anything like this before. It was like I finally found the pussy my cock was invented for. It was a perfect fit, and every move she made was the perfect move to drive me wild. Her ruby red lips parted slightly, and she moaned a simple, short, "oh". That did it for me. I slammed my head back into the floor again and again as the cum started shooting out of me. It shot out so hard it hurt. It felt like a string was being pulled out of my cock, a string that reached all the way inside me then wrapped around my balls.

I was gasping on the floor, I'm pretty sure slipping in and out of consciousness, and when I came to, Samantha was dressed and leaning over me. She kissed me lightly on the lips and said, "My cab's here, Darling. I'll call you." And she left.

I woke up Sunday morning on the floor of my living room. I got up and made coffee and took a shower. When I came out after shaving there was a message on my machine from Samantha. "I'll be at your place at seven, Darling, be ready to go out."

I spent the day reading the Times and working on the computer, then got ready at six. I put on my best suit and shaved again. I stepped to my window at seven on the dot, and saw a black limo pull up to the curb. When I got down to it, the driver held the door for me, and inside was Samantha, with a drink in her hand. I got in and she handed me a glass. Chivas. Nice. Samantha lounged in her seat looking me over, and I returned the favor. She was wearing another pair of 4 inch black stilettos, black silk stockings with a seam up the back, a short black leather skirt, and a white silk blouse that gave tantalizing glimpses of the black lace bra beneath. We sat facing each other, and Samantha put one foot up on each side of my seat, offering me a perfect view up her skirt at her creamy thighs and shaved, exposed pussy. I started to lean forward, but she quickly moved her left leg, placing a stiletto against my chest. "Not yet, Darling"

We arrived at the restaurant and I escorted her inside. We were seated and I was about to order a bottle of wine when I looked up at our waitress. It was Carrie, standing there looking down at me, tears standing in her eyes. Her lips quivered and a tear streaked down her beautiful cheek and stood ready to drip from her perfect chin.

"You Son of a Bitch!" she screamed, threw the menus at me, and ran out of the restaurant. I stood up to chase her, and Samantha hissed, "Sit down, you fool!"

"I-I have to go after her…" I stammered, and after a moment of indecision I took off after Carrie. I got outside just in time to see Carrie's car peal out of the lot. I ran to the street and watched the tail lights fade in the distance. I gathered my wits and went back to the restaurant, but I wasn't even halfway through the lot when the limo sped past me and away.

I tried to go back into Tio's, but the manager was waiting at the door to tell me I wasn't welcome. Three hours and five miles later, I was home. I tried to call Carrie's, but the phone was busy.

I woke up Monday morning and got ready. I went in to work, where my boss handed me a box with my personal belongings. It seems I personally insulted Samantha Chiu and had lost the company over 75 million dollars. I drove over to Carrie's house and knocked on the door.

Carrie opened the door, and I could hear someone bawling inside. Carrie was beautiful even when she looked like she'd been crying all night. She told me that the person crying inside was Sheryl, and that she had confessed that when I had forced myself on her she had fucked me. Carrie said that she thought we had something special, that I was someone special, but that she had obviously been wrong. She said she lost her job because of me, and was going to have a hell of a time finding another job with the reputation she would get from that. Then she told me to leave, to go away, and to never come back, to never call her or try to see her. She closed the door.

I drove home and picked up the paper. I sat in my kitchen with a bottle of Jack Daniels and started circling want ads. Yeah, it was going to be hard to find another one like that.


Please feel free to send feedback - I'm really interested in hearing what you have to say.

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