tagIllustratedThe Knight of Arcalund Book 02

The Knight of Arcalund Book 02


"This is ridiculous." Smokesnort said, shaking his head vigorously, sending a wave of misty water flying in all directions. "Couldn't we do this another day? You know I hate the rain."

Indeed, a cold drizzle had dominated the skies all morning, and of all the places to be on a rainy morning, huddled together outside in the Bandit Forest was not one of the more pleasant options that would come to mind. Nonetheless, Smokesnort was curious about young Sir Carnos' plans at nobility, and always tagged along with him on his adventures, knowing that an exciting time was promised to be had.

"Shhh, quiet! You'll scare off the bandits!" Carnos barked, trying his best to be stealthy, concealed behind some small shrubs.

"So, let me get this straight, you want the Bandits to come? I thought you were going to become a noble, not a highwayman." The dragon whelp let out a harsh and violent sneeze, sniffling afterwards.

"Don't you know anything? Lady Trigabelle's carriage is set to come through this route any minute now."

"Lady Trigabelle? You mean the Gnomish noblewoman?"


"And we're going to rob her?"


"Oh...the bandits are going to rob her?"



Sir Carnos turned to the sniffling dragon, his patience short this morning. "This is the Bandit Forest. No one is safe here, especially nobles, who carry lots of money and wear lots of sparkly jewelry. Naturally, riding through the bandit forest will be dangerous, and assuredly, said Bandits will attempt to rob her."

"So we're going to save her from the bandits?"



The young Goldmorrow outlined his plan to Smokesnort, his deep blue eyes pulsating with excitement. "From our hiding spot here in the bushes, we'll wait till we can get a good look at Lady Trigabelle. If she is even passably attractive, then I will leap out, thrash all the Bandits, and make a daring rescue."

"Oh, I get it. She'll be so grateful that you saved her from the Bandits that she'll offer to marry you, but if she's ugly, then we just let her get robbed, because you don't want to marry someone if she isn't at least passably attractive."


"What if she's already married?"


The Dragon sighed. "Nevermind. Hey, I think I hear something..."

Sure enough, a small, fine carriage was making its way down the trail through the Bandit Forest. The exquisite frameowork and the powerful steeds pulling it foretold great wealth from whomever was inside, and it was common knowledge that Gnomes were peerless merchants and jewelers, their nobles being by far the most well-off of any other species that populated the beautiful world of Arcalund.

Watching from his hiding place, Sir Carnos and Smokesnort the Dragon Whelp watched as sure enough, thin ropes unfurled from the trees and a series of hooded figures descended atop the carriage, knocking the Gnomish coachmen away and dismantling the guards. All told there were 5 Bandits and one that seemed to be leading the assault. All were hooded, their features unable to be deciphered easily.

The leader of the Bandits was dressed in a blood red cloak and hood, while the others sported black. The red-cloaked rogue opened the carriage door and dragged out a frightened gnomish woman and held a dagger to her throat.

Sir Carnos squinted to get a view of the Gnomish noble. She was not a thread above four feet in height, with a gorgeous and pretty face. Large expressive eyes were the colors of emeralds, and her skin was fair and white. Her hair was full of body and was sheered at jaw length, the color of it a very rich and natural brown. Her body was riddled with curves, and her chest and hips were bounties of softness. Her breasts heaved as she stared in fright at the leader of the brigands. On her small and dainty hands were numerous rings, the stones of which were as large as the young knight had ever seen.

"Take a look at those rocks." Sir Carnos whispered in awe.

"Yes, those are some gaudy rings, but she's a Gnome, what did you expect?"

"I didn't mean those." In a flash of movement, Sir Carnos hopped atop his powerful steed Savolt, and with an intimidating battle cry, rode out into the ambush headlong, his trusty sword making shorter than short work of the 5 Bandits, saving their leader for last. The combat was fast and ferocious, with the thieves no match for our valorous hero, who seemed so at ease and natural in the face of such adversity.

Strange thing about heroes, isn't it? Their uncanny ability to make it look so very easy. It seemed as if Sir Carnos swung his sword, one of the rogues would walk into the blow and crumble to the ground in an unconscious heap. Years of adventuring had made the youngest Goldmorrow a true performer in battle, and his gleaming white smile after the battle was even more impressive than his fighting during it.

"Surrender, thief! Unhand this fair noblewoman, lest ye face the wrath of Sir Carnos Goldmorrow, Knight of Arcalund!" Savolt took his cue, rearing back and flaring out his diamond-solid hooves, stomping back on the ground strongly.

The Bandit, cloaked in shadow and darkness, made a mad dash from the ambush, with lightning speed the red hooded figure was dashing through the thick and vivid forest, and with them, the majority of those aforementioned gaudy Gnomish rings.

Riding up to Lady Trigabelle, Sir Carnos couldn't help but take advantage of his vantage point, staring down into that lush and deep looking valley of cleavage the gnomess was blessed with. "Are you harmed, milady?"

The Gnomes were merchants of great renown wwho enjoyed fine trade relations with humans. It was no surprise to Sir Carnos that Lady Trigabelle spoke fluent Human-speak.

"No, goodly Knight, but that rogue has made off with my prized royal rings!" She was breathing heavily, the sight of this handsome knight accelerating her small heartbeat. "Bring to me the head of this brigand and name your prize, goodly Knight!"

"I shall return with your jewels, milady. Come, Savolt, ya!" In dramatic fashion, the Knight and his steed went blazing into the dangerous forest, leaving a stunned and excited Gnomish noblewoman breathlessly awaiting his return.

Smiling as he pursued the retreating Bandit, Sir Carnos could already see his plans coming to fruition. Gnomes had riches beyond dreaming, and his prize would be to marry into that life of complete and utter debauchery. Savolt's hooves thundered along the soft and wet ground as the misty rain bathed the forest in hazy, moody fog. On horseback it was easy to catch up with the Brigand, who was speedily racing and flipping agilely from here to there. Savolt had to make some skilled jumps to keep up, but the steed never lost the trail, rushing forth to knock the Bandit down, the red cloaked figure tumbled to the ground and rolled to a standing position, producing two wicked looking daggers with lightning speed.

In a second, Sir Carnos was upon the thief, leaping from his horse and engaging the bandit in a furious session of bladeplay. Swipe after swipe from his longsword was deftly dodged by the thief, and each and every flurry from those keen daggers was blocked by solid shield.

The thief lunged forth to strike out with both daggers, but Sir Carnos ducked the attack, sending the attacker's dual blades stabbing deep into a stern oak tree. Struggling to pull the small blades from the hard bark, Sir Carnos kicked the Bandit away, sending the cloaked figure toppling to the ground.

Victorious and advancing upon the stunned figure, Sir Carnos gloated. "Enough play, Bandit! Present your head clearly, so that my blade may swing true!" Reaching out and flipping the hood back, Sir Carnos was stunned by what he found beneath.

Staring up at him was a woman of such intense beauty that Trigabelle the Noblewoman seemed troll-like in comparison. A perfect face was young and fresh, with large hazel eyes and sleek, blood red bobbed hair that framed her face perfectly, following a stylish angle of her jawline. A small hoop decorated her nostril and she sported a slight sliver of a scar on her chin that added mystique to her allure. Her hair was parted to one side, a swoop of it daringly covering one of her darkly lined eyes. Her lips were plump and painted a deep and shiny black.

Sir Carnos swallowed as he unfastened the cloak and took it off of her, preparing to use it as a sack to hold the head he promised Lady Trigabelle. When the cloak flew off of her, however, it revealed the thief's remarkable body. She wore a black shirt tightly clinging to her shapely form. Its sleeves were long and bore slits along the arms, ending in tight cuffs. The neckline plunged down to reveal a set of bustling double D's, at least forty inches by Sir Carnos' experienced estimation. Laces criss-crossed her top, untied to reveal a healthy amount of cleavage. Her pants were grey and skin tight, tucked into knee high boots that were held together by a series of complex buckles.

His mouth gone dry, Sir Carnos gathered his resolve, reaching out to grab a fistful of her silky hair, yanking her head back, presenting a pale white throat, ripe for the severing. He raised his sword and the Thiefstress closed her eyes tightly, speaking in a seductive, sultry purr.

"You can take my head or I can give you head." She said quickly, making a final plea to save her life.

His blade-hand trembled slightly, and Sir Carnos gritted his teeth.

"I see how you look at me, Knight. Will you take me or slay me?"

"I could do both." He replied coldly.

"Aye, Knight, but could you live with yourself after, knowing that you simply enjoyed this body once?"

"I might take that chance." Sir Carnos set his shield down and sheathed his sword as she reached for his trousers, attempting to unsheathe his other sword. "Your mouth could save your life, Thief, and I mean not by your words."

"Kaline." She said sultrily. "I am Kaline, Knight." She worked his cock free, digging in with warm, gloved hands to cradle whatever was to spring free from his pants.

"Well, Kaline, I am-"

"Sir Carnos Goldmorrow..." She gasped wildly, her darkly lined eyes widening in shock as his open trousers gave way to his mammoth erection. You may recall, dear reader, in my last volume describing Sir Carnos purchasing and ingesting a gypsy potion that would increase his sexual performance? Indeed, the potions effects amazed Kaline, whose jaw went slack when ten inches of throbbing, pulsating steak spilled forth into her reaching and leather clad hands. "I would know this towering phallus anywhere, from the legends I have heard." She was in awe, gasping at the size and beauty of his rigid erection.

One hand gently cupped his overflowing sack, two balls that were wildly large, like two waterskins, filled with precious seed. She gently massaged while her free hand delicately held the underside, feeling the significant weight of the Knight's manhood. She breathed in deeply, inhaling his scent. It was a musk like she'd never breathed in before, a cologne of his pulsating manhood, setting off primal urges within her young body. The agile thief wet her lips, guiding the thing into her soft and wet mouth, stretching black painted lips around his slowly intruding tool, letting out a groan of pleasure at his divine taste.

Resting one flared leather glove on his thigh, the other cradling his expansive balls, Kaline began to steadily, sultrily bob her head on the fleshy spear presented to her. Truly at ease on her knees, the thief performed an enthralling session of oral on the young Knight of Arcalund, bobbing her head quickly forth and back, soaking his rod in frothy, messy saliva. Indeed, it was not long till the forest echoed with her slurps and sucks, the messy little thief feasting on his gorgeous cock.

Sir Carnos watched as she serviced him, lacing one gauntleted hand behind her head and guiding her along the pace he enjoyed, short, quick thrusts along his shaft, the tip of him slamming against her gag reflex on multiple occasions, causing the thief to lurch forth warm waves of phlegmy saliva that soaked into his neatly groomed patch of perfect blonde pubic hair. Her conquered mouth constantly dribbled with stringly phlegm and spit, which splattered onto her massive breasts, soaking them in puddles of sticky goo. His free hand reached down under her top to seize one of her large, soft breasts, and he roughly squeezed and kneaded her supple flesh as his hips began to vigorously, wildly fuck her face, soapy bubbles of spit oozing from the sides of her plump mouth.

Squeezing her ample and slick breast brought him to climax in such a sudden, strong burst of semen that the Knight nearly lost balance. Pumping her down furiously on his tool, he spurted hot gallons of salty jizz right into her well-used mouth. Kaline coughed and her stomach lurched as she regurgitated his load back into her mouth, as it had been shot directly down her throat. Ivory white trails streamed from the sides of her mouth as she attempted to hold it all in, but he continued to fuck his cum out of her full mouth a few more times, adoring the sloppy squelching sounds the act produced.

Finally pulling away, he looked down on Kaline. The thief was a defiled, slovenly mess. Her jaw and lower face were glazed in spit and streams of excess sperm. Her thickly applied mascara was running down her cheeks, and her cheeks were puffed out, filled to the brink with his seed. She opened her fuckable lips and showed the young knight the load he had just granted her, an impressive sea of creamy, cloudy white that she moved around on her tongue. Pursing her lips, she blew him a set of sloppy cum bubbles, gurgling with his load. Kaline lowered her head, beads of cum trapped between her impossibly thick eyelashes. She slowly let his orgasm drain out into her cupped palms, then slurped it back into her mouth, bracing herself and swallowing his phlegmy load in two strong gulps to see it all down. She then opened her mouth sultrily, displaying that she indeed had gulped it all.

Sir Carnos smiled down at her, setting his massive prick, freshly sucked and coated in mucus and semen, back into his pants. He pointed into the forest. "Produce the rings and you may leave this place with your head."

Immediately, the young thief handed him a small pouch which held the collection of Gaudy Gnomish rings. Sir Carnos inspected the jewelry and nodded to her, mounting Savolt and taking one last look at his pretty little thief, who was in a semen-induced haze, slowly getting to her feet, letting the slight rain cool her off. She threw back on the cloak and gave Sir Carnos a sultry wink, wiping her mouth with one leather gloved hand before vanishing into the shadows of the forest.

"My jewels!" Lady Trigabelle exclaimed, accepting her fingerware gratefully. She slipped them on one at a time and examined them each. "Splendid!"

"Sadly, milady, the Thief eluded me. I found the bag discarded deep in the forest. My apologies." He bowed down deep, knowing that his reward of nobility was denied due to his inability to hack off the head of a sexy woman.

Lady Trigabelle gave a disheartened smile and patted Sir Carnos on the arm. "You have done your service, Goodly Knight, and I will remember this moment always. I see that the Goldmorrow lineage has produced another sterling and forthright crusader." She beamed him a smile and was helped back into her coach. The bruised and battered coachmen pulled the carriage away into the distance.

"She's gone, you can come out now."

Smokesnort marched forth from the wet bushes, looking miserable and sickly. He sneezed a few times very loudly, wiping his sharp muzzle with his clawed hand. "Was it worth it?"

"What do you mean?"

"The girl." The Dragon sniffled. "The thief."

"How did you know it was a girl?"

"Oh come on, it was obvious from the start. You run off after a cloaked figure and come back without the head. It was most definitely a girl. Anyone could see that, especially knowing you." The Dragon Whelp began walking back towards the Lucky Lich tavern.

"Was it really that obvious?"


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