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The Landlady


My name is Dave. I'm twenty year old student and cashier and I'm in love with an Internet porn star.

Her name, at least the name she uses on her site, is Sherry. She's somewhere in her forties, maybe even her fifties, but age has only enhanced her beauty. She has blonde hair and gigantic, swinging jugs that would give any straight man an instant, dripping hard-on. She loves watching men cum, spurting their seed all over her face and tits. I love watching her scoop up every last drop of cum from her body and swallow it.

Ever since I found one of her ads during random net surfing, I knew I'd found my dream woman. I gladly shelled out money for her site every month, working long hours at several jobs so that I could pay the credit card bill on my own, rather than letting my parents see it. Anything to see more of her. I have literally never visited another porn site since then. Sherry gives me all I need. Besides, it would feel like cheating.

So when I woke up in my dorm room with a big case of morning wood, the first thing I did was turn on my computer and head to my favorite site. She had a new video up.

Sherry was dressed in an elegant black sleeveless dress and fine gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Her hands were encased in black silk gloves that when up to her elbows. Her huge breasts bulged over the neckline presenting the perfect combination of elegance and obscenity.

She knelt down before the man holding the camera, the camera filming every wonderful thing she did to his cock. Her gloved hand wrapped his shaft in a gentle silken grasp as she slowly stroked his shaft. Precum leaked onto the expensive silk. She stroked with one hand and teased his balls with the other. Another big drop of precum fell from the tip of his pens and onto the hem of her fancy dress. She brought the skirt up to her mouth and sucked it dry. Her breath grew shallow as she quickened her pumping, eager for another taste of a man's sperm.

"Uhh...oh Sherry," the cameraman moaned. Sherry licked her lips and pointed his cock at her beautiful face, knowing that her prize would be coming out soon.

"That's right, baby, cum for me. Shoot it all over my face and boobs!" Sherry gasped.

At that moment, right when I was about to cum with Sherry's lucky boy-toy, I first noticed the clock in the bottom corner of my screen.

"Oh shit, I'm late!" As rivers of cum ran down Sherry's face onto her breasts and over her dress, I started throwing on clothes, stuffing my unrelieved erection down one leg of my boxer shorts. I could feel my testicles heavy with cum. I could feel the first drops of semen filling my shaft and leaking into my underpants. Sighing in frustration I ran out the door to my car.

This year was the last year I would be given on-campus housing and I was in the process of finding housing for next year. I was already late for an appointment with someone offering a room in her house for rent. The woman I was meeting was also named Sherry. At the time, I didn't make any connection.

Driving with my lust-clouded mind, I was surprised that I didn't hit anyone. By the time I reached my destination, my now semi-hard cock had shrunken to a manageable size. I hoped this Sherry wasn't as sexy as the one that dominated my thoughts. I got out of the car, walked to the house's front door, and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and I was greeted by a very familiar pair of tits. Looking up at the woman's face, my jaw nearly fell to the ground. It was her! THE Sherry! My wilting hardon came back with a vengeance. Sherry seemed to notice this and gave me the sly, horny smile that I knew so well.

Sherry let me inside and gave me a tour of the house. However, I was already familiar with it. I saw the couch she had laid while getting a HUGE blast of sperm in my favorite facial movie. I saw the kitchen where she had been bent over the counter, her big, soft breasts flattened against the wood, while she was fucked from behind. And there was the living room where she had shot the video I'd watched just that morning. The camera was still on the table. Her jizz-soaked dress and gloves were still draped over the sofa!

By now I was afraid that even a slight movement of my leg against my dick would trigger a massive orgasm. I was sure that there was an embarrassing little wet spot on the front of my pants. And I was sure that Sherry had noticed, considering the sly grin that never left her face. She licked her lips the same way she always did when she knew her efforts were about to be rewarded by plenty of delicious sperm.

Finally, we sat down on the living room couch, inches away from where she had soiled an expensive dress with a man's seed, and she told me about the particulars of the contract. Rent would be nine hundred dollars a month but I would have gladly paid a million to spend every day for a year in her presence.

When she finished describing contact terms and house rules, she said, "Dave, could you hand me that camera please?" My heart skipped a beat.

"I might be willing to take some money off the rent if you help out with my home business."

"You mean your website?" I blurted out before I could stop myself.

Sherry paused, surprised, before she smiled lewdly. "So you DO know about it. I had a suspicion. So, will you be willing to...help me out?" She ran a hand over one of her large, cloth-covered breasts.

"Yes!" I almost shouted.

"Good," she said. "Let's start your training." She turned on the camera and handed it to me. "I think you know what to do."

I pointed the camera at my crotch as Sherry knelt before me. She undid my belt and opened my fly. My erect cock sprung from its confines at last, flinging little drops of precum. She took off her top, revealing the braless, tanned breasts underneath.

"Ooh," Sherry whispered in her perfect sultry voice. "I can tell this one's gonna be reeeaal gooood." She lowered her face to my crotch, filling her mouth with my dick. It was a miracle that I didn't cum right then and there.

Her lips forming a tight O around my shaft, she slowly pulled back her head, stroking my cock with her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I ran my hands through her beautiful blonde hair, pushing her down on my dick.

"Oh God, Sherry. I'm so hard for you. I've wanted this for so fucking long."

Sherry took her lips from my cock to say, "I can't wait to milk all your seed from that cum-filled cock!" She put her mouth back on my dick and blew my harder and faster. In return I humped her face hard, desperate for the orgasm I craved.

I felt the cum rising from my balls once again. "Sherry, I'm gonna cum!"

Again, she took her mouth from my cock, replacing it with her hand. She stroked lightly, not wanting to set me off too quickly. Looking up at me with smoldering eyes, she asked, "Where do you want it? You can cum anywhere you want. On my face, my hair, my tits, my mouth, anywhere!"

"On your face!" I shouted, uninhibited. "I wanna shoot my load all over your beautiful fuckin' face!"

"Do it!" she shouted back. "CUM FOR ME!!!"

And I did! I came and came like a fire hose, jets of cum splattering her pretty, smiling face. She jerked my cock wildly, sending jets all over her breasts, into her hair, and even over her shoulder and onto her back. I felt as if I'd emptied a whole gallon of cum onto her.

As my orgasm gave its last spurts, Sherry returned my cock to her mouth and sucked, hoping to milk out every last drop of semen.

Sherry returned to her spot beside me on the couch and turned off the camera for me. Casually fondling my wilted cock, she finished explaining the terms of the lease to me. Watching Sherry topless, discussing my contract normally as thick cum dripped down her body, was a simply mind-blowing experience.

"So, that's it," she said. "Any questions?"

"Yeah. Who was the last guy that would hold the camera for you in your videos?"

"That was my last tenant, of course. He moved out."

"What?!" I asked, surprised. "Why would he ever want to leave you?"

"He's getting married. Some spoiled whore with a rich daddy. But that won't stop him from giving me the occasional visit." She wiped some sperm from around her eye so she could wink at me.

I watched entranced as she wiped the cum from her body and sucked it into her mouth. She refused to let a single drop go to waste. When she finished cleaning herself off, she gave me a long kiss on the lips. I got the faint aftertaste of my own cum.

"We're going to have a fun year together," she whispered to me.

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