tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Last Battle

The Last Battle


Helen Martin and Luisa Sevilla were the new up and coming stars of the Metropolitan Union of Fighting Females or the M.U.F.F., the underground, no holds barred, anything goes women's cat fighting league.

What with their beautiful looks and sexy bodies, both Helen and Luisa took the league by storm, especially as they both possessed the necessary fighting skills to make it in the league. Lately, they have been made to compete as a team by their manager John C., and have so far won all their matches and were now the most popular duo in the league today. Thanks in no small part to another of John C.'s idea of having them wrestle barefoot and in the skimpiest of bikinis only. You can be sure that whenever the two fought, the place would be full to the rafters by fans eager not only to watch them fight, but to see their luscious bodies too in their oh so brief attires.

Despite all their success, there was trouble brewing in paradise.

Luisa and John C. had developed a relationship and where now engaged to be married. When Luisa told Helen about John C.'s proposal, her friend happily hugged her tightly, wishing her all the good fortune. Then friends then started making plans for the upcoming wedding.

That evening at the hotel they were staying in, Luisa caught Helen openly flirting with John C. She watched in the shadows as her best friend shamelessly tried to seduce her man, unabashedly offering herself to him, and telling him how much more of a woman she was than his scrawny, under developed mouse of a fiancé. ( For the information of the reading public, Luisa was not at all under developed as Helen was making her out to be. Although, admittedly, not as well endowed as Helen, who had an impressive hour glass figure of 36-24-36, Luisa's tall svelte frame was equally magnificent, what with her well proportioned 34-23-34 figure.)

Her anger continued to boil as Luisa continued to listen to all the calumny being spread about her by her so called friend , that she was just about to step out and confront her, had not John C. took things in hand and led Helen by the shoulders to her room, where he quickly shut her in with but a chaste peck to the cheek, as a goodnight kiss. It's a good thing Helen did not come out of her room after she was led in, otherwise she would have run smack against a seething Luisa who was about to barge into the room, had not John C. intercepted her and pulled her away.

John C. spent the whole night placating the irate Luisa, who wanted nothing better to do than to beat Helen to a pulp. John C. reminded Luisa how much money they were making now as a team, and how they should not ruin a good thing just because of some drunken stunt done by one of them. Although John C. very well knew Helen was not drunk at all when she tried to seduce him.

John C. finally managed to calm Luisa down just before dawn. He was able to have her reluctantly agree not to confront Helen about the incident and rock the boat, before they both went to sleep, spooning in his bed. For the next following days, it took all of Luisa's self control not to smash Helen in the face. Specially as she noticed that Helen continued trying to seduce John C., whenever Luisa's back was turned. Tension started to develop between the now former bffs (best friends forever), that raucous verbal tussles always seemed to erupt whenever they were together, which often threatened to degenerate to an all out physical match, had John C. not been there to intervene.

Things got so bad between the two that even John C. had to admit that they could no longer work as a team. However, before the break up John wanted the two to have a last match together, to allow them to make a killing before the girls went their separate ways. Both Helen and Luisa reluctantly agreed to a final match, no doubt greedily thinking about all the money they would be able to make out of it.

For the girl's final match, John managed to pull off a coup of sorts. Despite their being relatively new in the league John C. somehow got them a match against the MUFF champions themselves, Kayla and Heather, in a total submission bout. Dubbed as "The Last Battle", both team members must submit in order for the other team to win.The losers would then be at the mercy of the winners, to do with as they please, for two hours after the match.

When Helen and Luisa learned of the conditions of the match, they both tried to back out. Both Heather and Kayla, had the reputation of being rough and tumble certified psychos, who's prodigious fighting ability and dirty tactics were legendary. They were also known for sadistically tearing apart their opponents, deriving much pleasure in the excruciating pain and mortifying indignities they heap on their luckless foes. John C. was only able to convince them not to pull out of the match after he explained to them how much they could be sued for in case of breach of contract.

Like true professionals, Helen and Luisa trained hard for the match, despite their wanting to tear each other's eyes out deep down. They even came up and practice a few moves which they hoped would take their opponents by surprise. From the way they conducted themselves, one could not tell that each really wanted to fight the other more, than Heather and Kayla.

On the night of the match, John C. gave Helen a box which contained her costume. After her shower and massage, Helen opened the box to get into her suit, when she discovered that John C. wanted her to fight in this briefest of bikinis, which would barely cover her private parts and her ass not at all. Thinking to herself at how scandalously attired she would be, Helen could not suppress a shiver as she pictured herself all but naked before the appreciative audience, with all their eyes glued on her lustfully, as they continuously chanted out her name. She was becoming quite aroused of her image and would have played with herself, had not somebody called out from the outside of her dressing room that the match was about to begin. Normally, Helen and Luisa would have shared the same dressing room. However, since their falling out, John C. decided that it would be best for them to change separately lest they get at it inside their dressing room before they even meet their opponents in the ring.

Helen could not help but admire how stunning she looked in the bikini. Tightly hugging her bare skin, the bikini highlighted all of Helen's naked flesh around it and made her appear even more sexy than if nude. She looked hot. Helen confidently left the room, barefoot and clad only in the bikini and stood at the entrance to the ring, waiting with ever growing excitement for her entrance to be made. As she looked around, there was still no sign of Luisa, not that she cared at all about her.

Being the challengers, Helen and Luisa's names were called out first to fanfare music and the cheers of the crowd. The cheers grew much louder and wilder when the crowd saw Helen make her grand entrance wearing nothing but her bikini. As she had imagined they would, the crowd grew more animated and were enthusiastically chanting her name as she sauntered down to the ring, hips sensually sashaying from left to right, while her mostly exposed ass undulated to and fro. The crowd continued to cheer her on even after she stood up in the ring and came to a crescendo when Helen waved back at them, blowing out kisses. Helen impatiently waited for Luisa to make her entrance.

After several minutes had passed, Luisa finally made her appearance. Helen was surprised to see Luisa cloaked from neck to foot in a long robe as she entered the ring. Normally, John C. would have the girls enter the ring in just their fighting attires to provide the audience with a little more eye candy even before the match begins. Here, for the first time, Luisa came out all covered up, which resulted in her receiving a much more subdued greeting from the crowd.

Luisa kept her cloak on as she stood beside Helen on the ring, which provided a perfect contrast to Helen's brazen image as she stood there only in her scandalous bikini. Helen was beginning to feel just a touch of embarrassment being (un)dressed the way she was, but this was quickly dissipated as she continued to hear her name being yelled out by the crowd as they continued to primarily gaze upon her near nudity.

A few minutes after Luisa got up on the ring, the ring announcer got into his intro to herald the arrival of the champions. To much fanfare and wild cheering, with the occasional boos and jeers, Kayla and Heather menacingly made their way towards the ring. Both women were tall solidly built women of Amazonian proportions. Standing close to six feet each, they easily dwarfed their two opponents, who looked like children beside them. The two came similarly garbed all in leather, in their favorite dominatrix inspired outfits consisting of a full leather mask, a black leather corset, tight leather panties and thigh high leather boots. In fact, you could not tell the two apart were it not for Kayla's signature leather whip, which she always had on hand in every match, and was known to cruelly use it on her opponents.

When the bell sounded to signal the start of the match, Helen turned to Luisa to wish her luck before entering the ring. What she saw made her stop and do a double take. Instead of standing there in a similar skimpy bikini, Luisa had on underneath her cloak, a full cat woman's costume, which fully encased her from the neck down in skin tight leather. She also had on a pair of leather gloves that reached up all the way to her elbows, as well as knee high pointed toe boots on her feet. Caught by surprise by the change in Luisa's outfit, she almost didn't catch the other girl give her the falsest of all smiles, just before giving her a hard, stunning slap to the face, and throwing her inside the ring. Helen landed on her back in the center of the ring, just in time to catch Heather deliver a pointed elbow right at her breast. Helen writhed on the floor in pain as Heather followed up the elbow with a series of hard kicks to her back and sides. Despite the pain, Helen managed to grab onto one of Heather's legs as she was about to deliver a kick, and managed to bring the other woman down.

With Heather down on the mat, Helen managed to get up off the floor. Using her speed and agility, Helen managed to launch a spirited offensive, peppering her downed foe with rapid fire hard body shots and kicks. She caught sight of Kayla trying to sneak up to attack her from behind, but she managed to beat her to the punch and sent her crumpling to the mat with a well placed punch to the jaw.

As Kayla was trying to clear the cobwebs from her head, Helen sought to escape the double team by tagging her partner Luisa. However, instead of extending her own hand to the proffered hand of her partner, Luisa just ignored it and turned her eyes away from a frantic Helen, whistling merrily a happy tune.

Luisa's deliberate ignoring of Helen allowed Kayla to fully recover and go after Helen. She caught Helen by the hair and pulled her painfully back towards her. With a cry of pain, Helen allowed herself to be pulled back towards the monster Kayla, only to lash out with her elbow towards Kayla's jaw, catching it with an audible crack, before Kayla was forced to let go of her hair and nurse herself.

To the delight of the crowd, Helen gave a good account of herself as she successfully battled both Kayla and Heather. At one point, she was even able to wrestle Kayla's whip from out of her hand and turn it against its owner and her partner, allowing the now rabid crowd to enjoy the anguished screams of the champions for a change.

Just as Kayla and Heather were about to beg for mercy and concede defeat, Luisa interfered again. She snuck up behind the unsuspecting Helen, who was busy scourging her two opponents to submission, and delivered a sucker punch behind her head. Before Helen could recover from that sneak attack, Luisa immediately put a sleeper hold on her, and tenaciously held on despite all efforts of Helen to free herself. Luisa's pretty face broke out into a most evil grin as Helen's resistance continued to grow weaker until it ceased altogether when she fell into unconsciousness.

Helen's slumber was short lived. She woke up to a start with a well placed boot to her side. As she tried to struggle up, she noticed that her hands were tied behind her back with the very whip she had so effectively used earlier. She also noticed that she was surrounded by three leather clad figures. One smiling down at her so sickeningly innocent, while two were glaring down at her with all hatred behind leather masks.

"Wakey . . .wakey Helen" said the smiling Luisa, her supposed partner and one time bff. "We don't want you to miss what's coming, bitch." Luisa spat down at the bound Helen.

Taking that as their signal, Helen's two opponents then stepped forward and rained kicks down on the helpless almost naked girl. They kicked her savagely on the ribs, sides , stomach and thighs and even repeatedly stomped down hard on her boobs and pussy. Helen could only shriek out for mercy and pain, which just got drowned out by the cheers of the unruly crowd who now, in a complete 180 degree turn, now lusted after Helen's blood and savored the view of her getting beaten up.

After tiring of just kicking Helen, Heather pulled her up by the hair and held her by her pinioned arms as Kayla peppered Helen with hard body shots and occasional punches to the jaw, as payback for the pain dealt out to her by Helen earlier. Not content with the pain she was causing Helen, Kayla sought to embarrass Helen more by stripping her of both pieces of her bikini, leaving the poor Helen completely naked and exposed to the now uproarious crowd, now close to rioting at the first sight of Helen's nakedness.

Being all tied and held up by Heather, Helen could not prevent her further torture by the vindictive Kayla, who could not forget nor forgive her almost submitting to an opponent for the very first time. She gleefully pinched both of Helen's nipples at the same time, and cruelly pulled them out as far as they would go, turning them like radio dials to the accompaniment of Helen's screams. She also enjoyed pulling all of Helen's pubic hair out by the roots, and jamming them down her throat by the handful.

As Helen started to gag on the strands of hair caught in her throat, Kayla gently allowed her to spit them out unto her ruined bikini. Then, in a move belying her earlier kindness, she savagely kneed Helen in the groin, driving her knee deep into Helen's exposed pussy.

Almost blacking out from the pain, Helen felt her arms being released behind her. Fearing that she would now be unmercifully whipped, Helen feebly called out her surrender, hoping to end this debacle. However, instead of having its desired effect, Helen's cry of submission only elicited loud derisive laughter from Luisa.

"You stupid cunt, do you think your giving up will stop the fight?" She asked Helen in all innocence. "Don't you remember, both of us have to submit before the fight may end, and I don't think I will be doing any surrendering any time soon." Luisa continued to gloat down at the naked woman by her feet, who only now started to realize the perilous situation she was in.

Both Kayla and Heather chuckled evilly beneath their masks as they reached down to Helen, with the whip ensconced in Kayla's grip. However, instead of finding herself being whipped like a dog, Helen found herself laid flat on her back with both arms outstretched overhead by Heather, and Kayla slowly rubbing the bulbous end of the whip along Helen's exposed skin, while crouched between the vee of her spread legs.

As Kayla was slowly and almost gently rubbing the whip along Helen's exposed skin, Helen started getting tingle as the leather came closer and closer to her pussy. Trying her best to fight back her growing arousal, her resolve inevitably lost out as the bulbous end of the whip penetrated her labial lips, and rhythmically saw itself in and out of her well lubricated hole, to her utmost pleasure.

As Kayla was expertly masturbating Helen with the whip, she had Heather let go of her arms. She then purred at Helen to start touching herself and make herself cumm, which the naked woman proceeded to do as she slowly caressed her own boobs deeply with one hand, and feverishly frigged on her engorged clitoris with the other.

Suddenly, in front of the now silenced audience Helen came to an earth shattering climax, thanks to Kayla's fucking her with the leather whip and by her own hands. However, before Helen could bask in the post coital afterglow of her orgasm, she was immediately attacked by all three women, who started kicking, punching and whipping the naked woman at their feet, who could only cover up and cry piteously.

For the next thirty minutes or so, her tormentors subjected Helen to both pain and pleasure, alternating beating up and fondling her tortured body. In no time at all, Helen was reduced to a sweaty, quivering lump of flesh, incoherently begging for mercy and for Luisa to submit too.

On a sign from Luisa the two masked women stopped their ministrations of Helen just as she was about to cumm for the umphteened time that night. Luisa stepped down from the ring and returned with a sheaf of papers in her hand which she dropped beside the naked woman, and telling Helen to sign them if she wants her submission.

Knowing she had no other choice, Helen took the pen thrown at her and signed the papers with her right hand while she wiped away her tears with the left. It was only after Helen signed all the papers that she was smugly told by Luisa, that she had just signed over her share of the prize money to Luisa, as well as all her bank accounts and wordly possession. She now only owned the clothes of her back.

Luisa just loved the look of horror that descended on Helen's tear streaked face at the realization that she had been reduced to penury. Being true to her word, she faced both Kayla and Heather and quickly said the words "I quit" so as not to prolong Helen's agony.

Immediately after Luisa said those fateful words, the bell rang out to signal the end of the fight. After the winners arms were raised, Helen was gently picked up by a league official, still naked and turned over to the victors. For the next two hours her pitiful screams of pain and anguish rang out, as Kayla and Heather sadistically had their way with her, sometimes even overcoming the roar of the appreciative crowd, none of whom had left yet.

A solitary figure did leave the ring though just as the bell sounded. Luisa made her exit unnoticed from the ring as every one's attention were riveted on the naked Helen, and picked up her cloak. She then proceeded to Helen's dressing room where she packed all of Helen's stuff in her bag, taking it along with her as she went into her own dressing room to change. Once showered and changed, Luisa left the colosseum were the match was held, still ringing with the echoes of Helen's shrieks. She found a dumpster close by the exit and promptly threw Helen's bag in, complete with all her clothes. When she got back to their hotel, she quickly emptied Helen's rooms of all her clothing and stuff and had them packed and ready to be picked up within the hour by some humanitarian aid organization for distribution to displaced refugees in the Sudan. Helen's face broke up into a cruel smile when she realized, that Helen now had absolutely nothing, not even the clothes off her back.

Having taken care of Helen's stuff, Luisa checked out of the hotel, paying in full her and John C.'s bill, but leaving Helen's unpaid.

She taxied over to another hotel where she and John C. had checked in earlier and waited for the arrival of her lover who was still in the colosseum, busily filming Helen's ignominy at the hands of Kayla and Heather (in fact he had even filmed the entire fight from Helen's dramatic entrance up to her being handed over to the winners, all naked and crying in hysterics), greedily thinking of all the money he and Luisa would make from the video, which would more than make up for the breaking up of the team. So much even, that Luisa need not fight anymore, ever again.

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