tagNonHumanThe Last Memory Ch. 01

The Last Memory Ch. 01


It was a rather slow night for the Crimson Red, the local bar of the street. Heh, maybe if it kept going this way, the owner could close early and go home.

"Hey, boss? Could we talk?" suddenly said a voice by his right side as it grew closer, this one coming from a tall, slightly dark skinned man with light hazel eyes, and long, black dreadlocks; Long enough that he could even wrap them around his neck like a scarf.

"Sure, Dirk. What's up?" Replied back the owner as he wiped a mug with a piece of cloth, slightly moving his head to meet Dirk's eyes with a friendly smile.

"I was thinking...Well, the girls and I..."

"Yeah, yeah... Get out already. But I want you guys here on Monday, alright?" said he as he rolled his eyes, laughing and looking up at his employee.

"Thanks boss! You're awesome!"

Just a moment after Dirk disappeared through the door with a sign that said STAFF ONLY, he came back with a couple of girls, them being identical twins with fiery, red hair, and slightly pale skin. Bright blue eyes beamed at him with joy as they stepped closer. The girls said their goodbyes with a kiss on each cheek of their boss, and they were just about to leave along with Dirk, and the owner thought the same...until a last customer, or three, came in. A curvy female with dark, short and stylish hair with yellow highlights and a sexy black dress covering what it could of her hourglass shaped body, her generous, to not say obscene bosom being barely retained as the cleavage of the dress left little to the imagination, while the two tall, bulky men behind her with black suits followed close, seeming like they were her bodyguards.

"Hey, you guys are lucky! I was just about to...close..." The owner mused, his excitement dying quickly when he realized who had entered the place, even letting the glass on his hands drop on the stool with a loud thud.

"...Something wrong, boss?" Asked Dirk once the girls left the bar, noticing the way the voice of his superior changed. "Should I stay?"

"No." Shortly replied back the man behind the stool with his bright, orange eyes fixed on the woman that took a seat right before him. "Have a nice weekend, Dirk."

Just as soon as his employee left, one of the tall suited males stepped closer to the front door, flipping the sign on it and setting it on CLOSED. Not only that, but he even stood right there, guarding the entrance.

"...What do you want?" Asked the owner of the bar with a cold tone after a long silence, not being able to retain his anger.

"My, how rude!" chuckled the mature woman as she leant forward to rest an elbow on the bar stool, looking up and down the man before her, clearly devouring him with her eyes. Tall, muscular, slightly tanned and with dark hair, this one stylishly unkempt and keeping a wave over the left side of his head. Three piercings adorned his right pointy ear, while a three day stubble now accompanied his short goatee. He was dressed in a form fitting black tee accentuating his well defined shape, while the short sleeves showed off that pair of strong, vascular arms...Although his left arm was now covered under intricate tattoos; not the way she remembered it. A simple, slightly worn out blue denim covered his thick powerful legs, and his shoes...Well, she didn't care about what he was wearing, actually. She just cared about what was under those clothes. "Been a while, Kev." Whispered the woman with a husky tone as she shamelessly bit her lower lip, even batting her long eyelashes at him, trying to put on her best not-so-innocent face.

"One century. Put some years in." Replied him shortly once again.

"And my, do they look good on you, dear! You were just a young lad when I last saw you and...m-mm! You're so big and ripe now."

"Oh, please. Don't -dear- me. Evelyn, if you don't want a drink, I will have to ask you and your gorillas to kindly fuck off." growled him, accentuating the last words intentionally.

At this, the -gorilla- that was standing behind her got clearly annoyed as he uncrossed his arms and stepped forward. Kevak sensed that those guys were short tempered, and being honest, he wanted nothing more but to clean the floor with their faces. The woman quickly sensed this when she saw the tender cracking his knuckles, and placed her small hand on one of those huge arms that belonged to her bodyguard to stop him on his tracks.

"It's fine, don't worry. He's just a little stressed." Said the woman with a calm tone, still without taking her eyes off him. There was something different. He could feel it, and he was uneasy...but somehow, he couldn't help but stare back into her eyes.

"Stressed?" He asked in what was barely a murmur after a long silence, followed by a deep, threatening growl. That was it. "STRESSED!? Let me remind you something, -dear-, since it seems like what was your brain is all rotten now. YOU used me for twenty years. TWENTY. YEARS." Kevak yelled, slamming a fist on the stool and making a couple of glasses to get some air until they landed back. He even showed off those sharp canines of him, a sign that he was nearly losing his mind. "And then what did you do? Oh, nothing much! Nothing but lock me up for God knows how long! You really have some balls to show up here, and you expect me to be all calm and peach-"

"Oh, don't be childish now. I want a...hmm...How about a Devereaux 108?" She hummed as she tapped her lower lip with her index finger, rudely cutting off his words and acting like she hadn't done so.


He didn't know if she was doing it on purpose, but the way she was looking at him, and the brand she just mentioned brought unwanted memories to his head. Too many, to be fair...and that stirred more than just his anger. Several memories of twenty years filled with depraved, dirty and lustful sex ran free in his mind. Memories of being used like a mere toy to sate the never ending hunger of a single woman. Memories that, although they would have been pleasing for any other man, were nothing but a nightmare to him.

Now, getting his hands to work, he quickly set a deep glass and took the expensive, almost extinct wine from a high shelve, pouring a full glass, knowing that she was a heavy drinker. God help him, he was at arm's reach of crushing her neck right then and there...but he couldn't. He shouldn't. Something in the back of his head told him that wasn't right.

"Evelyn, please. What do you want?" he sighed tiredly, frustrated, and gently stroking his temples with a hand. It had been a while since he had one of his monumental headaches, and Evelyn was especially good at making them pop up at random.

The woman smiled gladily when she saw the bluish liquid on the glass, now slowly taking it in hand to sip a generous gulp from it, savoring it for a while, just to swallow and then leave the glass, once again, on the stool. "Ahh...Whew! Strong and sweet, just as I remember it! ...Don't you? It has such an...unique taste."

Yup, she was doing it on purpose. She wasn't just talking about the drink. No. She was also repeating the same words she had used after their first encounter. The bitch was playing her old mind games with him again!

"Is it really so hard to guess, Kevy boy?" laughed her after a long moment of silence, knowing that he knew the answer, but didn't had the guts to say it. Better said...His pride didn't let him. "I want you, of course. I want all of you, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Oh! And another glass, too! Pretty please?"

Her demand came out as a gentle, seductive purr, and he quickly retreated his hand from the stool when she tried to reach for it; Not again. He wouldn't fall like that again. Kevak simply knew her too well; all of her moves, all of her tricks...along with every curve, and every nook of her body. Suddenly, he began to laugh heartily, even crying a little from it, thing that caught Evelyn off guard.

"Ha ha! S-seriously?" He barely said as the guy tried to catch his breath, fighting hard to keep his eyes open.

"Is it so hard to believe?" Calmly replied her, still looking at him.

"I'm not talking to you." Kevak cut off with a cocky grin, looking behind her at the shocked face the bodyguard behind her had. "Seriously buddy? You haven't seen this side of her? I thought you guys where the toy of the season! This is... This..gh...T-the...f...fuck..."

One moment Kevak felt he had the advantage....and now...now he knew he was fucked since the moment she stepped inside the bar. Technically speaking, he already knew the situation he was in...but he needed something to make his dying hope believe the obvious. Like this, for example. Now he felt like a statue. He just couldn't move! Why? She never made physical contact with him!

"...Good. I was getting worried for a second. It took longer than the last time." sighed the woman with a mischievous glint in her eyes, standing up from the chair and then chug down the rest of her drink. "Sweetie, you can go home. And you too; Don't worry, I'll be fine." Explained Evelyn to the couple of men that followed her, watching how the intrigued guys left without question, and even pulled down the heavy steel gate over the front door when they were outside.

Once they were alone, Evelyn gently scratched the back of her head as she walked around the stool, now standing right before the petrified, slightly shaking guy.

"I've always been intrigued by your unique condition..." purred out the woman as she placed both of her hands on his hips, leaning forward to gently kiss his jaw line. "You can resist my will, but not for too long. No one, and I mean no one had ever done such thing if just for a while...Oh...and, to be fair...I don't need to touch you to control you anymore. Hope that cleared things up, honey." She chuckled now, leaning up until she finally met his lips, kissing the confused man like she had never done so...and slowly stop when there was no reply to it.

Kevak was paralyzed. He could barely move, and his gentle shaking was because his mind was fighting hard to tell his muscles to obey....but to no avail. He was at her mercy, sadly, once again, just like two centuries ago.

"Sometimes I feel silly when doing that. Say, sweetheart, how about if you carry me to the staff restroom? Perhaps...we can have some fun once again. I'm...starving." she whispered the last words at his ear, even gently nibbling on his earlobe until she felt those strong hands gripping her slender waist, and lift her from the floor with little to no effort, now wrapping an arm behind her knees and the other behind her upper back. When he turned around to walk away from the bar stool, he accidentally swatted a couple of bottles with her feet, making them to fall down to the floor and shatter in countless pieces at the impact, thing that made her chuckle.

Kevak was burning from the inside. He wanted nothing but to rip her to shreds, even though his own code told him to not harm any woman, unless it was really necessary... and Evelyn was on the top of that list.

Once he was right before the door that said "Staff only", Kevak kicked the door open since his hands were occupied, now walking inside and stand right in the middle of the room, hearing how the door closed itself with a soft slamming sound.

"Okay...now, put me down...gently please." Evelyn laughed, remembering how other guys simply threw her to the ground. At this, he did as he was told, now watching, helpless, how she walked around him, just like a hunter did to its prey. Just like she did last time. "It's been so long, Kev...So long without eating you...but...I'll just have a sample for now..."

The woman simply laid a hand against his toned chest; even gently clawing at it right at the time she casually but firmly pawed and squeezed the fat bulge between the man's legs with her free hand. She stopped for half a second in clear surprise, amazed at the sheer size of his manhood. It seemed like some other things and grown as well, and it made her grin toothily up at him, leaving the poor guy feeling nothing but fear when he saw lust and hunger all written over her face. Although he swore to never fall under her tricks, he was just a man...and men were weak. The heavy lump of meat replied eagerly against that warm hand, twitching and slowly growing to attention; thing she clearly wanted.

"Thaaaat's it dear...get all nice and hard for me...I can't wait to taste you again..." She giggled as she wrapped her right arm around his neck, now leaning up to reach for his face...yet it was not for a kiss. Her deep blue eyes turned almost into a bright, pale hue, just as she opened her mouth and began to inhale deeply, causing a pale, red mist to come out of his mouth...but it never reached her lips.

A fist came out of nowhere to hit Evelyn right across the face, hard enough to throw her to the ground...without getting up. She was knocked out!

"...And you'll have to keep waiting. Fuckin' bitch." Growled a woman as she rubbed the knuckles of the hand she used to knock the other unconscious. She was clearly pissed off...and she was gorgeous. Her hair was black as the night, long enough to reach her hips. Her skin was of a light tone, and she had a modest curvy shape...yet what really called the attention was that pair of bright emerald eyes. She was dressed in a simple, pale red tee with a black biker leather jacket on top, while her legs were covered under stylish jeans. "Seriously dude? I thought you had learnt your lesson." she sighed with a disappointed, yet loving sigh, now smiling (thing she rarely did) and getting closer to the dizzy and now free man, the same that stumbled backwards and fell on a nearby couch. "You owe me. BIG time."

"...She didn't touch me." Quickly replied back Kevak without making pauses between words, one hand going up to his mouth to wipe it. He was really excited to see her again after so long, but as much as he wanted to get on his feet and hug the crap out of his lover, he simply couldn't.

"Really, because she was all over you." mocked the girl with a short laugh, grunting as she lifted (or dragged) the unconscious woman towards a couch that was at the far end of the restroom, just to throw her atop it, and then tie her hands and ankles with two handcuffs.

"Laila, she didn't touch me. And no, I didn't do it willingly." He quickly explained as soon as she saw her frowning. "She...has gotten better. I think...I think she does some crazy shit with her eyes now. It's the only possible explanation." Kevak repeated, blinking a couple of times as soon as he noticed the restraints. "Wait...where did you...?"

"It's our anniversary, remember? I wanted to surprise you since I knew you would forget it. Besides, as soon as I got into the parking lot, I scented a Moroi inside the building...and I know very well why a Moroi would be in our bar." sighed the woman again while rolling her eyes, using a piece of cloth that was at hand as a blindfold, now stepping closer until she threw herself by his side. "I know you don't like any restraint-related things...but I thought...I thought that maybe I could show you how fun they are if used properly..." Laila explained as she blushed, making her pale cheeks to turn into a cute, soft pink.

This was certainly new, and just listening to her explaining her dirty little plans turned him way more than he should have. It was also rare to see her so...shy about something as sex.

This was an opportunity he couldn't let go so easily, and he slowly began to travel soft kisses from her neck to her chin, finally meeting her lips to then turn and innocent peck into a heated, lewd make-out session. He didn't even need to prod her lips with his tongue. "I missed you." She breathed hotly against his lips; she was literally coaxing him to do so, even releasing a quiet, desperate moan when her lips parted after talking, and he happily complied.

Both of her arms wrapped around his wide shoulders, keeping his head in place to not let him pull away, not even if he needed to breathe. It had been a whole year since they had seen each other...and even if there was an unconscious wanton bloodsucker a couple of feet away from them, she wanted nothing more but to be his once again.

"..We shouldn't...I mean—right...here." Kevak tried to whisper between passionate kisses, both of his hands going down to grab and squeeze that pair of round, plump cheeks, just in time as she began to grind against the heavy lump that was his painful erection.

"Shut up." Laila demanded with a needy, low growl, pulling herself away enough to look into his eyes. Her inner instinct wanted to mate with her companion, to rut like wild animals, to engrave his scent on her body once again, and not even he could tell her to stop. Kevak understood that predatory look immediately, and he quickly moved his hands away for her perfectly round ass to roughly yank up her pale red top, leaving her almost D's bouncing free. They were such easy, alluring targets to his mouth, and in no time he had his head against her chest, licking, slurping and sucking at the firm tits of his lover.

The woman voiced her appreciation with gentle moans, grabbing fists of his hair and pulling him tighter to her chest, not even paying attention when he tried to pull away so he could breathe. Even so, she slightly jumped on the spot when he bit one of her sensitive, pink and hard nipples, this being the only way he could catch his breath. "S-sorry." She chuckled as she eased the grip on his head, yet still held him on place. The way his dexterous wet muscle swirled and lapped against those thick little nubs drove her crazy, and in no time she was trashing against his stiff erection, grinding her covered pussy against him. Kevak couldn't understand why she just didn't ask him to strip off...but that was just when his nose caught a certain scent. Laila's scent, to be more precise...and she was in a lust frenzy. Her wolf side had fully kicked in, and although she hadn't shifted there was nothing but primal lust and the desire to fuck in her mind.

It took him too long to notice, and now he couldn't tell her to move so he could bury his cock balls deep in her aching twat. If he so dared to say a word, Laila would pretty much snap and bite him. Not goring, but it would leave marks...and he already had enough of those. For now, he had to settle with the gorgeous girl enjoying herself on his lap until she came. But she wouldn't have the last word yet.

One hand snuck down to her taut, flat belly, rubbing its way down until it found the start of her jeans, skillfully undoing the hem of her belt along with the button and the zipper of it in no time, now firmly sinking his hand down under her panties until he found what he was looking for. Laila's warm, wet entrance. The girl froze on his lap, and just before she growled at him, his index and middle finger buried themselves knuckle deep inside her warm pussy, just as his thumb began to trace firm, but slow circles around her sensitive clit. The image of the strong, fierce woman atop him melted into a moaning, shaking mess as he worked her entrance at a steady pace, pumping his fingers in and out of her in rhythm with his gentle nipping at her rosy nipples.

The continuous moans from the girl told him that she was enjoying it, and as the pitch increased, he knew her impending orgasm was getting closer, until with an erratic spasm of her body and a weak cry of joy, her inner muscles convulsed and squeezed his fingers several times as waves of pleasure wrecked her to the core.

Just as Laila began to twitch and enjoy the last rubs against her swollen little button, she began to whimper when her man simply stopped moving his hand...and his entire body. She even felt his massive erection deflating and returning to its normal self. It was not normal, and she knew it. Even her animal side realized this, and she softly nuzzled his head to know what was going on.

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