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The Lesson


I had been suspecting for a while now that my young wife was having an affair. There had been little hints and signs: coming home from work to find that my wife had taken a shower in the middle of the afternoon; her eagerness to 'surprise' me now and then with a home-cooked dinner and pampering massage; the way she sometimes abruptly hung up on her cell phone when I would walk into the room (and the fact that she got a new cell, one that had a password lock on the memory).

And then there was the new lingerie I had found in the laundry basket, a set I had never seen before and which had obviously been worn . . . with another man's dried cum in the gusset of the panties.

At first, I was furious. It was a good thing Alexis was out of town that weekend with her mother; I might have acted on my first impulse and strangled her right then and there. But as it turned out, the fact that she wasn't going to be around for another two days was the best thing for me.

After I calmed down, I thought about it. Why would my wife cheat on me? I doted on her, gave her what she wanted without spoiling her, treated her with love and affection. We had a healthy sex life, and I knew I took care of her needs in bed. I wasn't smothering, had never tried to keep tabs on her. I was, if I say so myself, the perfect husband.

I sighed. But then, I was thirty-seven and my wife was twenty-three. She was young, gorgeous, wild and kinky. Two years before, when we met in a nightclub, Alexis was working as a topless dancer and juggling a couple of boy-toys. In fact, that very night, she had been at the club with 'a friend,' but she dumped him like an old pair of panties to hook up with me. I was, as they say, the 'total package:' affluent, stable, good-looking and in great shape. Alexis had thought I was no older than twenty-nine and thought that I was 'really hot' for a man of any age.

Her eyes flashed when I told her I owned my own company, her pussy dripped when I showed her to my convertible BMW, and she swooned when she took out my eight-inch tool and, right there in the parking lot, with the top down (hers and the car's), started blowing me.

At first, I figured, Alexis just wanted a one-night stand. She fucked like a demon and did every kinky thing I suggested. In the morning, instead of asking me to take her home, she asked me to call in to work and stay home to make love to her all day. Well, a week later, Alexis moved in; four months later, I proposed; six months after that, wedding bells were ringing. Damn, she looked gorgeous that day. I literally thanked God for sending me an angel.

My friends and business partners commended me on my choice of bride. Alexis, for her part, flaunted herself like a trophy wife eagerly, even if she did embarrass me sometimes. Men leered at her voluptuous, curvy body (a sexy 38D-24-38 packed in a five-foot-seven frame) and long, flowing, natural blonde hair, her luscious lips, and wicked green eyes.

At pool parties, my wife was barely decent in her skimpy French bikini. At dinner functions, she wore tight strapless numbers or flimsy dresses with deeply plunging necklines that showed a lot of leg and cleavage (and sometimes more, if she moved too suddenly or bent over). Maybe her behavior was scandalous, making the middle-aged wives of my investors and partners blush and whisper under their breath. But Alexis turned me on.

Still, I suppose it wasn't enough for her. Alexis always liked pushing the envelope. Once, while we were shopping in the mall, Alexis, clad in a denim mini-skirt and no panties, tried on pair after pair of shoes, with the help of a pimple-faced young salesman who knelt before her. I got a charge out of watching him stare at my wife's beautiful blonde cunt, and couldn't wait to fuck her.

In a way, maybe her betrayal was partially my fault. I encouraged her exhibitionism, mainly because it turned me on, but also because it got her going, too. I guess it wasn't too much of a stretch that she would go from letting men look to letting them touch.

My wife, the slut, I thought heavily, dropping her soiled panties back in the hamper. Married barely a year and she's already stepping out on me.

My first impulse was to find some eager young thing and fuck the hell out of her. But that would have been too cheap, and ultimately unsatisfying. No, I had to teach Alexis a lesson. I had to show her how much her infidelity had hurt me.

And just like that, the idea came to me. Like an aggressive seed, it grew quickly, germinating into a complex plan.

By Sunday night, I had it all worked out. With morbid glee, feeling like a mad scientist eager to play out his latest scheme, I awaited the return of my wife the following afternoon.


Alexis squealed like the dutiful wife she pretended to be when she saw me in the airport terminal, and wrapped her sexy body around mine. I put on a good show, surprising myself with how good an actor I was as I groped and kissed my wife, all the while repulsed by her. I wondered if Alexis had met some former boyfriend back home, and 'relived the good old days.' Was I kissing a mouth that had recently been filled with another man's semen?

I tried not to gag at the thought.

"How's your mother?" I asked as we got to the car. I put her bags in the trunk, opened the door to let Alexis in.

She gave me a sexy smile and casually groped my crotch. "She's good," she said. "She sends her best. How's my big boy? Miss me?"

I smiled. I'm pissed as hell, you cheating bitch! "Anxious to see you naked," I said.

My wife pursed her lips and gave me a sultry look. "Ooo," she cooed. "Wanna take me home and fuck my brains out?" she asked with a giggle.

I smiled, headed around the car. I felt the stirring of an erection, but it was not inspired by my wife. "Actually, I need to stop at the office real quick before going home," I said as I got behind the wheel. "You don't mind, do you, honey?"

Alexis pouted. "Well . . . I guess not," she said, then smiled. "It's good to be back home, baby. I missed you so much. I love you."

I forced the words out while maintaining my fake smile. "I love you, too," I said, and started the car.


My company was a product distribution warehouse, thirty thousand square feet with a collection of offices in a loft construction at one end. Normally, my eighteen employees would be busy at work, sending and receiving shipments as trucks came and went. But I had given everyone the day off with pay. I told them it was a reward for being such good employees. Hell, I could afford it; I made an annual profit of damn near three hundred grand.

My personal office was pretty nicely furnished, with big bay windows that overlooked the wharf and shipping piers outside. Carpeted and furnished with a big leather couch, a couple of chairs, a conference table and my big mahogany desk, my office was my home away from home. There was even a private bathroom with a shower stall. Alexis and I had fooled around now and then in the office. I had taken her many times from behind as she leaned over my desk, her skirt pushed up and panties around her ankles.

Hmm, I thought. Gonna have to get a new desk.

I lead Alexis through the door, closed it behind me. I pretended to busy myself with some papers on my desk as my wife sat down on the couch. I could tell she was thinking about the times we had fucked in the office, by the naughty smile on her face.

"What are you thinking about, honey?" I asked casually as I scribbled on some blank paper, pretending to sign documents.

Alexis breathed in, smoothing her hands up and down her tight jeans. She looked around wistfully. "Oh . . . nothing," she said with feigned innocence.

I chuckled. My cock was getting harder with anticipation. My own jeans were getting a little tight. My bulge was showing. "Oh, I think I know what you're thinking," I said, turning to face her.

My wife's eyes fell to my crotch, and she licked her lips. Her cheeks colored as arousal washed through her. Yeah, that's it, baby, get turned on like the good little whore you really are.

"Looks like we're thinking the same thing," she said in that breathy, I-wanna-fuck-right-now way of hers. How many men, I wondered had heard that voice? Alexis' eyes glowed.

"Maybe," I said, feeling a shiver of anticipation at her impending humiliation. My wife took that as arousal.

She bit her lip seductively. "Come here, baby," she said, turning toward me as she sat.

I pretended to give in, and approached her. Her face was level with my crotch. I looked down at her face – so beautiful! So treacherous! – and caressed her soft blonde hair. Alexis stared back at me, her green eyes glazing with lust. Her hands came up and started massaging my cock through my jeans as it grew.

"I think it's time you gave me that welcome-home mouth fuck I've been dreaming about all weekend," she said heatedly.

I smiled. I couldn't believe how well Alexis was playing into my hands. "Oh, have you, now?" I asked her.

My wife nodded, keeping her eyes locked on mine. Her fingers groped and lightly scratched my bulging shaft. Still staring up at me, she leaned forward and gently bit my cock through the layer of denim that encased it. I groaned for effect.

"I want you, baby," she whispered. "Being away for three days was excruciating. I need my husband, baby. I need him to fuck me. Right here, right now."

My dick was throbbing. "Oh, you're going to get fucked, all right," with more meaning than she could fathom.

Alexis grinned, and started undoing my belt. "You remember that time, on our honeymoon cruise, when we were on the side deck? And you had just a towel over you?"

I sighed as Alexis pushed my jeans down, exposing my heavy cock. She gave the head a playful lick. "How could I forget?"

Alexis worked my jeans down, started taking off my shoes. "I just kept sucking you, and we kept getting interrupted as we heard people coming around the corner," she continued as I stepped out of my shoes. Alexis held my jeans as I stepped out of them, nude now from the waist down. Her hands slid up my muscular thighs as she stared up at me in arousal.

"We almost got caught, so many times," she said, breathing warmly on my dick. She kissed the glistening tip, smearing a little pre-cum across her lips. "And when you finally came . . . oh, baby! Like a volcano, you just kept shooting in my mouth!"

I threaded my fingers through her hair. "Best blow job I ever got, honey," I said.

Alexis' eyes blazed. I knew she was gone now, her mind overcome with lust. I could see it in the blush on her face, the way her nipples thrust through her tight shirt. She licked her lips, opened her mouth, and leaned forward, intending to suck me in. "Until now, baby," she whispered wantonly, slipping her pink tongue out toward my dick.

I suddenly stopped her, my hands cupped around her head, and pulled back my bobbing cock. Alexis whimpered with disappointment, giving me a questioning look.

"Strip for me, baby," I said to her.

My wife's shoulders sagged. "Oh, honey, just let me suck it," she practically begged.

I grinned evilly. "Please," I said.

Alexis closed her eyes a moment, then smiled, laughing softly. She leaned back, giving me a look. "Okay, baby," she agreed. "But you gotta promise me—"

"I promise," I said, interrupting her. "I'll cum like you've never seen."

Alexis swooned, eyes glazing once more. She sighed heavily. "Fuck, I'm so hot!" she muttered. Then she shook her head, licked her lips. She gave me a blazing look. "All right. Come on, sit down."

We traded places, and I stripped off my shirt as I sat on the couch. My wife stood, eyeing me hungrily, drinking in my muscular torso and abdomen, my thick arms. I was more stocky than cut, with impressive shoulders, making me look larger than my five-nine height. I weighed damn near two hundred pounds.

Alexis stared at my thick penis as it jutted up from my trimmed nest of black pubic hair, my balls shaved silky-smooth. My wife licked her lips hungrily as she began a strip-tease, dancing to some music only she heard. She ran her hands up and down her body, caressing her heavy breasts, her thighs, running her hands up between her legs. Then, slowly, she began to peel off her clothes.

I had seen my wife dance on stage numerous times during those first few months of our relationship, until she had quit to be the supposedly devoted housewife. I knew she was good, and turned guys on with her sexy moves. She had a penchant for making any guy who saw her at the gentleman's club where she had worked think they actually had a chance to bang her.

'Course, considering that my wife was a slut, maybe they had.

I watched as she gyrated, rolling her hips, slipping her shirt over her head. No bra, of course. Alexis did not wear one if she could help it. Her fake D-cups were pretty firm on their own.

My wife tossed the shirt aside, smoothed her hands over her large round globes. Her nipples were very dark and thick, fully engorged. She tweaked them, pulling on them with her red-nailed fingers, giving me sultry looks. Staring into my eyes, she lifted one of her tits and erotically sucked her own nipple. Despite my revulsion for my wife, I could not help but find that arousing. My dick twitched.

Encouraged, Alexis turned around, arching her back. She unzipped her jeans and slowly, teasingly pushed them down off her hips. I stared as her full, round ass was revealed, as golden-tanned as the rest of her body. She wore a tiny white thong that vanished between the big firm cheeks of her ass.

She bent over, keeping her legs straight, pushing her jeans down. She slipped off her platform shoes, stepped out of her jeans. She planted her feet about shoulder's-width apart, looked over her shoulder at me with a naughty grin. She smacked her hand loudly to her right cheek, making it quiver.

How many times have I watched that ass shake as I fucked her? I thought. And how many other men have done the same?

Alexis squeezed her cheeks, leaving red marks. She pried them apart with both hands, showing me how tiny her thong really was. It barely covered her puckered asshole and bulging, shaved pussy lips. There was a wet spot on the white fabric.

"You wanna see it, baby?" my wife cooed, rotating her hips sexily, as if she was being fucked from behind. "Wanna see my cookie?"

"Show me, baby," I said, slowly stroking my dick. "Show me that hot cunt."

Alexis hissed. She loved dirty talk. At the right times, my use of the word 'cunt' literally made her juice. Like now.

"Oh, yeah, baby, you want my sweet cunny? You wanna see it?" she asked hotly. Her thumbs hooked under the thin elastic straps, pulling them away from her hips.

"Show me that cunt, Alexis," I said. "Show me how wet you are. Show me how much you want my big cock fucking your tight, wet cunt."

"Mmmm," moaned my wife, super-heated beyond reason at this point. With a sexy sigh, she wiggled her thong down off her hips, letting the skimpy garment flutter down to her ankles. Her hands slid back up the backs of her thighs, prying them wide apart, brazenly exposing herself.

"Look at my pussy, baby," she said in a hot, gasping voice. "See how hot and wet I am for you!"

Alexis was, indeed, wet. She had just a tiny patch of honey-blonde pubes on her puffy mound, and thick, fleshy vulvae that were presently shiny with her fluid. Her inner lips were very slender and dark pink, her clit a tiny nub. As she pulled her cunt open with her fingers, her vaginal flesh glistened wetly. I could smell her aroma.

My wife spun around suddenly, giving me the hungriest, hottest look she had given since that first night when she had been desperate to get her mouth on my cock. She cupped her tits again, spreading her fingers across the broad, flushed mounds. Alexis looked like she was about half a second from cumming.

And for a moment, I thought, maybe this was all it took. Maybe she had just needed to be so turned on to the point where she could not think of another man but me. Maybe I could look past her infidelity . . . God, she's so fucking hot!

my rational mind all but shouted in my head. She cheated on you once – at least once – and she'll do it again. She married you for money and prestige. She used you and she'll humiliate you. She's a selfish, cheating bitch. She deserves this.

Alexis slipped her fingers between her legs, stroking her snatch, then brought them to her face, staring into my eyes as she sucked off her own tangy juice. I steeled myself, calling upon reserves of willpower to resist the urge to jump up, grab my wife, and shove my dick so deep inside her that she would scream.

Alexis' eyes fell to my thick, throbbing cock. I was so incredibly hard, harder than I had ever been. But not entirely because of her. Of course, Alexis thought that all I wanted was her, and she gave me a self-impressed smile. She settled her hands on her hips as she stood before me, tossing her hair back.

"So, big boy," she said breathily. "You gonna fuck me, or what? Or maybe you just wanna use my mouth . . . maybe you just wanna skull-fuck me and fill my tummy with your cum. I'll do anything you want, baby. Any kinky, nasty, dirty thing on your mind."

I grinned at the opening she had given me. I couldn't have asked for a better segue. "Anything?" I asked her.

Alexis grinned, her eyes glowing. "How dirty you wanna be, big boy?" she asked.

I pushed up, stepping before her. Alexis was so uncontrollably horny at that point, so aroused, that she would have done anything I wanted. I grinned. I had her.

"Close your eyes," I said.

Alexis took in a breath, her big tits swelling. Slowly, she closed her eyes and stood straight before me. I stepped around her, admiring my soon-to-be-ex-wife's body.

What a shame it has to be like this, I thought, heading to my desk a moment. Carefully, as Alexis waited, trembling with desire, I opened the top drawer and took out a box I had placed within. I opened it quietly, took out the items inside. Then I returned to my wife, stepping up behind her.

"You've been a very naughty girl, Alexis," I said in her ear as I gripped her wrists and pulled her arms back. She gave in readily.

"Oh, yes, I'm so bad!" she exclaimed. She gasped as she felt the cool metal of the handcuffs as I slipped them around her wrists. She shuddered and her cheeks bulged as she grinned.

"Ohhhh, baby . . . ." she moaned in arousal.

"Get on your knees," I ordered her.

My wife swooned. "Oh, God, yes," she groaned. "Anything you want." She eagerly lowered herself. I took the other pair of handcuffs, clipped them around her ankles. My wife trembled, flinched slightly at the feel of the cool metal. Then I attached the chain that gave her no more than a foot of slack between her wrists and ankles. Alexis was thus firmly secured on her knees, with her hands behind her back. She couldn't move if she tried, unless she wanted to worm across the carpet.

"Keep your eyes closed," I said, stepping around before her. My cock bobbed over her face. It would be so easy to take her mouth, I thought, to fuck face her deep, force her to swallow my cock, gag and choke on it. I considered the idea briefly; Alexis was a good cocksucker, but she refused to try deep-throat. She said my penis was too big for that; she was afraid of throwing up.

"Yes, master," Alexis said. I arched an eyebrow in interest at her response. My wife had never mentioned she had an S&M fantasy. Maybe it had never really entered her mind until that moment.

I stepped back, looking her over. Fully nude, arms behind her back, big tits pushed out, eyes closed and full lips parted as she breathed in arousal . . . Alexis was stunning. Any man on the planet, seeing her like this, would not have hesitated to take advantage of her.

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