tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Lifeguard Chair

The Lifeguard Chair


Sara pulled up to the curb and brought the car to a slow stop. She looked around hurriedly, peering into the murky darkness. There weren't many cars along this street now. This was a popular stretch of Sunset Beach in Florida and during the day families arrived early and stayed all day enjoying the warm sunshine. But for now, the street was empty. She opened her phone and glanced at the time. 8:05. She was here, now where was he? She looked around again and not seeing anyone, started flipping through her old text messages to kill time.

Sara had met Zack a few years ago when she worked at her first restaurant job as a hostess. He was really friendly but they had never had the chance to get close because he had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend at the time. There were definitely sparks - Sara was insanely attracted to his short crew cut and lean, muscular frame. He was a few years older and had served at the restaurant for the past two years to help pay for college. He was quick with a smile and she couldn't help but flirt when he wrapped his arm around her waist and teased her for giving him all the families with the annoying kids.

She had stalked him once on Facebook about a year ago and knew a little bit about what was going on with him. Finishing college, starting a new job somewhere - pretty standard. She was caught by total surprise when she was on a date with her current boyfriend Sam and got a text from Zack. Luckily, her phone was on silent, and when she went to the bathroom before their food arrived she saw four words that made her heart ache: I miss you Sara. She closed her phone and pretended it didn't happen but she couldn't help but think about him for the rest of the night. She somehow made it through dinner conversation and was glad when the lights dimmed in the theater so she could let her mind wander to what might have been...

One text turned into a flirtatious barrage of back and forth -- Sara had to be super careful to delete all messages and put a password on her phone so her boyfriend couldn't see incoming messages before she did. It all seemed harmless until Zack had requested they meet when he was driving through on the way to see his family. She gave in, her stomach doing flip flops just wondering what she was getting herself into.

There was a rap on the window and Sara screamed. She hid her phone and looked up to the sheepish grin of the guy she remembered. He was tan and looked like he had put on some weight -- mostly in his shoulders and arms. His hair was a little longer, but besides that he looked exactly the same as she remembered. She jumped out of the car and threw her arms around him. He pulled her in close and she could feel him breathe her in, his head tucked down into her hair and against her face. She felt a stirring inside her body like a firebolt running down her spine.

She pulled away and they stood admiring one another until he broke the silence.

"Ser, you look amazing! I can see you've still been doing quite a bit of running."

He was right. She had recently run her second marathon and was as thin and fit as she'd ever been. She had decided on a thin cotton skirt with a fitted t-shirt and it showed her strong legs and flat stomach. Her hair was long and dark and she knew she was a 10 by any scale. Sara responded with something she hoped would make sense, never taking her eyes off the guy she craved. He turned to grab his sweatshirt out of his car and she reached back into her car for hers.

"I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend," she repeated to herself. She had accepted this invite knowing it probably crossed the line, but wanted to see Zack and figured it would be harmless. As she pulled on her hoodie, the breeze off the ocean blew in warm and she realized that there was just a hint of wetness between her legs. She shivered despite the sweatshirt and all of a sudden she wasn't so sure about the whole harmless thing...

After they had stashed their sandals by their cars, they started walking barefoot down the beach, talking like old friends and catching up. He didn't have a girlfriend. When asked the same question, Sara lied and said she was dating someone but it wasn't anything serious. Her cheeks flushed -- she had been dating John for over a year and stayed the night at his apartment more often than not, but luckily the cool darkness of the beach masked the warmth on her face. They walked for almost an hour. Electricity sparked between them every time they brushed arms. At one point, Zack grabbed her around the waist and teasingly swung her towards the water. She knew she had no self-control and hoped he'd use those strong arms to pull her in for a kiss. They didn't pass anyone the entire time, and it felt wonderful to walk and chat against the backdrop of the softly crashing waves and the soft glow of the moon on the cool sand.

After what seemed like forever, he grabbed her arm softly and grinned. He pulled her around so they stood toe-to-toe and he paused to make sure he wasn't going too fast. Her doe eyes looking up told him all he needed to know and he pulled their hips together and kissed her hard, his tongue immediately probing into her mouth. She loved the way he tasted. His lips were bigger than her boyfriend's and his perfect teeth were wonderful on her tongue. She wrapped her hands around his back and breathed him in. Time seemed to slow and she felt his hand move up through her hair just the way she loved. She sighed softly and she actually felt his body react. His dick fluttered and she felt it move through the soft fabric of his board shorts and her thin cotton dress. At this, her body reacted too, although he didn't know it. It was like someone turned on the faucet. Her thin black panties were instantly soaked and she knew that if she sat down, it would show right through her skirt. She hated how wet she got, but it had been that way since she remembered.

He pulled back and adjusted himself inconspicuously so that his dick was flat against his stomach, tucked into the waistband of his shorts -- as comfortable as it could be at the moment. She pretended not to notice, but when their hips came back together, she could feel his hard-on between them. Huge and solid. They continued kissing, totally into each other and not wanting to break the moment. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he pulled away. He grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the waves.

About 25 feet up from where they were standing was a lifeguard tower. He headed straight at it and Sara could hardly do anything to protest. When they got to the ladder he grinned and asked if she wanted to go first. Sara smiled and nervously pulled herself up, hoping he couldn't see much in the look if he looked up. The chair was only about 10 feet off the ground, and it was just one big wooden seat with armrests on either side. When she reached the top, she used her 3 seconds of privacy to shove her bra up and pull her hair back out of her face.

Zack clambered up and maneuvered around her to take a seat on the chair. He pulled her down to sit between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought his legs closer so they were squeezing her butt and legs. He began softly kissing the back of her neck, and this pushed her over the edge. She buzzed with energy and spun halfway so her mouth could move in to meet his. He was waiting for this and moved in. She leaned into his chest and once again, she felt his dick stir to life. Even though it was already hard, she could now feeling it pushing against her from behind.

His hands were wrapped carefully around her waist and she knew exactly what needed to happen next. She unwound them and guided his hands straight to her breasts. He immediately started caressing and kneading her chest, making her nipples rock hard instantly. Her sweatshirt, t-shirt and lace bra were no match and he dialed in on her rock hard tits and started caressing circles around each one. She moved his hands so he knew he could go up under her shirt -- even assisting by reaching back and unhooking her bra. The warmth of the skin to skin contact made her body heave. His strong muscular hands each cupped and massaged a full handful of double C breast. She wasn't huge, but her tits were absolutely perfect, cupping upward towards the beautiful night sky. Her nipples were outstanding and he gently moved over each one, feeling the texture and enjoying every second.

With just this little bit of fondling, things were getting hot. Sara looked around and didn't see anyone in sight. She grabbed one of his fondling hands and removed it slowly from her shirt and placed it squarely on her crotch. Even with her hand over his, she could feel the warm moisture radiating. He gasped in surprise and slowly reached under her waistband. He paused to savor the smooth spot between the waistband of her panties and then moved slowly down over her recently-shaved pussy and then continued on to the wet labia below. She was wetter than wet. His fingers were instantly soaked and he rubbed her clit and moved all the way down, where her juices trailed down to the bottom of her opening. She ground her hips against his hand and moaned softly.

Carefully, with her other hand, she started reaching behind her. Before she could even get there she could hear the tearing of Velcro and knew he had read her mind. His cock sprung free and her hand met it with ease. His shaft was huge and throbbed with every heartbeat. She realized he must be uncircumcised -- he felt so different from her boyfriend. Just the thought of this sent another wave of juices running over his hand.

Zack was now working his first 2 fingers into her slit and she rocked forward against this new intrusion. Her hand began moving up and down his shaft, using the skin to slide easily up and down and feeling the pre-cum start to flow from the tip. He started finger fucking her for real. She was extra turned on because she could rock back a bit and suck in her stomach and his pinky would brush against her tight asshole. She loved the feeling and he probably knew it but made no move to do anything about it. She was so wet that her pussy leaked over her ass and soaked her panties and skirt where she was sitting.

At this point, his dick was fully exposed and he was gasping. She knew he was about to cum. She closed her eyes and focused on the wet noises coming from between her legs. She imagined herself on her hands and knees with Zack standing firmly behind her and fucking the living daylights out of her. Within seconds, her pussy was clamping down on his fingers and both of them were cumming together. She pointed his shaft back towards his stomach and felt each individual strand of cum rocket out and land on a pool on his bare stomach. She finished her body-wrenching orgasm and he slowly pulled his soaked hand from between her legs.

With some quick thinking, Zach whipped off his sweatshirt and t-shirt and wiped his load off his stomach. After folding the t-shirt over to a clean section he pulled on his hoodie and grinned in the moonlight. Sara couldn't believe that just happened, but she knew it was the sexiest fucking thing she'd ever experienced.

They both climbed down the chair and she hooked her bra before grabbing hands and walking back to the car. By the time they were back, her panties were dried and stiff between her legs. They kissed for a long time and eventually she climbed into her car. He was headed off to his new job in New York and she was finishing her last year in college in Virginia. She wasn't sure if she'd seem him again, but she wasn't too upset at the way they'd left off.

As she drove home, she wondered how she could switch underwear before her boyfriend found out. She planned to make a mad dash to the bathroom and then sneak into their bedroom so she could pull on a fresh pair. She felt a little dirty knowing she had fooled around with another guy while she was essentially living at John's. On the other hand, it was sexy to think about Zack's dick pressed into her back and his hands caressing her breasts and penetrating her with those strong hands. With this on her mind, she was instantly horny and knew after switching panties she'd kiss up on John and turn him on so he would fuck her hard from behind. She would imagine it was Zack behind her and John's dick driving deep into her with his thumb in her ass would finish her off in no time...

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