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The Limo Driver


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Teresa Gatting bathed, after rising in the morning, the morning of her wedding day.

She lay there luxuriating in a bubble bath, dreaming of her honeymoon. When she was married her new husband and her, were going to a tropical paradise, for two weeks, and she couldn't wait.

She had risen early, that morning, filled with thoughts of her future life. Teresa was marrying into a rich family, and her future husband was accustomed to the finer things in life.

She was a beauty, nice firm body, shapely legs firm taught large breasts, and long blonde hair.

He own family, although not as well off, lived a comfortable lifestyle.

Teresa had felt a little despondent, when she found out how little she would have to do with the actual planning of the wedding. It was left mostly to her future husband's mother, a wealthy socialite in her own right. As the wedding planning developed, she discovered more and more, that she was more of a participator, who had no say in the activities, other than what gown she would wear. It suited her, she had no pressure, other than choosing her bridesmaids, and attire.

As Teresa sat, after bathing, she perused the brochure where she would be honeymooning. Teresa pottered about, all morning, until about two and a half hours before she was due at the Church.

Not expecting visitors, she was surprised, when someone knocked on the door.

When she opened the door, she stood in the entrance, looking at a Man in a black uniform, and peaked cap. She also saw a limo, parked outside her home.

"Your limo," the driver said. "What are you doing here?" she asked, infuriated, "You're early, two fucking hours early, asshole, you're booked for two thirty." "Well if I go back, you'll not get the limo to your wedding," he threatened.

"Sit down, and wait then, I'll get ready now," she said gruffly. It made sense, so she didn't think anything of it, and walked into the bedroom.

As she began getting ready, the limo driver, began questioning her behind the closed doors. "Why are you on your own, why aren't your bridesmaids here?" "Because I live on my own, stupid," she replied. "Yeah but isn't anyone coming to help you get ready?" he shouted through the door. "I don't need anyone," she answered, getting irritated at his questioning. "Yeah, but what about the Bloke who's giving you away, isn't he riding with you?" he shouted. "For fucks sake, no, no ones coming, no ones here," she replied irritated.

The limo driver was bent down, looking through the keyhole, spying her naked, sat in front of the mirror, on the dressing table. He was rubbing his cock, as he watched her applying her make up. The limo driver then said, "I'm just going to check the car, won't be long." "Thank fuck," she whispered, but loud enough for him to hear, as he was close to the door.

The limo driver scanned the room, looking at photographs of Teresa, and other objects in the room. He was sat down, when, eventually she came out from the bedroom, ready for her wedding.

"How do I look?" she asked, swishing her gown. To the limo driver, she was looking radiant in her white wedding gown, very fuckable. Her make up was perfect, her blonde hair immaculately groomed, with ringlets. She was wearing a veil over her head, and as she sat down, she flashed her legs, she was wearing white stockings, and white high heels. "Very nice, you look beautiful, some ones going to be proud to have you," he exclaimed.

They sat in silence, until he phone rang, and Teresa got up, saying "Just going to fetch my mobile phone." She came back in, reading the text messages, and smiling.

As she walked past the seated limo driver, Teresa Gatting felt the limo driver's hand on her backside, rubbing her, up and down. She spun round to face him, snarling at him, "Keep your fucking hands off me, fucking pervert," she retorted.

Teresa stepped back in confusion, as the limo driver stood up, and came close to her.

He grabbed her, and Teresa gave a yelp of surprise, at the same time dropping her mobile phone, as they began to grapple. She struggled with him, protesting loudly, "Get the fuck off me." "You're a dirty mouth Bitch, let's see how dirty it can get?" he growled. She screamed, and he slapped her across the face, and as she reached up, and rubbed the stinging flesh. He then picked her up, kicking and screaming, carrying her like a Bride over the threshold, into her bedroom, and threw Teresa onto the bed.

The limo driver leapt on top of her, and she was immediately immobilised, under his weight.

Teresa screamed out louder, but the limo driver gagged her with the palm of his hand. "Scream again, you fucking Whore, and the next time your husband to be sees you, it'll be at the fucking Morgue," he threatened. Whimpering, softly she pleaded with him to, "Let me go."

The limo driver reached into his pocket, and pulled out a handcuff. He grabbed her wrist, and seeing what he'd got in his hand, began struggling. He was having difficulty getting the cuff on her wrist, as she fought and kicked.

She hit him in the back, with her knee, and fought to keep from locking the cuff to her wrist. Finally, he had it secured, and pulled her arm, with all his strength, high above her, towards the bed head, and secured her to the rail.

"Get the fuck off me," Teresa screamed, twisting her hips, her hand held tightly above her head. She couldn't go anywhere, now, and taking another cuff from his other pocket, easily secured her other wrist to the bed. Teresa was still fighting, twisting and turning, and still kneeing him in the back. He moved down her body, putting his weight on her legs, rendering her totally immobile.

The limo driver pulled her wedding gown down, over her breasts, to her waist, and then did the same to her strapless bra, exposing her luscious breasts. Helpless, fastened to the bed, laid on her back, she watched him while he explored her body with his hands, and mouth. Teresa's flesh felt soft, but firm, in his hands, as he squeezed her breasts. He mauled her breasts, and squeezed the globes together, as he savaged her nipples with his mouth. With fingers, and thumbs, he squeezed her nipples, watching them harden under his touch.

Teresa screamed as he did so, only to be rewarded by a hard slap across her face. He bent back down, sucking one nipple, and then the other, before moving back to the other one again. Teresa tried to beg him to stop, pleading, "Please don't, don't, let me go, please don't hurt me," as the limo driver continued savaging her breasts.

Wanting more, tiring of mauling her breasts, needing to relive his tension, he got off the bed.

Teresa watched him undress, first taking his jacket off, then his tie and shirt, followed by shoes and socks. He began to unzip his trousers, as she begged, "No, stop, I'm sorry, lets sort this out." Finally, he lowered his trousers, and shorts.

She swallowed hard, and moaned, she knew then, she was going to be raped. Teresa began sobbing, moaning "Please don't, not that," as he climbed back on the bed.

"Give me a blow job," he demanded, rubbing his semi erect cock, and pointing it to her mouth. "Let me go, get the fuck off me, you Bastard," Teresa screamed, twisting her hips, her hands held tightly above her head.

"Bastard," she screamed, as she lifted up, and tried to bite him. "Fucking Whore," he chided, "You'll pay for that," as he climbed back off the bed. The limo driver padded naked out of the room, and moments later, came back with a automobile jump starter power pack.

As soon as he climbed back onto the bed, he placed the power pack beside her. Teresa turned her head, to look at it, wondering what he wanted it for. He forced her head back to him, and kissed her, smudging her lipstick.

The pair of panties she was wearing, before she got changed, were still on the bed.

He clutched them, and stuffed them into her mouth. The limo driver, then asked, "Are you going to give me a blow job?" Teresa shook her head, and tried to grunt, "No."

He took the crocodile clips of the power pack, and attached them to her breasts. She struggled frantically, now knowing what he was going to do. He threw the switch, and a powerful volt shot through her body. Teresa arched her back, and tried to scream, but the gag muffled her sounds.

The limo driver threw the switch again, and another shock belted though her. "Now, are you ready?" he asked, "Ready to suck my cock now, Bitch." Teresa nodded, not wanting anymore pain.

He pulled the gag from her mouth, rubbed his cock a few times, and then put it to her again. "Open you mouth, you fucking whore," he growled, as he pressed his cock to her closed lips. Teresa opened her mouth, and licked the head, with the tip of her tongue. Pre cum coated the head, and she moaned, as it stuck to her tongue. Slowly, she circled the head with her tongue, not taking it in her mouth. "Come on cunt, you know what to do, or shall I turn the switch again?" he threatened.

Teresa took him in her mouth, not sucking or licking, but just letting him feel the moisture, and warmth of her mouth. He pushed it fully into her mouth, and urged, "Come on fucking suck it, Slut." Teresa no stranger to cock sucking, began to slide her mouth on his cock.

After a while, he pulled out, and said, "You're fucking useless, you useless cunt." He reached for the switch, and Teresa shouted, "No, please, no, let me try again."

The limo driver smiled, and put his cock back to her. She took him back into her mouth, and began sucking him as he wanted her to. He held her head, and fucked her face until he felt the urge to ejaculate into her mouth. He spurted a string of cum into her mouth, but pulled out, and nipped the base of his cock, trying to stop the climax that had started.

Teresa forced the bit of cum out of her mouth, with her tongue, and it dribbled down her chin. "Fucking Slag, why didn't you swallow?" he growled, "Wasting what I give you." He scooped the cum on her chin, with his finger, and forced it to her mouth.

"Lick it, and swallow," he ordered, "Or I'll switch that fucker on, and leave it on." His victim dutifully obeyed, and took it down her throat.

Moment's later, he began pulling her wedding gown up, until it was bunched around her waist. The limo driver looked at her, and saw she was wearing a white thong. He proceeded to pull them down, and resigning herself to her fate, she allowed him to. Teresa made one final plea, of, "Please, please no, I'll let you cum in my mouth," but he just laughed. She laid back, willing herself to be calm, she was going to be fucked, and she knew it. The limo driver pushed her legs up to her chest , and began licking, and sucking her cunt. He licked her, sucked her clit, and fingered her pussy, until she became wet, and began moaning.

As the limo driver orally assaulted her, he reached up and fondled her breasts. He sucked her clit into his mouth, as he tweaked her nipples. Teresa's body trembled, as he thrust a finger back into her, searching for her G spot. Powerless to deny her emotions, she orgasmed, moaning out loud, and thrashing about. He continued to administer to her, until she came down from her high. Teresa sobbed, incessantly, forced to admit to herself that he'd brought her to an orgasm.

The limo driver moved up her body, forcing her to kiss him, before lowering himself onto her. "No, no, no," Teresa screamed, kicking and writhing, her hands burning at the wrists.

She felt him push against her wet sex, and then forced his manhood into her. Teresa gasped, as he thrust up, into her, his cock was so large, and hard. His thrusting began immediately, and he kissed her mouth, again. With her hands cuffed to the bed, her thighs wide apart, she had no option to let him take her. Teresa was unable to fight him anymore. She looked to one side, unable to look at him, unable to resist her rape.

Fucking her seemed to take forever, and not wanting to annoy him, looked straight into his eyes, when he growled, "Look at me, look at me you fucking whore, when I'm fucking you." To him, she was just a whore, who had a cunt to use for his own pleasure, and that's exactly how he used her. Teresa groaned, hooking her legs around his waist, in an attempt to lock him to her, to subdue his thrusts, but involuntary pulled him even tighter into her.

As Teresa's rape continued, he changed positions constantly. He turned her on her side, put her leg over him, and reinserted his cock into her, fucking her like that, while strumming her clit. In this position, he extracted another orgasm from her. He even twisted her over, pulled her up onto her knees, and fucked her doggie style. With her arms twisted, all she could do, was to groan into the pillow. It would be the only time he got any of her wet cunt, so he was making the best of it.

The limo driver turned her back over, and put hid arms under her legs, pushing her knees into her breasts. "I'm going to make you a mother, get ready Bitch, I'm going to fuck a baby into you," he growled. Teresa begged him, "Please don't cum in me," but she knew her pleas would fall on deaf ears.

His pace quickened, and she felt some small pangs of pleasure, again, as he thrust into her pussy. Teresa had stopped trying to resist, and gasped as his cock raped her cunt, and senses. She was gasping for air, as he fucked the breath out of her.

His thrusts were electric, the friction in her vagina making her yelp, "Ahhh, Ahhh," constantly. The limo driver grinned, and angled his thrusts down, against her clit. This caused more sensations of unwanted rapture in her. Flesh slapped against flesh, as his climax approached.

The limo driver emitted a series of grunts, and growls, then he suddenly gave a series of large, mighty thrusts into her. As Teresa gripped the bed rails, to counteract his thrusts he stopped, and buried his cock deep into her.

The limo driver climaxed, spewing pulses of cum past her cervix, deep into her baby making canal. She heard a Woman's voice screaming in the throes of an orgasm, then realised it was hers. As he finished ejaculating, he lay on top of her for a moment, both of them gasping for breath. He kept her legs held high, as he kissed her.

The limo driver knelt up, still holding her legs high, saying, "Can you feel it, my sperm swimming up to your eggs?" Teresa moaned, she was in the middle of her cycle, her most fertile period. "You're going to be a Mommy now," he cursed.

Teresa's assailant dropped her legs, and moved up her body. He made her lick the juices off his cock, before getting up, and dressing.

They both watched each other, as he put his clothes back on. "I know you enjoyed it," he said, "Maybe we can do it again sometime," as he put his jacket back on.

"I hate you," she blurted out, laid her on her back, with cum running down, and onto the bed. "Yeah, but you love this," he laughed, grabbing his crotch, and rubbing it obscenely. He left her for five minutes, before returning, to release her wrists, and removed the crocodile clips.

"Get up, Bitch, time to get ready, you've a wedding to go to," he ordered. As she lay sobbing, on the bed, he pushed her shoulder, shouting, "Stop fucking wailing, and move yourself, or you'll be late." As she got off the bed, he picked up her thong, and spreading it open, said, "Lift your gown up, and put these back on. Teresa lifted her gown, and as he held them, she stepped into them. As he pulled them up, he said, "Must keep my baby making juice in." She groaned as he fitted them to her, and immediately the gusset became moist, and he smiled.

He took the power pack out of the room, and when he came back, Teresa had taken her gown off, and was sat on a towel covered chair. She was redoing her hair, and turned to him, and said, "I need a shower." "No time, just do yourself up, and let's get going, you've got ten minutes to get there," he growled.

Just then Teresa's mobile rang, the limo driver took it from her, as she was about to answer it. He pressed a button, and putting it to his ear said, "Hello?" After a pause, he continued, "No, I'm the limo driver, she's been delayed, we'll be leaving soon." After another pause, he said into the phone, "Well it is a Bride's privilege to be late.

As Teresa sat at the mirror, he bent down and looked at her, "You'd better cover that slap mark up,' he suggested. She did as he said, and then stood up, and meekly asked, "Can you pass me my bra, and gown?" He handed her the bra, and then held her dress, for her. She put the gown on, and then the veil.

When she was ready, the limo driver asked her, "Ready?" Teresa nodded. "Let get going then, you look as good as you did before," he assured her.

As they both walked to the door, the limo driver picked up the towel, and power pack. He helped her into the car, saying, "Sit on the towel, you don't want your gown staining, and I don't want the seat staining either." Numbed, glad to be out of the house, she obeyed him.

As they drove to the church, the limo driver said, "Your husband's a lucky Man, you're a lovely fuck, did you enjoy it?" "Bastard, I hate you," she muttered, "I'm going to report you, I hate you."

"Fuck off," he retorted, "When, when are you going to tell someone, before, or after you're married?" "Just forget it, and get married, and have a nice life," he said.

When they arrived at the Church, the bridesmaids came dashing up, looking at her.

The Photographer took some photos of her in the car, and stood outside after the limo driver helped her out. As she stood waiting for the Man who was to give her away, the limo driver whispered, "Look after my baby for me, bring it up good."

Teresa walked away, in a daze. She could hear the excited murmurs, where she and her bridesmaids waited. As she walked down the isle, she was totally unprepared for the hundreds of people who had made an appearance. Her silence, her timidity, was put down to nerves, by everyone in the Church.

After she'd walked down the aisle, and stood by the side of her soon to be husband, she felt the limo driver's cum running down her leg. Teresa was committing herself to marriage, after she had just been fucked by a total stranger.

She felt dirty, as she recited her vows. Her body had just been used, for someone else's pleasure. He wasn't interested in her as a Person, but just someone with a cunt, to fill with his seed.

After the ceremony, after she was married, and after all the photographs had been taken, once again she travelled in the limo, with her new husband, and her rapist driver. She watched the limo driver, nearly all the way to the hotel where the reception was to be held.

Just before they arrived, Teresa had a twisted thought, she hoped the sex would be as good with her new husband, as it had been with him.

When they got there, and left the limo, Teresa hoped that she'd never see him again.

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