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The Limo Ride


If you'd like to go back and read the story I wrote some time ago titled "Taxi Ride" it might give you a bit of back ground on this story and fill in a couple of gaps. If you don't want to go back and read that one I think that you can read this one as stand alone story. As always the stories that I write about the various adventures of T have some basis in reality and have some fantasy added to them as well to help fill out the story.

It had been at least a couple of years since T and I had made arrangements for Gary to pick us up in his cab and take us for a ride that would be about $100 on his meter. I think that he would have done the whole ride for free, instead of just part of it, if he had known in advance that he would be driving us around while T was mostly nude and that the drive would end up with T giving him a hand job in the parking lot of our hotel.

T and I had discussed our adventure several times and we had even talked about doing it again, but like to many other things that people like to do there just isn't time for everything. In the time that had passed since the Taxi ride adventure I'd also lost contact with Gary and the thought of riding around naked in a strangers taxicab seemed dangerous and didn't appeal to T. Likewise, riding around naked in the back seat of a car of someone that we knew very well didn't seem like the thing to do so we moved on from that idea.

However, one cold winter day everything seemed to change with another chance encounter at a wedding for a younger relative of T's. The bridal party had rented a limo to take them from the church to the wedding reception and we were all supposed to stand outside the reception hall and wait for the bride and groom to arrive but since it was so cold everyone waited inside the building instead.

The wedded couple came in with all the usual fanfare and hugs and kisses from everyone that was already waiting for a long overdue meal. At the end of the procession I noticed that the limo driver also came in and quickly moved to use the bathroom, it was our old cab driver friend Gary. I quickly dismissed myself and headed down the hallway just in time to meet Gary as he was exiting the men's room.

He was surprised to see me at the wedding and asked if he'd done something wrong the last time since I never called him back after T had ridden in his cab naked. I explained the reasons why and asked about his limo driving job. He explained that he'd been doing if for about 6 months and that it paid better, was less dangerous and offered plenty of opportunity to watch couples make out, get naked and have sex. He confided that this bride and groom seemed to really have the hots for each other and he thought that when he took them to their hotel he was certainly going to have the opportunity to at least look at the brides tits and maybe even more.

After some more small talk he asked again if we'd thought about going for another ride with T being naked. I told him that we had enjoyed the last ride in his taxi, and that we wouldn't be opposed to doing it again sometime. Gary gave me his business card and told me to call him if we wanted to rent a limo.

I joined T back at the reception and explained that I had run into Gary, and what he was doing now, and what he had offered. Since we were surrounded by wedding guests we couldn't really discuss it very much and her only comment was that "it sounds interesting". During our ride home it was just T and I and we talked some more about going for a limo ride with Gary.

She started to tease me and ask if I wanted her riding around naked again, this while she was taking off her clothes, and once she was mostly nude asked if she should give Gary another hand job, or perhaps I would like if better if she gave him a blow job instead. As soon as she bent down and started to suck on my cock she would pull off and ask do you think Gary would like this? Should I swallow his cum? And kept up with the teasing as we drove home while she was sucking on my cock.

To keep up with her teasing I agreed that this time she should suck his cock, or even fuck him if she preferred and also suggested that perhaps this time he should bring along a nice younger helper that she could also suck off. She teased me with something that was supposed to be "that would be great" but didn't really sound like much as I was filling her mouth with cum at the same time.

Later that weekend we talked about it some more, and it's always a different set of circumstances to discuss sexual adventures when neither one of you have been drinking and you're not wanting to have sex, or in the middle of having sex.

However, T did offer that she'd be willing to get naked in the car and drive around for a couple of hours and "if" she was in the mood she would be willing to take it even farther than the last time.

On Monday I called Gary and asked about his offer. He said that he would gladly do the limo ride for free, but since it wasn't his car there would be some charges and that I should call him back in a couple of hours. When I called he explained that he could drive us around during a weeknight when the limo wasn't normally rented and we would only have to pay for the car expenses and his hourly fee. I thought this sounded fair and I told him that I thought his hourly wage would be paid in another way, and not with cash.

After a couple more phone calls to set the date, place and time I mentioned that if he had a younger guy to bring along as a relief driver that he would also be welcome. He quickly jumped at the offer and suggested Danny who he said was driving limo as a way of working his way through college, and also happened to be his son.

We set things up for just a couple of days later and Thursday evening at 8pm the limo rolled up to the front door of the small bed and breakfast where we were staying. We'd checked in at 5pm, had a light supper, sat in the hot tub, and T was just finishing getting her coat on when they innkeeper knocked at our door.

We walked out to the limo and it was another cold windy wintery night. I don't know how T was able to keep from freezing as her bare legs would flash when her coat parted while she walked. We quickly jumped into the back of the limo and we pleased to feel the heat was turned on high, I'm sure that was help T get naked quicker.

We made our introductions and Gary indicated that there was a fully stocked bar so go ahead and help ourselves. I gave him some general directions where to drive and knew that the route I'd given him would take about 2 hours with at least one place to have a "rest stop" along the way.

As we eased away from the front of the house T said "this is what you're all waiting for" and took off her long winter coat. She wasn't nude, but just about as close as you can get and still be wearing clothes. She was wearing the brand new pink half cup bra that I had bought for her, and a pair of sheer pink g-string panties.

The bra lifted up her tits a bit and was cut so that her nipple was completely revealed, especially since both of them were hard as little rocks from the cold weather. While Gary was driving us out of town I poured her a glass of wine and asked Danny about his school, and what were his classes. It was quite obvious that he was looking at T's tits the whole time we talked and even though he was younger that some of our kids it seemed that he was enjoying the view.

Danny finally asked T "how can you sit there naked and carry on a conversation like nothing is out of the ordinary?" She didn't miss a beat and asked him if he would rather talk about her body instead?

She then began to ask the questions; did he think she was attractive?, Oh God yes! Does he like her tits? They are great! Would he like to touch her tits, and with this she moved a bit closed to him as he was still sitting in the front seat with Gary. He didn't quite seem to know what to do or say so I encouraged him that he should go ahead and give her tits a feel as long as she's offering because she may change her mind later on.

With that he reached back and grabbed T's tits with both hands and started to squeeze and knead them a bit. I told him to grab her nipples and give them a working over as she doesn't mind that and rather enjoys it. With just a few more bits of instruction he was soon pulling her nipples out towards him, shaking her tits up and down while pulling her nipples and even twisting them a bit while T seemed amused that this young guy would be so enthralled by her tits.

She reminded him that she was old enough to be his mother, and in fact was even older than his mom, but he said that didn't matter as she had a great set of tits and he was enjoying them more that he had ever had the opportunity to enjoy any of his girlfriends tits.

About that time Gary mentioned that we were about at the turn around point and when I told him to cross the bridge and take another route home so we could stop at the rest stop he got a huge grin on his face and nodded his agreement.

All this time that Danny had been playing with T's tits I had been working on her pussy and her ass as she'd leaned forward to let him touch her.

By now her panties were around her knees and as I pulled her back to sit next to me she stretched out her legs and without a work Danny took them off and tossed them on the front seat next to him. By the time he turned back to face us T had one leg across my knee and her other foot was up on the armrest of the car. She couldn't have been spread any wider if I had tried.

She was hot and horny, and as I pumped her pussy with one hand and rubbed her clit with my other hand she kept her eyes glued on Danny's face. Danny was watching intently and it was obvious to us all that his eyes were mostly glued to T's pussy as he watched me use her. Every once in awhile he would move his gaze back up to her tits, and once he even locked eyes with her for a few moments as she smiled at him.

I know this wasn't going to go on much longer and within another minute T started to pump my fingers even harder and soon grabbed the hand that was rubbing her clit. I thought that I was going to explode at the same time, but some how managed to not shoot my load. I heard a moan from the front seat and it was evident from his reaction that Danny had cum in his pants as T had cum on my fingers.

Soon after we reached the rest area and Gary pulled in to stop. This isn't a rest stop like you see on the interstate highways, but more of a scenic overlook, with a bathroom, where it wouldn't be uncommon for a limo to stop.

As T regained her composure she looked around the limo and realized that she was still the center of attention and all 3 of us were waiting for her to let us know what might happen next. She asked me what I wanted from her, and did I want some relief right away. I told her that I could wait, but asked her what was it that she was willing to do next. She only said "I suppose I should do something" but didn't offer any suggestions, other that to ask for some more wine. I poured her another glass and as she looked around she simply asked "who's first?"

Gary was quick to jump into the back seat and he already had his cock in his hand waiting for it to be used somehow. As soon as he sat next to T she took his cock in her hand and pushed his hand aside. She teased him and asked if he'd like another hand job and when I suggested that this time she could jack him off onto her face he readily agreed.

T slid down across the seat and Gary hunched over her as he worked his cock up to her face. She looked him in the eyes and she started to pump his cock with her hands. I think at this time Gary may have wished he'd cum earlier as he knew wasn't going to last, T may have also wished that as he the excitement from the first part of the drive had certainly helped him build up a big load.

It was obvious that T was the one in control and as she stroked his cock she kept looking him in the face and staring him down. It seemed that he wasn't able to look at her face since that was also the target for his cum. T was telling him to "let her have it" and to "cover her face with cum" as she stoked him harder and quicker. It was when she said "give it to me big boy" that he finally did!

Boy, did he ever give it to her! His first spurt hit her on the forehead right between the eyes, which caused her to finally close her eyes. The second blast of cum was even bigger than the first and with that one he shot across her nose and covered her from cheek to cheek with the overflow running down into her hair on both sides of his face. The last two shots were pretty well just a small dribble but he did mange to get those to land on her lips and chin. Her face was pretty well covered from chin to forehead and ear to ear.

I told him to take his cock and rub in around on her face which he spent the next several minutes doing as he worked his cum all over her so that not one spot of her face was missing his cum facial. As his cock withered he pulled back and I took one of the linen napkins and wiped out T's eyes. She blinked them open and looked around at us all and then asked "are you all happy now?" Since I knew T doesn't really care for facials I knew that she was going all out to make sure that I enjoyed what was happening, and that the other men were also satisfied as well.

Danny exclaimed that he had never seen anything so hot in his life! He kept telling T that she was the best looking woman that he'd ever seen naked and the she was by far the sexiest woman he could even imagine. She finally told him that he should remember this night and when he gets the chance with his own woman perhaps he can do the same for someone else. She mentioned that it was too bad that he'd already cum in his pants as she would be happy to take care of him next.

Since he was still sitting in the front seat, but turned around facing us, T didn't see that he had already recovered and that his cock was once again hard.

He told her that it wasn't a problem, he was ready to go again and that after watching her get a full facial from his dad it was enough to get him rock hard and was almost enough to make him cum again.

T invited him into the back seat and he quickly crawled over to join us. She looked up at me and asked me "what do I think?" and my reply was that "I think you should fuck him." She giggled a bit at that, made a comment about that being a really naughty thing to do, and this was something that she doesn't normally do, but at the same time she had spread her legs wide open and was holding out her arms to him.

We didn't need to worry about T getting pregnant, and Danny seemed to not have had much sexual experience so it was quickly decided that she would not require him to wear a condom. Danny kicked off his pants and pulled his shirt over his head and let T pull him into her.

There was no hesitation and no fumbling around, T was ready to get fucked and she expertly moved to meet his cock with her pussy and with just one quick push his cock was buried all the way into her. Although he started to hammer away right away she stopped him and told me that he didn't need to hurry, and that he would have plenty of time to enjoy her.

She then surprised me when she asked if liked to see his cock in her pussy, and my reply was that it would look better if I was also in her ass at the same time! She tried to punch me but couldn't reach, and just said "later". She then looked Danny in the eyes and said ok, now you can fuck me.

For the next few minutes both Gary and I watched as Danny pounded away at T's pussy. I think that it was a good thing for him that he'd already cum once so that this time was going to take a bit longer. I wasn't sure about how T would react as she usually prefers to have just one orgasm and be done for the night but it certainly looked like she was enjoying herself.

Danny was giving fucking T with all the strength he could, given the somewhat cramped circumstances he had. T's tits were rapidly bouncing back and forth as he worked his cock in and out of her pussy hard and fast. Soon T grabbed him by the ass and pulled him into her as she shuddered with her second orgasm of the night. She held him to tight that he wasn't able to move, much but you could tell from his grunts and her moans that he was filling her pussy with his cum at the same time.

They held each other for a few moments more and T finally pushed him off to the side. Danny immediately started to praise her and tell her how great she was and how much he enjoyed her and as he continued to go on and on she finally told him to cool it and just be quiet while she caught her breath. T picked up another napkin and wiped off Danny's cum as it dripping out of her pussy. She laid back in the seat with her legs still spread wide apart and said that she was now ready to go home.

Gary and Danny both crawled back into the front seat and drove out of the rest stop and headed back towards where we were staying. T finally asked me what I would like, was watching enough? Or would I like to use her some way? She offered that she'd do them again if I wanted, or not, or just go back and sit in the hot tub and relax.

I had another idea and took out a small bottle of lube from my pocket. I rolled her over on her stomach and give her a bit of a back rub, rubbed her legs and then worked up to her ass. She already knew what I wanted and spread her legs wide as I rubbed her ass and the asshole. I worked a finger into her ass, and then two without any complaint or resistance from her.

I asked her to get on top and although her on top "cow girl" style is one of our favorite positions she knew that wasn't what I was looking for. This time I slid down in the seat and she straddled me. We were crossways in the limo so Danny was watching us with a clear view of T's body and even her ass, while Gary was looking in the rear view mirror and could see T's tits as she slowly lowered herself down on my cock.

It must have taken several miles but finally T had managed to sit down all the way. My cock was shoved up her ass as far as it could go and all her weight was balancing on my cock as she sat on me. We sat that way as we rode in along the next few miles. I wasn't in a hurry to come, and she seemed to be comfortable enough even though she had my cock buried deep inside her. It wasn't until we reached the town where we were staying that she started to move a bit more and wiggle her ass around in circles.

T was still sitting up on top of me and although the limo had tinted windows I could still see outside a bit. When we pulled up to a stoplight a car full of younger guys pulled up alongside of us and I asked Gary to put the window down for a bit.

Their eyes about feel out of their heads as the window going down caught their attention and when they looked over they got a good look at T's upper body as she rocked up and down on my cock.

I heard a couple of them make remarks, "look at that", "she's fucking someone", "wow that's hot". "nice tits" and a couple of rude comments. T looked over at them, as they were only a few feet away and said "yes, I'm getting fucked in the ass" and told Gary to put up the window. As the light changed green I remarked that I'm sure she gave them something to remember for the rest of their lives.

When we reached the bed and breakfast T was still sitting with my cock firmly up her ass. Gary announced that we had arrived, and T asked me now what?, knowing that I still hadn't cum yet. I asked her what was she was up for and she just said lets finish this up before we go in. So I asked Gary and Danny if they wanted to wait a bit and watch while I fucked her ass and they both said yes.

I really didn't want to fuck T's ass, I wanted her to fuck me with her ass and after I gave her a little swat on the ass she started to pump my cock with her ass as she moved up and down.

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