tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 26

The Literotica Olympics Day 26

byJoseki Ko©

Event: Four Man Bobsled

As I reached over to turn on the TV I had to admit I was ready. Out of all the Literotica Olympics I loved the winter sports most of all. I sat back in my easy chair and picked up my beer as the TV warmed up. I heard the words before the picture came up.

"Yes, Laurel, today we have several events scheduled. The one man Luge, the Ski Jump and the Slalom, but right now we will have the four man bob sled..." said an older looking Asian, in a cowboy hat.

"Thank you My Erotic Tail, I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to the other events. But let's go to the gate where it looks like the British team is unsuiting." commented Laurel.

I had to admit as I watched these two on TV that Laurel was really cute with that white fur parka and those almond blue eyes. It looked like she'd even gone to a hairstylist to have her hair turned white. She looked so much like her AV I just wanted to reach out and pet her.

My erotic Tail on the other hand didn't look like his AV at all. He seemed to be a lot larger than I'd assumed he would be. He was either sitting on something or he really did stand about six and a half feet tall.. He looked soft spoken and the faded blue jeans contrasted with the bright silver belt buckle, black bib shirt like John Wayne used to wear, and ten gallon hat that looked like it cost several hundred dollars. He always seemed to be smiling good naturedly.

Sure enough the screen cut to the British team and there was the Great Og already naked and obviously cold. I could see the breath coming out of his mouth as a cloud of mist. His nipples looked hard and as the camera panned back for a full view of him I couldn't help but be impressed. It looked like even flaccid and with the cold shriveling everything up, he still appeared to have something over an eight inch penis. I could only imagine how huge he must have been when the weather was warm. He seemed to be giving his team a pep talk.

I could hear Laurel in the background. "For those of you who have never seen our version of bob-sledding before, let me tell you how it works. As you can see from the sled in front of Og, there are four Ice dildoes protruding from the seat, one for each team member. What you may not notice is that they are all connected to a 12-volt car battery. As the team sits down there are switches under each one that will turn them on individually. Now the object here is to push the sled as fast at it will go in the first hundred meters. Then the team jumps in and sits down, inserting the dildos in the hole of their choice. The entire team has to make it down the hill with out cumming."

"It's not as easy as you might think." MET added. "This is the event with the highest amount of deaths ever. If you lose your concentration for just a second you can impact the wall and kill your entire team. And Lord knows those Battery Operated Boyfriends could get a dead man off, they vibrate so hard."

I watched as the team lined up their bobsled. They gathered around and a list of their names came up on the TV. The Great Oggbashan was in front of course followed by Perdita, Abstruse and Carl East. They started bouncing the sled back and forth as they counted to three and suddenly they were off. The TV switched to a view from behind the sled and you could see the muscles flex as they ran. Og's great manhood slapped back and forth as they picked up speed.

The camera switched to a front angle as Og jumped into the sled and displayed the look of mixed pain and pleasure as his ice dildo slid home. The other's looks were equally as graphic as they settled in and their BOBs turned on. But the great Og was unmoved as he raced down the course. He handled turn after turn with consummate skill. 1.53.48 minutes later the sled cleared the finish line. You could see the team bail out in an effort to leave the sled before they had any accidents.

The announcers told us that the Great Og was involved in a non-Olympic contest. And for purely personal reasons he stepped up to a line. Lauren Hynde stepped from the officials, and grabbing Og's great manhood with her left hand she stroked it twice while jamming her right hand to the palm up Og's ass. He gave a loud cry and came in a great white arc. The official measured this to be no less than twelve feet two inches.

As the TV cut away to commercial I felt proud to be a literotican, where we all strive to do our best.

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