tagNonHumanThe Lost Lord Ch. 22

The Lost Lord Ch. 22



The Lost Lord Ch. 22 - The name of the game is stealth

"Damn you, Emiel! I am going to rip out your intestines and strangle you with them..." Hissed the black demon, Xizaen. He unfurled his jet-black wings that contrasted against his tanned skin, in a threatening position. He twirled scimitar in the air, chopping at every projectile sent his way.

Xizaen's archenemy, Emiel was a powerful master of magic, who was especially strong with his earth magic. Masters of earth magic were the rarest of the four natural elements, with the popularity being fire, air, water, and then earth. It was understandably so, as earth masters, or more popularly known as Geomancers or Geomasters, required peace of mind and stillness as well as a suitable amount of brute force. Basically, in order to be a Geomaster, you needed to have forceful strength as well as tranquil stillness, which were complete opposites.

Emiel sent shards of rock at Xizaen every chance he could in order to harass and slow down his foe. In this urban environment, there was no shortage of rock, so as long as Emiel had enough energy, he could continue flinging shards at Xizaen until the end time came.

One shard, which was colored a sky blue, rushed straight at Xizaen just as he barely managed to dodge the last. While it didn't hit, this one was the closest yet, skimming past and marking Xizaen's mail armor.

Out of nowhere, a large bit of debris came flying down into their bath arena, most likely due to a misfire in a siege machine. It should have hit Xizaen at that moment, but it was stopped in midair.

Emiel was straining his hands as he tossed the debris aside into another bath, causing a large splash. Laughing heartily as if that display was nothing (which it was), Emiel chortled at Xizaen, "And I wouldn't want my lifelong foe to be smashed to bits by something OTHER than me, would we?"

"Bastard... You're saying that as if it was decided you would win in the first place. NOW JUST DIE!" Raged Xizaen

'He truly is a demon of Wrath.' Thought Emiel, 'Just like I am an incubus of Lust. I get way too much pleasure from this...'

Xizaen, in a fit of rage, charged at Emiel, dodging all the rock shards flung at him. One of the larger pieces, Xizaen cut clean through with his sword. No more going easy, he decided. When he reached his nemesis, Xizaen smashed through a shield of concrete with his sword that was set up by Emiel. Dust and bits of rubble sprayed in all directions as a result.

"As always, the rage of a black demon is to be feared. Have you ever thought of anger management? Ever since I gave you that scar, you've seemed awfully easy to annoy." Jabbed Emiel as he jumped back to avoid the explosion of dust. "Its because of your anger, that you always fall into my traps, I suppose now is as good as a time as any to kill you." Emiel then chanted words to a spell he called, 'Stalactite Storm'.

As the spell suggested, seemingly out of nowhere, spiked rocks rained down on the ground at Xizaen's position.

Xizaen cursed his luck, he had used a vast majority of his strength utterly destroying Luce and getting to the location he knocked the Djinn towards. While his rage told him otherwise, and if Xizaen's head was in a normal condition, he would know he could not win this fight.

One of the stalactites pierced Xizaen's legs, though it shattered on contact with his tough bones that were even stronger than his armor. Another stalactite would have smashed in his head, though Xizaen punched it aside with his right hand, slamming it at Emiel who effortlessly dodged. With his leg wounded, Xizaen couldn't escape easily. And even then, Emiel would surely have the storm continuously pinpoint its attacks on Xizaen's position.

"By the Emperor's grace: Prison of Flesh

On those whose will and body has been weakened,

They will be cast into a prison of their own flesh

Until the Emperor decides otherwise."

The young Lord of Lust, Rainer rushed into the scene, vaulting himself over a crumbling wall of the bathhouse. He cast another spell, a simple one, which tossed aside the stalactites to the side, avoiding Xizaen. "I'm sorry, but I need him to stay alive!" He called out to Emiel.

"Ohoh! If it isn't the young incubus from the human world! I thought there was something strange about you, young Lord of Lust." Commented Emiel as he laughed heartily.

Rainer was surprised at the demon he saw and recognized from a certain restaurant that catered exclusively to human world food. The dark green skinned incubus, Emiel. The nice demon that operated the restaurant had kindly given Rainer a drink he had dearly missed from Earth, a carbonated soda. Still, Rainer hadn't expected Emiel to ever be fighting this guy, Xizaen.

"It's you... From that restaurant!" Exclaimed Rainer in surprise.

"Obviously. May I introduce myself? You may call me Emiel Cano, leader of Huracan." Emiel bowed as if in the presence of the highest presence in the world (which he technically was).

"Wait, if you're the leader from Huracan... Aren't you one of my enemies?" Inquired Rainer as he took a step back defensively.

"Not anymore. From the moment I met and spoke to you in my restaurant, I honestly liked you. While yes, Huracan fights mainly for money. They also fight for the same ideals as I wish for. You symbolize those ideals, at least to me you do. I hereby request that you allow us to fight for you, the true Lord of Lust." Emiel spoke with all his soul.

"Out of curiosity, Rainer asked, "And what are these ideals you are talking about?"

"Let us just say that you're the kind of person wishes for peace, yet knows and will instantly fight when that peace is threatened. I, for one, believe that peace is impossible without the origins of violence and strife. Compared to the previous Lord, you are much more willing to wade into battle for those you want to protect... No?"

Rainer thought for a second, Yes... I fought with Aureal to make sure she had a place to live free in and live by. I want to finish this war for Nerissa who finally met a person she had loved and never knew. I'm heading out to rescue Lauren who is capture by Arazra, and I didn't tell Asmodea or anyone where I was going so that I could do this myself without anyone getting in harm's way.

As if he could tell what Rainer was thinking, Emiel then warmly said, "Really, there has never been a single Ruler of Sin quite like you, and that is a very good thing. Your qualities will definitely bring stability to the Seven Circles some day, which has never even heard of stability. Arazra will never bring that, only undying devotion for the Land of Lust perpetuated by a never ending circle of battle among the circles and even Heaven." Emiel then turned his glance over to Xizaen, who was completely petrified by his own flesh. "May I ask why did you imprison and save my nemesis?" Emiel emphasized the word 'Nemesis'.

Rainer had only cast the spells to save Xizaen's life because he first thought there was a battle going on between one of Arazra's men and someone else. Yet he was infinitely more surprised to see a certain scar, a scar in the shape of a star on Xizaen's face.

"That scar on his face, its in the form of a star." Said Rainer blankly.

Emiel nodded, "Yes, and to be specific, the Star of David. I etched it on him myself, that action gave me great joy."

Rainer mentally reeled back at Emiel's gruesome words, though he withstood it and gave his reasons for saving Xizaen, "I promised someone, someone who I barely knew yet he cared for me more than I thought possible of him. Well, I won't give the reasons why he wants this done, but I said I would capture the demon with the star-shaped scar on his face and bring him to justice, be it death or eternal imprisonment. This black demon, he committed a grave atrocity to my friend, one that I intend he will pay dearly for."

Emiel smiled, "I understand."

"Can I also ask a favor of you?" Rainer asked.

"Of course, I'm under your command after all."

"Please take him back to the palace and have him locked up in whatever prisons they got back there. We can handle him later if we win this war. Also, tell Asmodea what you're doing now, with Huracan switching sides and all, but don't tell her you saw me here. Just say I'm safe." Rainer asked with an air of a true leader.

It wasn't a command or a demand, or even an order, it was a simple request. A request that Emiel felt compelled to follow, that was more than enough material for him to confirm his hopes of Rainer being a true lord someday. "Of course, my lord. May I know where you are headed at least? Out of pure curiosity, that's all."

"Like you said before, I can't help but protect everyone. And in order to do that, I need to go straight into Arazra's camp." Rainer replied with an indomitable will.


Terraces taken: Four out of eleven.

"Lord Arazra, our forces are about to take control of the fifth terrace." Reported a stocky incubus donned in full plate armor and sporting a long sword at his hip.

"Ah, good. It's long past afternoon, we are making more progress than expected despite that little setback on the fourth terrace.."

By the time morning began, Arazra's forces rushed for all its worth. Out of all the terraces, the first one is without a doubt the toughest to penetrate, even if it had the largest length of walls. Morale had boosted in Arazra's favor by tenfold and formed a wave of momentum that allowed them to come crashing through the next few terraces like a typhoon.

Before the sun even rose, Arazra's forces took the second terrace. He poured all his strength, for that terrace, into his sky army, allowing him to overflow and eradicate any that even tried to stand in its path. The balance between ground and sky troops was too great, and the defense on the second terrace was easily overwhelmed.

The third terrace was already partially destroyed, thanks to an "accident" that Arazra had arranged a year back in preparation. Because of the wall's vast size for each terrace, repairs didn't start until seven months after the accident and it would take seven more to finish. Thanks to this hole in the wall, Arazra's ground forces flowed through like a swarm of locusts.

The fourth terrace was considered the second weakest terrace, in terms of defense (the first is the eighth). Its walls were located on a semi-hilly area that forced parts of the defense to have favorable and unfavorable terrain. It almost looked comical in a way. It was decided that the defense wouldn't waste too large a size in defending the fourth terrace, leaving a paltry and zealous force with orders to defend as long as possible and then immediately retreat using tantas (the equivalent of horses in the Land of Lust, think of a manta or sting ray with legs).

In order to maximize the time Arazra's forces wasted, four of the top defending warriors and mages stayed behind on the fourth terrace, which were Teras, Little Rouge, Sitri, and Reginald. In tactical terms, it was not best to send out more than three of your most powerful in each phase of the battle. In essence, it was the same as putting all your eggs in one basket and somehow dropping it on accident. It was a risk, and unfortunately a successful tactic that annihilated a decent amount of Arazra's troops and wasted more time than necessary.

Night would come soon, and Arazra knew that if he took the sixth terrace before night, he would be in a much more advantageous position. Obviously, one more terrace is better than one less. However, on the sixth terrace... There was a little something he could take advantage of only at night.

"Hm... Maybe I should take part." Pondered Arazra out loud to his subordinates and sister who was nearby.

"M- My lord?!"

"That damn fake, while I doubt he will, who knows when he will take part in the battle himself. I do not wish to, but it would be a fatal mistake if we underestimated him. I want the sixth terrace before tonight by any means necessary, even if that means fighting in it myself."

"Brother..." Said Arazra's more than loving sister said remorsefully, Sasilith.

"The sixth terrace? Modeled after Sitri's district. I have no doubt she will take part in the defense there." Commented another sibling of Arazra, Hezazias.

Each of the terraces was modeled after their corresponding districts. For example, the first terrace was modeled after Zagan's first district, the second was modeled after Azail's second district and so on until the tenth terrace. The eleventh terrace was solely dedicated to the Lord of Lust and the few who lived there was the Lord of Lust himself, his retainers, servants, the highest of nobility and the richest of demons, and any others the Lord of Lust chose.

While the district leaders had no control over the terraces, the terraces were designed to honor each of the original leaders of the districts a long time ago. Obviously, none of them lived now, or else they would have been just as old as the current and now oldest demon in existence, the Shah of Sloth. And that is nowhere near close to the age of the previous Lord of Lust.

"Prepare my sword. Now that I've talked about it, I do want to take part in taking the sixth district."

"Yes my lord. Also, we have reports that reinforcements will be coming to the pretender's aid. Some of the messengers that escaped earlier somehow lived." Reported Arazra's herald.

"All the more reason for me to take control of the sixth district by tonight. Also, is Xizaen still missing?"

"Yes, my lord. Though Black Steps confirms that he still lives. It is possible he has been captured."

"Weak, a black demon dares lower himself to be capture by his enemies? How about the leader of Huracan? Has he shown himself yet?"

"I'm afraid not, my lord. Continuous requests sent to Huracan have been refused. Though it is apparently not because Huracan does not wish to, it is because they themselves do not know where their commander is and have no way to contact him or her."

"That's right... Their leader could be a her, though I doubt it. Very well then, time for me to slay some of these traitors."


"Yes, milady. With our life." Several elite guardsmen responded to an order from Sitri.

These guardsmen, when working together, could rival one of the ten district leaders. Though only if all of them worked together. That basically meant that each of these guards could be their own miniature army and slay hundreds of incoming troops, even a potential thousand or two.

"I have no doubt that that detestable brother of mine knows about my little secret here in this district. He will without a doubt try to take advantage of it. If they do know about the secret, defend it until I close it off. If you can't, come inform me and I will destroy the entrance." Commanded Sitri. The black succubus clenched her teeth and balled her fists, chanting some dangerous words to a spell, but stopped halfway and releasing the magic.

"Milady, what might be down there that you'll be sealing away?" Asked one of the guards politely.

In the sixth terrace, there was a secret Sitri kept. She had only ever told three people: Her father, Asmodea, Caetorum, Dezeil, and Alizae, who is Sitri's sister. Sitri didn't know how, but she knew Arazra spent many years and vast amounts of resources on secrets of Lust's Capitol and the capitols of the districts. There was a high possibility that Arazra divulged Sitri's secret.

Her secret was a potentially dangerous one, one that may allow Arazra to increase the momentum of his capture and even eliminate any resistance from after the war.

Sitri would have taken advantage of her secret, even use it to fight Arazra, though it required time and large magical power to make it work. And neither of which Sitri and her lord had, especially considering that the sixth terrace was currently under attack.

"That is on a need to know basis, none of you need to know. Though I might as well say this, it is dangerous."


"Ah, if it isn't Miss Asmodea! It's been awhile since our last encounter!" Happily exclaimed Emiel. He threw his arms out as if inviting the succubus in front of him for a hug.

"..." Asmodea was walking through the hallway of the palace, in order to speak with the artillery officer of the palace. She randomly encountered the person she least expected to meet ever, the leader of Huracan. In fact, he was one of the people she least wanted to talk to as well, especially more so considering he was leading a mercenary force that was fighting for Arazra. Her silence and cold expression showed just how much she disdained Emiel.

"I never expected to meet you here! Isn't the circle a small world?" Emiel showed no concern for the situation at hand.

"What?" Sighed Asmodea. "You are an enemy commander, if you do not get out of my way, I will do everything in my power to kill you. Maybe I should just do that anyway."" Asmodea's words were ready to give Emiel frostbite.

"Now, now... I'm here with peaceful intentions, and information you may wish to know." Emiel made a grand swooping move for no reason in particular other than to annoy Asmodea.

"Oh? The last time you said that, I believe it was for the express purpose of finding your way into the pants of a good friend of mine." While the matter she just said wasn't important in the long run, Asmodea still held a grudge. She didn't like Emiel in the slightest, and wanted to deprive him of any chances to indulge in his incubal lust. It was a petty matter, but Asmodea still held to it.

"Ha ha. Trust me on this, I know where your interesting little lord is!" Declared Emiel as he continued to prance around. And as Asmodea widened her eyes, Emiel bowed and said with pride, "I am proud to announce that Huracan officially joins sides to the young Lord of Lust's side. Now, use the magic words we tell small children to use and I'll gladly tell you where our little lord is."

Asmodea stood still while looking down. She impatiently tapped her feet and swished her tail around. "Please tell me where Rainer is, or I will fucking gut you from your dick to your eye sockets." She threatened with her most civil voice possible.

"Eh, close enough. Very well then, our little lord, whom I met while fighting Xizaen, said he was going to rescue someone who was captured by Arazra. I think that human girl of yours, I heard Arazra was under the impression that he thought she was a hidden trump card of the little lord. I don't know why he went by himself, but that was his honest intention. Also, he somehow froze Xizaen in a prison of his own flesh, a spell that only mages on the highest of levels can accomplish. He's quite an interesting demon, is he?"

Asmodea reflected on the knowledge given to her. 'Lauren was captured... It is not a good or a terribly traumatic thing. While I of course want to rescue her, it would be impossible to do it while under siege, just what is Rain Rain thinking? And I thought his magic was lacking. I was going to have Teras teach him the fundamentals, yet to think he performed such a high level spell... The power and abilities of a Ruler of Sin is not to be trifled with, even if that person is immature in his growth. The only ones who can hope to fight with a Ruler of Sin on par by himself are other Rulers of Sin, Archangels, certain pagan gods, and the rest are an extremely rare few that shouldn't even exist in common sense. That is the main reason why Arazra has no hope in winning against Rainer in an upfront fight, he must resort to sneaky tactics or overwhelming forces or other such dangerous tactics in order to beat Rainer. Not even a black or white demon under the effects of the strongest [Rush] spell would be able to defeat a Ruler of Sin in just a battle of power. Rulers of Sin are just that unreasonable in their strength.'

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