tagFetishThe Love of Panties

The Love of Panties


You hear so much about guys and girls loving panties. I think even the word itself is sexy. Of course to me, they are sexy. On a woman or off. The way they look on a woman has always been very enticing to me. The way they seem to show her curves and shape and the way they cling to her.

It started with me when I was around 18. My next door neighbor. She was about the same age as me and she had a brother.

One night while our parents were out just basically hanging out is when she talked me and her brother into acting like Superman. I know it sounds weird but when you have a cute girl asking you to do something with her things, well, I guess you do it. She wanted us to wear her stockings but instead of just wearing them she suggested putting them on first then pulling our underwear, whitey tidies, over the top of them to be more realistic of Superman's outfit.

I had some hesitation with it at first but I did have a crush on her any way and , well, she was asking so I had little resistance that I could produce and even though it did seem to make me have that young, next door neighbor girl affect, I had no idea just how much.

It didn't take long to find out. Almost as soon as I pulled them on, wiggling to get the tight stockings on and all the way up to my waist, I could feel my feelings start to change. Not just the thought of embarrassment of having girls clothes on at all but that erotic urge that as I grew older I found out was the inner surge of adrenaline and other chemicals in my body that usually leads to a person's climax.

I could hardly believe it. I felt my cock start to grow like it had when I had masturbated, I think even faster and I quickly pulled my briefs on over the dark blue stockings she had given me to put on.

Now, to this day I have no idea whether she thought anything about it other than she talked me and her brother into doing something a guy would probably not have done otherwise. She did think it was funny and I got harder and harder. I have no idea if she knew or anyone else but I did. So much that days later she was my first. My first panty ejaculation. No one hardly ever locked their doors back then so walking in to their house was always easy. I would go straight to her bedroom, get out a pair of her panties. Always cotton as far as I remember with a few colors. I would slip them on, lay on her bed so I could smell her pillow and rub myself against the soft cotton panties. Either laying on my stomach and rubbing against her bed or just rubbing myself through the panties but eventually getting my cock out the leg opening and finishing the job into a towel I would always get first out of the laundry basket.

In the beginning I never thought of doing much about allowing any of my semen to stay on the panties but as time went on I would always do something.

It seemed as I got older I was able to get into a bedroom, visiting a house and find the panty drawer with in seconds. Choose a pair of panties and head for the bathroom. Sometimes even finding panties and bras and sometimes their clothes. It was always great to find tops and blouses that had their perfume on them. It was always so much more intense using a pair of panties that I would place back in their panty drawer when finished with some of my semen in the gusset, a dirty pair I could smell or use also to rub against my cock and a blouse to smell their sweet smell of what they would smell like if they were laying with you.

It didn't really matter age. Could be daughters my age, moms that were pretty and I found out wore cute bikinis and sometimes sexy satin or silk ones with really cute colors, aunts, cousins.

I guess my biggest thought to what I liked was the material, I liked bikinis or full back style panties. The color would help a lot and the female that wore them. Whether they were cute and sexy and how they dressed. Even though I was surprised at times, finding really sexy panties from girl I thought would never dress like that and plain white briefs from some that I thought would be the mother load.

I got to love placing clean panties back in the drawer leaving small amounts of cum in the gusset knowing they would wear them later and hoping they didn't realize it. Some that I was close to I found out they never knew so I assume a lot others never did either.

I was able to get access to lots of panties as I grew up and different chances arose, some when I would be around for days staying in different houses visiting, others that I knew and would go to their homes several times over sometimes years. Some even growing up with them as I watched them go from cotton briefs to nylon and silk bikinis. Bras changing from soft, nylon cups to soft foam under wire shaped cups.

I hope to share some of the adventures I was able to experience. From one time adventures as I had dinner at friends houses, to wearing pairs I would find in the laundry basket as I visited and sat and talked with the owners of the panties, them not knowing of course, to having the opportunity to explore every pair the girl had over periods of weeks to even a few years.

Hopefully my story will be accepted and I can share several personal stories of my love of panties and the women that wore them.

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