tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Major's Pretty Baby Face Ch. 03

The Major's Pretty Baby Face Ch. 03


The last thing we did before we went inside was to walk down to the pond. The frogs and the crickets along with the other gentle creatures of the night serenaded us with the orchestra of nature's songs while we sat on the end of the dock with our feet in the cool soothing water.

We shared one little intimate secret about each other for the first time.

When he was a little boy of eight Matthew was afraid of a big hairy monster in his bedroom closet. He slept with his Cub Scout hatchet and two flashlights.

That got me laughing because I can't imagine my Master being afraid of anything.

I teased him, saying, "The big bad hairy monster says the better to eat you my dear, especially with catsup" and I made monster growling noises while I nibbled on his ears and kissed his face; his lips and neck while telling him how precious I thought that was. Sharing that little secret with me makes me feel so special.

When I was six years old I accidently dropped half the pearls from my Mother's pearl necklace, now mine, into the storm sewer when the silk cord broke. I was playing dress-up without permission and in the process ruined several of Mom's good lipsticks getting ready for my big début. I was trying to impress some of the older neighborhood girls of nine and ten.

Mr. Greene from the Department of Public Works and my Dad spent several hours in the storm sewer with flashlights finding all but one of the missing pearls. Matthew is certain I was a most naughty and precocious child.

My Master kissed my hands to enunciate the point. This was followed by an affectionate hug before helping me up for us to leave.....

My baby face is delightful, affectionate, obedient, imaginative and intelligent; all attributes enhancing Chastity's intrinsic charm and just plain goodness. Her very forgiving nature blesses her god given talent of drawing and painting....creating lifelike images on paper with her hands.

Chastity is learning to move seamlessly between the different facets of our complex relationship. I remain dumbfounded why she remains with her weak fool of a husband. She deserves better than him.

My baby-face, my diligent personal Secretary is now officially my lover. Chastity more than enjoyed the true story of the hairy closet monster. This was followed by her musical laugh with her good-natured teasing. It makes me feel good to see Chastity smile and laugh, particularly with what she has to deal with at home.

The many kisses I receive from her are my absolute pleasure; this simple sharing further bonded her to me. The final precious bloom for me to enjoy will be Chastity as my totally obedient submissive.

We made slow and tender love face-to-face that evening with soft music playing in the background. Afterward, Matthew held me stroking my hair until I fell asleep in his strong protective arms.......

I was blissfully in that soft quiet time of sleep between dreams when I felt a small hand touching my face, "Matthew?"

"What," I asked sleepily, "Is something wrong?"

"No," Chastity replied softly.

"What is it then?" I asked, lifting my head to glance at the lighted numbers on the alarm clock; it was a little after three in the morning.

"You won't be angry if I tell you?" she asked meekly snuggling closer.

"No, I won't be angry."

"I'm horny; can I be on top? You said we are lovers this weekend and that means I may be on top."

"I see," I said smiling, "you woke me up to tell me you're horny and want to be on top?"

"I've never been on top before. Are you annoyed with me?"

"I'm delighted with you, baby face," my cock getting hard at just the thought of it, "that's what lovers do sometimes; wake each other up to make love."

"I'm going to suck on your cock to get you nice and hard for my pussy so fix your pillows and get comfortable," she said," throwing back the covers while getting out of bed and stretching like a small blonde cat.

I settled down on my back into the pillows while Chastity positioned her head between my legs and started licking my cock and balls, although not for long; she really was horny and mounted me soon after, throwing her head back and sighing contentedly. I reached over and tapped the bedside lamp, putting it on dim to watch her as Chastity fucked me. I put my hand on her hips to help her balance.

Chastity smiled and shook her head. I watched as her long blonde hair settled over her face, neck and shoulders.

Soon, Chastity was bouncing up and down and rocking from side to side. I reached up with one hand to caress and stroke her firm round breasts as she rode me, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

This was a rare event to me, a woman on top; I seldom allow it, yet with Chastity, I'm delighted in it. I laid back to enjoy the view.

I moved along with my hot little slut, matching Chastity's rhythm, thrusting upward while helping her balance.

My beautiful baby face is as light as a feather, or so it seemed at the time. Chastity was practically screaming as her multiple orgasms took her completely.

I swear I felt the tremors of her marvelous orgasm as I held mine back to let her finish. When I could not hold mine any longer I held her waist as I let mine overtake me.

Chastity's hands were in her long hair holding it out of her face, smiling and watching me as I came in her sweet little cunt.

She collapsed on top of me kissing my mouth and stroking my very short, cropped hair for a time until she rolled off to snuggle up against me. Again, we fell asleep pressed up and snuggled into one another......

I awoke alone the next morning and put on my Master's tee shirt that smelled like him and his cologne to cover my naked form. I went looking for my lover starting with the kitchen; I was naughty by not wearing panties.

There were two loaves of fresh baked multi-grain on the counter and a note in Matthew's bold cursive handwriting telling me he was in the garage. He instructed me to leave the outside door open before I met him there. I thought it a strange request at the time.

Matthew was working out on his pommel horse. He was stripped to the waist wearing only green nylon shorts and sneakers

His long thick ropey muscles were on display as he was concentrating on his intense and difficult gymnastic-acrobatic workout. The perspiration was pouring off of him to accentuate his lean whipcord physique.

I was getting aroused watching the Major as he went through his moves; moves that take balance and grace; upper body strength coupled with coordination.

Matthew has very little body fat, yet from the very beginning Matthew looked past my appearance when he saw my true potential; when I was a plump, dowdy woman with a dated haircut.

How can I not love him when he rescued me from a dreary existence? I exercise not so much for him now; I exercise for myself because Matthew leads by example....his methods, his discipline.

Matthew finished by pushing his body straight up with his feet together pointing to the ceiling and holding his weight with one arm before twisting about to land gracefully on his feet like a large dangerous jungle cat.

Stepping off the mats Matthew walked to me and I handed him his white terry cloth towel to wipe his face.

"That was very invigorating, however to keep the invigorate going, I need a morning kiss. Good morning," he dropped the towel and put his arms around my waist to kiss my lips,

"Good morning, Master," I teased before kissing him again.

"Precocious slave girl," he said sternly, "perhaps a spanking is in order for your overt precociousness?"

I know when Matthew is serious and he wasn't then. I know him well including the smallest changes in his moods or demeanor.

"Yes, Master," I replied kissing his lips long and deep, "I'm your precocious slave girl. Please don't spank me, Master," and I kissed him again, "Good morning Master."

No matter how many times I kiss Matthew I still tingle all over and this morning was no different.

"I can smell your arousal, my horny little slave girl," Matthew said squeezing my ass, "I think I'll have you for breakfast; put your arms above your head."

Matthew pulled the tee shirt over my head taking it off of me. He picked me up and put me on his pommel horse making me straddle as if I was riding it..................

"Lean back as far as you can and try to hang on. I won't let you fall." I started rubbing Chastity's vagina with my fingers followed by licking and sucking on it with my mouth and tongue.

Soon my baby face was wet and moaning, moving her hips and trying to push her vagina into my face as I licked her clitoris.

When I knew Chastity's orgasm was about to peak, I slowed down, prolonging the inevitable................

"Why did you stop Matthew... it feels so good," she moaned, licking her lips and sighing....."Please Matthew please, I'll suck on your cock and lick your balls and........"

"I decide when and where you come, my delicious little slut; never forget I own you."

"Yes, Matthew," I was trembling with pleasure as he continued to probe my clitoris briefly and then stooped.

"It is contingent upon you reading my mind, Chastity."

"Please Matthew."

"Please what? Tell me who you are," Matthew demanded as he continued stroking and probing, licking and sucking.

"I am your woman, Matthew, I'm your slut, please, Sir, I want to come."

"Yes, you are my property. I own you; despite the fact you are married to that weak fool. One way or another it will soon be coming to an end......get down on the mat, Chastity, I want you on all fours."

I got down and my Master entered me roughly from behind, pausing only to grab my long blonde hair and twist it into a ponytail to hold while he fucked me.

He started ramming my now dripping pussy with his hard cock, putting me, his property in my proper place.

"I'm your slut, Matthew! I am your slut.... oh God.... fuck me harder...fuck your slut harder.... oh, fuck me harder, let me come."

I was practically screaming when my orgasm washed over me. Matthew growled deep in his throat when he achieved orgasm, pumping his hot rich creamy seed into my welcoming cunt and sighing contentedly when it was over.

"I have a surprise for you that will enhance your submissive sexuality," he said stroking my hair."

I stayed in place, not have been given permission to move.

"Close your eyes and kneel with your arms crossed behind you," and when I did, waiting in anticipation, click-click, my Master snapped my first pair of handcuffs on my wrists.

The handcuff key was attached to a fine sterling silver chain which he placed over my neck so the key hung between my breasts.

"You may attend to me now, Chastity."

This meant I must lick his balls and cock clean and dry them with my hair. This is always my pleasure as they are most delicious and oh so sexy. When I licked and cleaned his manhood to my satisfaction and his, Matthew helped me to my feet.

"Wait for me in the bathroom in a pose appropriate for your pretty bracelets."

My Master arranged my long blonde hair away from my face so it all fell down my back before giving my bottom a little pat "I will be joining you at my leisure....."

I got down on my knees immediately upon entering the bathroom, but then stood in front and facing away from the vanity mirror, twisting to look if I could see the handcuffs, thinking, 'Darn, no luck. I'll have to wait until my Master removes them,' I knelt as is proper for a submissive female, closing my eyes to wait.

As a practitioner of yoga, Mary taught me a trick, a mental exercise, if I were to stay in this position, or other submissive slave postures. It entailed deep breathing while meditating to relax my mind......

I didn't hear Matthew walk in; I was thinking about a painting I wanted to do; mixing the colors and applying the brush strokes to the canvas of my mind when Matthew touched my face gently.

"Mary is teaching you well. I believe you may surpass her in this endeavor and so does she. I made you wait 90 minutes; were you meditating on your art?"

"Yes, Matthew. I want to paint a tree near a barb-wire fence. It's in the corner of a farmer's field on the Old County Road. The tree's shape is very unique and there are blue morning glories bravely growing on the crooked weathered fencepost and around the sharp points of the wire."

"I really am too lenient by letting you call me Master pretty little slut when Sir will do. Nevertheless I'm proud of the progress you've made in embracing your submissive nature. Therefore I will make an exception when we are alone if it makes you happy.

You may stand. Into the shower with you; keep your eyes closed until I tell you otherwise."

Matthew started by shampooing my hair massaging the rich lather into my scalp before rinsing thoroughly. Next was my conditioner which he left in after twisting my hair up and holding it in place with a large claw hair clip.

My Master washed me slowly with his hands; lathering me up with my Dove soap and pausing frequently to kiss my lips as he washed my neck and shoulders; my breasts and tummy as he worked his way down to my pussy massaging me well all over with the creamy soapy lather.....I kept my eyes closed as he commanded.

I had a gentle little orgasm in the shower as Matthew caressed me with his soapy hands. My Master was aware exactly what he was doing to me, "So my pretty slut had a little orgasm. This pleases me greatly Chastity, thank you for that gift" and he kissed my lips long and deep.

Once I was rinsed completely of the soap, Matthew removed my handcuffs and then reached around the shower curtain to drop them on the bath mat, "You may open your eyes to wash me, blue eyes."

"Yes, Master," I replied opening my eyes and putting my arms around his neck to kiss his lips as he gently crushed me to his hard body in his muscular arms," Will you close your eyes for me please," and he did replying teasingly, "Yes, Mistress."

I washed and rinsed Matthew's hair first, what little that was left on his head after of his high and tight regulation Marine haircut. My husband has the start of a receding hairline. He recently started wearing his hair long and saturated with hair grease. Donald combs it back into a ducktail like a fifties hoodlum; Yuk, but the heck with him anyway.

It was down to the serious business with my Master as I washed his hard and buff body; starting with his neck and back and shoulders; lathering and massaging the lather from his Pear's transparent soap onto his skin.

I paused to kiss his lips frequently as I washed him; remembering the story of the closet monster; that was so precious and I love him even more if that is all possible.

My Master's stomach is washboard hard from the hundreds of sit-ups he does daily....as I said, the Major commands by example.

I got down on my knees to wash it and everything down below to his feet and then back up to wash and squeeze his hard ass most disrespectfully as my Master, playfully as my lover, saving his manhood, the best for last.

I washed his hard cock and balls, gently and carefully, playing with them. Matthew keeps himself shaved down there; a thoughtful gesture. It is so much nicer sucking on a cock or licking balls that are always smooth, clean, and hairless.

"Stand still while I rinse you slave," I commanded in my best strict and imperious tone, "Yes Mistress," he squeaked meekly, and we both got to laughing because neither of us can pull this off.

Matthew opened his green eyes and simply hugged me tenderly as the woman he loves; tender simple and obvious.

I rinsed him off with the shower wand. Lastly, I rinsed the conditioner from my hair before we got out and toweled each other off. It was then I noticed the engraving on the handcuffs.

Not only was my name "Chastity" engraved on them; the handcuffs were fully engraved with flowers on a vine with leaves; my favorite flowers of all.... morning glories.

Matthew smiled as I picked them up to examine them closer.

"They are stainless steel, baby-face. You belong to me. You are my work of art. You are my Masterpiece. I will spare no expense on your restraints. Please rinse the tub well with hot water and then fill it with the same.

I'll make us a pot of Earl Grey Tea for a soak in the tub."

I cleaned the tub well, wiping it out with the used towels before filling it up with hot water, putting my hair up and a getting in to wait for my lover.

Matthew went to his bedroom first to put on some soft music before coming in. He handed me both cups as he climbed in behind me so I could snuggle up to him. We settled in close and intimate to soak and quietly drink our tea too celebrate a truly glorious morning.........

We had brunch together in the kitchen after I whipped up a three-cheese omelet to go with our whole wheat toast and homemade cinnamon apple butter compliments of Mary by the way. We had grapefruit and fresh pineapple. I had broiled venison sausage for myself on the side as Chastity doesn't eat meat.

I noticed Chastity was unusually quiet and thoughtful. We let it be a quiet cozy brunch leaving each to our thoughts.

My beautiful baby face was no doubt not looking forward to going home to her weak, pathetic drunk of a husband.

My biggest concern is the fool will put his hands on Chastity in a fit of drunken rage.

It hasn't happened yet....it might not come to pass, but if it does, so help me God I will.....I'll.....the bastard will being picking teeth out his ass with two broken arms.

I was restless after Chastity left. The house seemed empty to me somehow despite the fact I've always lived alone. I should be looking forward to the upcoming night on the town with Mary and then our sailing trip on the Great Lakes. I didn't want to disappoint Mary. We have been sailing together on my sailboat for the past sixteen years.

I spent the rest of the day splitting fire wood followed by yard work until dark working up a healthy sweat. I did another workout on my pommel horse; I did push up and sit-ups followed by a tepid shower and a light supper of leftovers.

I poured a double apple brandy, selected a book from my bookcases; Volume One of The Greek Myths by Robert Graves before heading off to bed. Once there I selected a compilation of Waltzes from my CD Rack to enjoy although I would prefer dancing while listening.

My mother insisted I learn to dance, to "round me out" she said, while my father scoffed at the idea, fearing I would be picked on by the boys at school.

In the end my parents compromised. I was enrolled in a dance school and a Karate Academy, both in the same building.

My Sensei's wife was my dance teacher, now how's that for an incentive to learn how to dance?

I settled down in bed with a good book and good music; music or intense exercise always sooths me; they clear my mind so I thankfully fell asleep with the music playing in the background of my dreams.

I dreamt Chastity and I were dancing in the sky on the borrowed wings of the immortal Anemoi; waltzing on Zephyrus's currents of the west wind. I told my beautiful baby face something hidden in my heart of hearts, before I kissed her luscious lips to be awakened by a kiss the morning.

"Matt," Mary said softly, her long unbound burnished silver hair tickling my face as she kissed my cheek, "you were talking in your sleep......."

I returned home mid-Sunday afternoon to make the best of my vacation. I started it by giving the house a good cleaning from top to bottom.

It was around six in the afternoon when my husband returned home with two visitors carrying Bibles.

"Dear, I'm home!" Donald announced as they walked into the kitchen. I was in the midst of scrubbing out the inside of the refrigerator with a strong solution of bleach and water.

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