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The Massage


It was the first of May. The sun was beginning to heat the land up with its promised warmth. The weather was becoming quite enjoyable. I had a date with Jade at 6:00. She was coming over for dinner. I was so excited at the idea of seeing her. I had cooked a rather fancy dinner for just the two of us I guess you could say. But nothing was too much for her. My little lithe beauty. The doorbell rang just as I was taking the rolls out of the oven. She was right on time. I opened the door to see her dressed in snow white from head to toe.

She was so breathtaking I nearly lost my balance. We greeted each other with hugs and small talk and proceeded with dinner. She was delightful company. I stole glances as best I could of her shapely legs. I remembered the muscular way she has held me when we had wrestled before and I couldn't wait to have her touch me again. Dinner was over with before I could even blink it seemed. Jade stood and fished a slip of paper out of her pocket and handed it to me. I burst out laughing when I realized what it was. Earlier, I had written Jade a personal coupon for a full body massage. I had wrote in it that she would need to bring the coupon in order to redeem her relaxing evening. She had printed it out! I could hardly believe my luck. Laughingly, I told her to remove her shirt and go lay on the bed. I tried to calm my shaking hands as I walked to the bedroom. There before me was an angel in my mind. She was stretched out on her stomach with no shirt on. Her shoulders were moving with each breath she took. Her feet were just the cutest I had ever seen.

So, I walked to the CD player and selected a slow jazz CD to start the evening off. I playfully asked her if she was ready to be entertained. She laughed coyly and said she was always ready for me to entertain her. I climbed on top of her back and settled myself. My hands touched her back for the first time and the electricity flew throughout my body. Her skin was velvety. The texture seemed to melt between my fingers. Slowly I spread my hands out and watched her skin become alive underneath me. Wordlessly I caressed her tired skin. Nothing needed to be said with us. We were on new ground and we were just letting nature take its course. My hands went to her temples and I pressed in softly to try and relieve her stress. The tips of my fingers massaged gently, kneading her temples. I moved my hands downward to her shoulder blades and began to squeeze gently. The swirl of emotions inside me were exhilarating. She moved almost imperceptibly beneath me and I wiggled my body lower to gain access to her back. My strong hands spread out and her white flesh was almost covered by my fingers. My hands are big and her back was small so it was a nice fit.

My thumbs began pressing in ever so gently working her kinks out. I leaned up to whisper softly in her ear. I asked was she feeling any better so far. Her mouth whispered a soft yes and a plea for me to continue. I leaned my face down to let her feel my breath on her skin as I pretended to observe her aching muscles. Her skin came alive with goosebumps at the caress of my breath. My fingertips began working downward as my body shifted down more. My hips straddled her legs now and my eyes were roaming over her flesh. She was exquisite. I allowed the palms of my hands to slide down the sides of her torso as I glided them down to her lower back. The jazz was playing softly, a soothing number for sensual massages. My lips turned up in a smile when I heard her murmur a soft "Oh..." as my palms reached their destination. The firmness in her lower back signaled a little more pressure was needed from the hands. I cupped her waist, which fit nicely in my hands, and began to use my thumbs to relieve her stress. The temperature in the room was rising quickly and I couldn't wait to feel those strong legs beneath my caress. Her muscles slowly gave in to my demand.

I lovingly began to slide my body down lower to work on those legs. Her muscles were clenched tightly. I could see that from the way her cute little toes were curled up. Apparently my touch was having the same effect on her as her body was having on me. Smiling a half smile, I allowed my hands to take one of her legs and gently touch it before I began massaging it. I started at the bottom of her foot, and worked my way upwards. Her little toes began loosening under my touch. She had women's feet. The kind that looked sexy in sandals. I used my thumbs to trigger her pressure points. I knew that this caused blood flow. I wanted her blood to flow directly to her little bud of pleasure while I was massaging her. The music switched to a soft hip swaying number and my hands began to work on her calves. They were firm and smooth like I just knew they were.

The years of being athletic had marked her for my approval. I kneaded the muscles and flesh and looked up to see her head turned to the side. Her eyes were closed and she was completely concentrating on my touch. My hands slid seductively up to her upper thigh. I heard her take a sharp intake of breath and I knew I was about to go in for the fight of my life. I was trying so hard to control my desires but her whimpering was turning me on. I was soaking wet. Slowly and purposefully I began working just above her knee. Gradually I worked my way upwards. My fingertips reached higher and higher until I was just beneath her mound. My heart was beating quickly as I began to massage the area where flesh meets panties. My heart was pounding and my fingertips had slowed. Slowly, I wanted to touch her. I wanted to bring her skin alive with everything I could muster. Teasingly I switched sides accidentally brushing my hand across her mound. Her gasp let me know that I had done the right thing. My fingertips began working on her other leg, all the while my eyes were focused on her panties.

They were white and had a small wet spot on them. I knew the time had come. I leaned forward and softly whispered in her ear..."roll over" my lips said as they brushed her ear. I was now straddling her stomach and leaned forward to caress her temples once more. My breasts were right in her face and I could feel her heated gaze upon me. Tenderly, I moved my hands across her face. I caressed her cheekbones, her chin, and rested my fingers on the sides of her neck. I looked down to see her eyes locking on mine. Time stood still as I watched her mouth open and her tongue reached out to perfectly lip her lips. That was all it took. Like lightning, my lips were on hers. Her arms went around my neck and her mouth opened slightly. This was all the urging I needed. Almost imperceptibly my tongue snaked across her lips, gently touching the front of her teeth. She opened her mouth wider and shook her head yes as my tongue darted inside her. I began to explore every inch of her.

She tasted sweet and tangy. Like a strawberry jolly rancher. Her arms tightened around my neck as the kiss slowed. My tongue was licking the underside of hers and she began lifting it up against the roof of her mouth loving the contact. My right hand cupped her neck and my thumb caressed her chin as I slowly began to fuck her mouth with my tongue. Daringly, my tongue dove in and pulled back only to repeat this movement.

Suddenly, realization dawned on her and I felt her create a suction on my tongue. She began to suck it softly as I thrust it in and out of her mouth. Electric shocks went straight to my already soaking pussy. My knees were unsteady as I realized she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I pulled back just a tad and bit her lower lip softly. I heard her whimper and ask me not to stop. I began nibbling on her lip, softly biting here and there. My lips began to move slowly downward kissing her throat with much care, The birthmark on her throat was begging me to lick it. So I did. My mouth moved teasingly over to the side and I bit gently on the nape of her neck. She cried out my name and I bit harder. Just enough pressure to let her know I wanted her. I pulled my teeth back and sucked gently. I wanted to mark her. To show that she was mine. So gently I sucked until I saw a cute little mark forming on her neck.

atisfied, I pulled back and looked into her eyes. I grinned and she smiled softly. I reached out and kissed the tip of her nose and leaned down to whisper, "So, how bout you massage me?"

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