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The Massage


I have been giving professional massages for four or five years, working out of a back room in my home. I am good. Most of my customers are women; they seem to like to pamper themselves and feel the sensations only an expert can give them. Of course it doesn't hurt that I am an attractive middle aged man with an easy going personality and the ability to make my customers feel comfortable.

Most of the time I go out of my way to make sure my female customers do not see any hint of sexual interest in my attitude toward them. I focus on their muscular issues and spout all kinds of professional jargon about treating their condition, loosening this tightness, strengthening that muscle, stretching this tendon, etc. etc. Most of them get undressed and put on the special shorts and halter tops that I provide. I keep their bodies covered with a sheet except for the area I am working on. I am well aware that if I did anything sexual most women would never come back and I could be arrested.

However this is not always the case. Sometimes I get a customer who shows signs of wanting a little more stimulation. In these cases, I go very slowly making sure I am reading the signs right and not doing anything overt until the woman has gone so far that she has to admit that she was asking for it. And to make sure she can't claim later that I forced her, I make a secret audio and video recording of all my sessions.

Joanna was one such woman. The first time I gave her a full body massage I noticed a pronounced pleasure reaction when I massaged her lower back, my fingers just skimming the top of the crack in her buttocks. She squirmed slightly and made a soft noise. I said nothing and did nothing more that first time.

The next time she came in she made a point of telling me how much she had enjoyed her first massage. I said I was glad and that I would try to make it even better for her this time. She lay on her stomach on the table and let her legs fall open more than normal. I omitted covering her with the sheet, pretending that I had forgotten. She said nothing. The back of her body was bare except for the halter and loose shorts.

I dribbled the pre-warmed massage oil on her back and gently spread in over her skin. Then I stood at the end of the table by her head and began kneading her muscles, starting at her neck and moving slowly down her back. It took me a full three minutes to reach her lower back and the top of her shorts. She was taking deep breaths and twisting her torso ever so slightly.

Instead of stopping at the top of her shorts I let my finger tips slide under and massage the muscles in the top two inches of her ass cheeks. When she made no protest I leaned forward and let the front of my pants make contact with the top of her head. My cock was rock hard and she could not help but feel it.

"Does this feel good?" I asked, moving my fingers vigorously and probing her ass muscles. The implication was that I was asking about the massage, not about my cock pressing against her scalp. I wanted to let her tell herself that my cock touching her was an accident and that she did not have to react to it. However, my hidden video camera would record that fact that she did not protest my leaning my groin against her head.

"Oh yes, that feels really good," she purred.

Still I was determined to go slow and not do anything overtly sexual on this visit. My plan was to wait until the third session, which I would schedule at a time when I could keep her as long as I wanted. If she agreed to this third visit, I knew I had her.

So I proceeded with a normal massage and at the end got out my appointment book. She was sitting on the edge of the table in her halter and shorts as I spoke to her. "I would like to schedule your next session at the end of the day when I can devote a full two hours to your treatment. There are areas that need more work."

When she thought I was focused on my calendar, she sneaked a look at my pants and the unmistakable hump. I did not let her know that I was aware of her interest.

"How about this Saturday at four o'clock?" I said.

"That's okay, but I would have to be home by six to fix dinner for my husband."

"Then let's make it three o'clock to be sure to have enough time," I said as I wrote it down in the book. I did not wait for her agreement. "I will see you then."

With that I left her so she could get dressed and leave when she was ready. It was all very professional; I wanted to keep her thinking that she might be imagining the sexual overtones. She could come on Saturday telling herself it was just going to be a normal massage, even though she was well aware of her sexual feelings.

At three o'clock on Saturday I was ready for her. The massage room was in a back corner of my house and had walls of thick concrete. When the massive oak door was closed, it was virtually soundproof. No one else was in the house or nearby. I adjusted the lighting so it was soft and low, and I lit some incense sticks. The recording equipment would be activated automatically when she lay down on the table.

At the appointed hour, there was a knock on my front door and I greeted her. My manner was curt. "Good afternoon, Joanna. You are right on time. I like that. Please go into the massage room and change into the shorts and halter. I will join you shortly."

Joanna was naturally a shy person, and on that day she was doubly so. She could hardly look at me. But I noticed that she was wearing a sexier outfit than in her prior visits. Her ample breasts bulged out of a tight sweater, and her ass was clearly outlined by a snug skirt. Without a word, she walked down the hall into the massage room and closed the door behind her.

I gave her five minutes. When I entered the room she was sitting on the edge of the table, naked except for the halter and shorts. She had made no effort to cover herself with the sheet.

"Please lie down on your back and we will begin," I said. While she was positioning herself I went over to the CD player on a side table and started some sensual Middle Eastern music, turned down so that it was barely audible.

"Now I am going to put this cool cloth over your eyes. It will feel good and help you relax."

The cloth I put on her forehead was really a soft bag filled with cooled liquid. It wasn't very cold, more the temperature of cool tap water, and I knew it would feel refreshing. With what I was about to do to heat her up, she was going to welcome a little cooling.

"Let the darkness and the music take you to another place while I massage you," I said soothingly.


I began by lightly rubbing her right wrist and the top of her hand. Then I picked up her hand and massaged her palm with my thumb. She sighed and seemed to settle deeper into the table. Without her noticing I slipped a wrist cuff over her hand and clipped it to a ring on the side of the table. Her right arm was immobilized.

"Your hands contain many nerves and respond with pleasure to being massaged," I said. "Now I will do the other one."

Lifting her left wrist I took each finger in turn and pulled gently. When I had covered them all I held her lower arm while I brought the noose of the cuff over her fingers and tightened it on her wrist. A quick clip to the ring and she was effectively restrained on her back on the table, even though she did not yet know it.

She looked completely relaxed and ever so vulnerable lying there. Her firm breasts fell slightly to the sides as they rose and fell with her breathing. The soft fabric halter had elastic at the edges to keep it in place, but it did not offer much support. Her bare stomach invited my hands to begin at the top and slide slowly down. Made of the same soft fabric of the halter, the shorts around her hips covered what I expected were sexy bikini panties. She kept her legs together but that did not hide the hint of treasure between her smooth, plump thighs.

Seeing her like this and knowing that I had her under my power was exhilarating. My cock pushed against my loose pants as hard as it had ever been. I resolved to use my voice to take over her head as my hands took over her body. She was going to learn that she had no choice but to submit to whatever I wanted, and that knowledge was going to free her sexuality to experience things she had only dreamed of.

I positioned myself at the head of the table and leaned over her, putting the tips of my fingers on her bare chest above the halter. My cock touched the top of her head through my pants. In a soft deep voice I whispered in her ear, "Now the real massage will begin."

Before she could react I started moving my finger tips down over her shoulders and neck toward her heaving breasts. When I reached the edge of the halter I did not stop, but let my fingers slide under the cloth and onto the tops of her tits, moving slowly but firmly toward her nipples.

Instinctively she squirmed and tried to raise her arms. When she realized her wrists were tied to the table, she became nervous and anxious.

"What's going on? I can't move my hands! You have to stop...this is not right!"

But my fingers kept moving and were now teasing her rigid nipples, rubbing them gently between my thumbs and index fingers. At the same time I twisted my hips to drag my very stiff cock back and forth across her scalp. It was time to drop all pretenses and let her know where things stood.

"I am not going to stop and you really don't want me to. In any case it is out of your hands. I can do whatever I want to you." To emphasize the point I pinched her nipples and pulled them to bring her tits upright on her body.

"Ohhh...stop right now. I will report you to the police!"

"No you won't. You see I have a video and audio tape of all of our sessions together. It shows clearly that you wanted more than a normal massage. No one will believe that I did this against your will. After all, here you are late on a Saturday afternoon for a special three hour appointment, dressed in your sexiest clothes."

"Ohhhhh goddddd...what have I gotten into...ahhh..."

All the time I was talking, I was squeezing and manipulating her tits. The halter top had been pushed down so I had complete access. Her nipples were big and hard as giant olives. I poured some massage oil on one breast and began rubbing it in. With my other hand I plucked at the nipple.

"Please...I can't stand this...I'll have to tell my husband and he will come and kill you."

"You don't want to do that," I said. "I have a gun and I would have to defend myself. He could very well end up dead. It's much better for him not to know."

I raised the bottle containing the oil and dribbled in on the other breast, letting it fall on the nipple and then ripple outward. My fingers followed and smoothed in all around, pushing and kneading the sensitive flesh.

She was getting hotter and hotter and starting to moan and breathe heavily. At that point I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth. As I sucked on it I nibbled it with my teeth. Her hips began to move. I put a hand on her bare stomach and started it on its way toward her pussy. She resisted again and twisted her body to try to make it difficult for me to continue.

I could tell that she was highly aroused and knew that if I could convince her that holding back was futile she would submit and release herself to her lust. Reluctantly I pulled my mouth away from her tit and moved to the side of the table. Sitting down on a tall stool I put my mouth near her ear and my right hand high on her bare thigh.

"Now listen carefully Joanna. You have no choice but to obey me. Otherwise you are going to be shamed and your life ruined. But if you do as I say, I will keep our secret and not do anything to embarrass you. You know you have fantasized about this, and now it is really going to happen. I am going to make you do things that will give you pleasures you never imagined. You are going to be spanked and whipped. You are going to be tied in vulnerable positions and your body explored. You are going to be fucked in every possible way. You are going to do things to me that will give me pleasure. Above all, you will surrender yourself to my will."

As I talked my hand moved up her thigh and under her shorts. My finger tips brushed against her panties and felt the wetness. She was sobbing softly but no longer twisting to avoid my hand. It was easy to pry up the edge of her panties and slip my fingers under and onto her swollen pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...please...ohhhhhhh... godddddd..."

There is nothing more exciting to me than the first touch of my fingers on a very wet pussy. The extreme wetness is an undeniable indication of the woman's arousal and loss of control. My fingers can play around in the slippery folds, exploring the ridges and grooves and darting in and out of the ever widening opening. It's like running your hand around in wet clay.

Then there is the challenge of finding and exposing the little nub that will take the woman to the next level. In Joanna's case, a little touch on this bud sent her hips into a humping motion against my hand. But I was not ready for her to cum yet.

"That's a good girl. You are learning. But you need lots of training."

I pulled my hand out from under her shorts and grasping the waist band with both hands, I jerked her pants and panties down and off of her legs in one long motion. "Spread your legs," I commanded.

She shuddered but did as I instructed and I rewarded her with a massage of her exposed pussy. I let my middle finger slide under her ass and gently probe her hole, just to let her know that I could.

While her eyes were still covered I wanted to surprise her with a taste of my cock, which was definitely craving attention. I stood up and quietly removed my pants, watching her rub her legs together to try to replace my hand. She was consumed with lust and beyond caring what happened.

Standing at the end of the table I grabbed her under the arms and pulled her back so that her head hung over. There was just enough slack in the wrist ties to let me do this. Then I pulled a little step stool out from under the table and stood on it so that my bare cock lay on top of her face.

"Lick it," I said. "And don't stop until I tell you."

She did not hesitate. "Ohhhhh...it's sooo hard..." Her tongue worked up and down the length. Now I was the one doing the moaning. She took the initiative to lean her head further back so that she could get her tongue under my balls. Oh god, that felt good. I almost lost it right there.

I wanted to feel her lips around the tip and I pushed my cock down to angle it into her mouth. She groaned and took it, applying suction and her tongue at the same time. I leaned forward and pinched her nipples while driving my cock deep into her mouth. She gagged but kept sucking.

"Guggggg..." Saliva was running out the corners of her mouth, mixed with my gushing precum. Finally, I gave her tits a hard squeeze and then pulled back. It was important to me to make her admit that she was going to be my sex slave before I fucked her.

I pulled up the taller stool again and sat beside her, one hand returning to massage her wet pussy. With my other hand I removed the cloth from over her eyes and turned her head toward me. Tears had damped her cheeks and her eyes were still moist. Her lips were quivering from the contact with my cock and the stimulation from what my hand was doing between her legs.

I looked into her hot eyes and spoke to her calmly. "If you had any thoughts about the power of my video recordings, you can forget them now," I said smiling. "All your sucking and wiggling and humping has been captured on tape."


"You are my sex toy. My little slave to do with as I wish. I am going to make you admit it!"

I thrust a long finger up into her pussy and rubbed my thumb against her clit. She raised her knees to give me better access and let me go deeper into her. Her surrender was complete.

"Ahhhhhhhh...that's soooo gooooddd...I am your sex toy... ohhhhhh... I will do whatever you want...ummmmmm... Just please don't let anyone know...ohhhhh...don't stop..."

But I did stop. I wanted to humiliate her more before I let her have her release. "You will respond to all my commands with 'yes sir'. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir...your hand...sir...please...I need more..."

I slapped her sharply across her face. "I decide when you get more."

She was shocked and began sobbing again.

"Go ahead and cry," I said. "I like it. I am going to bring all of your emotions to the surface. Pain will make you cry and crying will merge with desire and make you let go. Now kiss me—and I want to feel that tongue in my mouth."

Her lips were soft, hot, and moist. I pressed them with my open mouth and waited for her tongue. It came and darted around inside my mouth, licking everywhere it could reach. She didn't want to be slapped again. I wrapped my hand in her hair and pulled her hard against me. With my other hand I pinched a nipple hard enough to cause pain make her start sobbing again, just what I wanted.

It was time to free her wrists and get her into a new position. I stood up and reached over her to release the clips. My voice was harsh and allowed for no argument. "Now get up on your hands and knees with your tits hanging down and your ass in the air."

Between sobs she managed to gasp out a "yes sir" and rolled over on the table. Her ass came up and made a delightful picture. I opened a drawer and retrieved my short, multi thong whip, the one that stung and made a lot of noise but did not cut the skin.

"I am going to give you a sample of what will happen if you disobey me. Of course if I really have to punish you, it will be much worse than this little sample."


Three times I let her feel the thongs of the whip across her ass. She cried out each time, but did not resist. I suspected that she was being turned on by it, and that fact was confirmed when I put my hand up between her legs onto her pussy. It was even wetter than before.

"Such a naughty little slut you are...let's see how you like this..."

I took a well lubricated finger and put it at the entrance to her ass. A little pressure and the tip of my finger was gripped by her sphincter.

"Ohhhhh nooooo...not there...please...I have never..."

"Quiet! What did I tell you about resisting? I am going to have to punish you some more. Now move your knees apart and hold still."

For a moment she did not move, but then I pinched the back of her thigh and her legs parted. Now I had complete access to her pussy. With my free hand I gently massaged her pussy lips as I began to slowly push my finger up into her ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...what are you doing...ohhhhhhh..."

She was tight as the proverbial drum and it had to hurt, but her pussy was drenching my fingers. It was obvious that after I got her loosened up anal sex was going to be a big part of our future. I looked forward to thrusting my cock into her ass and making her squirm on it like a fish on a hook. But not that day.

You can call me squeamish, but I don't like fucking a dirty ass. It is much better to give the woman a good enema, or two, before hand. The enema itself gets her (and me) really turned on, while it stretches and cleans her. Plus I have developed some special massage techniques to use on the belly while the fluid is being held inside. I would save that for her next session.

"There. My finger is all the way in. Just relax and it will start to feel good."

"Ohhhh...I don't know...it burns...but your fingers feel so good on my pussy..."

Her ass was beginning to make small circles in the air as she adjusted to my probing finger. I wanted this first anal experience to be exciting for her, so I was gentle as I started to twist and pump my finger deep in her. At the same time I kept rubbing her pussy lips and teasing her clit.

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