tagErotic PoetryThe Massage Girl

The Massage Girl


Sex and Awareness in Unsuspected Places

There come a time in the life of every man
When you haven’t had sex
and your as horny as you can
be. When the wife or girlfriend is indisposed
Unavailable to hold the pose
The prostitute you favor has moved this day
Or is having her tits re-stuffed or is just too far away
So you take a trip down the block
To the Chinese girl that you like a lot
There in a shop with a little sign
“Push real hard the button you find”
There is a welcome mat that doesn’t discriminate
Old or young of whatever race or fate
So you push hard the button on the glass door’s side
A smiling face waits for you inside
She comes running to the door as if she’s your daughter
Throws her arms around you like your family oughta’
And as she’s kissing your cheek you kind of notice
The leopard skin tights, the ballerina shoes
The warmth of the greeting, its all in focus
Her name is Su, Not Suzy or Lu
Her English is adequate for the job she do(es)
You talk to her of many things
Life, your work, your wedding ring
She smiles, she nods, she laughs at your jokes
As she rubs your head and massages your throat
I ask about her teenage son
About her husband who would not come
To America this land of dreams
Where life is filled with devilish schemes
I answer any question she asks
I have no secrets, I let it all pass
As if she was my chosen shrink
Nothing is closed to her, not even my sphinc-
ter. She tells me not to work to hard
That life isn’t meant just for reward
That money is of value if we spend
and take the time to find peace again
To enjoy our lives so brief
we must find joy and relief

The talking done, we rest our case
I recline to lie down on my face
There comes a moment in every encounter
When you go from the state of alert and aware
To a sort of nirvana as if no one is there
I think of it as a total relax, you see no computers, you hear no fax
All you feel is her swirling hands, her gentle fingers that open space,
Your eyes are closed you feel no disgrace
It’s you and her in this moment sublime
As you drift away in finger time
She does your back, your arms and fingers
Your head and hair, she slowly lingers
Gently she massages your legs and feet
Before she arrives at the treat
About thirty minutes has passed
When she begins to massage your ass
Then she massages your inner thighs
Your buttocks and you wonder why
She strokes so close your cock grows firm
You start to move and then you turn
Over on your back, you reach for her and hold
her naked breast
You suck her nipple as she rests
Other times you hold her ass and find
the warmth of her sweet vagin-
a and enter into masturbatory bliss
You may even reach her hand to kiss
She lifts your balls with gentle skill
She oils it all as it starts to thrill
Then with the subtle movements she displays
She starts to takes your breath away
Then she puts a finger on your sphincter
As if a button on a ringer
She spins, she twirls, deeper the finger
Finds your prostrate and there she lingers
With the other hand she slips and slides
On your shaft while she stays inside
You lift your legs to aid her try
It feels so good you want to cry
She proceeds for whatever length of time
Sometimes it longer but its always fine
You want to help her when it’s running late
But most of the times you lie and wait
For that special moment when you feel a rush
When your cock with a dragon’s puff
Shots your sperm into the air
Life is good you have no care
Su says, “That is good, like a very young man”
And with a warm towel she cleans your ram-
rod, and your back and behind
When she’s done you feel so fine
It’s time to dress, she helps you up
She brings you cool water in a paper cup
though there is no need
She never rushes you with speed
You tip her for the magnanimous service
You kiss her and thank her, you don’t feel a bit nervous
Su thanks you for this bounty, in truth so little
When compared to the pleasure she dealt on your middle
You kiss her cheek as you did at the start
Su smiles and says,”you have a good heart”

You leave her smiling waving goodbye
That is the sad part, as if something dies You’re in your car back in the traffic
The radio blares making a racket
You turn it off and contemplate
Life and sex and the state of this tiny wonderful woman Su
You wonder what you would do
If you cast all the other partners and wives aside
Took a slow boat to China with Su along for the ride
To live like a king in old Beijing
with a China Doll that you bring
at your side, not just in bed but
Walking the streets so crowd(ed)
With food vendors and chatter loud
Perhaps that would be ideal
No need to cook to reprise your meal
Su would be there at your side
Smiling and caring as time flied
Her son would honor as your son for life
Su would divorce and be your wife
And when the last days arrive
I would write with a scribe
“Bury me in a tomb with a jade green
tile roof, a dragon on the top to screen
me from bad spirits and to protect my
little family and the best of my wives”
What a lovely way to finalize

Then from this dream you awake
To face your crowd- they are all headaches
You realize Su is now with another man
Smiling and laughing, using her special hand
and warm towels, fingering his ass
then washing her hands when his time has passed
Now both of us are back to the world we know
What choice do we have in this time flow
Past all our errors and mistakes
that bundle us with no chance to escape
Late in the day, when our work is done
We search a little space to have some fun
We create fantasy lives in different ways
Thoughts that help us pass the days

I said to Su a few months back
(She had just relieved me of my stress
With tears in my eyes, my head on her chest)
“I’ve lived my life, I’ve stayed on track
I’ve done my work, I’ve found some fun
Perhaps not enough, when the day is done
But dear Su, I must confess
I wish I knew but I can’t guess
What this life is all about, you see
To me it really is a mystery
We live, we try, we work, we cry
We see our friends and family die
Laid to waste, dropped on their knees
The good die young, the bad live free
Our dearest pets, our sweetest friends
We watch them twitching as their lives end
I cry, I whisper, I can even shout
I don’t understand what this is all about”

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