tagFetishThe Milking Herd

The Milking Herd


(Just a quick one to get it out of the way, clearing my mind for a new series, sorry it is so short.)

A woman joins the herd

Cheryl just had to get away from it all. A business deal had gone wrong, ruining her business. Intending to lie low, until the fuss died down, she booked a cottage that was cheap and available. No longer having a company car, she took a train then a bus into a village, where she was picked up by a young farmer.

They drove into the hills, in a battered old Land Rover. She figured the further away from it all, the better. There was no mobile phone signal, even if she had retained a company phone. She did have a collection of books with her, for company and interest.

On his way back to the farm house, for breakfast, Rob dropped off the basic provisions. It was after a morning's work, well before she got up out of bed. There were walks though the hills, over rough tracks when it was dry. She hadn't brought wet weather gear, which was a mistake.

"Hi Rob. Can you do me a favour? I need to see a doctor, can you give me a lift into the village?" she asked. She had thought of batting her eyelids at him, only he was too young to be interested in a thirty-three year old woman. She looked as though she had worn herself out, and she had. The business had demanded so much of her time.

"The clinic is open Tuesday and Thursday. If it's an emergency I can drive you to the hospital, in town," he helpfully suggested.

"I don't think so, I'll wait till Tuesday," Cheryl said. She gritted her teeth hoping it wouldn't get any worse over the weekend.

"Are you sore?" he asked. "The wet patches on your t-shirt," he pointed out. "It's the country air, and the presence of the cows. Being milked I mean. It's nothing to worry about, it often happens," he reassured her.

She was highly embarrassed, though he seemed to know what he was talking about.

"Let me know if it gets any worse and I'll sort it out for you. The doctors are no good they just give you pills," he said. Rob left some country made jam, with the milk and fresh bread.

By mid-afternoon the pain was too much. She was curious to find out what local herbal cure he might know of. He milked the cows twice a day, so must be an expert on udders. She laughed at the comparison. Cheryl looked in a mirror at her breasts, imagining them as big milky udders. They were certainly swollen, and were leaking milk. It was the sort of thing she could have asked her mother about, if her parents had still been alive.

Instead, she was prepared to put her breasts in the hands of a young man. She giggled at the thought of it. They had certainly become large and impressive over the past few days. If only they didn't hurt. Otherwise it would have been fun flaunting the big things, until they returned to normal.

During the afternoon the pain got worse. Being desperate she seriously considered asking him if he had some ointment, or an herbal remedy that might help. Her breasts were still swollen up, so much so, she couldn't wear a bra. The baggy t-shirt she wore as a night-gown was the only thing big enough cover them.

"Damn it!" she swore. The pain killers were no good. She would have to go and see that young farmer. Hearing the cows making a contented noise in the barn meant it was milking time. He would be down there doing whatever farmers do.

The sight of the cows being milked, with their large teats being pulled upon, was slightly arousing. He led her into a side room. It was spotlessly clean, like a consultation room.

"They need to be milked, or they'll get very sore," he said.

When she realised he was talking about her she was shocked.

"I thought you would have some ointment or something. I didn't come here to be err," she began to say milked, but her voice trailed off. She became conscious of the contented cows being milked and wondered. Was he just pulling her leg, or did he really mean to pull on her aching teats?

She fidgeted from the awkward heaviness of her breasts. The baggy t-shirt was the last one that would fit over her enlarged bust. He might be right, but how would she go about it?

"These here will fit you," he said, handing her a pair of large rubber suction cups.

Still in shock and a little woozy from the pain killers, she let him guide her. Before she knew what was happening, she was on hands and knees.

"Hold on, err, I'm not sure about this. Are you sure this is necessary? I mean, I'm not a farm animal," Cheryl feebly complained.

"Trust me, you will be pain free in a moment or two," he reassured her.

He carefully pulled the t-shirt away from her throbbing breasts. She watched him expertly pinch a nipple, pull it, and squirt a stream of milk from it. The way he gently handled her was fascinating.

He fitted the rubber cup to a breast, then the other one. Cheryl was afraid. What had she let herself in for? This was stupid, she couldn't let this young man do this to her. She should seek professional advice.

"Perhaps I should go to a doctor, I mean, this a bit drastic isn't it?" she complained.

"Trust me, I do know what I'm doing," he told her.

He switched on the machine. A soft suction moved the cups, squeezing her breasts. Stronger inner suction cups seemed to be pulling deliciously on her nipples.

"Oooowww! That feels so lovely!" she whimpered.

With eyes half closed, she watched the milk from her breasts being sucked up a pipe into the machine. She closed her eyes, feeling her breasts being gently sucked and her nipples drawn upon. He was right, the pain was subsiding. It felt so very deliciously. Her breasts had become super sensitive, no longer hurting, just delightfully throbbing.

He came back to her after releasing the cows back to a field. He released her from the machine.

"You see I was right. It feels much better now, doesn't it?" he asked, while pulling the t-shirt back over her breasts.

"Well, yes, it does. Thank you, it's much better," she blushed. "It's a bit weird, letting you do that to me," she nervously laughed.

"No problem, I just treated them like udders. I see them every day," he laughed back.

Next morning they were again hurting, as he said they might. She thought of going down there, to his milking shed, but it felt wrong. The pleasure of it made it a naughty thing to do. It wasn't right to let a machine do such lovely things to her. The machine had almost made her cum! She hadn't told him that!

She didn't want to go into town like this even to see a doctor. In any case, there wouldn't be a clinic until Monday.

Eventually she gave in. He again put a soft piece of carpet on the floor, for her to kneel upon. He weighed her breasts in his strong, workmen's hands. She felt the calluses rubbing her soft flesh, enjoying the rough touching. He squeezed a nipple to spurt her milk into a stainless steel bowl. When he fixed the suction cups into place she shivered, not from cold, but from anticipation. When he switched on the machine she had be careful not to yelp with pleasure.

It soon became a habit visiting the milking shed twice a day. He left her alone while being milked, and she had an orgasm, just from being stimulated so deeply. Her breasts no longer ached but were still huge. He reassured her they would reduce back to their normal size in a little while.

She was no longer embarrassed when he examined them. Letting him weigh them and squeeze them, became perfectly normal.

He kept adding a powder, to the milk he delivered to Cheryl each morning. It had been an accident finding out the yield improvement mixture, for his herd, also worked on a woman. This one was just right for the next phase. She was away in dreamland, with her breasts being milked, when he fitted a feeder into her mouth. Her eyes flickered open otherwise there was little reaction, and no complaint.

When her milking was complete he disconnected her from the machine. She was very docile and easily led. "Come along with me, lovely milker," he told her. Taking her back to the cottage he laid her on the bed to recover.

Next time she came down to be milked she wore a dreamy look upon her face. He tried a little more calming agent in her feed. He pulled her jeans down and pushed the crotch of her panties away. Her pussy was already wet and open, from the excitement of being milked. He pushed in a large rubber nozzle, and switched that on too.

She was now being milked, fed, and fucked by the machine. It throbbed in her pussy, vibrating in time with the suction on her breasts. The feed was designed to calm her, yet not take the edge off her orgasm. When it hit, the orgasm was the deepest and best all week.

This time the young farmer led her away to a stall. In the next stall was another woman, contentedly waiting her next milking session. She was on hands and knees, used to being treated like one of his milking herd. Cheryl was only a couple of weeks behind her. Soon both women would be ready to be sold on, to a more specialist farm, where they only kept human milkers.

Kept docile, she would continue to produce human milk for the market for some years to come. She would need some exercise, though most of the time she would be kept in a stall, for regular milking throughout the day.

Cheryl wondered for a moment or two what had happened, why she was here in a stall. A dim memory of having a past life fluttered through her mind. She wondered where all her milk was going, hoping it was helping someone.


"Come on Steve, these two are worth more than that," Rob said. Steve liked to haggle, which was annoying. They both knew the value of two women cows. Their production figures were high, as Steve knew, for he bought the entire output.

"They are healthy and well trained. You can see they are contented. They won't give you any trouble. It costs you more to get them from auction, and you have to break them in. You have a niche market too," Rob reminded him.

Eventually they agreed a price after examining the two women yet again.

"You do a good job. How do you get hold of them?" Steve asked.

"I advertise the cottage in quality magazines. Only the ones who really want to get away from it all are accepted. A little research establishes there won't be close relatives looking for them," he said.

He didn't mention the tidying up process, to make sure there was a plausible reason for their disappearance. There was also the benefit of clearing a bank account and selling off all worldly goods. Eventually a mistake would be made, so he planned for that too.

Rob watched the modified cattle trailer pull away, to slowly wend its way down the farm track. The cottage was cleared ready for the next visitor.


A few days had passed in a dreamy state of half wakefulness, half sleep.

She knew her owner got a good price for her milk, as she had overheard a conversation. It was good quality, and she could produce it several times a day. She heard him say she would be giving milk for years to come.

She closed her eyes, dreamily contemplating the last wonderful orgasm. She contentedly chewed upon some chocolate, not caring about anything, knowing she would have another fantastic orgasm soon. She leaned forward and bit off another piece of chocolate.

"Hmmm," she contentedly sighed.

She moved her hips around, feeling the large dildo in her pussy, and the smaller one in her bottom. She moved her shoulders around, feeling the cups attached to her breasts. She sensed she was due to be milked. The anticipation of the wonderful feelings was arousing. She moaned loudly and kicked at the door behind her. The chocolate feeder wasn't enough. She needed a good strong fucking!

The hum of the machine started softly. She stopped moving, perking up here ears. The noise grew in intensity and she mooed in response. She heard the others, making a similar noise. They would all soon be in the throws of a wonderful milking session.

The excitement grew, as they all knew what was about to happen to them. She leant forward to greedily pull the feeding nozzle into her mouth and sucked on it. The cups holding her huge breasts began to throb. The inner cups pulled strongly on the nipples. Cheryl felt the vibrators start up eliciting an excited animal like grunt.

The wonderful machine took her over. It had her whole body under its control. It would make her have a tremendous orgasm, and it would last for ages. It could keep her going, until it almost hurt. The feeling of contentment would last until the next time, and so it would begin, all over again.

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by Anonymous04/06/18

For real

My wife's family had a Jersey dairy and I used to put the milkers on her and one of her girlfriends, while they stood with their head in the stanshens

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Be a bull

I want to be a bull on a hucow farm...with cow bodypaint

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Do you really have a farm for hucows?

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We had a dairy farm when I was a kid but we only had cows. Top story, thanks..

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