The Missing Dragon Ch. 03


"Actually, I think I like that better. I'll see you later." With that, he turned away from the old man and approached the large tent that he called home for the time being.

Before passing over the threshold into the confines of the canopy, he stopped and lifted his hand to rub his fingers over his eyes. His world had succumbed to a fresh sort of insanity in the past hour that was all together different from the sexy craziness he'd yet to get used to. It didn't matter of course. Janette needed him. Algra deserved better. So he'd be there for Janette and, if need be, he'd make himself better. Of course he wasn't sure how the hell he was going to make himself good enough to face even a young orc warrior in an open fight before the morning, but that was a problem for another time.

With a deep breath, he lowered his hand before opening his eyes and stepping forward. He saw Janette settled upon the bed. She had fallen asleep in the comfort it provided whilst Valise attended her. Algra was stood on the other side of the room divider. Gregory saw her there, staring at the chest of her former possessions. As usual, her expression was unreadable, but Gregory guessed the thoughts that might be running through her head. None were particularly comforting.

Algra had renounced all her belongings when she had left the encampment after the death of Rowun Strongblood, her former mate. She no longer felt fit to wield her armour or carry her sword into battle. Grolfir had returned her things to Gregory when he had bested her in an open challenge, but instead of taking them back she had refused to even unlock the chest. She looked at the thing like it was full of old ghosts.

Gregory turned his attention to Valise as she approached him. The older woman seemed as serene as always. Not a hair was out of place in amidst the waves of gold that flowed from atop her head. She offered Gregory a small bow as she stood before him.

"Master, I have given your lady a potion to soothe her. She should not dream for tonight. I would suggest that you be there when she awakes. The night's events have greatly disturbed her."

"She's not the only one." Gregory looked over to the sleeping form of Janette. She seemed peaceful. He watched the slow rise and fall of her chest for a few moments before turning back to Valise. The cloak that Janette had worn was shed to leave her in her rather appealing bra and panties and the sight of her sleeping was becoming distracting. It was hardly the time for such thoughts.

"Would you like me to make a soothing potion for you, master?" Valise asked.

"No. A lot's happened. I'm going to need to be very sharp tomorrow. Thank you Valise. For the demonstration and for your help. I'm afraid that you don't need to call me 'master' anymore though. I'd like some privacy now if that's alright."

His words worried the woman. She did not speak but instead offered the same little bow that she had greeted him with before taking her leave after collecting the box of potions she'd brought with her.

This left Gregory alone with Algra.

He watched the orc stare at the case of her possessions. There wasn't a hint as to the nature of her thoughts to be found in her solemn expression, yet Gregory knew the woman well enough to see the storm brewing in her eyes. After a long moment in which the silence grew fierce, he stepped forward to Algra and placed his hand upon her shoulder.

It was immediately shrugged away and she let out a low warning growl.

"Algra. Stop this."

"You first." She didn't lift her eyes to look upon him.

"What do you want me to stop?"

"Being an orc. You are human. You are runt."

"Well, thanks for that. I'm not being an orc. I think I'd need to grow about twenty feet for a start-"

"You are orc. You are master. You fight." She whirled about to face him and jabbed her finger against his bare chest to highlight each utterance.

"I only took you because you'd have broken my bones if I set you free. I only fought Bolut because I wanted to get Janette out of trouble. I didn't go looking for any of this, Algra." Gregory found heat in his voice and stifled it immediately. He remembered what happened the last time he'd lost his temper. "Look, I want you with me. I don't care if you're my slave or not. I want you because..."

Algra's eyes narrowed and she rudely shoved Gregory back. The young man landed on his ass before her to look up at the angry, jade-hued beauty.

"I not care! You are fool to fight in orc proving. You get hurt or you get dead." She turned away and shook her long inky mane of unsettled tresses. "You are like him."

Gregory knew she meant Rowun, her former mate and the brave warrior who had died in battle, leaving her behind. The comparison unnerved him whilst making his chest tighten for her.

He shoved himself to his feet and stepped up behind her. His hands lifted to firmly grasp her arms and turn her about. This was quite the courageous move since Algra would have had no problem turning his jaw into powder with one solid punch. She found herself staring into his eyes and saw wild determination had settled therein.

"I'm not going to die. When we first fought, I surprised you. I'll do the same to them. I haven't shown all my tricks yet but I need you with me. I need you to show me how to fight them. I need to know you'll be here when I get back. You don't want to lose me, I know, but I don't want to lose you either."

The words softened the warrior woman's expression. It was a devious way to turn her fear and anger against her resolve. Then again, Gregory wasn't above being a little devious when he needed to be.

"I prefer runt to orc," she admitted.

"Well, I've grown quite fond of orcs. They're strong, fierce and occasionally stunningly gorgeous." Gregory lifted his hand to slip the band of leather from Algra's shoulder.

She let out a growl of an entirely different nature at that point.

"You are fool to speak of me." Though her tone said something quite different.

"Who said I was talking about you?" Gregory teased.

The quick, hard slap that came soon after that little jibe left his ears ringing.

"That is for thinking yourself amusing." Algra chided.

"Ok, I'll bear that-" Gregory was quickly cut off as the woman pressed her lips to his. The feel of her hard, smooth tusks contrasting against soft, silken seams was always a pleasure to experience and his hands soon settled on her bare waist. The kiss ended as abruptly as it had begun as Algra shoved him back and smacked her hand across the other side of his head.

"What the-!?"

"That is for being stupid."

He quietened down after that. Smacks upside the head he could handle, it was definitely better than stony silence. So he opted to stand and nod his head meekly as Algra keenly observed his reaction.

"I'm sorry, Algra. I'll not be amusing or stupid again," he lied.

"Good. Now, come... you must rest. We will fuck and you will sleep better." She got down to business immediately and stepped forward to slip her fingers into his new leather pants.

"Ok, just... no more hitting. Deal?"

"No promises."

"Now who's thinking they're amusing?"

For his lip, he was shoved rudely down onto the bed beside the slumbering Janette. Algra busied herself by tugging his leather garment down over his legs before pulling it from his feet and casting it aside. She followed up these actions by hoisting her skimpy top over her head and didn't even bother to loosen her skirt before placing a knee upon the fur covers and lowering her body to crawl over him. He felt the warm wetness of her tongue as it slipped over smooth, hard muscle. The reaction was immediate as his length lifted up to slide between the generous curves of her emerald hued breasts.

Algra slowly tasted enough of him to work her way to his lips where the texture shifted and the flavour seemed to grow more fulfilling. He felt himself slip beneath that small fur skirt and his peak felt a different sort of warm, wet delight. With a quick move of her hips, Algra captured him in amidst her slick heat and he felt the small flutter of those incredible muscles around his girth. The kiss broke and she lifted herself upright to ride him.

There was no argument from Gregory for he was left to lie back and watch his lover move to the steady beat of their heated rhythm. Beginning by slowly moving her hips back and forth to grind herself against him and then building the movements faster and faster until she was lifting her entire body up and down upon him. Algra's strength was undeniable as he was left to watch in awed reverence at the gorgeous feminine creature pleasuring them both together. He barely needed to move at all, only reaching out settle his hands on her thighs to steady her movements as quick jolts of bliss started running through her body and she trembled each time she lifted herself from him.

Those quaking shivers slid all the way down to her soul. Gregory's young, virile body was only too eager to accompany her desire and the sight of him looking upon her with that fire in his eyes brought a fresh heat throughout her body. She loved that he was only too happy to cede the power and let her move atop him. It wasn't a weakness on his part as she saw how much he loved to watch her in all her savage beauty. Her emerald skin had long since begun to gleam with perspiration as had his richly defined form. Each time she felt that wonderful member of his sinking seep into her fleshy folds she felt their connection burn white-hot until her release burst out from within her in a shattering wave.

Algra's perfectly honed body always felt incredible but in the moment when the beautiful orc found her climax, he felt the wet heat that surrounded his cock convulse and spasm. Sweet, slippery juices spilled out from her depths and those soft muscles seemed to suckle him inside her as she slammed herself down hard against him. She always liked to feel him deep inside as she experienced her peak. Her eyes fluttered closed and she felt his hands tighten on her bare thighs as his own climax spilled fresh spurts of creamy warmth inside her.

The shared rise between them slowly fell to a simmering afterglow as Algra lowered her body down to press her lips against his. He felt her gorgeously rounded breasts cushion against him and enjoyed the flavour and texture of her kiss with closed eyes. She felt his hands lift from her thighs and stroke along the curve of her rear to rest on the lower slopes of her back.

In that moment he wanted to speak volumes to her of what she meant to him and of how he was amazed at how deeply he loved her in so small a time. His love for Janette had been built over many years and was forged in amidst a great deal of pain and angst before it blossomed into something he truly cherished. With Algra, there was a much more intense fire borne between them that had made him hers without any time for either of them to consider or even comprehend what would happen.

He wouldn't have had it any other way.

He had no words to describe it and even if he could, he knew that there were no place for such words amongst orcs. So, instead he laid back and he kissed her and held her to him in a way that conveyed his meaning more than words ever would.

They came to rest like that until eventually Algra slid aside to settle herself under his arm and they both fell asleep together without worries of daylight would bring.

- - - - -

Gregory was dreaming. He was dreaming he stood upon a great ship and the waves beneath were causing him to sway from side to side. He could smell the salt in the air and feel the sunlight on his face as he looked over his ship and saw his crew of orcs below. Algra was with them. He watched his beautiful orc, dressed like a pirate, as she climbed down the rigging and landed on the upper deck beside him. She moved toward him with slow seductive steps, lifted her hand to stroke along his cheek, and then quickly slapped him hard across his nose.

"Ow!" Gregory sat upright in his bed and found himself looking into Talina's bright green eyes. "What the hell?"

"I tried shaking you but you wouldn't open your eyes." The dark haired courtesan chided him with a little pout on her alluring mouth.

"So you decided to go with the right-hook?" Gregory rubbed his nose.

"Oh please, it was barely a clip on the nose. Besides, if that bothers you then I'd suggest running away, given what you've gotten yourself into." She folded her arms across her breasts and offered him a stern look. She was clearly none too happy about his current predicament.

"Greg?" Janette's voice was somewhat murky beside him.

He looked down to the formerly sleeping beauty at his side and noticed for the first time that Algra was gone.

"She is with Grolfir," Talina quickly filled in.

"What's happening?" Janette's voice took on a sudden urgency as she began to remember the events of the night before.

"Master is going to get himself beaten into pudding. I do not like pudding." Talina had an almost accusatory tone.

"Will you be quiet!? I've had all this already once from Algra. I know. I'm a dumbass. But I'm a stubborn dumbass, so will you do me a favour and ease up on the punching and the cold stares until after breakfast?"

"Very well, master." Talina offered a somewhat mockingly respectful bow.

"I'm not anyone's master anymore, Talina." Gregory reached for his trunks and found them resting beside a set of fur boots.

"You are mine. I obey you and no one else. If the orcs have trouble comprehending that then I would invite them to see what happens when they try to make me serve another."

Gregory had been in the process of shoving his boots on his feet when he heard the downright icy tone in Talina's voice. Ever since he'd met the woman, she'd always proven to not be quite what she seemed. He'd seen through her first mask but he suspected that she didn't wear just the one. The sudden shift from her usual playful and seductive nature to a woman forged of frost and steel was almost enough to send a chill down Gregory's spine.

So, instead of chiding her further, he slipped on his boots and raised up to his feet to step over to her and settle his hands upon her slender shoulders. Her green eyes met his and carried with them a fierce determination. Oh yes, there was definitely something underneath the masquerade that this woman performed for the benefit of others. Something strong and dangerous.

Gregory placed his lips upon her brow and inhaled the sweet mild scent of the oils and soaps Talina, Lydia, and Fiona used upon each other. The action apparently took the woman somewhat off-guard as she had been expecting to start a very angry shouting match with him.

"Thank you. I'll try my best not to get beaten into pudding."

Not quite knowing how to react to that, Talina's eyes glimmered with a flash of uncertainty before she turned and took her leave.

"Greg, what the hell was that all about? What's going on with pudding?" Janette had also risen and was settling her new cloak over her shoulders.

"I... uh... kind of have to join the orcs in training. After everything that happened last night, Grolfir made me a child in the eyes of the orcs. I need to complete some kind of rite of passage before I can get all my stuff back."

"Oh, so what do you have to do?"

"Well from what I can tell it's some kind of fight."

"With an orc?"

"Several actually."

"Are you insane!?" Janette hefted her cloak from her shoulders when she lifted her hands up in exasperated outrage.

"I'm getting that question so often lately that I'm honestly starting to wonder."

"Jeez, I wonder why?" She stormed around from her side of the bed to stand before him and jabbed him in the middle of his chest with her index finger. "We're leaving. Right now."

"And going where?" Gregory kept his tone calm and reasonable.

"Gee, I don't know, how about somewhere where they don't want to set angry orcs after you?"

"They're not being set on me, Jan." He tried to step around her but she quickly put her gorgeous body between him and the entrance to his tent again. He met her steely, furious gaze and lifted his hand to touch her cheek. "I have to do this."

"No, Greg, you really don't." She folded her arms over the skimpy bra that was barely managing to reign in the generously proportioned breasts beneath.

Gregory privately decided that Janette wasn't cute when she was angry, she was downright gorgeous.

"Look, I almost hurt these people. It was my decision that let Freddie do what he did. I have to take responsibility for what happened. If I don't, then they'll probably punish someone else for it and I don't really want that on my conscience."

"So you're going to go get your head caved in?"

"Oh ye of little faith," Gregory sighed and moved forwards. This time as Janette tried to get in his way he tactfully swung himself around her and walked out of the tent.

"Greg!" It wasn't over by a long shot as far as the redhead was concerned. "Don't walk away from me!" She caught up with him and smacked his chest hard. The quick contact left his skin lightly pink and her hand ringing with pain from hitting what was perhaps unexpectedly hard muscle.

"You're getting your feet dirty." Gregory looked down between them as the alarmed girl had run out of the tent and into the mud wearing only that skimpy bra and equally skimpy thong of hers.

"I don't give a shit about my feet. Stop walking, dammit!" She put her hands on his chest and attempted to stop him. The only effect she managed was to slide her feet backwards in the mud. She would have fallen flat on her ass if he hadn't caught her arm and kept her balanced.

He knew the camp was watching them. Their fallen master and his former slave girl arguing out in the open. He didn't really care. Janette's efforts might not have given him more than a physical stinging sensation across his chest but he was having great difficulty not feeling the hurt in her voice or the desperation in her eyes. It was only when he saw those twin sapphires of hers beginning to glisten with tears that he faltered in his path.

"Jan, I need to do this. I don't really know what's going to happen but I'm not going to back down and let someone else take the fall for my screw up. It's just not in me." He lifted his hands to settle on her upper arms and his touch was warm and strong against her cool skin. Then, he gently pushed her out of his way and continued on to leave her looking understandably worried.

She watched him walk out of the camp toward his escort of two enormous guards encased in that ominous black-metal armour of theirs. Gregory was led away between them to start his training as Janette felt the first tear slide down her cheek.

"He did this to save someone's life, you know." The voice came from her side and she turned to find herself looking on the well-weathered form of Emmet.

The old man, along with most of the camp, had seen her try to stop Gregory from leaving and had quickly snatched up a large blanket which was quickly offered to the scantily clad girl. She took it and only realised how cold she was when its warmth settled across her shoulders and wrapped around her body. The linen was coarse against her skin but it kept the breeze at bay. A little sniff of her nose was given before she used the blanket to wipe away her tears.

"You should not mourn such bravery, dear child." Emmet turned to look upon her, his eyes were still keen despite being set in an aged and wrinkled face.

"He's an idiot." She felt a sudden rush of spite rise up inside her. It felt better than the pain of thinking about her lover being hurt and so she welcomed it.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. You should go inside. I will send Talina to keep you company and to keep her out of mischief. Do not let the tears rise again. All is not so terrible as it seems."

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