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The Naughty Elf


Dear Mother and Dad,

I am afraid I made a mistake at work last week and now find myself once again unemployed. I am sure you will agree with my actions when you hear the whole story. My boss is furious with me but I cannot say I care right now; he is not a very nice man like the one everyone thinks... Hope your having a great holiday, I am sorry about the kid's presents-I acted on impulse without thinking everything through all the way. It is a long story but I will try to explain.

I told you my boss is in the habit of trying to get me alone in the workshop, Remember. Well his hormones must be really working overtime because he pushes himself on me everyday. I asked him to stop. His actions make me uncomfortable but my pleas are ignored. I avoid him whenever possible. I felt better about being at work and must have let my guard down. That is when the trouble began.

You see it all started a few days ago. I was put in charge of the battery operated toy selections. My job was to order a variety of electronic toys. The boss, that fat hairy slob, starts grabbing my ass and making lewd suggestions again. He went so far as to push me to the wall and grope me. He tried to get between my legs with those wrinkled up hands of his. I squirmed away but my mind was made up; quitting my job sounded like the thing to do, but first I needed revenge.

Putting me in charge of the toys was a perfect opportunity. I asked what kind of toys to order and the boss replied with a sneer and a rude comment that I will not repeat (but I will say he mentioned various sex toys and suggestions on how he would like to use them on me). That gave me an idea and in no time, I had a plan. I followed his sarcastic orders and picked an assortment of dildos and vibrators and other various sexual aids... You could not even imagine some of the things they put a motor in nowadays Vibrating 'eggs', butterflies and remote controlled devices in every color and size you can imagine. I figured this is a great way to give him a taste of his own medicine. I even went so far as to supply the batteries.

The boss was not amused. I think it is accurate to say he was bloody pissed, I never saw him this mad before. There was no time to order new toys and have them all made in time. So that, mother and dad, is why the family (and every other family also) received jiggling multi colored rubber cocks in your stockings Christmas morning. I do not feel too bad about losing my job, once the media gets a hold of this story the good 'ol sleazy Santa will be out of a job also. This will be one Christmas Santa will not forget. What a naughty little elf I am!

* * * * *

Do not think I got away with this without a punishment. Yes, I was punished rather severely. Here is what happened next...

My punishment was both brutally severe and wickedly wonderful at the same time. Old Saint Prick did not realize my tastes lean toward the non~ vanilla aspect of sexual delights. The fat 'ol bastard was pissed, I mean he was really mad, after all it was Christmas eve and his sleigh was overflowing with clit stimulators, vibrators and battery operated nipple clamps. Dancer had the flu and could not fly with the other reindeer on Santa's sleigh Christmas Eve. Santa decided I would be taking his place. He ordered me to strip naked and attached me to the harness. I knelt in the front of the sleigh, arms stretched out forward in the restraints. I scowled at him in disbelief as the icy snow pelted my bare ass. SWOOSH CRACK... YEEEOW hot pain seared through me as he brought the whip down and we were off.

The icy snowflakes did little to cool my now crimson backside. We were somewhere near England almost half way done when my sleigh driver started getting bored. I heard the buzzing seconds before the first vibe went in my ass; this was in fact becoming rather arousing. I gave my little ass a few nice slow wiggles and that was all Santa needed to see. We spent the rest of the night playing with the toys and as the dawn broke we arrived home. I was freezing, tired and very sore but also very content. I still was fired though. I will visit soon, would you mind if I brought a friend?



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