tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Neighbor Girl

The Neighbor Girl


I sat on the front porch of my modest, two-bedroom home at 5937 Wilmington Drive, enjoying a glass of delicious ice cold lemonade, as I watched the neighbor girl across the street getting out of her car. She was twenty-three, had shoulder length, auburn brown hair, a nice slim waist, and long, lovely legs. Though I was not certain of her name, I had reason to believe she was called Jessica.

Jessica Davis, her name would be, since I had spoken to her father, Mark Davis, numerous times. The girl-who-I-believe-was-named-Jessica was dressed in a short cutoff jean skirt and a pretty pink halter-top, with her hair tied back into a ponytail. She closed the driver's side door and pranced up the sidewalk towards her front door, and sauntered inside.

Needless to say, her beauty captivated me. I loved the way her ponytail swayed back and forth and she walked up the steps to her house in her high-heeled shoes. I loved the way her ample-sized breasts bounced with every step of her pace. And best of all, her firm, sexy behind, which was squeezed so tightly into her sexy skirt, would shift so sensually with every movement of her strong, firm thighs.

A fire hydrant could have burst and sprayed twenty feet in the air without my noticing, I was so captivated by the beauty I had just witnessed. I might have finished my drink and gone inside, fearing my delightful afternoon diversion had come to its finale, but fortunately that was not the case. Some seconds later, my angel appeared again in the second floor window, just above the doorway. Although the light was dim inside her room, I still had a fairly good view of this gorgeous female. This gorgeous female, who appeared to be getting ready to undress.

I shifted in my seat, making room in my pants for what I knew was about to happen, and it did. I felt the swelling of my cock, filling up all the available space inside the front of my pants, as I watched the girl in the window lean towards her bedroom mirror and unclasp her earrings. She removed them both and placed them in a dish upon her dresser. I waited in baited suspense. She was still fully clothed except for her jewelry, but I knew in my heart she was planning to lose more than just that. I watched her saunter towards her bedroom window, methodically unfastening her pink halter-top. She was a long way away from me, but beauty like that doesn't hide easily.

She would be able to see me if she looked, but she appeared to be watching the sky. I kept my eyes down, so as not to appear to be watching her. I took another sip of my lemonade, glancing upwards every few seconds to see if she was still there. She was. And her halter-top was completely unfastened. She let the straps down from her shoulders, exposing even more of her generously sized cleavage.

My heart sank as her hands went for her window curtains. My show would soon be over, and the rest would tragically be left to my imagination.

To my pleasant surprise, she didn't close the curtains. Rather, she seemed to be admiring their design, running the fabric through her soft hands. Beauty admiring beauty; there wasn't much that I found more visually pleasing. Soon after, this young lady was opening the window, and leaning completely out of the window frame. The straps of her halter-top hung to her side, but still did not fall low enough to expose her breasts.

With the way she was leaning out of her window, she could certainly see me, so I made sure not to stare. I pretended to be very interested in a newspaper resting on the table to my side, so I picked it up and looked it over, glancing up every few seconds. The girl took a deep breath of the outside air, simply enjoying the sunshine that basked upon her. I knew how she felt.

Now, she was turning her back, and pulling her halter-top over her head. All I could see was her bare back, and it appeared she was braless. I waited for her to turn around, so I could bask in the beauty of her naked breasts, but she kept her back turned and proceeded to unbutton her skirt.

I couldn't see much below her waist, but I was fairly certain her skirt had just come off, because now she was bending over and I could just see the top of her waist.

She was no longer looking in my direction, so I lay my newspaper down and rose to my feet, to allow myself a better view into her bedroom.

I caught a glimpse of her round, firm buttocks in the window frame. She was wearing a black thong, wrapped snugly around the curve of her hot, round ass.

Two smooth, firm, and well-tanned cheeks protruded from either side of her sexy thong panties. I guessed that she tanned regularly in thong bikinis, or possibly nude, judging by the beautiful bronze shade of her skin without any noticeable tan lines.

She must have gotten her skirt off from her ankles, because now she was standing up, and folding her clothes. At last my prayers were answered as the young lady turned back towards the window, displaying a pair of absolutely stunningly sexy naked breasts, on display for my own eyes.

I only caught a glimpse, a fleeting sight of the bare breasted beauty in the window frame. She stepped away coyly when she felt the warm sunlight pass across her figure, as it illuminated her naked bosoms.

The beauty retreated into the darkness of her bedroom, and I was left with any empty window frame.

I simply had to see more. After witnessing so much of this young goddess' divine beauty, I couldn't walk into my own home; satisfied with the treat my eyes had just received. Especially when I knew there was so much more waiting for me behind those doors. I knew she didn't take all of those clothes off just to keep her black panties on. No sir, she was undressing to get undressed. I could feel it, and that meant those panties and her exquisite posterior would soon be parting as well. If I didn't do something, only the four walls around her would get to witness what those panties concealed from me.

I casually rose from my chair, and made my way across the street. All I had to do was open the front door, unlikely that she would have locked it. Nobody on the street who happened to see me would think twice about me entering the Davis home if I did it conspicuously and casually. I was a neighbor after all.

I was in luck. The young lady had left the front door unlocked, so I quickly let myself inside.

Nobody but her appeared to be home. That was good news for me, perhaps I would be able to sneak a peek at the nubile young daughter without interruption.

The Davis family had a lovely home. The living room was nicely decorated, but I was there for another reason. I heard the patter of feet on the floor above me so I carefully made my way up the stairs, all the while being extra careful not to make any noise that might alert the young angel to my presence.

I reached the top of the stairs and stole a glimpse down the hallway, into the first bedroom on the left. The darling girl had even left her bedroom door ajar. Perhaps this was because nobody was home, or perhaps she simply was not modest as so many young ladies are, and had no qualms about being caught in states of partial or complete undress. I prayed for the latter.

I crept down the hallway and peered into the girl's bedroom, and to my disappointment, it appeared to be empty. I don't know where she would have gone, dressed as she was, so I poked my head into her bedroom, when suddenly I heard a cabinet door close in a nearby room.

After stepping into the girl's bedroom, I realized she had a personal bathroom connected to her bedroom. This is where the young beauty was now.

I quietly stepped through the girl's bedroom, admiring the feminine decorations around me.

I looked out the window and saw the front porch of my house across the street. It was not hard to spot. She could have easily seen me there watching her.

My eyes passed across her bedroom, which was painted a bright pink. Her skimpy halter-top lay on her bed, which was also covered with an assortment of stuffed animals. On the floor lay her cutoff jean skirt, as well as a pair of high heels.

I searched around for her black panties, being that this would be confirmation that the girl was now completely naked, but I found no such evidence.

A crack of light showed under the door to her personal bathroom. Interrupting this thin sliver of light were two shadows, presumably of her sexy feet stepping about in the bathroom.

I heard the click of a few buttons, and soon after, music emanated form the bathroom. A soft rock band that I frequently heard playing in her car was now softly humming in her bathroom.

Then I saw something that brought joy to my heart. A dark shadow appearing around the girl's feet. These were her panties. She had just taken them down. My beautiful angel was now completely naked.

If the bathroom door had been transparent, I might be the happiest man alive right now. But alas, the door was crafted of wood, but it was all that separated me from feasting my eyes upon this succulent nude female.

I heard the sound of water running, as her feet moved away from the door. I heard her step into the bathtub.

She began to sing along to the music, her lovely voice was so soft and beautiful. But her body was even more beautiful, and the reason I had come was to take a look.

I stood next to the bathroom door and listened.

The music was just loud enough that there was a good chance that if I turned the handle of the door, she would not hear it. I had to risk it. I had already seen so much of this angel's body, but I wanted to see it all. My hand trembled as I twisted the handle on the door, and pulled it open.

Warm air seeped into my face. I peeked into the bathroom, and saw a silhouette of the young lady through the light blue shower curtain. She was still singing. She had no idea I was there.

I very carefully stepped into the bathroom and quietly shut the door behind me. She was still singing. This is as close as I had ever gotten to her naked. There was no way I could leave now. Even the slightest noise might have startled her, so I felt frozen in place.

My eyes scanned the room, and soon enough, they passed across the girl's black thong panties lying on the floor.

I kneeled down ever so slightly, and lifted the panties up and held them against my nose. Their lovely flavor filled my nostrils with delight. As I sniffed the girl's skimpy undergarment I could hear the water spraying against her naked body. I could hear her scrubbing shampoo through her long lovely hair. Soon the shampoo would be thick and soapy, and would drip down her face, covering her eyes. She would not be able to see me if I were to take a peek behind that shower curtain.

And as soon and I heard the sound of the shampoo dripping down her skin and onto the tub floor, that is exactly what I did.

I reached out with my left hand, which was now shaking with excitement, and pulled the shower curtain to the side.

The beauty I witnessed behind that curtain was one that would stay transfixed in my memory forever. My beautiful angel, immersed in water, and wearing not a stitch of clothing. Her stunning nude body was more sexually enticing than anything I could have ever imagined. She was facing directly towards me, but her eyes were sealed shut, with soapy shampoo dripping down over her eyelids, off her face, and down onto her large, firm breasts. Her nipples were soft and pink, and I loved watching the shampoo dribble down either side of her breasts and down her belly, and gather between her legs.

The shampoo suds clung to her pubic hair, which was light brown just like the hair on her head, but trimmed very short. Some of the suds continued to dribble down between her thighs, but the rest remained around her pubic area.

I was amazed at how fully tan her body was; the girl simply must sunbathe nude regularly, there was simply no other explanation for the lack of tan lines around her breasts and between her hips.

I stared at her body in pure awe for several seconds, and it truly was like looking into heaven. Her soft skin, her delicate curves, everything about her made her like a living work of art. I felt it was a travesty that women as beautiful as her went clothed in public. It seemed to me all the world should have an opportunity to enjoy beauty such as I was witnessing at that moment.

As my angel rinsed the last of the shampoo from her lovely hair, she turned her back to me, and while this was disappointing in the sense that I could no longer enjoy the sight of her gorgeous breasts and toned belly, I was now treated to a good, close up view of her fully naked bottom. A naked bottom, which in my good luck she put on full display for me as she bent over to squeeze all the shampoo and water from her hair and into the shower drain.

I wondered what kind of workout regime she had, because it amazed me how firm, and how prime she was able to maintain her posterior. She had just enough fat to give her ass a pleasant round shape, but was muscular enough that each of her cheeks were delightfully firm.

When her hair was fully rinsed, the girl stood erect, and so did my member. She was still facing away from me, which allowed me to continue to stare even though her eyes were now open.

I watched the beauty pick up a bar of soap and lather it up between her hands. As I observed her sensually rubbing it all over her body, I found myself reaching for my pants zipper and pulling it quietly downwards. My cock was uncomfortably pressed against the inside of my jeans, so I was relieved to finally let it out of my pants and into my right hand. The warm air was soothing against my cock, and I softly rubbed the shaft of my dick upwards and downwards, enjoying the pleasurable sensation. My eyes however, were still on her. My dick swelled up larger as I watched her so lovingly caress herself. The way she ran her palms against her hips, over her back, and onto her thighs made my excitement heighten to no end.

I began to stroke my dick faster as I watched the woman sensually rub the soap all over her bare skin. I began to worry that my stroking, or even my heart pounding, would be loud enough that she would hear it, since even I could hear it and I was only a few feet from her.

My dick throbbed with pleasure as I watched her lift her leg, and rest her foot against the tub lining so she could wash her inner thigh. Usually I needed some kind of lubricant to fully enjoy this activity, but being in this woman's presence was so gratifying to me that there mere touch of my hand was enough to send my senses in to a frenzy.

I took a peek between her legs and caught a glimpse of her vaginal lips, which were still dripping with shampoo. I saw her run her fingers across them, and she seemed very thorough in her attempt the rub them completely clean of soap. I smiled to myself as I watched her briefly rub her labia for several seconds while she squeezed her breast with her other hand. She was starting to enjoy herself as much as I was.

This drove my right hand absolutely mad with energy. I found myself pumping my cock faster than I had ever in my life, keeping it trained on the naked beauty in front of me if it were to blow. I wanted my ejaculate to hit her. I found the idea of my semen on her body to be the ultimate gratification, and that is exactly how I wanted my adventure with her to end.

She lowered her leg and lifted the other, and began stroking her raised thigh with the bar of soap. The excitement in my loins was overpowering, and I could not contain myself a second longer. With one more pump of my fist, I spat a glob of semen straight from the end of my cock, and it struck her in the small of her back. I waited for her to react. She didn't feel it.

I was almost disappointed. She continued to wash her upper body, apparently oblivious to the substance that had just launched itself against her backside. I watched the semen drip down her back and over the rounded curve of her buttocks. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I watched it dribble down between her cheeks, where I expected it to drip to the shower floor.

To my surprise, at that moment, she lowered her leg and bent forward to lay the soap on the dish. As she did, the semen dripped out from the crack of her sexy ass and onto the back of her thigh, where in one contained blob, continued to dribble all the way down her leg.

As I watched the semen dribble from her ankle and onto the shower floor, I felt my work was done. I let the shower curtain close, and quietly took a step backward to allow my angel the rest of her shower in solitude.

My cock was still semi-erect, and I had some aftercum clinging to the end. I needed something to wipe it of before I zipped up my pants, and my eyes fell once again on the panties that lay on the floor.

I picked up the skimpy thong and used it to wipe the rest of the aftercum from my dick. I made sure to use the inner front of the panties. I wanted my semen on the very part of her panties that came into direct contact with her pussy.

I dropped the panties back on the floor and carefully made my way out of the bathroom. After closing the door behind me, I made my way back into her bedroom.

It was a bittersweet moment for me. I knew that the most exciting moment of my life was now behind me. So before I left the girl's house, I wanted to do one last thing to make the experience complete. I wanted her to know what I had done.

She left a pink spiral notebook on her desk, so I ripped a blank page, grabbed a pen, and began writing her a note.

"Dear Jessica," I began. I told her everything. How I watched her through her window. How I entered her house. How I watched her shower. I even told her about my ejaculate hitting her in the back, and how it dribbled down her naked body. I finished the letter off with a description of how I cleaned my dick off when I was finished, and signed it at the bottom.

I folded the letter in thirds, writing "To Jessica" on the front, and I left the note on her bed. I was just placing the pen back on her desk when I heard the water shut off, so I quickly excused myself from the room. I could hear her entering her bedroom when I reached the bottom of the stairs so I took the back door out of her house before crossing the street back to my front porch.

To my pleasant surprise, I found the glass on my front porch railing still had a few sips of lemonade still in it, and after my adventure in the Davis house, I had developed quite a thirst. I took a seat back in the chair and gulped down the last of the lemonade.

The beauty reappeared in the window, now wearing her black thong but nothing else. She was standing still, looking at something in her hand. Of course. She was reading my letter. I watched her facial expression as her beautiful eyes scanned the page in front of her. She must have neared the end of the letter, because now she was pulling the waistband of her panties forward and looking inside them, and what she found confirmed the words she had just read. She set the letter aside and looked out the window, and for the first time, our eyes met. She made no attempt to cover her bare breasts, even though she was standing in full view of the neighborhood. She simply looked at me, and shook her head almost as if she was impressed.

I gave her a wink, and she gave one back. I knew at that moment that this would be a secret between us for the rest of our lives.

She reached for the curtains, and this time, pulled them shut, but now I was not disappointed. Having satisfied my thirst, I took my empty glass and set it aside.

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