tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Neighbors Ch. 07-09

The New Neighbors Ch. 07-09


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an Internet pay site, without compensation for me --- the writer. ___________________________

This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife (and later their 18 year old daughter) being used by a set of new neighbors. It includes hypnotism, male/female sex, male/male sex, and female/female sex. Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has 4 parts (12 chapters) and is not complete, so asking how it will end – well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now --- on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Just a thought before you start reading this story:

Although the sexual part – and the domination part of this story can survive on their own – I highly recommend that you read the starting 6 chapters where Joe meets a woman at the pool, goes back to her house for a night of sex, is brainwashed and returns home. The next day the woman that he met (Ann) and her boyfriend (Bob) show up at Joe’s house with full intent to humiliate Joe, and have sex with his lovely wife Sue. Joe gets used often, so does Sue as they adore Bob’s massive meat, and Ann’s enticing pussy. Sue is now a slave to her co-workers and Ann wants her back.

Chapter 7

It was about 20 minutes later, when Ann inquired about where Sue could be. I broke down and told her about this morning conversation. Bob & Ann looked apprehensively at each other.

Then Sue came home. Ann commanded her to remove her clothes, but she didn’t obey. She commanded her to kiss her feet and likewise Sue didn’t obey. Bob and Ann asked Sue what is going on. What changed this week?

Sue told her story. It was Monday and at work she had a meeting to review the necessity for weekend work, and overtime pay. Apparently Maggie didn’t like the idea because she already had plans. She had a dinner party on Friday (tonight) and told Sue to “kiss her ass”. Sue explained to all of us “that is exactly what I saw myself doing. I walked around the desk in my modest private office and bent over and laid a kiss on Maggie’s skirt.” Maggie complained of sexual harassment. “I told her that it was not harassment – you told me to do it.”

Maggie looked at me strangely and said “I told you to kiss my ass and you felt compelled to just do it. – Since when?”

“Since I know that bigger women are my superiors.” Sue replied Ann and Bob grinned about how this had turned out. Sue continued. “Maggie made me strip off my blouse, and I obeyed. Then she had me kiss her feet and I did that too.” “The next two days, I stayed late at the office while Maggie went through all the personal files for the other employees and questioned me about my sexual preferences.” Sue sighed and then explained “Maggie is a big strong woman who LOVES to get her way. She enjoyed me crawling under my own desk and licking her twat while she sat in my chair and talked on the phone to her friends.”

I could see that it wasn’t the end of the story “Maggie needed proof that she was king of the office, so she showed me off to Julie. A Big overgrown black woman who can be mean as hell if she doesn’t get her way. Maggie & Julie are my two worst employees. They are always starting trouble –except this time I felt HELPLESS to stop them. By Thursday I was told what to wear to work today and that I was going to be the life of the dinner party she was throwing.”

Ann asked “What did they do to you today?” “Julie and Maggie had me bend over my desk while they used a ruler on my ass till I cried. They took me to the rest room and had me lick them clean after they peed. They had me go to Maggie’s house for the dinner party. I was the maid. My elbows were tied together so I could either hang my arms at my sides, or raise them 90 degrees and hold a serving platter.” Ann interjected “They used you as a serving maid?” “Yes.” Sue explained. “I was dressed in some sort of short uniform that showed off my ass, and flaunted my tits. Her guests slapped my rear end, and tweaked my nipples. Maggie enjoyed showing me off as her ‘FORMER BOSS’ then I had to suck off a few of the men and tongue one of the smelliest women I have ever come in contact with. I think it was Julie, but since I was blindfolded at the time, I can’t be sure. I do know it wasn’t Maggie because she is neatly trimmed.”

We all just looked at my sweet wife and knew her life had changed way more than any of us had expected.

Ann asked, “Did they hurt you at all?” “Well, I am not too fond of some nipple clamps, and I don’t get turned on by having my --- my lips spread open and exposed to everyone’s view. But they didn’t spank me too hard. I am still a little sore from two things: The collar that chafes my neck, and the spanking I got at work today.” Sue relented.

Bob asked if she was horny and then hauled out his enormous cock for us to see. I immediately wanted it. Sue began to grind her crotch against Ann’s hand while she begged for Bob’s cock. “Mmmm, I love this cock. It is Sooooo huge. So powerful. Just awesome to touch. I can wrap my hands around its base and see 7 more inches begging me to suck.” Sue erotically stressed her love for Bob’s tool. He let her suck on it –even though he didn’t cum. Ann pulled Sue’s pants down and saw some of the red stripes across her once pretty soft white butt. She knew that she needed to fix things.

Then Bob put his cock away and left the room. “My little pretty, you must not see them except at work. I will take away my spell and allow you to resume your normal life --- IF that is possible now that they have had you for a week.” Ann tried to comfort her new neighbor.

“I must go to Julie’s house tomorrow morning.” Sue explained.

“No, I just said you don’t have to go there.” Ann again told her plaything.

Sue shook her head. She wanted to fight the feeling but it was no use. “NO, I MUST GO TO JULIE’S HOUSE TOMORROW”

Ann knew she was determined. But how to correct the problem and get her little pretty back.

She told Bob what Sue had said after he left the room and how she couldn’t command Sue to do anything, but that she still got super wet when she saw his dick. So why can’t she do what I say if I am taller than she is. “I am not a woman. So I can command her with my wonderful cock that she adores.” Bob said. Ann questioned “I should be able to command her too --- Right?”

“It doesn’t work that way --- once someone who is undoubtedly seven inches taller than her, has given her a command, she won’t ‘snap out of the spell’ until the command has been fulfilled. So you can not command her not to obey Julie and Maggie, because they already told her to come over tomorrow. Now once she has come over---and providing they don’t give her ANOTHER command before she leaves, she will fulfil that command, and will be free for you to fill her mind with correction thoughts.” Ann thought about it ---- the only way she could be sure that Sue complied with Julie’s order, and didn’t get any NEW orders was to ‘rescue her’ while she was still at Julie’s house.


This part was explained to me later but here is what happened when Ann followed Sue to Julie’s house.

Ann waited in her car for 20 – 30 minutes after Sue had gone inside the house. The neighborhood wasn’t really in a bad part of town, just lower middle class. You know, pick up trucks up on blocks in front yards, overflowing dumpster to the side, and broken glass in the street. It was daytime, so Ann wasn’t the least bit worried, but she wouldn’t enjoy being around here at night.

Ann went to the door and knocked. Julie answered. She was a big black woman with huge overflowing tits and frankly a behind to match. Why do large women wear stretch pants when something from a tent and awning place would be so much more appropriate? “Whatever you are selling – I already bought some” Julie said before Ann could even ask any questions. “I’m not selling anything. I have come for my property. I believe Sue is here?” Ann said with an air of superiority That must have caught Julie off guard, because at first Julie denied that Sue was there…then she asked “Whats you mean ‘YOUR PROPERTY’?” “She was mine first. And as soon as I get to see her, I will break the spell I put on her, and you will have to get someone else to play with.” “Whatcha mean by ‘spell’ you some sorta Witch?” Julie asked Ann; while still blocking the doorway so she couldn’t see inside. “Hypnotism. That’s how it works, and once she is out of your spell --- she can go back to being mine, and you can get someone else to play with cause my little pretty will be much too busy.” Ann said. “Now if you will take me to her.” Well it seemed that Ann’s words had an effect on Julie. Someone else to play with ---hmmm, this woman at her door didn’t look half bad. And besides, what was she talking about Sue being under Julie’s spell – she knew SHE didn’t do any kind of hypnotism on her old boss. “I’ll let you in – on ONE CONDISION – you gotta tell me a reason why this hypnotism on her works for me.”

Ann walked into the house and entered into what you could call a small living room. It was kinda messy, and there were dishes and pizza box off to one corner. Ann glanced around the room a bit more and saw to her amusement a pair of handcuffs and a quirt on the sofa. It seems that this woman may be getting ready for some fun with her little pretty. The stereo was on to a rap station, and turned up just enough that Ann had to speak rather loud for Julie to hear what she was saying. “Susan is my new neighbor. I just moved in a couple of weeks ago. I managed to hypnotize her. While I was out having fun last week…I told her that she had to obey any woman who is at least 7” taller than her. Last night when she came home, she told me all about how you and your co-worker Maggie had used her. I want her back…and I would have made sure she didn’t come back here, except Bob told me that since you had commanded her to be here today, she had to obey. Now that she is here, and has obeyed, she is free from your control. I couldn’t do anything to make it right last night…because I had to wait until she had finished obeying you. So now…I have come to collect her.” Ann told Julie in no uncertain terms.

“How do you hypnotize her?” Julie asked “I don’t need to tell you that” Ann curtly stated.

“Then what’s all this about her having to finish obeying me before she could be yours again?” Julie inquired. “Like I said --- I was playing a joke on her. You know, she is tiny. Well, I thought it would be funny if she had to do what tall women told her to do.” Ann was getting restless telling this overgrown woman why it works. “So she wasn’t through obeying me ‘cause I told her to be here today --- right?” Julie caught on. “Right” Ann agreed. “Well, you gots to be more than that 7” you told me about. Why can’t you just order her to do something?” Julie asked “I’m 5’ 10” --- I didn’t make up the rules. She can only obey me –after she is finished obeying the previous tall woman who gave her an order. Once that order is complete, then she is free to go and do the next item. Like I said, I didn’t create the rules ... that is just the way Bob explained them to me.” Ann continued to enlighten Julie. “This Bob --- who’s he? He knows you’re here?” Julie asked. “He’s my boyfriend. No one knows I followed Sue … I don’t even think She knows. NOW I HAVE ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS, SO BRING HER HERE SO WE CAN LEAVE.” Ann started to get upset.

Julie had heard enough, and what’s more, Maggie who was with Sue in the kitchen had heard it all too. Maggie was smart enough to understand what Ann was telling her friend and co-worker. IF Sue was given an order right now, perhaps Ann couldn’t break her out of her spell. Maggie also heard Ann say that no one knew she was here…and that was just the ticket to what she planned next. She told Sue “Susan, stay here. When I say ‘come here’ you go to your friend there in the living room and wrap your arms around her legs ... drop to your knees if you have to…but don’t let go of her legs. If she kicks, or does ANYTHING ... You are to hold onto her legs, do your best not to release her till we have her tied up. Do you understand?” Sue nodded.

Maggie stepped out from the kitchen, behind where Ann was standing. Ann was not aware of Maggie’s presence.

Meanwhile Julie was incensed at Ann. “Don’t you bring your bony white ass into my house and try to boss ME around.” “Well if you would get your big ol’ lard ass out the way and go get Sue, I wouldn’t have stay in this – house you call it – any longer” Ann shot back. “Lard Ass – I’ll show you a thing or two” Julie approached Ann in a hurry. Just as Julie got within striking distance, Ann pulled out a stun gun that she apparently had concealed in her sweat suit pocket, and zapped Julie on one of her massive tits. Julie let out a yelp, staggered backward a step or two and then just fell flat on her face.

Maggie, who was still quietly waiting behind Ann, didn’t see what she had in her hand and was surprised that the very big woman Julie - was now face down in the living room. Maggie made her presence known by startling Ann “What did you do to her?” Startled, Ann quickly turned to see Maggie. She was face to face with a 24 year old well built blonde girl who, even barefoot, stood taller than Ann at least 6’ 3”, and she sported a very muscular frame that rivaled her own. Maggie saw that Ann had a strange object in her hand that had two prongs sticking out of it and what appeared to be volts of electricity darting between them Maggie didn’t take any chances. “Sue come here” was all she needed to say. Sue entered the room. Upon seeing Ann, rushed to her side and falling to her knees wrapped her arms tightly around Ann’s calves. Ann wasn’t sure what to do now. She had a nearly naked neighbor hugging her legs like she was thanking her for rescuing her from a fate worse than death. Ann waited for a moment and when Sue didn’t stop with her hug, she said “My little pretty, get up – so we can leave.” Sue didn’t respond, but rather just kept gripping her legs tightly together.

Maggie gave Ann an evil smile and then with as much force as she could muster, shoved Ann at shoulder height and watched as Ann toppled to the ground. Ann couldn’t get her balance, and she couldn’t take a step backwards since Sue was wrapped like a python around her calves, so she just fell backwards. The stun gun slipped out of her hand and was nearly thrown across the room as Ann had swung her arms over her head and down to her sides behind her in a vain attempt to catch herself from crashing to the ground. The stun gun hit on a side of a table and several pieces broke off and scattered on the floor.

Maggie was a smart fighter, and knew that petite Sue would be no match for hanging on to Ann’s legs for long if she didn’t try to immobilize her the rest of the way. She scrambled around them both and pounced on Ann’s chest squashing her breasts in the process. Maggie was not intimidated by Ann, but wasn’t going to let her get the upper hand either. She tried to fight off her attempts to get free by slapping her arms down to her sides as Ann begun to put up a fight. Ann wanted to get free from Sue’s clutching grip but she didn’t want to hurt her. She tried pulling her legs toward her stomach and chest but Sue stayed attached to her ankles. Maggie punched Ann’s thighs in an attempt to keep them down on the ground and not allow them to rise up and lock around her waist. She then started punching into Ann’s gut.

While Ann was trying to keep Maggie’s fists from reining down on her helpless belly, she got one good punch into Maggie’s neck, and another caught her blouse and tore it. “Why you little Bitch” Maggie fumed. “You tore my clothes, I will rip yours from your worthless body.” She took a fist full of Ann’s sweat suit top and yanked downward as hard as she could. It tore just as easily as hers had.

Ann struggled to get Maggie off of her chest and Sue off of her legs. It didn’t look good for awhile with the bigger and obviously stronger Maggie holding her down. Sue was starting to get kicked in the face as Ann tried desperately to get free. Maggie went back to slamming her fist into Ann’s gut, driving out much of the air that was so very important to her survival. Ann tried to yell out “Suffocate my little pretty” but given that Ann had not been tied up yet, Sue still had to obey the command that Maggie had given her. The comment didn’t go unnoticed as Maggie tried to choke Ann with her hands wrapped around her throat. Ann split Maggie’s arms that had a death grip on her throat, and forced Maggie to break her hold. She made a twisting move that made Maggie lose her balance and fall off of her perch. That enabled Ann to struggle toward the stun gun that was lying on the ground. As she rolled over onto her stomach to pull herself closer to the weapon, she literally clawed her way over to the other side of the room, pulling Sue right with her. Maggie, who had fallen off Ann’s chest, landed on the numb Julie, “Get up! Wake up!!” Maggie tried to nudge Julie back to the world of the living. As Julie started to regain consciousness, Ann had made it to the stun gun and gotten the devise into the palm of her hand.

Before she could turn herself over Maggie had jumped onto her back. “Ooof” Ann expelled the air in her lungs.

Ann was in an awkward position. With Maggie on her back and Sue still holding onto her legs she couldn’t rise up or roll herself over. She reached behind her to zap Maggie’s leg, but the gun didn’t work. Maggie seized the opportunity to grab Ann’s right wrist and twist her arm behind her back and upwards toward her shoulder. She had Ann pinned. There was nothing that Ann could do to stop the pain as Maggie forced her arm further behind her back. Maggie used her free arm to pull back on Ann’s chin. Ann wasn’t tied up, but she was made helpless and immobile, leaving Maggie to just hang on till Julie could wake up. “Sue I have her tied up, now go help Julie get up.” Maggie told her now obedient pet. Sue didn’t know any better, if Maggie had told her the truth, so she could obey the new command. She let her clutching arms relax and crawled over to Julie who was awake but still laying face down on the floor.

Ann started to buck a bit, but Maggie rode her like a wild bronco and stayed on her back. She did however have to let go of Ann’s chin, but made use of her predicament by grabbing a handful of Ann’s hair and yanking backward on it, thus creating the same effect she had with her hand under Ann’s chin, except with a lot less exertion. After a minute of trying to buck Maggie off her back, Ann slumped to the ground in defeat.

Sue had managed to help Julie up.

Julie got to her knees and was rubbing her sore right tit where the stun gun had done its earlier damage. “Get over here and take my spot. Sit on her so she can’t get up. I will get something to subdue her some more.” Maggie told Julie. Julie couldn’t sit where Maggie was without her letting go of Ann. Instead she squatted down so her large ass was on Ann’s neck and drove her face into the carpet. She was facing Maggie and took a hold of Ann’s arm that was twisted behind her back. Once Maggie thought that Julie had a good enough grip, she let loose and got up to run to another room to retrieve some rope that they had used on Sue the other night.

Ann thought it was a good chance to get up. She started to get her knees under her body but that just put more pressure on her neck. Before she could correct her mistake, Julie took the opportunity to reach under Ann’s shorts and seize her panties and pull toward her, driving the thin material deep into Ann’s pussy lips. As the thin material tore at the waistband, it didn’t tear enough to do Ann any good. Her ass was sticking up in the air, but her arm was still pinned to her back, and her face squashed under the substantial weight of Julie.

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