tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 25

The New Slave Ch. 25


Chapter 25, The Training Finally Begins

Rachel didn't exactly keep her word. Even at the late hour, she contacted the doctor in person and informed her of what had happened. Dr Sherry was furious. She knew Mistress Francesca well enough to know that she would not hurt Ross, but the Mistress' staff or bodyguards were a different story. She would find out later what had happened. She suspected that the bitch bodyguard had something to do with any injuries.

"The first time that I examined him, I could see evidence of ligament damage. It was obvious to me. The way his cock hung told me that the ligaments had been separated at some time in his past. He even told me that it had been separated, part of some bimbo's attempt to lengthen him. Oddly enough, she was successful," the doctor told the concerned Rachel.

"But he looks like he's in pain. It looks bad," Rachel told the doctor. Rachel was seeing the fresh, black and blue bruising and swelling at the base.

"How's his mood. Does he seem ok?" the doctor asked her.

"He seems fine, but it just looks so bad," Rachel tried explaining the obvious bruising and swelling in the base of Ross' cock.

The doctor assured her that he was probably ok. Once the swelling goes down, he'll be fine. He might even gain a little in length, depending on how badly Darcy separated the ligament.

"At worst, he's huge, he's long, and he might be even longer than we've seen," the doctor told Rachel, smiling devilishly. "Length is not a bad thing," she said laughing. Even Rachel laughed, calming down somewhat. "I'll take a look at him in the morning. For now, let him sleep, I'm sure he needs it after an evening with the Mistress. Besides, I'm dying to find out what exactly happened there."

"What do you want me to do with him," Rachel asked, referring to the new slave's training regimen.

"I'll let you examine him. He likes what your hands can do to him, I'm sure of that," the doctor responded, laughing. She had misunderstood what Rachel was asking.

"I mean his training," Rachel replied, seriously. She then laughed, understanding what the doctor was referring to. "But I will take you up on that 'examine him' part. My hands enjoy what they do to him, and to me," she added.

"Ok, I'll call you before I see him, then let you 'help me' with his exam," she said, teasing Rachel. "But for now, let him rest. He needs it. He's been here almost a week and he hasn't been through any training yet. Heather drained him to dry cums, and that told us his current amount, but we need to get him into training and start extracting the milk out of those cum bags. He'll be a heavy producer. I can guarantee that," the doctor said, a feeling of arousal starting to rise up from inside her.

"Ok, tomorrow. Let me know when. I'll work on a training schedule, depending on whether he's ok or not," Rachel said, turning to leave.

"Believe me, that is one tough cock. As long as his balls are ok, we're definitely in the money," the doctor said. It was the first time that Rachel realized the doctor's interest was almost all about the money. The doctor was very sexual, but money was her main interest. She was all business. His cock was secondary to her interests.

"Ok, in the morning. Good night Caren," Rachel turned and left the room.

"Good night Rachel," she replied, watching Rachel leave the room. Sometimes the doctor worried if Rachel was too involved with some of the slaves. She would have to keep a closer eye on her chief of security. For all that the doctor cared, Rachel could fuck a slave every day, as long as she collected the results in a rubber.

The doctor was a firm believer in allowing the male slaves plenty of rest. She had found out a long time ago, that tired slaves released less of their produce. A rested slave would produce more sperm and ejaculate more often. Because of this, Ross wasn't disturbed until around 10:30 am the next morning.

The doctor kept her word and called Rachel before she went over to the male slave's quarters. Rachel was already there when the doctor arrived.

"My, you are an eager beaver this morning," the doctor said when she saw Rachel waiting at Ross' door. "Anticipating a thorough exam?" the doctor asked, laughing.

"I'm always eager," Rachel replied, smiling. Rachel quickly produced the keys and unlocked Ross' door. Entering the room, both saw that he was sound asleep, covered by a blanket. "Well, let's see how he is this morning," Rachel said, softly pulling the blanket off of the sleeping Ross. Being dark inside the room, Rachel turned on a night light, casting the light onto his body, but not his face.

"Now that doesn't look injured to me," Rachel immediately responded seeing a huge erection.

"Wow, he does pump up nicely doesn't he," the doctor replied, both of them looking at the massive cock sticking up from between his legs. Being asleep, he was harder and longer than normal. For centuries, girlfriends and wives had thought that their male partners were having sexual dreams, when in reality, it was just the body doing it's own systems check. The big give away was the lack of pre-cum. The mouth of his cock was totally dry.

"I can still see some damage there," Rachel said, looking at the swelling in the base of his cock. The large doughnut swelling was gone, but he was obviously bigger around the base than he was anywhere else along the length.

"Don't worry, it's what I suspected. His pubic ligament has been separated before and this is the same old injury. Darcy thought that she was really doing some damage to him, but it's more like a sprain than anything. The swelling would be significant, but nothing permanent. You might say that he's been sprained before. He'll be ok." Both of them looked closer seeing a little bit of discoloration around the base of his cock, indicating the broken blood vessels in his shaft.

"It looks so painful. Are you sure he's ok?" Rachel asked, still peering down at the rock hard cock.

"Believe me Rachel, he's fine. If anything, Darcy might have lengthened him, but I doubt it. He's been lengthened before." The doctor was taking a closer look, her face only inches from his meaty appendage.

"I don't think that he can get much longer," Rachel said, watching his length.

"Oh Ross, wake up Ross," the doctor said in a singsong type of voice. She reached out and flicked her fingernail along the underside of the swollen cock head. Flicking it several times, he didn't even stir. "Ross, come on big boy, wake up," she said again, flicking the sensitive underside of his cock head, several times. He moaned slightly and started to turn over.

The doctor watched him for a reaction as she continued to quickly flick the tightly drawn foreskin. Seeing very little reaction from him, she 'thumped' his cock head hard with her middle finger. Ross immediately jerked, his eyes flashing open with a startled look.

"There you go. It's wake up time big boy. You've been asleep for a long time," she said watching as his cock began to wilt. Both Rachel and the doctor stepped back away from the bed.

"How are you feeling, any pain?" the doctor asked him. He slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes. He had been in a deep sleep, exhausted from the previous nights' events. He looked down at his own crotch as if checking himself.

"I think I'm fine, maybe a little bit sore," he responded quietly. He sat up all the way, trying to pull the blanket over his nude form.

"Oh no you don't. There's a real quick way to find out," Dr Sherry said as she reached down and cradled his soft cock in the palm of her hand. She softly closed her grasp and began to gently massage the foreskin and head. "Open your legs up," she ordered him. He moaned softly as she continued to fondle him. He pushed one leg outward toward the wall and draped the other leg over the edge of the bed, spreading his legs wide. Rachel watched, her arousal level beginning to perk up. Ross leaned back against the wall.

"Just relax, let me see if there is any real damage down here," the doctor said softly as she continued her penile manipulation. Her fingers were working quickly on the soft cock. She knelt down next to the bed and reached out, taking the bloated ball sack into her other hand. She began to softly push both balls around inside the soft sack. Her fingers were moving faster now, gently squeezing the soft foreskin and head.

Ross sighed deeply as his legs parted wider. His eyes closed as he began to enjoy the medical exam. Still softly gripping his cock, the doctor could see that it was in good condition as the head pushed out from the foreskin, quickly swelling into hardness. Within a few minutes, his cock was thick and meaty, quickly lengthening, as she continued stimulating it. He was rock hard within a few minutes and an obvious flow of pre-cum oozing from the now puckered mouth.

"He's fine, nothing wrong with this slave," the doctor said, letting go of the quivering cock. He was almost ready to cum. His legs jerked as she let the hard cock drop to his thigh. She stood up, looking at Rachel. "Get him cleaned up and ready to go. We're going to start his training this morning. No time like the present. He's been having way too much fun the past few days."

"Ahh, sure. I have a schedule ready to go," said the surprised Rachel. She was mesmerized by the doctor's slow masturbation technique. She was fully expecting the doctor to finish him, and was even looking for something to catch his sperm in. But she had stopped. Rachel was somewhat shocked. All that the doctor had to do was continue for another few seconds, but she didn't. Rachel could see the frustrated look on Ross' face.

"I want him ready to go, a full training day for our stud here. It's time that he earns his keep," the doctor was already heading for the door. Ross was just beginning to catch his breath, lying back against the wall, his legs still spread wide. Pre-cum was flowing freely from his still twitching cock.

"Yes doctor, I'll get right on it," Rachel replied, watching the doctor leave. Rachel wanted to finish Ross, knowing that he was only seconds away from spurting his regular huge amounts. She knew better, having seen training sessions literally drain or empty the new unsuspecting male slaves. Any slave that had been at the facility for over a week knew what was expected from them. To some degree, they became use to the daily milkings, but Ross was brand new. They all enjoyed the various forms of manipulative draining, but Ross had never been repeatedly drained. Today would be a long day for him, and a mix of pain and pleasure. She silently put the restraints on him and led him to a prep room.

Dr Sherry had already arranged for a meeting with Lorin, her personal assistant and an SES, a sperm extraction specialist. Lorin was in the doctor's office, waiting when the doctor arrived.

"Well, good morning. You look all bright eyed and bushy tailed," the doctor cheerfully greeted Lorin.

"I should say that you look all bright eyed, yourself," Lorin responded, eyeing the doctor curiously. "What have you been doing?"

"One thing that I really enjoy, playing with a new slave," she answered, smiling.

"Ahh, you are referring to Ross? Are we finally going to start his training?" Lorin was intrigued, already figuring why the doctor had requested her.

"Yes, even though he's already making us a lot of money, I think that we need to get him started. With the training, it will only make him either better or bigger, or maybe even both," she said, sitting down at her desk. Lorin sat down across from her. "I wanted to give you a head's up, he's going to prep right now. I thought that you might want to prepare yourself."

"Prepare? You know I'm always ready for a slave like him," Lorin replied, a dreamy look on her face. The doctor knew Lorin's likes and dislikes and was more than aware that Ross was her favorite type. He was endowed and full of cum. She would have a field day, training him. "Do you want him on the usual regimen, vitamins and supplements?"

"Yes, but I also want to put him on regular doses of Trilochem," the doctor said, eyeing Lorin carefully.

"You've got to be kidding. Maybe you forgot but I was there that first day with him. I watched while he was unloaded and unloaded and unloaded. His balls are already real pumpers. He's a gusher. Why would you ever want to put him on Trilochem?" Lorin was astonished.

"I remember his first day here, very well. And as I remember it, you were there helping him unload," the doctor said laughing. "You didn't seem to mind the amount then," the doctor was teasing Lorin.

"Trilochem will shock his balls into overdrive. Do you think he can handle that?" Lorin was already considering the possibility.

"I think that a little chemical support will open up his possibilities," the doctor quickly replied.

"It'll open up his balls. I don't think he could pump it out fast enough. It'll definitely increase his orgasm time," Lorin said, thinking ahead.

"His orgasm time, his sperm amounts, his pumping ability and most of all, his arousal levels will go sky high," the doctor said, smiling. "Just think about it. Of all people, you should appreciate what it will do to him," the doctor was offering.

"Ummm, wow. That would be something to see. I definitely want to be there for that first one, when his balls kick into overdrive. At what rate and how long do you think it will take?" Lorin was more than interested now.

"I want him on 8 and 2, and I am pretty sure we'll see the beginning of his extended cums within a week. Just make sure we have plenty of towels and rubbers," the doctor said laughing at her joke.

The doctor was referring to 8 and 2 as being 8 weeks on the drug and 2 weeks off of the drug. Trilochem was a leutenizing hormone for males. In short time, the drug would trick the balls into thinking that they were not creating enough sperm. Because of this, the balls would go into overdrive, creating more sperm. Trilochem would greatly increase sperm output but then eventually slow down the production. Being off the drug for two weeks would bring them back to normal, only to be 'tricked' when the drug was started again.

"Trilochem. I can't wait to see this one," Lorin said, knowing of the drug, but never seeing it used on any of the males.

"I also want him worked by different trainers. Keep switching them around. Each of them has their specialty and I want any and all methods used on him. I want every drop that can be sucked out of him. He's already making us a fortune, and now his milk can make us even more." The doctor stood up, indicating that she was finished with her instructions. She knew that Lorin would thrive on this assignment, which would almost guarantee an over abundance of male produce, just from this one slave.

Lorin was already excited. She quickly stood up, thinking about trainers and who to start with. There were a lot of trainers, each one knowing many methods to extract copious amounts of male cream. She was also very aroused, thinking of the results she would see with Trilochem.

"Consider it done. I'll put my personal touch to the problem," Lorin said, joking.

"I knew you would. Try not to enjoy yourself too much," the doctor replied.

Lorin didn't need to prepare herself, as the doctor suggested. She was ready to go, as long as it was with the new slave. All she wanted to do was change into something more comfortable, more appropriate for the new slave. She was mentally running through the list of trainers, mentally reviewing each of their specialties. They each knew almost all the ways to extract sperm from a slave, but some were better than others, in individual methods. She knew exactly who to start with. She would start with Jennifer.

Jennifer was what men referred to as a 'knock-out'. She was gorgeous. Jennifer was in her late 20's, and as most of the women at the facility, had very little actual knowledge of males or their anatomy, before their employment. What she knew, she had learned at the facility, or had read in books or seen in XXX movies. The doctor didn't like for any of the trainers to learn through XXX movies, but at least it gave them a basic 'working knowledge' of the male body. This basic knowledge eventually made its way into their methods and techniques. They all knew the basics, but experience taught them better and more productive techniques. In checking, Lorin found that Jennifer was available and paged her to the training building.

Lorin remembered Jennifer from a few months back, when they both worked on a new slave. Even Lorin thought that Jennifer was one of the most beautiful women that worked at the facility. Jennifer was around 5'6, maybe 135 pounds. A lot of that weight was in her breasts, which were almost perfect in appearance, full and rounded. They were definitely her biggest and best assets. She had a tight tiny waist and shapely hips tapering down to long gorgeous legs. Her dark tan was all over, with the exception of what appeared to be the hint of a small tiny bikini. Her blonde hair was thick, going past the middle of her back. She had a beautiful face, with pouting lips and dark eyes that sparkled blue. She could easily have been a centerfold in any of a multitude of men's magazines.

Appearing quite nervous, Jennifer met with Lorin in a private office away from the actual training rooms. The huge building had training rooms for almost any type of extraction that could be imagined. Some of the girls had not even seen or used the majority of rooms.

"Hi Jennifer, come on in," Lorin said smiling at the nervous young woman.

"Hello miss Lorin," Jennifer responded, appearing almost afraid to move.

"Miss Lorin? How long have you been here at the facility? Call me Lorin," she said, trying to calm the trainer.

"I'm sorry.... Lorin. I've been here just over a year now," she said, taking a seat across from Lorin.

"A year? Wow, that shows you how much I get around. I know we worked together on a few slaves in the past," Lorin was trying to remember details about Jennifer.

"Well, you helped in my initial training, and that was with only one slave. I've been on my own pretty much since then," Jennifer replied, her nervousness still obvious.

"Relax. I've picked you to help in a new slave's training. It's to start right now, with just us. I think you're going to find this very arousing. He's brand new here," Lorin replied, still trying to be friendly with the trainer.

"I'm sorry. I was nervous. I couldn't think of what I might have done wrong," the beautiful trainer laughed, her nervousness fading quickly.

"No, no, you didn't do anything wrong. On the contrary, I have picked you to start out this slave's training because of your looks and ability. He's new here and I know that he'll respond strongly to you. Believe me, I've worked with this one before and he is very responsive. He is going to love you."

"Oh, well in that case, tell me what you want. I definitely enjoy working with the slaves and can do whatever you want me to," Jennifer replied quickly, now relaxed.

"I bet you do," Lorin joked back. To Lorin's knowledge, there wasn't a single trainer at the facility that didn't enjoy the power and control, not to mention the sheer sexual arousal that they got from playing with the males and their bodies. Jennifer was no exception to playing with males. She thoroughly enjoyed her own arousal, peaking her imagination with new ways to pull more produce from her male trainee. You might say that she loved her job. She also loved working on endowed males, rather than normal males. Ross' balls would be a first for her, because of their size and output.

"This new slave is very visually responsive. Hell, he's completely responsive, in all aspects," Lorin joked. "I think that you're going to really like training him," Lorin remarked.

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