tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 31

The New Slave Ch. 31


Chapter 31, Nikki Preps the Male Slave

The next morning, Nikki arrived at the facility early. She was excited about the prospects of milking a male that had so much to offer, not to mention the fact that he was an entertainment slave. She'd never seen anything like these balls and was more than curious as to how much she could extract from him. Based on the gushing load that he had expelled the day before, she knew that she could take a huge amount out of him. She had called a metal fabrication facility the day before and told them what she needed. She could calculate the measurements of the new clamshell for Ross' balls, just based on what her hands had physically measured. Besides, there was plenty of room for his 'expansion' as long as the clamshell wasn't too tight on him. Extra space was ok, too tight was not ok. The silicone lining and the tiny air pockets would swell up to accommodate his larger organs.

She was surprised when the metal fabrication called early in the morning and told her that the clamshell was ready. She arrived shortly after that to pick it up. She was surprised at the weight of it, heavier than the usual clamshells. But then again, Ross was larger than the usual males and the extra weight would pull on his balls. She smiled, thinking of what increasing his sack size would look like. He would be immense.

The metal shop didn't ask any questions, they never did. They had no idea of what the young prim and proper looking lady wanted it for. They knew that she was in veterinary medicine, so assumed that it had something to do with animal husbandry. They had no idea that the animals were male slaves. She was excited when she saw it. It was very large, compared to what she had been using on the previous males. It was also very heavy, with the increased size. She knew from experience, that the weight would be a good thing.

Arriving back at the facility, she notified Dr Sherry that the clamshell was in and that she had already picked it up. She also told the doctor that she was ready for Ross, whenever security could bring him in. Dr Sherry just laughed as she hung up the phone. Nikki's aroused excitement was evident in her voice. The doctor arranged for Ross to be taken immediately to Nikki's training room by security.

Ross had been taken back to his room immediately after his first visit with Nikki. He was surprised as the day wore on and he was not taken out for any 'other' activities. He was actually left alone for a change. He enjoyed the remainder of the day, not to mention the sensations he was still feeling from her manual stimulation of his overly sensitized organs. He received a long, good night's sleep, and felt great. Based on what he had seen and heard the day before, he was somewhat excited about what she was about to do to him. He was also somewhat nervous about what she was about to do. He had never been milked, at least not mechanically. A machine was about to be hooked to his genitals, and then turned on, removing his entire load from him. It was very erotic, very sexual, and very mechanical. He wasn't sure if he was looking forward to it, or fearing it.

Security arrived at his room just before noon. He had not seen Rachel in two days and wondered where she was. Normally, she was the one that handled his transfers and movements around the facility. But he had not seen her. Instead, two very young security officers arrived, just as Ross was getting out of the shower. It had been the first time that he actually got to clean himself up, without the help of a prep girl, or being restrained while someone else cleaned him. He was enjoying the ability to take a long hot shower.

Ross was somewhat surprised. Both of the security officers didn't appear to be a day over 16 years old. He turned, seeing them as they entered the room. Both were dressed provocatively, something that most of the security personnel didn't do. At least most of the security personnel didn't dress as flagrant as these two. At first appearances, Ross thought that each of them had several buttons, 'too many' undone on their blouses. He was reminded of the very young women he had seen, working the red light district in his old police precinct, years ago. Ross knew that both of them had to be over 21 years old because the doctor didn't believe in 'early education' when it came to young women.

The two security officers entered the locked room, seeing Ross for the first time. He had just stepped from the small bathroom and was still wet. Immediately, both of their eyes went to his sex. It wasn't uncommon for a woman to look at a nude male body, but they had not seen Ross before and were not use to the size that he was showing. He wasn't hard but his cock was thick and fat, his huge balls hanging down between his muscled thighs. They both stood there watching him, smiling. Immediately, his cock began to swell, thickening up and beginning to drop in length. That only made them smile more as their eyes remained on the growing organ. Even aroused, Ross was still somewhat embarrassed. He reached for a towel.

"Don't be so hasty," the one officer said to him as she stepped in close to him, picking up the towel. She was only about 2 feet or so, in front of him. Her gaze was directed to his swelling that was quickly getting bigger. She just smiled.

"You must be Ross, the new slave. I've heard a lot about you," the other security officer said, her eyes still on his uncovered genitals. She wasn't smiling. Her eyes were open wide as she continued to take in the huge balls.

Ross stepped into the small room where the bed and table were located. He reached over to pick up a clean loincloth. By this time, his arousal was obvious, but he was also embarrassed, his face turning red. The first security officer stepped in front of him, blocking his path. She was very attractive and her eyes were still looking down at him as his rapid swelling continued.

"What's your hurry? Are you shy? I've heard that you've been spreading your juices around for everyone," the first one asked him, smiling. He reached for the loincloth. She quickly picked it up and tossed it over onto the small bed. She stood facing him, only inches from his face. Her hand reached out, a fingernail gently tracing a small circle on his cock. Immediately his cock head pushed out from the thick foreskin. He was almost fully erect. Her fingernail continued to tease the sensitive organ. The other officer stood smiling, watching as her partner brought his cock to fully hard.

"I've been hearing gossip about this thing," she said as her fingers curled around the thick shaft. Her mouth dropped open as she looked down at her hand. Her fingers could not go all the way around his thickness. She squeezed it gently, feeling it pulse in her hand.

"Rub him," the other officer said, almost in a whisper. She moved closer so that she could get a better look at what her partner was doing to him. Ross just stood there, his legs spread slightly. He was fully erect and getting wet very quickly. The first officer just stood there, her fingers wrapped around the meaty cock. Her thumb flicked up toward the cock head, feeling the growing amount of thick clear fluid at the tip. She began to massage it into the thick meaty crown. Ross spread his legs a little more, giving her full access to all of his sexual toys.

"Do you like what you see?" Ross asked her, his eyes looking directly into the young security officer's eyes. She glanced up, as if she were just hearing him for the first time.

"Ummm, I like it a lot," the officer said dreamily, her eyes now back to watching her hand as she slowly began to rub him.

"Do you know who else likes it?" Ross asked, a slight grin spreading across his face.

"Ummm, no, who?" the security officer said, again dreamily. It was obvious that she was distracted by any conversation. She was thoroughly engrossed in her hand, now beginning to briskly rub the meaty cock. The other officer had stepped up close, both of them standing close to watch him being jacked off. Ross figured that neither of them had ever seen a male close up, even a nude, erect male. Seeing an erection along with pre-cum was definitely a first for them.

"Can't you guess who else likes playing with me?" Ross asked again, seeing that she was definitely distracted.

"No, who else?" she asked, not even looking up. She was now briskly rubbing the hard cock.

"Rachel, your boss. You know, the one that hires and fires young security officers. Also the doctor, she likes playing with it too," Ross said, still grinning as he felt her hand immediately slip from him. "She also likes doing this," Ross added, for more measure. He almost laughed as both of the security officers took quick steps backwards, away from him. He was still hard, a large drop of pre-cum slowly making its way to the floor. Without his eyes ever leaving them, he reached down and began to quickly rub himself. He slowly thrust out his hips, making his cock appear longer and more swollen than it was. He looked huge as he continued to stroke it. They both just watched eyes wide open.

"Would you like to see it pumping?" he asked, grinning at them. His pre-cum was thick enough that there were sloshy sounds coming from each stroke of the gooey cock. Both of the young girls' eyes were on his jerking hand. They both nodded their heads, almost in unison. Both were wide eyed, waiting to see something that they had only heard about. Suddenly Ross stopped. He was obviously close to cumming as his cock bobbed up and down, twitching.

"Get out, I'll be ready in a minute," he commanded, picking up the loincloth from the bed. Both guards jumped, almost running over themselves as they moved toward the door. They both scrambled through the door and closed it. They couldn't hear Ross laughing in his room.

A few minutes later, Ross knocked at his own door. The two security personnel opened the door and quickly put the ankle and wrist restraints on him. Neither of them would look him in the eye. He smiled at them as they quickly restrained him and led him back to Nikki's training room.

Arriving at Nikki's room, Ross was surprised to see Rachel there. He was happy to see her. She immediately smiled at him, a knowing smile.

"I hear that you have been scaring my security personnel," she said laughing as she leaned in closer to him.

"How old are those two? I don't think that I've ever seen anyone as fascinated by the male body, as those two. What are they? 15 or 16 years old?"

"No. They're both brand new, in more ways than one. But they are both 21. You might say that they've had a sheltered life, in regards to a male, especially an endowed male. You should have been flattered," she said, laughing. "It does appear that you gave them a show," she said, pointing to the smears of pre-cum on his thighs.

"I couldn't resist," he said, grinning back at her.

"Ok, let's get started," Nikki said. She had been busy, preparing the room for her training session. Nikki wheeled the milking machine over near the two exam tables on a rolling cart. It was already plugged into a wall outlet, and ready to go. The rolling cart also had everything she needed for a 'proper' milking session. There were extra pairs of latex gloves, bottles of unknown medical solutions, lubricating jelly, several syringes of sterile water, and a few items that only Nikki knew about.

"You won't be needing this. It'll only get in the way and get messy," Nikki said to Ross as she knelt down in front of him. Carefully, she undid the loincloth tie at his hip. Her eyes couldn't help but remain on the meaty thing hanging down only inches in front of her face. "Damn you are big," she said to no one in particular. She stood up and faced Ross directly, tossing the loincloth over to Rachel.

"Well Ross, you look rested," she said, smiling, looking down at his semi hard cock. He was no longer hard, but he was very fat and thick, still elongated from the previous display to the two security officers.

"I'm well, thank you," he responded, smiling at her. At this point, Ross didn't know if Nikki was a friend or an enemy. Since he had never been 'milked' by a machine, he didn't have any idea of what to expect. He had no reason to distrust her. And Rachel was there. She was a friend.

"Ok, Rachel, if you would go ahead and restrain him to the low table, on his knees," Nikki instructed Rachel. Rachel quickly moved to the low table where she had Ross kneel down. He had already done this the day before so he lowered his upper body over the table, getting comfortable. Immediately Rachel went to his upper body and pulled his arms out in front of him, securing the wrist restraints to eyebolts that were in the floor. At the same time, Nikki moved to his rear and gently pushed his knees farther and farther apart till his thighs were spread wide apart. She then secured his ankle restraints to eyebolts on the floor, which would keep his ankles trapped and spread wide.

"Are you comfortable," Nikki asked, leaning down close to his face.

"Very! Your exam table is actually very comfortable," Ross said sincerely. The table was designed specifically for this procedure. It was heavily padded and totally supported the male's upper body. Restrained in this position, he was completely spread and vulnerable, but still comfortable.

"Ok, Rachel, I'm set. You guys can leave now," Nikki said, stepping back away from Ross. Both of the new security officers showed obvious disappointment. Rachel immediately started for the door, her work done for the time being.

"We can't stay and watch?" the one security officer asked. The look on her face was pure disappointment.

"No, you can't. These particular sessions are closed. They're private. Only the trainer is allowed in here," Rachel said, almost scolding her two young officers. Nikki smiled and winked at Rachel. Rachel held the door open and waited while the two security officers scurried toward the door. Rachel did notice that both of her young officers had buttoned up their blouses, exposing a lot less flesh than they had earlier with Ross.

"Have fun you two," Rachel said as she closed the door.

"We'll see," Nikki responded. Ross wondered about that statement. Everything had seemed so sexually friendly, but Nikki's questioning reply left him wondering.

Nikki locked the door from the inside and then moved back over to Ross. From under the low table, she produced a heavy leather strap, secured under the table, at about his chest level. She took another leather strap that was secured under the table, with this one being about his hip level. She pulled both straps over his prone body and locked them into position, one across his upper back and the other one across his lower back and hips. In essence, he was virtually locked into the prone position, with no ability to move.

"Still comfy?" she asked pulling the heavy leather straps tight.

"Yes, very comfortable," he told her, resting down into the padded table. He was ready but didn't know what to expect.

"Ok, let's begin," she said as she moved around to in front of him. There was an overstuffed chair placed directly in front of him, facing him. She came around and stood in front of him, so that he could see her. She was dressed much like the day before, tight fitting blue jeans and a t-shirt, tucked into her waistband. She pulled the t-shirt out of her waistband and let it hang over her hips. She then kicked off her tennis shoes, before plopping down into the large chair. She curled up comfortably in the chair, pulling her feet up under her.

"Have you ever been milked before?" she asked him seriously.

"Yes, by hand, but never by a machine," he answered honestly.

"Well, it is a machine, but I'm the one controlling you and the machine. Hopefully, you're in for a treat. It's not the normal method of sperm removal from a male. There are a lot of ways to extract a male's milk, and this one is pretty intense. Are you interested?" she asked, as if he was being given a choice.

"I'm always interested in new technology," he answered, a slight grin on his face.

"Nothing new here, it's a regular milking machine, used on cows. The teat cups have been modified to fit comfortably onto your cock. Another teat cup has been greatly modified to fit and encompass your overly enlarged balls. Both of them are lined with a very arousing silicone sleeve, which has tiny air pockets that inflate and deflate in varying intensities. You'll quickly notice how life-like the silicone sleeve feels and your body will thoroughly enjoy the little air pockets. Both of the teat cups are then hooked up to vinyl tubing, using airflow to control the tiny air pockets or the suction. It just depends on what I'm doing to you. Another vinyl tube will be attached to the cock cup, which will carry your milk back to the catch cylinder. All of this is controlled by electricity and two simple controls. Intensity and suction," she said, almost as a rehearsed speech.

"I'm fascinated. And you say that that it's not new technology. You've outdone yourself," he said jokingly.

"It is more intense than anything you've ever felt before. You've never experienced an orgasm like you're going to feel. Your balls will be begging for relief before we're finished. It's actually a hard extraction, with a little bit of orgasm. It's intense and you'll enjoy it, but we'll have to wait and see just how much you like it," she said, a worried look on her face.

"I'm ready if you are," he said, laughing.

"First I'm going to clean you, to remove any contaminants from your genitals. Then I'll attach the cock teat cup and get it properly fitted to you. Then I'll put the clamshell on you and get it situated where it can have the most effect on your balls. At that point we'll get the suction pressured up, drawing you into the teat cup and the clamshell. Finally, we'll begin the extraction of your milk," she said almost as a matter of fact.

"Sounds like a busy day for you," he answered dryly.

"This will take awhile. It sounds fairly quick and easy, which the first orgasm will be. But then it gets harder and harder. It's a lot harder than you think to completely empty a male's sack. There's always a little bit left in there, sort of a human safety mechanism. It's to continue the procreation of the species," she said, almost as if she were addressing a college class in male anatomy.

She leaned forward, staring at him for a moment, a slight smile on her face. She had an odd look in her eyes. She then reached out and held his face with both hands and gently kissed him on the mouth, softly. She leaned back, looking into his face. Smiling, she moved forward and kissed him again, a little harder this time. Opening her mouth, she began to kiss him more passionately.

"Ummm, that was nice," Ross said as she leaned back into the chair. She was smiling.

She sat in the chair for a moment staring at him. She then reached down and pulled her t-shirt up and over her head. She was wearing a white cotton lacy bra. Without her eyes leaving his, she reached back and unhooked the hasp of the bra, letting it fall from her shoulders. Ross was pleasantly surprised. She had beautiful breasts, small and rounded, with very small and erect nipples. They were obviously showing her mood. Each one stood out rigid and hard. It was obvious that she was horny. This was not the same demeanor that she had been exhibiting the day before.

"You have a great body, at least what I can see of it," Ross said to her sincerely. She only smiled as she stood up from the chair and reached down, unzipping her jeans. She wiggled them down over her shapely hips, pulling them down her legs. She stepped out of them and put them over the back of the chair. She was wearing a pair of white cotton string bikini panties. Ross was mesmerized. Her body was beautiful. She was darkly tanned with a muscled flat stomach and wide hips. Her legs were stunning, long and smooth, with a creamy complexion. She was gorgeous. Ross could feel himself getting hard.

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