tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 32

The New Slave Ch. 32


Chapter 32, An Insatiable Machine

Nikki stood for several minutes, viewing all of the delectable flesh that lay in front of her. To her, it was like a buffet, just waiting to be devoured. Outside of her training room, she gave the appearance that she was a fun and exciting person, but not in a sexual way. Inside her training room, she had a ravenous sexual appetite. This was her buffet and she was starving. It was time for her dinner. Ross would feed both her and the machine.

"Are you comfortable?" she softly asked him, coming around to his shoulders. She stood somewhat behind him, speaking softly. He was unaware that she was totally nude. If he had enjoyed the sight of her bare breasts, he would really enjoy how she looked right now.

"Ummm, very comfortable. What do I do now?" he asked. At this point, he was feeling nothing except the weight of the teat cup and the clamshell, pulling down on his genitals. There was nothing happening to him. He was waiting to feel something. He had been very aroused and rock hard, but now he was beginning to soften without her firm touch on him.

"Ready to let me empty those huge melons of yours?" she asked him, still standing by his shoulders, somewhat behind him.

"I'm ready, are you?" he asked, half kidding.

"I know I am, but are you?" she asked him seriously. At that point, she stepped around in front of him, letting him see that she had removed her panties.

"Wow," was all he said as his head came up a little, trying to get a better look at her. She stood still in front of him, her weight balanced over her slightly spread legs. Her arousal was obvious, a slight smear of wetness across the tops of both thighs. He could instantly see the sheen of lubrication on her smoothly shaved pussy. She was very aroused. She just stood there smiling at him.

"Does this help you?" she asked demurely. She glanced down at her own body as if inspecting herself. Her hand moved softly to her pubic mound, resting there for a moment before one finger flicked downward, barely touching the top of her fleshy pussy lips. Almost instantly there was a slight unfurling as both lips swelled with anticipation.

"How can I help you?" he asked softly but also seriously. His eyes were focused on where her finger was beginning to gently rub her now exposed clit. She was very wet. She stood and stared at what her finger was doing, for several moments.

"You can help me," she breathed, her eyes coming back up to his, almost as if distracted from her digital stimulation. "I've heard that you were an entertainment slave. Is that true?" she asked him softly.

"Yes, I was," he answered softly, his eyes still watching her finger.

"Well, once an entertainment slave, always an entertainment slave," she said, a slight laugh in her voice. Her breathing was becoming deeper, her voice almost husky as her eyes went back to her finger's activity. It was obvious that she was exerting a little more pressure on her finger. Her thighs opened up slightly.

"What would you like?" he asked seriously, his eyes now looking to her face for an answer. Nikki was gorgeous in both her face and her body. Ross was mesmerized, not just because his genitals were about to be used intensely, but also because he was enthralled in her looks. She was truly beautiful. He had been amazed on his first day at the facility, by how many beautiful women were there. He had continued to be amazed, day after day, at the seemingly endless parade of beautiful and sexy women. Now he was looking at one that was at the top of the list.

"I want to milk you while you 'help' me," she said in almost a whisper. She was almost inaudible in the use of the words 'help me'. Her attention was completely focused between her legs.

"I love to watch what I can do to a male. That arouses me so much that it doesn't take much more to make me cum. All you have to do is lie there and enjoy yourself and let me indulge myself a little," she said, almost whispering. Her finger was now covered in her own juices, moving slowly up and down her unfurled lips. It was obvious to Ross that her thigh muscles were beginning to shake. Her stomach was taut, her attention still focused on her own finger. Knowing women, Ross estimated that she was only seconds away from an orgasm. He continued to watch her eyes, which had now fluttered shut. She was very close.

"I'm here for whatever you desire," he said sincerely but softly. He was enjoying the show that she was providing for him, knowing that she was about to cum. He enjoyed watching a woman cumming. She had now opened her legs a little bit more, her finger moving quicker as her body began to shake. Her head rolled back as her breathing went into a pant. She was there ….

"Ummm, No, not yet," she moaned out loud. It was not something that she wanted to say out loud, just something that happened to escape her. She suddenly jerked her hand away from her pussy, obviously on the verge of a very explosive orgasm. She gasped, taking in a quick deep breath. Her shoulders slumped a little as her head came back up. Her eyes were open wide as if she were trying to bring herself to her senses. Within seconds, she was back to her excited, exuberant self, smiling and bubbly. She glanced back down at Ross, as if she suddenly realized that he was there.

"Damn. That was close. Baby, we're going to have so much fun," she said excitedly, a big smile on her face. She suddenly reached down, both hands grasping Ross by the sides of his head. She leaned down and kissed him, long and deeply. After several seconds of kissing, she pulled back, smiling at him.

"I could have helped you just then," he said, almost disappointed. He was amazed that she would bring herself so close to orgasm, and then stop it. She was definitely different than what he was use to.

"I know you could baby, and you will be helping me, very soon. I need to get you going and then we both can enjoy ourselves," she said, letting go of his head. She stepped back looking into his eyes. She then smiled and rushed around him, back toward his legs. She sat back down on the rolling chair and pulled the medical tray closer to her.

"Ok, I have a few quick things to do and we'll really get started," she said excitedly. She picked up a long piece of vinyl tubing.

"I'm hooking up the tube that will control the air flow to your balls. The air flow will control the tiny air bags inside the clamshell," she said, explaining to him. She put one end of the tubing on a small air valve located on the bottom of the clamshell, toward the bottom of his balls. She then connected the other end of the tubing to the milking machine's air pump.

"The other line will be for your cock cup. It also controls the airflow to the cup that surrounds your cock. When it's pressured up, the airflow will control the tiny air bags in the teat cup and the clamshell, massaging your cock and balls. It'll feel like hundreds of fingers exerting pressure on your cock and balls. I can control the intensity and amount of pressure on your organs. There's a multitude of air pockets in the silicone lining," she said excitedly. She put the end of the air tube on a small valve located on the underside of the teat cup, just under where his cock head would be.

"This last line is the tubing that goes to the catch cylinder. With suction, it carries all of your sperm and fluids back to the catch cylinder, allowing me to see how much you've pumped out," she said, hooking up the tube. She attached the end of the clear tubing to a tiny opening at the very tip of the teat cup. The other end of the tubing was placed on a connection at the clear catch cylinder.

"Once everything is pressured up, the teat cup and the clamshell will literally be sucking at your cock and balls. The tiny air bags will be inflating and deflating in quick succession, also in varying patterns, like hundreds of massaging pressure points. It'll send your balls into spasms, making them quiver uncontrollably. Your cock will not be able to stand the massaging or the pressure and you'll quickly erupt into an explosive orgasm. The continuous suction on the tip of the teat cup will immediately pull your sperm and fluids out of you and carry it to the catch cylinder. It's all very simple," she said, her excitement obvious. She was thrilled with her creation, and more thrilled with what she could do to the male body, with it.

"Sounds like fun to me," Ross said, actually feeling his arousal level go up with her description of what she was about to do. He was very aroused already, just feeling the teat cup hanging on his cock. It was all very sensual.

"I hope you think so. I warned you that it was intense. It's very intense," she said, heavily emphasizing the word 'very'. Your body has never responded like it's going to respond now," she said, a worried tone in her voice.

"You almost make it sound dangerous," he said, somewhat worried about what she was saying.

"It's not dangerous, but it's intense. By that, I mean that it can become painful. It's an orgasm like you've never felt. I've been told that it's great, an unbelievably exhilarating orgasm, but it's sometimes uncomfortable, and can be painful," she said cautiously. She didn't want to scare him. She could see that his balls were huge, which suggested that they were overly full, more than the average balls held. She continued to hook up the vinyl tubing.

"It sounds risky," Ross said with a questioning tone.

"There's so much pressure and intense massaging action done to the balls, that they literally explode their contents. You don't just cum, you literally blow out. Both balls will spasm and quiver till they can't control the quivering and they'll both blow open at the same time, forcing a huge gush of your milk, out of your cock. Unfortunately, the amount can be so large that your cock cannot handle it. It tends to stretch the urethra. It can damage the inner lining," she said quietly. She had stopped what she was doing, and was now watching his body language for any hint of resistance.

"Are you saying that it's going to hurt?" he asked in concern.

"I can't answer that till I see how you do. I know that sounds like a joke, but I honestly won't know till you, well, do your thing," she answered, as honestly as possible. She went back to finishing up the tubing hook ups. She was now ready to begin.

"It's all very stimulating, but what do you honestly think is going to happen?" he asked softly. It was obvious that he was worried.

"I can't say. I know you'll enjoy it, at least the beginning of your orgasm. Like I said, I'll know for sure, after it's over. Believe me, I know that it will be more enjoyable than anything you've ever experienced. But there are a few risks. We'll just have to see," she said, almost as an apology.

"Ok, I understand what you're saying. I guess that I don't have much choice," he said, a slight laugh in his voice.

"Babe, it's going to be good for you. Believe me, I don't want to hurt you. I'll be as careful as I can. To give you a short course in your own anatomy, let me explain it this way. The average male's cock will begin contractions at the onset of orgasm. The heavy contractions will cause him to spurt 4 to 7 times, in rhythmic succession, pumping out his milk. With a male hooked up to the machine, he'll still spurt the average 4 to 7 times, but the entire amount of the orgasm, will be forced out of him in the first spurt. You'll still feel the other spurts, but nothing will be coming out. You'll have 'blown your wad' in the first gush, so to speak. That's a potent cum blast," she said, standing and watching him.

"Well, I'm still hot and wanting to do this, so let's see what happens," he said softly.

"You're going to enjoy it, I'm sure of it," she said, hopefully.

Nikki sat back and got comfortable in the chair. She reached over and pulled the medical tray closer to her. She quickly put on a pair of latex gloves and then checked the teat cup to see that it was securely on his cock. She then checked the clamshell, finding that it was still firmly in place, holding his captured balls inside. Ready to proceed, she took some lubricating jelly from the tray and squirted out a glob onto her fingertips. Moving up closer to Ross, she smeared the jelly around her fingertips and then reached up to his butt, spreading his butt cheeks open.

"What's that for?" Ross quickly asked.

"There are a multitude of things that will help enhance your arousal. I'll be discovering more of those enhancements as we proceed," she said as she smeared the clear jelly around his butt hole. He tensed slightly as she pushed a jelly covered tip of one finger into him. "I'll use any method that helps bring out a more productive load," she said excitedly. This was the part of milking that she enjoyed the most, the ability to find out what made a male cum harder.

"Ok, we're ready," she said, moving the milking machine closer to her. She reached up and turned the electricity to the machine to the ON position. Ross actually heard the click of the machine being switched on. He immediately jumped slightly, anticipating what might happen. He didn't feel anything.
"Hold on babe, I'm just switching it on. You'll start to feel a gradual pressure and some very pleasurable sensations, in a moment," she said laughing. The first time a male was 'hooked up' as they had come to call it, the male was always nervous. Ross was no exception.

Watching the controls carefully, Nikki turned the vacuum control to on. The vacuum control was used to pressure up the teat cup and the clamshell, causing them to create a vacuum around the fleshy organs. As the vacuum increased, the pressure on his cock and balls would increase. The intensity level was controlled by a switch which would cause the tiny air pockets to inflate and deflate, creating the massage affect on his organs. Both of the controls were simple, going from a rate of 1 through 10, with one being a step above OFF, and 10 being the highest rate of stimulation or suction. She then flipped on the last switch, starting the suction in the tube that would carry his sperm and fluids from his cock, back to the catch cylinder. She immediately set it to a rate of 4. At 4, he barely could feel any sensation in the suction on the tip of the teat cup.

"How do you feel?" she asked him, knowing that he probably didn't feel anything yet.

"Very excited, if not a little bit scared," he answered with a slight laugh. He was being truthful. The aspect of a gorgeous woman, using a mechanical means to empty his balls was very arousing. But since he'd never had this done to him, he was somewhat nervous about the procedure.

"Ok, just relax and enjoy yourself. This might not take very long, since it normally doesn't with most males," she said quietly. She immediately turned up the vacuum control to a rate of 3. He immediately felt his cock being drawn deeper into the teat cup, a strong vacuum, hungrily sucking at his cock. The clamshell immediately pressured up, creating tightness all around his balls. Both his cock and balls had been lubricated, so he found them sliding around inside the silicone chambers. It was very erotic and it felt very good.

"Nice, huh? Very different, isn't it?" she asked softly. She could see immediately that his body was responding to the stimulations. His hips had begun to push outward and there was a slight thrust as the pressure built up around his cock. Being lubricated as he was, his cock was being hungrily sucked and sliding against the slick silicone. The soft moan coming from him also told her that he was enjoying the machine.

Nikki, like most of the women at the facility, enjoyed the aspect of control over a male, especially sexual control. Her arousal level went sky-high as she watched the control she exerted over a male slave. This slave was responding quickly and was showing all of the male symptoms of arousal. She loved what she was witnessing. She couldn't help it as her hand snaked down between her outstretched legs and gently tugged at her overly sensitive lips. She was still wet and beginning to get wetter. Her finger wagged softly at the quickly hardening bud at the top of her pussy. It wouldn't take long to empty Ross' cum bags, and it definitely wouldn't' take her long either.

"You're getting closer baby, you're doing good. Just relax and let the machine work you," she said, her eyes focused on his cock and balls that were now wagging gently between his legs. His body was moving enough that he was creating a swinging motion in his cock and balls. She eagerly watched his body motions, having done this so many hundreds of times that she knew he was quickly approaching a powerful orgasm.

"Now for a little more pleasure," she said excitedly as she turned up the pressure control to 5. His hips immediately jerked as he felt his cock sucked deeper into the teat cup. The pressure on his balls created by the vacuum, forced the two already huge balls to begin to swell. The swelling was caused by the increased blood flow into the two fleshy orbs. They were already huge, and by the time she was finished with Ross' session, his cock and his balls would be obviously even bigger. It would be temporary, but he would be massive for a day or more. The increased size in both his cock and his balls would also force them to become overly sensitive. Nikki had learned a long time ago, that sensitive balls yielded a larger load. The more sensitive the balls, the more load they produced.

"Get ready baby, this is going to be good," she said, almost breathlessly. Her finger was still gently rubbing her clit, she was already sopping wet. She reached over with her other hand and turned the intensity up to a level of 5. The response was immediate as Ross gasped loudly and then began to pant hard. His hips began to jerk, sort of a popping sensation as his body involuntarily tried to force itself to cum. His balls were already churning inside of the pressured clamshell, but the tiny air pockets were inflating and deflating at a fast rate, forcing his balls to quiver and spasm. His cock was going into spasms also, the head already flared wide, as if it were already cumming.

"Unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh," were the only sounds coming from him. He was beginning to thrust hard and fast, his balls going into a fast quiver. Nikki knew that it was the right time. She quickly got up from the chair and padded barefooted around the table. She came up in front of Ross and stood there, enjoying the look on his face. He looked as though he was already cumming, even though his balls had not yet yielded their contents. They would, very soon. She was experienced at this, and knew that she could hold him in this state of suspended cumming, for quite awhile. At least long enough for her to enjoy herself, before finishing him. The machine was rapidly massaging his overly swollen organs.

"Were you a good entertainment slave," she moaned to him, holding his chin in her hand. He was looking up at her, wide eyed, his body in shock over what was being done to it. It was immensely pleasurable, but he was hung, on the brink of cumming. He felt as if his orgasm had started, his body shaking, his cock pulsing, his balls churning and convulsing inside a very tightly encased clamshell.

"Yes, very good," he gasped. She held onto his chin, holding his face up so that he could look at her face. He was shaking, beads of sweat already appearing on his forehead.

"Ummm, good. Show me some of your techniques," she said as she pressed her pubic mound up against his face. She was already close to orgasm, from her finger stimulations. It wouldn't take much. She pressed gently into his face, holding his chin to keep his head still. He was already panting, trying to catch his breath as the machine worked his swollen and convulsing cock and balls. He already felt as if his balls were about to explode. He did what was natural. He opened his mouth and gently sucked her pussy lips into his mouth.

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